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The trillion dollar company that has foot
prints in 70 countries all over the world

is coming out with a
big announcement today.


As every story has an end,

My story as CEP comes to an end today.

I’m retiring as CEO of Origin.

In a week’s time,
we will be anouncing the new CEO.

John Bates, the CEO of Origin has
taken the business world by surprise…

…by announcing his retirement.

There’s a lot of
speculation going around…

…as to who’s going to
be leading Origin next

One thing is for sure,
this will be a dream job for that person.

Possibility for either…

Felix Eucipher, Joe Richards,
Michael Angler and Rishi Kumar

Rishi Kumar…
the name we didn’t know till yesterday

Today he has a chance to
be appointed as CEO of…

…the World’s biggest Corporate Company,
Origin group.

If this comes true…

his name will be a pride for every
Telugu person all around the World.


Like you all, I’m equally excited
to accounce the new CEO of Origin.

He is a man of commitment,
a man of confidence

and a man of courage.

He is none other than…

Mr. Rishi Kumar


[applause] Thank you! Thank you.

A lot of tabloids and news
channels have been stating that

it’s a dream come true for
whoever takes up this position.


I just want to tell them,
I don’t believe in dreams

I believe in reality

This is where I always wanted to be,
and that’s the reality

Thank you sir, for having the trust in me.

Thank you. [applause]

-All the best Rishi.
-Thank you sir.

The world is yours.

“You’re everything and you’re the policy”

“You’re your challenge
and you’re infinite”

“Let every night turn into ashes”
“Let the fire in you show direction”

“Dash ahead as a missile”

“In a way every Century…”

“…and every age listens to your name”

“Making victory stick to you always”

“You’re everything and you’re the policy”

“You’re your challenge
and you’re infinite”

“Yours is a unique way”

“It can never be achieved by others”

[conversations muted by song]

“Yours is a chapter”

“Pride of the mountain peak”

“You may have studied the
script used to write the fate”

“You are writing your own fate”

“You’re the proof of being undefeated
for people who fear defeat”

“You’ve been accustomed to victory”

“You’re everything and you’re the policy”

“You’re your challenge
and you’re infinite”

As you became an example of success…
we all wish to know about you.

How do we know whether
we succeeded or not?


Our past says us whether
we succeeded or not

Where were we in the past
and where are we now.

We’ll understand based on that,
whether we are successful or not

Did you ever think you
would be at this position?

I did and that’s why I’m here

Your salary per annum
is 125 Million Dollars!

that is about 950 Crores in Indian
currency plus Company shares.

You’re already a Billionaire.

You’re earning so much money…
how do you feel?


My dad took a loan of ten thousand
when I was in sixth standard.

He couldn’t repay that loan

That money lender used to turn
up at my house every week.

Why did you take a loan when
you can’t repay the money?

You said one month and it’s been an year.

When will you repay?

What’s that smile when I’m yelling at you?

Don’t you have any shame?

Brother, Tea

Huh, nothing less in hospitality

You’ve been giving me Tea and sending
me back, as and when I come here

You’re born like a human, right?

Don’t you have that
sense to stand by word?

Why do you need a wife and kids?

to live a pathetic life with you?


On that day when my
mom saw me like that…

with a fear that he may come again,

she used to get our house locked by
neighbours even when we were at home

More than these thousands
of Crores I earn today…

I remember that pain of not
having ten thousand on that day.

Money is a strange thing.

It’s nothing.

But again, it’s everything.

When we chase money,
it runs faster than us.

And if we run not thinking of money,
the same money comes running behind us

I never stopped running from that day

That’s great sir!

Your definition of success?

There aren’t any definitions for success.

When we succeed,
we become it’s definition.

“You’re everything and you’re the policy”

“You’re your challenge
and you’re infinite”


[music continues]

Hi Rishi!

You are one of the most searched persons
in Google in the last few months.

You can tell me something more important.


It’s my birthday today.


Happy Birthday!

I’m throwing a party this evening.

No excuses, you got to be there.

Sure… I’ll be there.

Thank you!


What bro?

You forgot your friends
as you grew famous?

Do we let you forget if you forgot?


Hey Kanna!


Rishi, my lion!

-How come you are here?

Hi Rishi!

-It’s so nice to see you!



Hi dude!

How are you, Rishi?

Geetha, are you still on a diet?

[everyone laugh]

You haven’t changed a bit, Rishi.

Hi Rishi!


Sir, how come you are here?

They said it’s a surprise for you and
I kept aside everything and came here

Thanks, Nidhi.

She’s the reason behind all this surprise

Yeah Rishi,
today isn’t even my birthday too.

It’s a surprise for you Rishi.

Thanks Nidhi.

Rishi, I see many batches at
the Institute as a Professor.

But very few batches are special.

But you… made your batch
much more special for me Rishi.

Thank you, Sir.


And thank you all,
for making it this far for me.

Lots of memories when I see all of you…

Where did all this start, Sir?

Hey dude!

Do you remember your first vehicle?

Tuk tuk tuk…

Hey… Give these to my dad


A friend can involve in his friend’s
love problem, nothing wrong in that

But when the friend has a problem with
his dad, another friend shouldn’t involve

Go and give the key yourself, go.

-Hold it…
-Oh no

Idiot, do you have any sense?
Will you send him if there is nobody?

I spoke to Registrar, settled everything,
but this guy went and ruined it all.

Sir, as per rules

Hey, shut up! What rules?

Why do yiou still have such idiots in
the Company? Didn’t I ask you to fire him?

Your dad likes him sir.

Why do you still stand showing
your worthless facce to me? Get out!

Sorry Sir.

Who is that idiot?

You call him, idiot?
He’s our small boss, Rahul Sir

-Give this to Satyanarayana Sir

Stay! Stay!

Watch the ball!

What are you planning to do?

What I wish should happen,
but he shouldn’t know why it is happening

Careful with this.

He is out!

Who are you, idiot?

What idiot?

Don’t you know to respect elders?

Hey! How dare you hit me?



Hey, who are you?

Oh no, it’s paining bro

It’s between me and him…
why do you care?

Do you need a cap? Go!



Actually, he’s out now


Didn’t you wear a guard?


You should’ve worn one!

Let us know why you are hitting us!

It seems you shouted on Principal
at College in front of everyone.

Don’t you know how to
give respect to elders?

What’s about this college and Principal?
Who do you assume we are?

Aren’t you Amit?

Who is Amit boss? My name is Rahul.

Stop bluffing! You are Amit

I swear, my name is Rahul

-Hey Kanna…
-Yes dude.

He say he is Rahul and not Amit

I had the same doubt from long dude.
That guy is fair and this guy looks dark

You should have told me when
you’ve got that doubt!

You were in the flow dude,
so I thought of not stopping you.

I hit him very hard.

Why didn’t you say, boss?

I’m a bit shy, dude.


-Go home and put some ice.
-Ok Sir.

I don’t understand the logic.

You and your dad don’t gel well.

Then why do you break the bones of
any guy who disrespects your dad?

Me and my dad may have many differences,

But does that mean I stay calm
if some idiot insults him?

I’ll thrash that idiot.

Oh no, your dad’s here. I’m leaving.

Wait, it will take an hour for him to come

What, an hour to climb two floors? Why?

Look down once

Keep watching.
People gather around him once he arrives.

Yes, they did.

Now they’d all sit on that park bench now,
just like the assemnly.

Dude, you’re giving a great commentary
without even seeing the match.

It’s a daily routine

See now,
a mad guy would come searching for him.

Mad fellow?

-He came.

Did he put a hand in his pocket?

He did.

Did he take out money?

He has given them too

He doesn’t know how to pay
interest for the loan every month.

But doesn’t compromise on donations

But dude,
your dad has a great following here

He’s Kukatpally Gandhi!
See now, he’d be laughing along with all

[group laughs]

Yes, all are laughing just like
Gandhi on a 500 rupees note.


How can he live smiling as if nothing
happened even when so much happened today?

That’s why my dad is my role model

-What, dude?
-To know, how not to live.

Thank God!

Are you going to tell about your
M. Tech plan to your dad or not?

That’s a plan for us, but a shock to him.

He asked me to give this to you.

What’s this?

What’s that?

Its M. Tech admission
letter from Vizag IIET, mom

Weren’t we expecting him to
prepare for Civils after B.Tech?

That wasn’t my expectation… It was his.

How can he ask me to write Civils
as he couldn’t become a Collector?

-What will he do, after M. Tech?
-I’ll go to the US

And then?

I don’t have to work
under anyone like a slave.

Everyone has his own life
and I can do what I want.

Name, fame, and money!

I just want to win, Mom.

Does succeeding in life
mean just earning well?

If I keep thinking this way,
I too will remain like him.

I can’t live with a smile
while losing everyday.

Watch what you talk.
See, he left without having dinner.

If a lie turns into truth if we don’t eat,
then no one needs to eat on this earth.

Looking at him… I am frightened to lose.

I can’t do this anymore.

I’m suffering in between you two.

I can’t bear this anymore.

What happens to me if you say so?

Sit down.

You say no and I won’t go to Vizag at all.

Hey, my mom got my ears pierced
and put earrings when I was a kid.

You don’t try to fill
them with sweet lies.

Ok, when should you go to Vizag?

In two days

Geography says that the whole
world revolves around the Sun.

But the reality is, the whole
world revolves around success.

Look at the wall behind me.

50,000 students have passed since
the day this institute was established.

But the photos of just seven
people got on to that wall.

Because they were achievers.

Just imagine the
competition in the outside world.

I too was a student here once.

While sitting there, I always wished
to become the Dean of this institute.

And I achieved it.

This institute teaches you how to succeed.

A lot of students here
would fear the word ‘failure’.

But as they always say,
failure is the first step towards success.

Well, if anybody has something to say,

the dais is open. Please come and speak.

-Hi, sir

I’m Rishi.

You just said that failure
is the first step to success.

I don’t believe that, sir.

These quotes would seem nice as
morning messages on Facebook and WhatsApp.

The world which revolves
around success according to you,

that same world would be waiting to take
over and vanquish for just one failure.

Here, we shouldn’t have any
other goal than winning.

If you don’t mind me saying this sir,

Even you aren’t successful according to me

Because there won’t be
any full stops in success.

There would be only commas.

You’ve put a full stop
to your success, sir.

How can you be successful?

You said that institute
teaches how to be successful.

If if is true,

the walls of this institute won’t
be suffcient to put the photos, sir.

Because everyone has his
own way in achieving success.

Success is not a destination,
success is a journey.


Thank you.

Terrific bro, the speech was awesome.

Otherwise, everyone gives
a lecture about success.

-Look he’s there
-Yeah… Yeah… I saw him.

Ahem… Ahem…


-Hi, I’m Nandini.

I’m Keerthi.

What an insight about success?

You are amazing.

-Superb speech!
-Thank you.

See you.
See you.

Excuse me.

Keep in touch, ah.


Smart guy, right?

Why didn’t you even have
a sip of water, bro?

It was not about water,

I just tried to see if
it works out or not.

It worked out great.


Hi, Rishi.

This is Ajay.

I’m the top ranker in this
institute’s entrance exam.

You spoke greatly about
success and scored well.

But don’t try to
compete with me in the exams.

Your opinion about success might change.

Hello top ranker.

Go and study.

[vehicle arriving]

This is so big?
How will you live here?

I’ll be fine, you take care.

Don’t get carried away thinking
about the village and fields.

Eat on time and take
medicines properly. See you.

Hey Ravi…

You too eat food on time
and don’t worry about me.

-Call me every two days, son.
-Okay dad, go now.


Can you tell me the
way to boy’s hostel?

Go straight and take left,
you’ll find a notice board.

It’ll be written in that. Go now.

It’s heavy, can someone help me?

Hey, you’ve already arrived late.
On top of that, you’re asking for help.

Everyone has to carry their
own burden here. Bugger off.

He said it, right?
Bugger off.

Excuse me, can you please tell
me where the girls’ hostel is?

Go straight and take left,
you’ll find a notice board.

Everything will be written
in that, go and search.

I have excess luggage,
can you please help me?

Huh! Everyone has to clear their own
backlogs and carry their own luggage here.

And you have to shut your mouth.

Hell with your senseless verses!

Don’t you have the common sense to
help her when she’s asking for it? Idiots!

Come… Come, I’ll help you.

Yeah. Thank you very much.

What’s with him, bro?

Hey, instead of sitting there
and gossiping about girls,

why don’t you come here and help him?

It’s strange,

that humanity is fading away in humans
like oxygen fading away in the atmosphere.

-Where are you from?

I have never seen you.

Well, this is a college and
you should be very careful.

About what?

There’d be many idiots like them.

Every guy plans to flirt ten
girls at the beginning of the year

hoping that there’d be at least one girl
who falls for them at the end of the year

after getting filtered in the semesters.

-By the way, do you like coffee?
-Yes, why?

Well, all of this starts just with that
single line, ‘can we meet over a coffee?’.

After that, there would dating,
meeting, chatting and what not.

Yeah, I know.

Shall we catch up over a coffee?

No… No… I’m unlike any other guys.
I asked because I felt you’re interesting.


You said we shall catch up over
a coffee. Where did you go?


What you said is true,
there are many idiots in the college.

I can take care of myself. Thanks.

Then, who will take this?

Anyway, she’s gone.
Come over, let’s have a coffee.


Hey, what are you doing?

Hey, are you my roommate?

I should ask you that. What’s all this?

It’s a hostel room.

Who knows who might have stayed
here and what might have they done?

That’s why I lit this incense so
that the room gets cleansed.

Make some more smoke
and you’d be gone too.

Take that out first. Out!

Hey… Go.

-Hi, Rishi.

Sit down… Sit down…
Please sit down.

Whenever we enter a new class,
that energy would be different.

Something great.

Similarly, every professor
would have a curiosity

to find out the brilliant
student of his class.

So, this is solution board.

We give a toughest problem on this board.

To solve this,
it might take a few months.

Sometimes, it might remain unsolved
even after the end of the semesters.

But if anyone solves it,

their photo would be
published in the college magazine

and they would be
felicitated on the annual day.

So, the problem I’m going to give you is,

If the expression

x square – 4cx

divided by x square
+ bx + c square = ?

This is the problem and
let’s see who’d solve it.

It’s me, sir.

-Yes, sir. I’ll do it.
-Hmm… Great.

[door closes]

-Hey, switch off the light.
-Can’t you see? I’m solving the problem.

Is it necessary to solve that now?

Maybe you don’t,
but it’s necessary for me.

Well, you seem like you
have come here for timepass.

But I’m not like that.

My dad did farming, saved every penny
and sent me here with great hopes.

So you too have a
problem with your father?

So you won’t switch off
that light until you solve it?

Who knows?
I may not switch off.

This is the solution.

Go and switch off the light.

Do you know the solution to
this problem, right then?


Then, why didn’t you tell
that in the classroom?

Oh, then?

The light didn’t trouble me so much.

Switch off the light now.

Switch off!

The problem is solved?

Solving the problem overnight hasn’t
happened in the institute till date.

Come on, who did this?

-Ajay, was it you?
-No, sir. I didn’t do it.

Then, who was it?

He is the one, sir.

You did it?

The thing is…

I wrote it, sir.
I wrote it…

Yes, sir. I saw him
doing that. Ravi wrote it.

-I couldn’t find even on Google, sir
-Come. Come on… Come on.

See, that’s the beauty of the institute.

Aha! We can’t expect
where we get surprises from.

I thought Ajay would
solve it, but Ravi did.

Come on, everyone. Clap for Ravi.


It’s really shocking to me.

Now, I should give you a
tougher problem than this.

You haven’t given me
an ordinary task, man.

Thank you, sir.

Take your seat.

Excuse me.

Now, the problem for you is

The function f of x…

F(x) + pi/2 =

pi/2 – modulus of x.

Find the first derivative of pi/2?

What’s with you, you solved this too?

I wrote it, sir. I wrote it.

How is it even possible?


-Yeah. Clap… Clap… Clap…


Thank you.

Ajay, I thought you’d solve at least
this problem but Ravi did it again.




They said this is Ravi’s room.


Yes. What can I do for you?

Nothing. I felt to meet you casually.

-You are such a genius, Ravi.
-Thank you.

How did you solve such
tough problems so easily?

Why do you want to
talk about that now?

-Let’s talk about it later.

Shall we catch up over a coffee?

No, nothing as such.

I already have a girlfriend in my
village and she trusts me a lot.

I’m fixed to her.

Ravi, I asked to catch up over
a coffee just as a friend.

The thing is that it is better
to have clarity in advance.

What if you had hopes on me,
and that leads to another thing?

I don’t want such mess.

You have exceeded my expectations, dude!

No… No. Nothing like that.
Just as a friend. That’s it.

Then, we shall meet tomorrow.

But just as a friend and
you should pay the bill too.

-Okay, see you.

And you! You are so lucky to
share a room with a genius like Ravi.

Try to work hard a bit along
with him. You’d at least pass.

Sure, madam.

Bye, Ravi.
See you.


-Rishi, the thing is that…
-Well, dude…

Why do you ask a girl to pay the bill
when she was calling you over a coffee?

The thing is…

-Do you really have a girlfriend?
-Don’t you believe? Wait a minute

[cupboard door creaks]

This is Pallavi, my girl.

Her dad and my dad are good friends.

That’s why there weren’t any car chases
or violence. Everything is normal.

-Who is he, your brother?
-I don’t know who he is.

Then, why is he here?

There is an old lady in our
village and he is her grandson.

That guy went to the US and
sends her photos from there.

She keeps roaming around the village
showing those photos to everyone

and boasts about her
grandson settling in America.

As I felt having some inspiration,

I got inspired from his photo

that I too shall go to America someday and
photographed in midst of the skyscrapers.

Is he the inspiration
for your American dream?

We should have some inspiration, right?

Close that first. I’m unable to bear
the sight of him. Close it, please.

Hi, Ravi.

Ravi, the thing is,

these algorithms always
appear to me as ghosts.

How do I crack this code?

This one.

Is this what you meant about
catching up over a coffee?


Do something,
write down your doubts and give it to me.

I’ll think about it the entire night
and clarify you in the morning.

Actually, just one sum.

-See this is…
-Hello… Hello, I’m coming.

Write down your doubts and give it to me.

I’ll think about it the entire night
and clarify you in the morning…

-Let’s meet in the morning

Will you please explain the
satellite functioning code?

First, do what you came for. We shall look
into the satellite problem after that.

-Oh no, she’d torture me about the code.

Ravi, one second.

What’s wrong with you?

Ravi, stop.


Do you feel like a hero
by solving the problems?

That’s my problem too, boss.
I know that I’m not a hero.

I’ll tell the truth.

All of you come here.
Come at once, I’ll tell everyone.

Hello, you too come.
You too ma’am.

Pooja, come. Stand here.

-It isn’t me who solved those problems.
-Then, who did?


K Rishi Kumar, my roommate.

-He is the one who solved those problems

If you have any doubts, go and ask him.

-Hi, Rishi
-Hi, sir.

I had doubt when I saw Ravi
for the first time itself.

But it got clarified now.

Why did you push Ravi in the front when
it was you who solved the problems?

What do I get from that, sir?

Except a little applause and a
photo in your college magazine.

I didn’t come here for those things, sir.

-Then, why did you come here?
-Necessity, sir.

I need the degree certificate from your
college to achieve what I wished for, sir.

What exactly do you wish to achieve?

I wish to rule, sir.


I wish to rule the world, sir.

Earlier, people like Alexander
waged wars to rule the world.

But now, we don’t need
to wage wars to rule, sir.

Google, Youtube,
WhatsApp, FaceBook, Twitter…

These things are ruling
the world today, sir.

If we can develop one software like any
of those, we can rule the world.

Life is a long race, Rishi.

You are thinking of shortening the
race and running fast. Careful, careful!

At times, that may drop you down and
even the world may forget you.


Long race!

-Do you know Mo Farah, sir?

-Mo Farah
-Mo Farah?

Who’s he?

What about Usain Bolt?

Who doesn’t know Usain Bolt?

He won gold medals at three consecutive
olympic games in 100 m and 200 m category.

He is a world champion.

Even Mo Farah is a world
champion like Usain Bolt, sir.

Mo Farah won gold medal twice consectively

in the same Olympic
games where Usain Bolt won.

But that wasn’t in 100 or 200 meters
run but in 5000 and 10,000 meters.

But nobody remembers Mo Farah.

People remember only Usain
Bolt who ran for just 100 meters.

In this world which remembers
only the fastest runners,

Why would I live otherwise?

You are right, sir.

I wish to run fast
and I don’t want to stop.

Anyways, thanks for your concern, sir.


Shall we catch up over a coffee?

-I quit.

-I quit coffee

Heard that there is a chemical
named Trimethylfuran in coffee.

That leads to heart problems,
gastric problems, sleeping disorders…

ulcer, Alzheimer’s and all
the other diseases too.

We can’t risk our life as a
girl called for a coffee, right?

See you. Bye.

Hi, Rishi

What you said is true.
Coffee has many side effects.

But I heard that green tea
has many health benefits.

-Shall we have green tea?

What’s wrong?

Some 20-year old boy from Japan

invented some app and an American company
bought it for half a billion dollars.

When the world is advancing,

we’re still living by
drinking coffee and green tea.

-Hi, Rishi.

Shall we catch up over a
coffee in the evening?

Yeah, sure.


Should I explain the side
effects of coffee only to you?

She too should know, right?

I understood.
I messed up big time. Sorry!


I’m sorry.

If you have said this yesterday,
we’d have had four coffees by now.

-Take the order, Two coffees.
-Okay, sir

I’m Pooja

You know my name, right?

I’m Ravi.

One more coffee.

“Small… little words”

“Sweet… Sugary souvenirs”

“Small… little words”

“Sweet… Sugary souvenirs”

“An acquaintance”

“is always small”

“In this friendship,”

“the time is always insufficient”

“There’d be thousands of stories”

“Yet another new
story keeps adding up”

“There’d be thousands of stories”

“Yet another new
story keeps adding up”

“Small… little words”

“Sweet… Sugary souvenirs”

“This isn’t something that could
be learn’t like a song or dance”

“If you ask what friendship is…
It’s a lesson no book can teach us”

“It doesn’t come to you when you wish for”

“And it doesn’t leave you
when you want to forgo”

“If you ask me who is a friend…
I’d say a wealth that can’t be inherited”

“Dedicating life for you…
By sharing affection…”

“Driving away the loneliness in you”

“There’d be thousands of stories”

“Yet another new
story keeps adding up”

“Small… little words”

“Sweet… Sugary souvenirs”

Attention guys!
We have a college fest in two days.

The theme is Retro.

“One cannot appreciate their life if
they can’t remember their souvenirs”

“Friendships are sweet memories
that are imprinted in our hearts.”

“Even smile has no value without sorrows”

“It is the friendship that makes you
smile though you have tears in your eyes”

“Considering your struggles as
theirs and living your dreams”

“They entrust your success to yourself”

“There’d be thousands of stories”

“Yet another new
story keeps adding up”

“Small… little words”

“Sweet… Sugary souvenirs”

[students chatter]

K Rishi

Rishi… Congratulations, top ranker.

Superb, yaar.

-What about you?
-I passed

But, Ravi got two backlogs.

[phone rings]


Hey, you said results would be out today.
What happened?

The thing is that I have passed the exams,
father. And I scored good marks too

Hey, my son has passed the exams.

How are you doing, father?

I’m fine and we have a
good yield this year.

The Mother earth whom we
believe never lets us down.

Alright! Hey, don’t be so engrossed
in your studies. Eat on time,

-Take care.
-Okay, father.

[door opens]
Hey Ravi

[door opens]


What happened, dude?

I feel like dying


My father had kept great hopes on me.

And I thought to achieve
something great by coming here.

But nothing is easy in here.
I’m unable to cope with education.

I can’t live lying to my dad
about having two backlogs.

Will you die for just two backlogs?

What do you got to lose?
You would say anything.

Everything is easy for you.
I never even saw you studying.

I keep studying the entire night.

But you’d get first
rank and I get failed.

Why does everything
happen wrong with me?

Hey Ravi, your problem isn’t your father.

It’s you.

Do you know why so many people
are left behind as failures here?

Instead of identifying their strength,
they get scared of others’ strength.

They keep thinking about what
others are doing, how they are

and why it happens only to
them and they lose themselves.

Here, everyone is a hero of their life.

Everyone has their own strength.

I’ve got my own strength
and you’ve got yours.

Your confidence is that strength.

Stand on what you believe.

The bloody victory would come
by itself and land at your feet.

Hey Rishi, I get great
courage when you are by my side.

Your courage isn’t me, it’s your father.

Come on…

Hey, I have a small request…

What is it?

Don’t tell me that you
want to go to America

for getting photographed in
the near those buildings.

Take out the photo of that
guy in the cupboard too,

I’m unable to bear that sight.

Well, shall I say that I’m going
to America to construct buildings?

Come… Come.

-Hey Rishi, someone’s looking for you.

Don’t know, he is waiting
for you at the backfield.

Hi Rishi… Bhanu Prasad, MP

-I’m Ajay’s father.
-Hello, sir

Rishi, the thing is that,

Ajay went into depression from
the time semester results came.

I came to know that you’re
the reason behind that.

Ajay wasn’t interested in
studies during his childhood.

It was me who made him to study hard by

promising him that I’d buy him
whatever he wants if he tops the exams.

Gradually, getting first
rank became his obsession.

No one came in his way till date.

First time… you came in his way.

I came to tell you that it’d be
good if you slow down a little.

I envy Ajay for having
a father like you, sir.

There is nothing wrong in
wishing your son to achieve first rank.

But asking someone to step down
for that… That’s wrong.

I have a problem, sir.

When someone says I’d lose,
it’s my habit to win and show them.

Your son did that mistake and
now, you are doing the same.

How much do you need?

Everything has a price.

Your father is a mere clerk

and you have a small flat in
Kukatpally housing board colony.

Tell me, how much do you need?

How much do you need?

I think it’s a habit for
you to give and take.

Fix the price.

Exactly after five years from today,
I’ll pay you the amount with interest.

Hey, listen to brother. Or else…

Who the hell is that?

Who said that?

I did.

Or else…

Or else… What would you do?





[leaves rustling]

Or else… What would you do?


If you had said this before,
this mess wouldn’t have happened.

Take them away from here
without making any sound.

Your son has confidence in
you that you’d do something.

If he comes to know about this,
he loses his confidence in you.

At least, let that endure.

Fix the price.

Exactly five years from today.

Sister, why are you so tensed even
after coming home for the holidays?

The thing is that I
invited Rishi to our home.

I’m worried whether he’d turn up or not.
[scooter honks]

He came.

-Hi Rishi

I’m very tensed thinking
whether you’d come or not.

It’s just a casual meeting,
right? Why do you take tension?

Come, Rishi.

I expected something else,
but the house is very calm.

-Where is the restroom?

He seems to be having
not even a bit tension

about coming to our house as your
lover and facing our family members.

It is just our family members
whom I have told about my love.

I didn’t say it to Rishi yet.

What? Rishi doesn’t
know that you love him?

Uhuh. He doesn’t know.

-Poor guy! He’ll be finished!
-Shall we call everyone now?

He’s here.

Be seated, son.

Have this, sir.

What’s this?

Pooja said you like coffee, have it dear.

-I’m Pooja’s grandpa
-I’m granny.

-I’m her maternal Grandma
-I’m her maternal Grandpa

-He’s my eldest son… Pooja’s dad.

She’s my daughter which
means she’s Pooja’s mom.

-He’s my second son and…
-Oh, why all these?

It’s like I’m watching Genes programme.

All of you are Pooja’s family, right?

That’s fine, what about you?
How many siblings do you have?

No, I have none…
I’m the only child in my family.

Have you heard it, brother-in-law?
He is the only son.


What’s good for you if I’m the only son?

Leave that…

After you finish your studies,

Would you earn 50,000 to
one lakh rupees per month?

How can we say about earning now?

What’s there in earning? How many
members are earning in our house?


-Son, do you drink?

Do you drink occasionally
or do you drink a lot?

I do drink
occasionally, but I drink a lot.


-Good. We got a good company.

-You have a great facility
-What’s that?

You ask questions and you answer them too.

Son, your mother or father
doesn’t have diabetes or BP, right?

They don’t have. But now,
I am getting to know that I’m having them.

Come on, you look very healthy…
How can you have diabetes and BP?

Why are you asking me all these questions?

Nothing dear,

we should know clearly
about each other, right?

Pooja, I need to talk
to you. Please come out.

-Go ahead… he is calling you.
-Go, Dear.

Why are your people interviewing
as if I came for matchmaking?

Won’t they wish to know
about the guy their girl loves?

Yes, why not? But they…

I love you Rishi.

When is this from?

From the time I understood you.

“To the dreams that dream”?

“Shall I give my eyes to them?”

“To confirm that it’s not a dream”?

“Shall I show the proofs?”

“The rose that bloomed at the peak
of the Everest has thrown a smile”?

“The star that hasn’t been
caught by the telescope”

“says that it’s been caught in my love.”?

“By detaching me from myself”

“It is swiftly taking me
away through the clouds”

“The rose that bloomed at the peak
of the Everest has thrown a smile”?

“The star that hasn’t been
caught by the telescope”

“says that it’s been caught in my love.”?

“To the dreams that dream”?

“Shall I give my eyes to them?”

“To confirm that it’s not a dream”?

“Shall I show the proofs?”

“The illumination emanating
from a diamond mine”?

“can be seen in my eyes when
you are walking towards me”?

“The colours in a painting room”?

“would be gleaming on my cheeks
when you are standing next to me.”?

“If there’s a Nobel prize for the subject
called romance, you’d win it for sure”

“The rose that bloomed at the peak
of the Everest has thrown a smile”?

“The star that hasn’t been
caught by the telescope”

“says that it’s been caught in my love.”?

“To the dreams that dream,”?

“Shall I give my eyes to them?”

“To confirm that it’s not a dream”?

“Shall I show the proofs?”

[students chatter]

I got it.

Six months of training in
Mumbai and then a job in America,

all this is because of you.

It’s your hard work, why are you
giving the credit to someone else?

Tell your father first.

[mobile rings]

What happened, son?

Father, I got the job.

The salary is two lakh rupees per month.

Hey Saibabu,
your son-in-law has achieved it.

Get the papers of rice mill ready,
you should give them as dowry, right?

Hey Ravi, I knew it long back.
I believed you more than your father.

Uncle, tell this matter to Pallavi.

Tell her yourself…
She’d feel happy.

Okay, Uncle.

What’s this?

My offer letter, one crore per annum.

This is the highest pay package
in this institute’s history.

-Try to beat this if possible, Rishi
-K Rishi Kumar.

Good morning, sir.

K Rishi Kumar, first in all the semesters.
Looks good.

Tell us which platform
you wish to have the job,

And we’ll decide if you are
competent for this offer or not.

I haven’t come to take your offer, sir.
I came to give you an offer.

Your company is trying hard to compete
with Google and Facebook since many years

to develop a social interface.

But this is something more than that.

An operating system based
on artificial intelligence.

That’s the user manual and
you can go through the codes.

You can find my phone
number on the last page, sir.

I will be waiting for your call.


Seems like you’re having excess
pride. You are taking a risk

Be careful,
you might even lose what you have.

If we step into the game having
fear of losing, we can never win.

I’ve told you, right?
You can find my number on the last page.

Just remember that.

[cork pops]

[people celebrating]

What’s this party for?

Come on…
He had beaten Rishi, right?

Beaten him in what?

In today’s campus interview,
Ajay became the highest paid.

-Doesn’t he still know the matter?
-What’s that?


It is, you just took the offer
letter given by the company.

But Rishi gave an offer
to the company itself.

Tomorrow, the officials of the
company are coming to the college

to make Rishi sign a contract with them.

[glass shatters]

Rishi, Rishi, and Rishi! The entire
institute is talking about you, Rishi.

You are a hero.

I’m so happy for you.

So proud of you, Rishi.

Leave about me… What
happened with your interview?

I got an offer from
Infosys, but I rejected it.


I too should come with you
when you leave to the US, right?

-Come and…
-We’ll get married.

We’ll buy a nice house there.
You, me and our kids…

It’s my dream, Rishi.

You still don’t understand, Pooja.

I haven’t achieved anything yet.

I have a lot to achieve after going there.

Yeah, Rishi.
I too will be there with you, right?

I will support you.


All these things would
seem good as words, Pooja.

But practically impossible.

I ran all these years for this day.

These responsibilities shouldn’t
be a hindrance after going there.

Do you think I am a hindrance in your way?

Not a hindrance, but burden.

If there is a burden here,
this doesn’t work.

I didn’t know until now
that I’ll be a burden for you.

How long should I wait?

One year, two years or three years?

I don’t have an answer
for any of your questions.

-Then, what shall we do now Rishi?
-Let’s move on, Pooja.

Let’s stop this right here.

What I want in my life is different and
what you want in your life is different.

There won’t be a life in the
relationship if we both come together.

It’s better for both of
us to stop it right here.

You’ve said in a simple manner, Rishi

I thought I understood you
but I understood nothing.

Hey, Pooja said that you don’t want to be
in a relationship with her? Is that true?

Leave about that topic.

So, will you forget Pooja so easily?

That relationship isn’t
good for both of us.

Leave it.

-Will you forget Pooja?
-I will man!

All these days,
I thought you were special.

I was wrong.
You are just like all the others,

who uses and dicards.

Is this what you have
understood about me?

Is that all?

Hope you got the last semester time table
and your exams will start from tomorrow

All the best to everyone.

Rishi, I am sorry… Please say something.

[footsteps running]

[siren wailing]

-Good morning, sir.

Today is the last exam.
Final semester exam paper has been stolen.

K Rishi Kumar.


What’s this Rishi?

I thought you’re exceptional when you
said that you’d top all the semesters.

So, this is your secret?

Sir, you know that I didn’t do it.

It’s not me who
should know but the police.

There’s no way you’re going
to get out of this one, Rishi.

To put this in your terminology, I can
tell this is a full stop to your career.

Go out and wait.
We’ll call you.

What’s this, sir? Is this a joke?

Do you believe that Rishi stole the paper?

What do you want to do
with Rishi now, sir?

Rusticate him.


Are you are going to
expelRishi from the institute?

Sir, if Rishi passes
out from this institute,

Rishi wouldn’t carry the fame of
the certificate of our institute,

but our institute would get
the fame because of Rishi.

Sir, we understand your emotion.

But the evidence is more
important than emotion.

All the evidence are against him.

What’s up, Rishi?
Did they find the locker key?

You thought you will do something,
achieve something and reach somewhere.

Where will you go?
You’ll remain like this right here.

This fear in you,

keep maintaining like this.


I think you’re right, sir.
Rishi might have not done this.

What happened?

We got another strong lead in this case.
We are sure that Rishi didn’t do this.

He can leave.

Thank you, sir… I knew it, sir.
I knew it.

Rishi, you’re free to go now.

No one can stop you now. Go.

Rishi, I’ve seen Usain Bolt.

Now, I want to see you.

Don’t stop running. Just go!



Come in, my son.
How are you doing?

I’ll be always fine, Mom.

Would you visit us
only when he’s here?


Mom, I’m leaving to the
US in the next two days.

Rishi, tell your dad.

I’ll take leave.

Take care.

[aeroplane whizzing]

Hi guys. This is Rishi Kumar.
He’s gonna head your team.

-He is Richard.

-That’s Nidhi.



Thank you.

Mr Mohan, your project is done.

You can go ahead.

When everyone around the
world are competing to invent

operating system based on
Artificial Intelligence,

Our Telugu guy,
Rishi Kumar made it possible.

This is going to be launched in
the next two days in New York.

-Hey, Rishi.

Good luck for your big day.

-We’re eagerly looking forward to it.
-Thank you, sir.

Rishi, you asked for
the key points, right?

You’ll be called in around five minutes.

[phone ringing]

-Hey Kanna, I’ll call later

What happened?

-You should come to India urgently.
-What happened?

Your dad… passed away.

He passed away in his sleep last night.

How’s mom?

Come to India to as early as possible.



Till now, it has been an
intellectual language.

From now, it will be a common language.

It can even integrate your lives
like you can see it on the screen.

Your personal computers and your
mobiles are gonna talk back to you

in a way you can’t even imagine.

From your basic holiday planning to
the most complex defense analytics,

this artificial intelligence integrated
with human intelligence is the future.

And that future is now.


[tyres screech]



Your father told me to give you
this whenever you come to India.

But he might have not thought
that you’d come like this.

Rishi, I’m missing you a lot these days.

Don’t know why but the distance between
us grew that we’re not in talking terms.

I think I’m the reason behind that.

I know, you looked at me as a
failure since your childhood.

But I never felt like I am a failure.

That’s because of you.


I’m the reason for your rage to win and
the one who brought you to this position.

I’m not a failure

I am a successful failure.

I know that you’d
achieve whatever you wish.

That’s why I forced you to do what I
couldn’t do just like every father.

Forgive me if possible, son.

I’m missing you a lot, Rishi

I’m remembering small things.

Do you remember,

I used to take you for a walk
in the park when you were a kid.

When you come back, please take me once.

I wish to talk a lot with you.

Your father was crazy about you.

But don’t know why there weren’t
any words between both of you.

If your dad was alive,
he’d have been very happy, Rishi.

He would have been the
proudest father ever.

Yes, sir. He isn’t here to see all this.

Come on man, you achieved
more than what he wished for.

You shouldn’t be dull today.
You won it, dude.

Can I take a selfie?

No girl believes that you’re
my friend. Come on, dude.

I’ll rule the whole
world now with this selfie.

Smile dude, please.

[camera clicks]

-Do all of you like at the same place?
-Yes, sir. Same campus.

Nice, nice. It’s nice.

Sir, how is Pooja?

Pooja? Yeah, she’s doing good.

She’s the team leader in a top
gaming company at Hyderabad.

I asked whether she’d come with us.

You know what the answer
would be, right Rishi?

Well Rishi, what happened to Ravi?

It was a bad partition, right?

He’d be angry on me.

After that, he never spoke to me
and I too never spoke with him.

I heard about Ravi for the
first time when you said, Rishi.

It was your professor who
gave me all the contacts.

But he never mentioned about Ravi.

Sir, Ravi was Rishi’s
best friend amongst us.

How come you didn’t mention about Ravi?

Well… Ravi is not in contact with me.

That’s why I might have missed him.

-By the way, where do you stay?
-Virginia, sir.

We’ll meet there.
I’ll meet you.

Rishi, this is 18th century wine!

My friend used to say one should
be very lucky to have such wine.

And I got that luck because of you.

What happened to Ravi, sir?

What happened to Ravi? Nothing
happened to Ravi. Nothing happened.

-Sir, what happened to Ravi?
-Why do you ask about him now, Rishi?

-Sir, what happened to Ravi?
-Ravi got rusticated, Rishi.

What, sir?

Your last day in the institute was the
last day for Ravi’s career too, Rishi.

He was expelled from the
institute on the very same day.

Why, sir?

When there was an allegation on
you about stealing the exam paper…

We thought you were
absolved as you didn’t do that.

But I came to know it later that
you were absolved because of Ravi.

Ravi surrendered to police
confessing that he stole that paper.

Why did he do that, sir?

I asked him the same question, Rishi.

Sir, he is Rishi and
they are trying to stop him.

He shouldn’t stop, sir.

If he stops, everything here
would be meaningless, sir.

What am I, sir? I am nothing, sir.
I’m just like all the others.

But Rishi is unique.

He’s different and should be somewhere
else. And he’ll definitely achieve it.

Then, I understood how much
you have inspired Ravi, Rishi.

You’re a superman according to him.

When it was about you, he didn’t
even care about his career.

But his dad who had kept great
hopes on him, couldn’t think like him.

Upon knowing about Ravi’s
rustication, he committed suicide.

No one would have understood
you like he did, Rishi.

He knows that you don’t
like seeking anyone’s help.

That’s why he took an oath from
me to never let you know this.

He did all of this only
for your success, Rishi.

Today, you are successful.
You have proved his trust in you.

You have turned into a
definition of success.

You did it.
You did it, Rishi.

But I don’t feel so, sir.

“Did you think this is you,
this is true and this is all yours?”

-“No, this is not what you’ve thought”
-Is this…

“or searched for”
-…what you understood about me?

“Are you standing like a
question asking for an answer?”

“Time never steps back and
never gives what you asked for”

“If walking is about
learning by holding a finger”

“did anyone ever learn it on their own?”

I don’t have an answer
for any of your questions.

“If you claim that life
runs by receiving help”

“did anyone ever live alone?”

“Is this happiness that is
appreciated by others, yours alone?”

“Does the smile that
made you win disappear?”

Does succeeding in life
mean just earning well?

“Did you feel this is you,
this is true and this is yours?”

“No, this isn’t what you’ve
thought or searched for”

“Are you standing like a
question asking for an answer?”

“Time never steps back and
never gives what you asked for”

What happened, Rishi?

I’ve been observing you since a
few days… You aren’t yourself.

What’s wrong, son?

Did I win, mom?

What’s that question, son?

This is what you have wished
and worked hard for, right?

You have achieved what
you wished for, right?

I too thought the same all these days.

Ravi… He is my friend mom!

He sacrificed his life for me.

Today, I don’t even know where he is.

But I’m here like this.

I just abandoned Pooja, who thinks
I am her world and moved on.

I couldn’t even connect with
father when he was alive, mom.

What did I win, mom?

What did I achieve?

Rishi… Until now, you did what you felt.

Now follow your heart.

Now, you’ll win.


Rishi… we called for a
board meeting as you asked.


Well, I’m going on a leave.

A CEO taking a leave?

We’re on a surge.

At this point of time,
we all think this isn’t a right decision.

Your schedule is fixed for the
next six months, Rishi.

Sir… Sir, you should have
let us know in advance.

What about his schedule?

I think I’m the CEO of this company.

I’m the CEO and I take calls here.

No questions asked and no answers given.

I’m going on a leave.

I’m off to India.

“Did the breath surge like a flood?”

“Did your journey start afresh again?”

“Did that sky stop you all these days?”

“Did you see the ground now after
the meltdown of those heights?

“Even after you achieved
victory by completing the sprint”

“Is your destination
still left to be reached?”

“A friendship called you to come”

“Something that never forgets
you and never leaves you”

“She hid her love just for you”

“It is a memory in her heart,
the heart waits wounded”

“Though the worlds bowed
their heads and are praising you”

“Does the success you
wish for lie elsewhere?”

“When asked for the
address of your heartbeat”

“Is it showing you your roots?”

“Are your steps guiding you
back to the past you left behind”

“Have you understood the meaning
of the happiness you’ve achieved?”


After being appointed as the CEO
of World’s top Company Origin,

Rishi Kumar is visiting
India for the first time.

The reason behind his sudden
visit is still unknown.

Rishi Kumar is coming to invest
6000 Crores in the Telugu states.

Why did you say so, brother?

It’s news when we say knowing it
and a breaking news without knowing it.

We’d say he came to invest 6000 crores.

If he invests,
we will say we have said that first.

If he doesn’t invest, we write an article
about him as to why he didn’t invest.

Who’ll question us, we’re sincere here.

Pooja, where are you?
[television playing]

Your ex-lover is coming to India.

-What’s the reason behind Rishi’s arrival?
-Don’t see such crap news.

and don’t tell me even if you see it.

-Kanna, take mom to home.

This is Ramakrishna.

-He’ll be assisting you.

-Sir… Sir…
-Sir… Sir… Sir…

What’s the reason for your
sudden visit to India, sir?

You have come to India to
invest 6000 crores, right?

-Sir, sir…
-Please sir.

-Tell us, sir.

This is just my personal trip.

There’s nothing official about it.

-Sir, sir please… Tell me sir.
-Sir, one minute…

Sir, we’ve booked a presidential suite
in Park Hyatt for all your meetings.

As per what you’ve said… [phone beeps]

Check the pin I’ve sent you.

Sir, looks like you’ve sent a wrong pin,
this shows Ramavaram of Godavari district.

-We should go right there.
-Okay, sir.

Sir, the Ravi you asked for
is in that tent it seems.


Hey Rishi!

Have it.

I don’t even understand what to give you.

Why did you come for me?

Sorry, Ravi.

Sorry, for what?

I forgot you, dude.

Forgot? Who are you?

CEO Rishi Kumar,
you’ll have so many works.

Why should I be remembered among those?

See, how you look?
This is called victory man!

You’ve lost, right?

It’s like I won when you win.

-Come on, let’s go

Didn’t you always want to get
a photo between the buildings?

Come on, let’s both go and take a photo.

Those things were back then Rishi,
but not now.

My dad was mad about this village.

Whatever memories are left of him,
are this village and this house.

If I’m gone from here,
my dad would no more be in my life.

But, they’re saying that this village,
this house and nothing would exist.

What happened to your village?

They say they’ve found
some gas in the sea nearby.

And they’d dig down all the villages
on their way to lay that gas pipeline.

Our village is one among them.

Your village people should agree on that,

They’ve agreed.

Few agreed being helpless

some agreed in fear and few
others sold themselves for money.

But I haven’t agreed.

They’ve been destroying
all the villages in their way similarly.

They’d destroy our village too in the same
way in the next four months it seems.

They are all farmers.

They are leaving their
village and their own houses.

No idea where to go and how to live.

Huh! Look at those kids.

They are not going to have an identity
to say that this is their village.

This was the land growing
three crops per annum once.

See, how they’ve made this.

They threatened to grab
this land three years back.

Then, they made sure no one
bought the harvested crops.

They stopped any bank
loans to be given to farmers.

They made all the farmers go helpless
and killed their hopes on these lands.

Look at that old lady at the bus stop.

Just like many other farmers,

her son left to city to do labor
having no hopes on farming.

She comes here daily and
keeps waiting for him.

He won’t come and her hope never dies.

Hey Rishi, haven’t you always told me?

‘I didn’t understand then
but now I understood’

I didn’t understand it then but now I did.

This village is my strength.

I’d rather die but wouldn’t
let anyone touch this village.

You came so far to see me,
that’s enough for me.

I can’t come with you. You please leave.

I came so far to take you with me.

If at all I leave,
I’ll give what you need and then go.

That isn’t so easy as you think Rishi.

It’s not easy for Rishi.

But there’s this guy
called CEO Rishi Kumar.

It’s a pleasure meeting you Mr. Rishi.

It’s not that you aren’t aware of.

You’ve come from the US.

Such land acquisitions are common
when development happens.

But all those are agricultural lands, sir.

That was once,
no one is cultivating there now.

All those are barren lands
and are fit for nothing.

And this is just beyond me, Mr. Rishi.

I hope you can understand.

[vehicles approaching]

Won’t you change? Won’t you change at all?

Do you know how hard am
I working being your MP?

When those Company people
said they’ll pay one lakh,

I’ve been fighting to
somehow pay Rs. 1,25,000.

Do you at least know that?


Sir, Rs. 1,25,000 is too less.

They’re paying six Lakhs per
acre in the neighbouring village.

You wait man.

Look, I’m telling you right away.

Either you agree or don’t, those
Company guys will dig the whole village.

What’s this…
when some rich man comes into the village,

will you say everything
that happened in the village?

About whom are you talking?

Some rich man came to meet
your son-in-law, right?

My son-in-law?

Isn’t that guy in the tent,
your son-in-law?

-That was once upon a time, sir.
-Then, what about now?

When his dad died for what he did,
I and this entire village exiled him.

He is playing dirty games to
get close to us all again.


We’re talking about you, sir. Why did you
take the trouble coming to this village?

That’s why I have come to meet you, sir.

Hey old man, come here.

Come here. Stand here.
Can you identify sir?

Who is he, sir?

You can’t identify, go.

That’s the matter, sir. Sir, you will
have a crazy following in the city.

But nobody knows you in this village.

this is very deep than what you think.

See you, sir.

Sir, you look fair like an English Lord.

Sir, it’s too hot here in the village,
careful, sir.

Hey Saibabu, Rs. 1,25,000 is fixed.

Rishi Kumar to meet the CM.

After stating this as a personal trip,
why is Rishi Kumar meeting the CM?

On what topics is he going to discuss?

I understand what you say, Mr. Rishi.

But it’s not the local Government,
who gave the clearance for this project.

Everyone here in India
have a misconception.

They think all this power
is in Politicians hands.

But that’s not the reality.

Politicians don’t rule India.

Corporates… Corporates rule India.

Just think…

When the natural resources found in
this state are going to another state,

we couldn’t do anything
than just keep watching.

We are helpless

But, only one man can
help you with this matter.

Who is that, sir?

Vivek Mittal.

Vivek Mittal…

You mean the Trident group Chairman?


Sitting in Mumbai,
he can turn the cards anywhere in India.

Sir, Mr. Rishi Kumar is here.


-Mr. Rishi Kumar.
-Hello, sir.

Please, come. What an inspiration!

From nowhere to somewhere.

Thank you, sir.
Even no one knows about you.

Mr. Vivek Mittal, one of the
leading Corporate kings in India.

Thank you.

What can I do for you, Mr. Rishi?

-A small obligation.
-Please say, Mr. Rishi. But…

…a village named
Ramavaram and a friend there

and should leave that one village for him.

Except that.

Mr. Rishi, this is my decision board.

Any of my dreams is before
coming on to this board only.

Once it enters on to this board,
no one can change that.

If I let go just this one village,
there are 83 villages on the way.

It’s a ten billion dollar project,
which is around 75,000 crores.

But still Mr. Rishi, you’re such a
big man. You take away your friend.

Give him a good life.

I already told him sir,
he isn’t listening.

I don’t care how many thousands
of crores you’ve invested

and how many villages are going.

I told him that,
I’ll give this one to him.

Leave this one village.

-It isn’t possible Mr. Rishi.
-It should be Mr. Vivek.

What if it is not possible?

Your dream will be left
behind like a dream.

Mr. Rishi, this is a national
project and everything is legal.

No, Mr. Vivek.

This is your personal project and
there is nothing legal about it.

Cost of this project isn’t 70,000
crores but just 50,000 crores.

You have overestimated the project by 50%,

to make the Government invest
more and for you to invest less.


Just 33 out of these 83
villages have voluntarily agreed

and rest of the 50 villages
were grabbed by force.

This is not a national project.

This is your personal project and
everything is illegal about it Mr. Vivek.

Wow! Do you think the
Government isn’t aware of all this?

Or do you think that the
opposition doesn’t know about this,

who is ready to jump in on
Government’s mistakes?

Everyone knows about it
but none would speak.

When we step in somewhere,
we make the world go away from there.

Leave all that,
your friend is there right?

He’s sitting alone in the tent.
Is anyone behind him?

There’d be none because
they got habituated.

No, we made it a habit.



Habits change Mr. Vivek. I’ll change them.

I’ll change their habits
and your habits too.

Careful, Rishi.

I think you just have the
habit of winning till now.

Make a habit of losing from now.


I told my mom, in my childhood.

And I’m telling just you after that

I have a fear of losing.

I reached this far with that fear.

You’ve introduced that fear to me again.

Get ready Mr. Vivek… [snaps fingers]

…to turn down that board.

[phone ringing]

Rishi, please tell me,
you are coming back.

It’ll take time for me to come back.

But Rishi,
your appointments and meetings…

Listen carefully to what I’m saying.

I’m opening an office in India.

All my operations will be from here.

Whoever wants to meet me or if there
is any appointment divert them here.

Where in India?


Why helicopter has come to our village?

“Can anyone stop the rising tide?”

“Can anyone stop the lightning thunder?”

“Does Chanakya…”

“…have a defeat ever
in the game of chess?”

“Does the thought that steps ahead,”

“have any step back ever?”

“Passing through the cyclone wind and
laying a path like a shooted arrow”

“It has started again”

“Come on, my friend”

“It has started again”

“Come on, my friend”


What’s your name?

Sir, he is mute. He can’t talk.

Hey, press reporters are going that side,
tell them that I’m here.

They didn’t come for you, sir.
[chopper chuffs]

What’s happening here?

Rishi Kumar starts his office in
the remote village, Ramavaram.

What are the reasons to start the
office here, leaving New York?

Ramavaram turns into a Global
village with Rishi Kumar’s arrival.

A village that doesn’t have a proper
bus stand has got a chopper stand now.

What our channel said came true now that,

Rishi Kumar came to India
to invest 6000 crores.

News 100, the real news.

What is this?

If that’s your tent, this is my tent.

Sir, you got a call.


“If darkness is the word
that says light isn’t there,”

“then there isn’t anything like the night”

“When you have the zeal to struggle,”

“there is no place for defeat”

“Will the speed of Arjuna…”

“…without getting wet
in the rain stop at all?”

“Standing still and fighting
back is stated as the victory”

“It has started again”

“Come on, my friend”

-“It has started again”
-Sir, sir!

[indistinct Voices]

Sir, tell us about where are you
going to invest the 6000 crores.

It’s News 100.
Don’t you have respect for it?

it’s media and the pressure is building.

-If you can speak for once…
-What’s your duty, Ramakrishna?

I know when to speak with them.
There’s still time for that

Sir, it seems Rishi Kumar
opened his office in Ramavaram.

Huh! Circus companies come and put
up their tents in the villages.

They take them out after ten days,
this is similar too.

Just leave it.

We started off as a small
Software Company in Hyderabad

and developed into a leading
gaming Company in Asia.

But that isn’t enough.
We need to spread our wings.

This fellow has started it again.

We all have got a good chance for that.

You all would’ve known that Mr. Rishi
Kumar has opened his office in India.

I’m already trying for his appointment.

Once I get the appointment, as a team
leader you should go and meet him.

No, sir, I won’t go. I’m sorry.

Hey Pooja, Pooja…

Maybe you don’t know Sir.
But Rishi Kumar and Pooja had a bad past.

Sir, they had a relationship in the
past and later on they got broke up.

Crazy girl, you think I don’t know?
It isn’t so easy to reach Rishi Kumar.

The only profile I have
got to reach him is Pooja.

If you say so, she’d resign and go, sir.

What about you if she resigns?

-What about us, sir?
-How many are there in your team?

There are six hundred people.

If Pooja resigns,
your entire team will get pink slips.

That means,
even all of you will have to resign.

Please agree.

If you say no now, lives of 6000
people will come onto the roads.

What 6000 people?
There are just 600 people, right?

Huh! Do you know how many live
on the salary of a software employee?

Me, my mom, my dad, my brother, my maid…

…her family, the paper guy and his
family, the milkman and his family…

Will you stop it?

Please agree. I beg you.

-Sir, did it work out?
-Pooja is coming there as you said.

She will be there by
tomorrow in the morning.

Sir, Pooja is here.

-What do you call me?

-Then how should you call Pooja?

Sir, Pooja madam is here.

Hi, sir.

-How are you?
-Hi sir, I’m Pooja.

You call him ‘sir’?



-Order two coffee.

I quit drinking coffee.

You gulp down so many cups every day!

I need to talk something
personal with you, Pooja.

-Yes, please go ahead.
-Hey! Where are you going? Sit.

Sit down.

What’s personal, sir?

I’m sorry, Pooja.

What are you talking about sir?
I don’t remember anything.

I came here for a
professional meeting and that’s all.



Please say, Miss. Pooja.

Sir, actually we’re from a video gaming
company. We want to spread our wings.

-So, we wanted to collaborate with you
-Explain the concept and let’s see.

I’ll stand and say, sir.

[clears throat]

-The title of the video game Blood Pool.

Blood Pool sir, hero’s
name is Hakuna Matata.

Attack happens on the hero
in an old ruined city

when we cut the scene…
[making gunfire sound] Stealth mode

Then the helicopter attacks on the hero,

Then the hero fires…
[making gunfire sound]

Ninja blades…

Bazooka bomb blast… Three blood
splashes, sir… [making gunfire sound]


Finally, there would be as many points
as the number of kills made by the hero.

This is the concept.

-How is it Ramakrishna?
-There is no nativity in the story.

There is no creativity in the concept.

Violence is going high these
days in video games, sir.

Sir, where is the humanity?

You said it correctly.
What happens to kids?

They will get spoilt, sir.

You heard it.
Encourage humanity in video games.

What’s humanity in a
video game, sir? How is it sir?

Develop a game on a love story.


Video game on a love story?
Sir, no one has done that till now.

Do it now.
Try something new.

-There’s one more thing.

-I don’t like sad endings in love stories.

All the endings should be happy.

This is the concept.
Develop this and tell me.


-Make arrangements for them to stay here
-Ok, sir.

It’s not possible.
No way I’m staying here.

Hey Pooja!
Pooja… Pooja…

What happens to our lives if you do this?

-My mom, my dad, my servant…
-Will you stop it?

-Enquire where’s our stay.
-In my house.

Ravi! How are you, Ravi?

I’m completely fine.

What’s all this, Ravi?

He won’t come this far if
he hasn’t a selfish motive

What’s this office and what’s this drama?
What’s happening here?

Shall I tell you a secret?

-What’s that?
-I don’t know that either.

But if he has come,
he’ll do something Pooja.

I am asking you the same…
what will he do?

Rishi Kumar to address the
media for the first time.

Let’s see if we will get an answer
at least today for why Rishi Kumar,

has opened his office in Ramavaram?

-Sir… Sir…
-Sir… Sir… Sir…

Why did you open your
office here leaving New York?

Is this a low-cost model, sir?

Are you trying to say we
should get back to our roots?

Sir, tell them that you’ve come to
invest 6000 crores. They don’t get it.

It’s not what you people think,
I came here to take my friend.

He turned me down. That’s why I
opened an office right here for him.

Did you open an office here for a friend?

You wait, man.

who is that friend who turned you down?

The one who is sitting in that
tent, Ravi. He is my friend.

Sir, why did he say no to a man like you?

How would I know?
You go and ask him.


He is the one, sir.

What man, are you Ravi?

Yes, sir.

-Is Rishi Kumar your friend?
-Why sir, shouldn’t he be?

He says you turned him down when
he asked you to come to America.

Yes, sir.

As you turned his offer down,
he has opened an office right here, right?

Is it, sir?
I didn’t know till you informed me.

Don’t you feel like going when such a
big personality like him is calling you?

Who won’t I feel like going
when such a person asks?

Then why didn’t you go?

Well, how can I go
leaving this village and house?

Aren’t all people who go to America
leaving their village and houses?

If you know that your village and house
won’t be there by the time you come back,

will you go?

I won’t go.
I won’t leave this village at all.

Is a village just about of a few
walls and trees to dig it down?

Village means some lives and
a house means some memories.

Ravi Shankar says ‘my
village and my house’

Ravishankar says that he will not to leave
Ramavaram even at the cost of his life.

Will the lonely fight of
Ravishankar bear fruit at least now?

Ravishankar protesting
there from six months…

Hey, Ravi is sitting there
in the tent without any work.

We are sitting here in the
tea stall without any work.

Then why’s this media is
covering him instead of us?

-He might’ve bribed them.
-I’ll kill you rascals!

He’s doing so much for the
village, and you talk rubbish!

Pals, there is no meaning to our lives
if we don’t sit behind him now at least.


“Though the fireflies are tiny,
won’t they light up the whole forest?”

“Won’t the ants being so
tiny defeat the snake?”

“Though stars are tiny, won’t
they fill the sky with colours?”

“Though wings are so tiny,
won’t they dictate over the directions?”

“Isn’t the song of Cuckoo
in the branches…”

“…call for a new dawn?”

“Sound of your fist is the
awakening lesson for the world”

“It has started again”

“Come on, my friend”

Hey old man!

-Come and sit.
-“It has started again”

“Come on, my friend”

They said the village exiled Ravi once.

But now that entire village
is sitting behind him.

That’s what.

Did you hear that?

You said what’ll Rishi do, right?
See what he did now.

Will you stop it?

Did you listen or see it?
First mind the business we are here for.


[blows whistle]

Do you know the son of that old lady?

He’s from here and we grew up together.

Why don’t you call him once?

He won’t lift any call from this
village, neither would he come.


Isn’t she Pallavi?

Go, dude.


Please Ravi, take me away from here.

Pallavi, you know that I
can’t come out of this village.

My engagement is in the next two days.

I won’t be alive if that happens, Ravi.

Pallavi, how do I explain it to you?

Haven’t I already told
you not to meet her?

I’ll kill you if you look at her again.


What brings you here?

Nothing, sir.
I came to see the village and saw you.

Isn’t the rice mill running?

How will the rice mill run
when there are no crops?

I have a doubt since long, sir.

Does this paddy have
more value or rice?

The value of rice is more in the market.

But in my opinion, paddy is more valuable.

How is that, sir?

Where does rice come
when there is no paddy?

You’d have been dependant once
on this rice mill, right sir?

You’d have run your family with this.

You’d have got your kids educated
with the income from this.

Now it has become useless…
did your love die on this?

Why will it die?

Then why is it dead over him, sir?

Isn’t that because he’s not like
what you thought of him then?

Isn’t it because he has done some
mistake that you have exiled him?

I’m the result of his mistake, sir.

You just said there is no
rice without this paddy.

I don’t exist without him.

He’s witnessed my victory even
before the world did, sir.

He put my blame onto him that day
and gave away his life to me, sir.

Because of that he lost his dad,

your confidence and today he
is losing the girl he loved.

But till date,
he never told anyone what really happened.

That’s him, sir.

When he can do so much
for a friend he trusted,

how far will he go for the girl he loves?

We should have the luck to have
such a guy in our life, sir.

But I don’t know whether
you have that luck or not.

See you, sir.

[phone ringing]

No Pallavi, don’t call me ever again.

Look towards the temple once.

What’s this Pallavi?
Let’s stop it here. Please, go.

Dad has agreed, Ravi.

Rishi went and spoke to dad.




I said that day only, he’d do
something if he’s here. He did this.

I thought Pallavi won’t exist in my life.

He brought her and made
her stand beside me.

That’s him, Pooja. He’s like that.

Just believe him once again Pooja…
you’ll understand.

If you think keeping the past in mind,
you’d feel the present is also a mistake.

I think he deserves a second chance Pooja.

Oh no!

She left without saying anything…

Oh God,
did I get a happy ending for my concept?

“Some strange whispers within me,”

“my heart stopped being nomadic
and bloomed full of love”

“Love has perched on your
shoulder like a beautiful bird”

“The shine of a flower basket has
gotten into your attire”

“Your sweet call has made me spellbound”

“Oh girl you have built
a home in my heart”

“You have dampened the floor
and drew a colourful Rangoli”

“The spark of the end of a sickle
has got into your sharp looks”

“Turmeric painted to the door threshold
has touched like your naughty kiss”

“My heart has taken a turn towards you”

“Oh boy you have built a home in my heart”

“You’ve drove away off all my shyness”

“While your body is shooting
arrows like a bow,”

“My eyes flared up like
a matchstick on hay”

“While the rose thorns in
your words are pricking”

“I couldn’t sleep at night
like a smoked up beehive”

“Your waist is like a string of jasmine”

“And my heart is like a
dragonfly embracing it”

“You have slowly tossed new dreams”

“Oh girl you have built
a home in my heart”

“You have dampened the floor
and drew a colourful Rangoli”

“Love has perched on your
shoulder like a beautiful bird”

“The shine of a flower basket has
gotten into your attire”

“Your sweet call has made me spellbound”

“Oh boy you have built
a home in my heart”

“You’ve drove away off all my shyness”

Hey, that Subbarayudu is
coming again with men.

We shall finish those idiots.
What are you seeing? Come on get up.


They are from the
neighbouring village, sir.

People of both these villages always
fight for the water for crops it seems.

We fought so long within ourselves to live

Now someone came to ruin our lives

We sat silent helplessly all these days.

But you alone have screamed
aloud and opposed them.

If you agree, we will stand behind you.

From now,
this protest belongs to all of us.

Corwd: It belongs to us all…


The protest that was limited
to just one village till now,

due to the gathering of so many
villages that might get ruined,

support to Ravishankar of Ramavaram
has increased heavily.

Whom does the Government support now,
is it the public or Vivek Mittal?

Sir, call from the Central Minister,
Mr. Murthy.

Tell me, sir.

That Ramavaram matter is
getting serious day by day.

Handle it carefully before
the matter goes to the head.

the total project will be in jeopardy

-Sir… Sir…
-Media is on this side.

-Mr. Vivek.
-Sir, please…

-Hi Rishi.
-Welcome, Mr. Vivek.



Good game Rishi!

I never imagined.

This was the idea given by you, Mr. Vivek.

You said you have driven
the world away from here.

See now, I have brought
the world right here.

Ok, I’ll let go of this
one village as you asked.

Huh! Not possible.

The count has increased.



Look at that tent once.

That day you said he
sat alone in the tent.

See how many are sitting behind him now.

Now, I’m asking for all of them.

Before the count increases… 41 villages

Leave them!



You said not possible once
sitting in an AC room,

and now you’re sitting under a tree.

If you say not possible again, just
imagine where’d you go and sit.

Till date,
I wanted to win with a fear to lose.

For the first time,
I feel like winning with love on victory.

Thank you, Mr. Vivek,
for turning my fear into love.

It was nice meeting you again Mr. Rishi.

Sir… Sir… Sir… [chaos]

Have you come to talk about 6000
crores deal with Mr. Rishi Kumar,

or to talk about the problem of
the village? [camera clicks]

[indistinct voices]

Sir, please say something.
We’ll telecast a breaking news.

Hey! Sir is coming.
Get ready with the breaking news.

-Sir… Sir… Sir…
-Sir, this is cheating.

Excuse me, Mr. Vivek…

I’m really sorry.

It wasn’t my intention to bring it so far.

There’d be so many in between you
and us and we keep believing them.

Why did he push it over us?

How much did we quote per acre,
Mr. MP?

Rs. 1,25,000.

We’ll pay four lakhs per acre.

You get land in turn of the land
you give, and a house for your house

and one job per house after
the project work starts.

He’s Shakuni in a suit.

-Is it okay for you, Mr. MP?
-Why do we deny when you say so?

This is the best deal.

Either for you or for us.

Think and tell me.

We’ve finally won.

Four lakhs per acre, we get land instead
of land and a job for every house.

What more do we need than this?

Yes, we were in fear about what
they would give all these days.

But now, he is going to give
more than what we expected.

Yes, we won.

What did we win?

You are going to give away our
lands when he gives four lakhs.

Will you give away your lives
too if he gives six lakhs?

Hey, we buried our parents in this land,

How would we sell this land?

I beg you all.
No, let’s not agree for anything he asked.

Why do you say ‘my parents
died and buried them in the same land’?

They say your dad died because of you,
didn’t he?

if you say another word about my father…

I will.

What will you do?



What will you do?

What will you do?

He’s my son-in-law

If you lay a han on him…

I’ll cut you into pieces

Hmm! Yes, we’ve come here to be cut

We are being treated badly as
we came and sat by ourselves.

Why should we let you
decide on our behalf?

We’ll take our own decisions

Hey, sit in this tent if you want to beg,

come with me if you wish to live better.

Hey don’t! Please stop. I beg you all!

How much did he give?

How much did he give and
how much did you take?

I saw the truth in your
eyes when you came a week ago.

That isn’t there now.
How much did he give?

Why do we need any discussions with them?
Let’s go.

Ah! What a splendid game you played, Sir!

Half the villages moved out
from the tent in a night

Just half are left and they too would be
gone after sitting for two days, Sir

But I don’t think Ravi would step back,
I’m scared of him, Sir

I didn’t like the way he
looked at me when I came there.

Anyway, someone needs to die in
a fight in between two villages.

He’s been saying he will
die for the village anyways.

-Let that happen
-I got it.

[struggles to shout]

[struggles to shout]

[blows whistle]

What happened?

Hey Ravi!

Ravi! Ravi!


[cows moo]

[cow moos]



Ravi… Ravi… Ravi!


Hey, Ravi!

Hey… hey… Ravi!

Look at me. Look at me

Nothing will happen to you.
Nothing will happen to you.

Hey, I’m here. I’m here

Two minutes… just two minutes.

Hey, you tried to kill our village guy?

[crowd roars]

He is stable now.

But, due to heavy blood loss,
it will take some time to recover.

He has to be kept in
observation for few days

The protest that was going peacefully
until yesterday turned violent at once.

It is after Trident group Chairman Vivek
Mittal visited Ramavaram village…

…these incidents are taking place.

Will Vivek Mittal answer these questions?

Or will he remain silent
being called the conspirator…

-…behind this violence.
-Vivek Mittal called for a press meet sir.

It has become a habit for the
media and public in our country…

…to blame to Corporates for everything.

This project is going to
put India on the World map

A person came down from America
knowing about this and asked for a share.

He is Rishi Kumar

CEO of Origin group.

I denied him.

He immediately opened an
office in the same village…

…and drew all your attention towards him

Six months prior to his visit,

he instigated his friend
and made him sit in the tent

He tried somehow to own this project.

Later, he put up a fight
in between the villages…

…and made his own friend a scapegoat.

Anyway, I have a small doubt

Till you’ve started earning
thousands of crores per annum,

How come you didn’t remember your
forgotten friend Mr. Rishi Kumar?

So… the real conspirator is Rishi Kumar

If you think all the present
fights are about this project,

I’m ready to take the project back!
[glass breaks]

[crowd chaos]

Come down you!

Hey, why do you come from
overseas and play with our lives?

He believed in you,
but you risked his life?

What kind of human are you? Go back!

Should we fight amongst us
and die because of people like you?

Go… go back from here!

I thought you changed, Rishi.

You didn’t change at all.

You came into Ravi’s life
once and his career got ruined

You came back again now,
see what happened to him.

Not that some guy have asked on TV,

I’m asking you…

Didn’t you remember Ravi
at least once in so many years?

I still don’t understand you, Rishi

I don’t know if I can say
he’s alive now because of you…

…or he’s in this
position because of you.

If you came so far for his well-being…

Now, I’m saying for his well-being
Please go away from here.

Rishi Kumar to return back to America

We can understand by this that the
accusations by Vivek Mittal are true.

Rishi, what happened, son?

We’re going back to the US tomorrow, mom

What about the work you came for?

That won’t happen, mom

I never expected that I’ll
see my son like a loser

Didn’t you always look at
your dad as a loser, Rishi?

If you leave now,
won’t you become a loser yourself too?

You used to think how can he could
live smiling even when he was losing.

But in my view,
your dad was always winning.

You know,
why he forced you to write Civils?

Your dad was a topper in Civils, Rishi.

If he’d given just one more interview,
he’d have been a Collector.

But he always wanted to serve people.

He joined farmers’
protest and went along with them.

Cops filed a case against your dad due to
the fight that took place at the protest.

Court issued a Memo stating that he is
barred from getting any Government job.

To take care of us,

He who had to become a Collector,
joined as a clerk.

Even then he never lost
the smile on his face.

If he was alive today,
the smile would have disappeared.

Because he never wanted
you to just win alone…

…but he wanted you to take many
people along with you and win

If you leave today, all the people who
live there will lose along with you.

Go Rishi, go and make them win

I know my son well.

He never ever likes to lose.

My husband never lost in my view.

Even my son will never lose.



Call to US and say it’d take
more time for me to return

There are still many
things to finish here.


Why did he come back again?

Why do you watch the show standing
like stones? Go and drag him out.

Should I tell you guys again?
He came to ruin your lives, go.

[men shout]

[blows whistle]

You said he’s into software?

From today this village is mine…

…and so is this problem!

What’s there to see?
You’ve heard him. Let’s go.

The village is mine and so is the problem.

He couldn’t do anything even
when the locals believed in him.

Now, we killed the confidence
they had on him and their hope too.

What can he do now?
Leave him and he’ll be gone by himself

Don’t know when you ate, have it son.


-What are you doing?
-Farming, Son.

But everyone in the village left it,
didn’t they?

If I too leave it…
then what would you eat?

If one has to eat…
someone has to cultivate, right?

they didn’t leave it as they lost hope

…that’s because they’re tired.

If they step back again on this land,
mother earth would pull them back again.

But someone is here to grab your land!

Which rascal would grab my land?

Ask him to come, this is mine

As long as I feel this is ours,
no one can lay a hand on this.

I’m born on this land
and will die on this land

If someone opposes and lays his hand,
I’m not gonna keep watching son.



Will you teach me farming?

I just said it son.

Once you step on this land,
mother earth will drag you in.


“Is it a blade of grass
that broke the skies?”

“A floral drizzle on the
face of a dry desert”

“The suffering sea came to a
sweet water well to quench it’s thirst”

“Even the mountain peak bent
to kiss the mother earth”

“Move on, sharpening your step ahead”

“Level this forest and you’ll find
the treasure you are in search of”

“Move on, ask this land and see”

“This is the answer for all your questions
asking where your victory is”

“This is your story and your base,
take the first step in it’s path now”

“Shout aloud that this is possible
for you and not to anyone”

“Move on,
sharpening your step ahead”

“Level this forest and you’ll find
the treasure you are in search of”

“Move on,
ask this land and see”

“This is the answer for all your questions
asking where your victory is”

“Is it a blade of grass
that broke the skies?”

“A floral drizzle on the
face of a dry desert”

“The suffering sea came to a
sweet water well to quench it’s thirst”

“Even the mountain peak bent
to kiss the mother earth”

Hey, you’re all very lucky.

For a land that fetches
one or one and a half lakh

I tried hard and got you four lakhs.

We will pay a cheque of one and a half
lakh now and take all the passbooks.

We’ll pay the balance money only
after the project is finished.

Bathula Veerraju

[whistle blown]

[whistle blown again]

Why is he here again?

Thank you

If you sign now and give your passbooks
to them, you will lose your lands forever.

You heard their offer, didn’t you?
Now, listen to our offer too.

We need your lands for two years on lease

What’ll you do if we give on lease for
two years? You will make us beg?

I’ll give five Lakhs per acre

Passbooks and the
documents will be with you.

But, there’s just one condition

You all have to put one signature

See, he is again playing a trick.

Why do you need the signature?

Everyone has to cultivate their own lands.
That’s the only condition from me.

As per the Government rule,
we’ll give two Lakhs in cash

…and the balance of
three Lakhs as a cheque

Those who want to live as a farmer,
come this side.

If there’s anyone left, go to that side.

Oh my! Hey!

Do you have any morals?

Did you also become like us?

Is there any democracy at all?
Where is democracy?

Are you playing with their hope?

Yes, I am

He’s playing to kill their hope and
I’m playing to make them win.

You get your rice mill ready sir,
there’s gonna be a lot of work.

“The moving time burning in pain…”

“…has released you
like an arrow of reply”

“For the sorrow of mother
earth’s burning heart…”

“…you are the boon of last help”

“Mother earth has no one to ask
about the tears in her eyes”

“Make her re-blossom with crops again”

“Move on,
move on with your plough on the shoulder”

“Ask the earth to sprout up
crops from its heart and move on”

“Move on, holding the spear of light”

“The broken barren land will
now give you the grains to eat”

Sir, we don’t need 5 Lakhs for an acre

Help us a bit to cultivate.

-Understood, sir.

The old lady at the bus
stand fell unconscious.

They’re doubtful whether
she would live or not.

Hey, move

Why didn’t you take her to the hospital?

She said she will not come
anywhere till her son comes.

He has started, he’ll be here.

How many times did I
ask you to come with me?

You won’t.

You just stick to this village.
Now see the result.

You have come. So, I’ll be good now.

Stop talking rubbish.
We’ll leave in the morning bus

What’s that?
How will you take her when she is ill?

Hey, don’t you know that your mom
doesn’t like leaving this village?

Hey, you left as you
couldn’t live here earlier.

It’s all good here now.
Why don’t you come back and live here?

Stop it now!

What life? What’s there to live here?

The fields have just turned green
after 5 years and you are celebrating!

When will you realise?

The seeds have sprouted today
and you get the yielding soon,

And then? What next? What will you do?

You say we can live here!

Hello sir

I’ve seen you on TV sir.

You wish to do something here.
But that will not happen, sir.

-Hey, what are you talking?
-You please wait.

Yes, Sir…
Srinivas, B Sc Agriculture gold medalist.

Farming is in my blood, sir.

My dad was crazy about farming.

He was dependant on it.

and died consuming pesticide atlast.

Don’t know how the local
pesticide work on crops,

…but it works great on humans sir

Many farmers died the same way here.

But the cameras that never looked at these
villages then, came running as you came.

Because the world doesn’t care
about the problems of a farmer, sir

A farmer has no value here,
he doesn’t even have respect atleast.

The problem here isn’t Vivek Mittal.
If not him, someone else would come.

The problem here is our society, sir

Farmer has just become an item to
show sympathy in this society sir.

Why do you bring life
to their dead hope, sir?

Now they got hopes again.

If that dies too, all of them
would die of broken hearts, sir.

At least if they are alive,
they’d go somewhere and live like me.

Our lives are like this sir.
They will never change

Leave it sir… please.






Sir, the old lady passed away.

I’ve been into farming from 70 years.

Farmer was the King those days

Now the same farmer
isn’t good even as a labor

They say it isn’t good for
the house when a girl cries

Then how is it good for the
nation if a farmer cries?

Rishi Kumar calls in for a
press meet again in Ramavaram

Rishi Kumar who transformed
into a new role of a farmer

raked up interest in everyone about what
he’s going to talk in the press meet now

What sir?

You’ve setup a press meet in the fields
as if you didn’t find any other place?

-Why did you actually start farming?
-What is the reason, sir?

What’s this drama?

What is the relation
between you and agriculture?

I used to think the same sitting somewhere
in the 70th floor in Manhattan, New York.

About what I have to do with agriculture?

But I understood only
after I stepped on this land

that everyone living on this earth
has a relation with agriculture

From a Billionaire who has
bread and jam for breakfast…

…to the poor who eats rice porridge

everyone who needs food to live
has a relation with agriculture

But we are all living without any relation
with the farmer who is cultivating for us.

What relation Sir? Farmer is doing
his job and we are doing ours

Does that mean the farmer
and we are the same, sir?

Either it’s a farmer or us,
isn’t it for money that we work sir?


What’ll you do if your salary isn’t
paid for two months, sir?

We will withdraw from
our savings and spend it

What if your Company doesn’t
pay your salary for six months?

We resign that job and
search for another job

What is our situation,
if the farmer thinks the same way, sir?

We come on to roads and protest
if our salary isn’t hiked every two years.

But the Farmer,

Even if he is or isn’t profited for years
together with the crop that he has sown,

He keeps searching for his life in
every seed he sows in hope of succeeding

How can such a farmer and we be the same,

So what do you say now, sir?

Do you want us to change our attire
and get into the fields to cultivate?

Farming isn’t so easy as
changing an attire, sir

It’s a beautiful relationship
between man and earth

This is a science which even
the scientists can’t understand

Only a farmer can understand that

We don’t even care when
such a farmer commits suicide.

That has just become a
casual news in daily news paper.

We don’t even understand the loss
that occurs when a farmer dies

The number of cultivators is coming down
and the number of food consumers is rising

Hence along with the price hikes in the
market, adulteration is also on the rise.

If this continues similarly, the wealth
you’d give your children in the future…

won’t be enough even for
their hospital expenses.

Price of land is growing and
the value of farmer is coming down.

If we go on constructing buildings
as the price of land is growing,

What would we eat to live?

That’s why no farmer wishes
to make his son a farmer.

Already our generation
doesn’t know what agriculture is.

The future generations will see
agriculture only in the history books

The farmer once used to live with courage

but now, the farmer is living in fear.

He is scared to sow a crop not
knowing if he’d have enough water.

If there is water,
he is scared if he could reap the crop.

If he reaps it,
he is scared how to protect it.

With the same fear, he’s selling off
his crops even at a throwaway price.

The buyer is selling the same for
ten times the buying price in the market.

So, the person who grows food is losing…

The food consumer…

That’s us.

We too are losing.

Do you know why all of this is happening?

Because we’re living without
any relation with the farmer

Are you posing these questions
to the Government?

No… to all of us

Who is Government?
Isn’t it us?

Responsibility to safeguard the
farmer isn’t just the Government’s job…

…but of everyone living on this earth,
including me.

That’s why to safeguard that farmer…

I’m giving away 90% of my income
towards farmers welfare.

CM Sir, I hope you’re watching this.

One warehouse in every village,

one cold storage in
every Mandal headquarters

I’ve made a project report
ready to construct all these

I hope we can do it, sir.

From now on every farmer should sell
his crops with courage and not in fear

Why should the farmer who grows
the crop face trouble to sell it?

This isn’t a favour
we’re doing to the farmer

but a favour we’re doing for ourselves.

I’m not doing all this with sympathy
towards farmer, but with respect.

Farmers don’t need our sympathy, they need
our respect and we owe them that respect


You looked to us like an American
when you opened the office here.

But now you look like an Indian

How do we look at you, sir?

Have no doubts sir, I’m an Indian.

I too was born here and
grew up here like you all.

I am a local just like you.

It is not CEO Rishi Kumar
who spoke with you till now

K. Rishi Kumar son of K. Satyanarayana.

He reminded me
that I’m a farmer’s son again.

Rishi Kumar creates a sensation.

He donates 90% of his income…

…that is appriximately 7000
Crores for farmers’ welfare.

Netizens extending huge
support to Rishi Kumar.

Only an honest person will
have the right to question.

That’s why Rishi Kumar
questioned us straight.

Farmer should be very happy for
small-time vendors like us to live.

Food consumers are increasing

Hence along with the price hikes in the
market, adulteration is also on the rise.

We have two thousand flats
in our community only.

That means just our community consumes…

…an average of 50,000 kgs of rice
and 60,000 litres of milk per month.

Added are the vegetables, salt and
cereals we buy in the supermarkets.

Every family is spending about Rs.10000
approximately per month over these

So, we are spending about 2 Crores per
month just in our community on these

Spending so much, we don’t know whether
what we buy are good or adulterated.

If this continues…

as Rishi Kumar said, our wealth won’t be
enough for our children’s hospital expense

With the amount we spend,
we can adopt some villages…

…and purchase all these
groceries directly from the farmers.

By that, we can save our
money as well as our health.

What Rishi Kumar said is absolutely right.

With immediate effect add
farming classes to our curriculum

and take kids on farming trips too.

So, basically, habituate farming as a
lifestyle to them rather than a lesson.

Every weekend, we’ve been
enjoying on the name of parties.

If we party just on Friday and go
for farming on Saturday and Sunday,

We could learn something!
And it’s for our own good.

So, you are saying agriculture weekend?

Yes, you’re right. Weekend agriculture.

“Wouldn’t this change in
you turn into a sensation?”

“Won’t this story starting as
a raindrop turn into a flood?”

“With the disturbance that
is a result of your force”

“Your journey starts as a
victory and turns into a history”

“After knowing your goal
is their hope and for them”

“They’d shout aloud you’re
their destiny and saviour”

“Move on,
this is a new life for your past”

“This is the right depth for your heights,
open the first door and move on”

“Move on, you’re everyone’s story”

“Your schooling the future in a right way”


-Order two Coffee
-Ok sir.

-Hello Sir.
-Hi Rishi.


Rishi proved what we could do,
if we feel government is nothing but us.

I never expected such a day will come
in my 40 years of political career.

Not just the young generation,
but Rishi inspired even our generation.

Sir, he started all this for this village.
Will this village remain or not?

I’m here to say that only…

This village won’t be lost.
It’ll stay intact.

We’re appointing a commission to decide
whether this project should proceed or not

Didn’t I tell you that he’s do
something now that he is here?

-Great work Rishi
-Thank you, Sir.

[sighs sarcastically]

It took four years to
kill their confidence.

He gave back the same confidence
to them in just four months.

[message tone]

Hey, switch on the TV man!

This isn’t a National Project.

It’s Vivek Mittal’s personal project.
He’s a financial fraud

He’s using this project as a guarantee
to escape from his debts.

He has taken about 70,000
crores from National Banks as loans

…and hasn’t repaid them till now.

As a Director of International bank,
I have all the evidences

and I’ve already
submitted them to the court

Such financial criminals
should be punished stringently.

Otherwise it’s dangerous
for Indian economy.

We’re from Enforcement Directorate,
Mr. Vivek.

We have to take you under our custody

It was nice meeting you, sir

Let it be, why shake hands before them?

-Will meet again
-We won’t meet again.

Thank you, sir

Why are you still here?
Want to go with them?

-Come on
-No Sir, I’m coming

Mr. Vivek, shall we go now?


That day…
I should’ve left just that one village.

Vivek Mittal to ED custody,
court permits for 15 days remand

I should’ve come long back Rishi.
But it took time to collect the evidence

I remained as a bad part
in your success story

But I want to be a
good part of your future

I got the chance now.

I’m sorry Rishi.

-See you
-Take Care

Take good care of him

See you, grandpa

That day I said I don’t
know who you are…

Now, I don’t know how long I would live…

I will remember you as long as I live

What can we give you who
has done so much for us?

We just believed in one thing
since the day we are born

This! We can just give this to you.

“This is your story”

“It would go on forever with no end”

“This is your story”

“It would go on forever with no end”

“The tear of happiness in the eye
that comes from a content heart”

“Isn’t it the wealth
you are in search of?”

“Every memory has hundred years of life”

“Don’t know how many are waiting,
move ahead in search of them”

“Won’t your story stand in humans”

“…like that of a saint”

“Won’t your story stand in humans”

“…like that of a saint”

[blows whistle]

“This is your story”

“It would go on forever with no end”

“This is your story”

“It would go on forever with no end”

“Won’t this journey prove
how great is selflessness?”

“It’ll be written forever
without being worn away”

“Won’t your sight say how
small is the darkness?”

“Even the sky isn’t enough
to share the light emitted by you”

“Won’t your story stand ahead
as a great sage among the humans?”

“…like that of a saint”

“Won’t your story stand ahead
as a great sage among the humans?”

“…like that of a saint”

Rishi Kumar’s journey
in India ends like this.

Rishi Kumar goes back to America

A journey that will be cherished and
remembered for a long time to come

-Sir, Rishi Sir, why didn’t you go?
-What’s the reason for you to come back?

-What’s the reason for you to come back?
– Sir, please

I’m not going anywhere.
I’m staying back in India.

I resigned as the CEO of Origin.

What sir? You resigned your post of CEO?

Doe that mean Rishi Kumar’s
success story ends here?

There are no full stops in success.
There are just commas

Success is not a destination.
Success is a journey!

One who seeks Victory is a Man,
one who spreads Victory is a ‘Maharshi’.


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