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Jogendra a swing.

Hey a butterfly!

Jogendra don’t go.

Don’t go.

Jogendra please don’t go.

Sir, Programs list for today.
– Chandramouli!!

My eyes are a mess due to
lack of sleep all night, You read it.

We have to take four prisoners
to district court….

Another 12 prisoners to high court,

Meanwhile, That prisoner is coming
from Anantapur in another 30 minutes

Who is it?
– Jogendra.


I thought of sleeping peacefully at
home after I get retired in two days

My blood starts boiling
listening to his name

Why are they sending him to me
after struggling so hard to catch him?

To get him hanged.

Instead, you better hang me!!

Sir, He is coming!!
The man has arrived sir!!

Hey Sambayya,
Get a cold drink immediately…



When a husband is out
of prison after three years,

Even the wife won’t get excited
like you are,

Do you really have to give
such respect to a murderer?

Cold Drink is not for him,
It’s for you.

So that it cools you down.

He doesn’t need a weapon
to kill a person

He just have to go near him and
look into his eyes and say ‘DIE’ ,

He will be dead,
His eyes look very powerful.

Greetings sir,
I’m RV from Human right commission

High court has ordered
to fulfil Jogendra’s last wish

Sir will look into it, step aside.

And, His last wish is
to telecast Jogendra’s biography

Sir, I’m Sathi from doordarshan,
This room looks very dark,

Can you get a good tubelight
so that it looks good in the camera

Who is he to get his biography
telecasted on the Television?

I don’t agree to this.

Write the same thing on a paper,

You will be in prison
under contempt case.

He’s been in prison from past 25 years

What is this torture for us?

Sir, You heard him right?
It’s too dark.

Come I’ll show you light…
– Go along with him

He will keep his camera
wherever he wants.

Mr. Jogendra , Instead of narrating
your story right from the title card,

Simplify it and tell.

Don’t worry sir narrate however
you want, nobody can stop us,

We have the order from the court,
Big memory card in our camera

And also task force
officers are behind us

Narrate it from the beginning
to end in detail.

If we feel hungry we can always get
a biryani and share among ourselves

Someone like you can kill anyone
by raising their blood pressure.

Hanging is also not necessary

Can you please stop your nonsense
The whole world is watching,

Stay silent for a while.



My name is Jogendra,
Radha Jogendra.

I’m the protector of the eight
surrounding villages

And also I give loans for interest.

Hey, Step aside!
– It will stop, it will stop.

– Look it stopped
– Hey press it press it…

Thank god it stopped.
– It stopped.

You could have repaired
the brakes with 1000 rupees.

I’ll even loan that 1000 rupees
to people for interest

Greetings sir.
– Greetings… Greetings sir…


I need one lakh sir.
– Interest will be three rupees

Fine sir.
– But, Why do you need the money?

Why do you care? I’m keeping
my house as Surety, isn’t that enough?

– I won’t loan you the money.
– I’ll give you five rupee interest.

I don’t care how much
your house is worth…

Uncle, There used be a proverb.
– What is that?

Someone like him gifted a gold ring to his mistress
when he didn’t even have food to eat

Nothing like that sir.
– Hey! didn’t you just hear? Now, leave…

Ma’am please come.

Greetings sir.
– Greetings!


It’s ok.
– They are in a need of 10000 it seems

Why do you need that money?
– For farming.

What do you farm?
– Banana fields.

Banana fields might need
lots of water..

We don’t have proper rains this year
nor the backwaters are released

Pulses would be fine.
– Yes.

Try pulses.. No one did it from our
area and you will see a good profit

– Fine, Sir!
– Alright!

The interest will 1.5 rupees..
– What is the surety you’re keeping?

We don’t have anything sir.
– Keep your wife’s bracelets

It is not even worth 2000,
Will you take this bracelet?

Look ma’am, I don’t loan even a single penny
without surety, that is the rule

Where do you get the seeds from?
– From our village wholesaler

He is a complete fraud..
His seeds are always duplicate.

Hey! Get me two packets of seeds.

Also get the fertilizer bag

Pasura exodus.

Okay, take it.

Take this 10,000

Take it.

Return me this money
when your crops grow

Uncle, write down the bracelet details

– Sir.

Keep these inside
– Okay sir.

Jogendra.. You asked that guy to leave
when agreed to pay five rupees interest,

But, for them you are
giving it for 1.5 rupees…

I can never understand you

Our focus should not
be on the interest uncle,

It should be on whole loan amount,

Now we gave him good seeds, fertilizers
and the guy looked hardworking….

The crops will be good for sure..
Anyone who takes the loan from us,

Should prosper well uncle,

Every work we do should be organized
in certain way and lead our lives well


Take it.

Take it, Its ok.

Jogendra doesn’t have anyone
except me..

It’s been three years since
our marriage but still….

We need blessings
from good people like you.

You have a golden heart

Everything will happen
according to your wish.


Here you are talking about way of life
and Radha ma’am gave way their bracelet

She gave away?
– Yes, She gave away.

– She gave away?
– Yes, She gave away.

What’s wrong in giving it away…

Why do we earn money and spend it?
For happiness right?

My happiness lies in taking the surety
and her happiness lies in giving it away…

Who do I have except her?
I’m happy with whatever she does

Didn’t I tell you.

“Stay happy said the gods”

“Be a married women this whole life”

“You are my breath,
You are my dream”

“All I have is you”

“You are in my eyes,
Your reflection is in my stomach”

“You’re the meaning of my life”

“You are in my dreams and story”

“I’ll stay in your arms for 100 years”

“You are yourself
I am yours”

“You are yourself
My life is with you forever”

“You are yourself
I am yours”

“You are yourself
I’m dedicating myself to you.”

“Your name is my good morning,
Every step with you is sacred”

“Every word of yours is a Vedic chant,
I am dedicating my heart to you”

“My Thoughts…. My victory is yours”

“My body and my life is all yours…”

“You are yourself
I am yours”

“You are yourself
My life is with you forever:”

“You are yourself
I am yours”

“You are yourself
My life is with you forever”

I’m trusting you god,
I’ve done all the rituals perfectly,

Now, You have to take care
of my child and our family.

Who the hell are you?

I’m the wife of the head of this village,
How dare you light the lamp before me?

But, That is my ritual.

Sorry Jogendra!

We can only save either
the mother or the child

I need Radha doctor.

But there is no chance
of her conceiving again.

Even then, I need Radha doctor.

I’m the head of the village council
since it started.

No one has come against me..

All of a sudden you want to
nominate youself?

Stir properly.

You were head of the village
for 15 years… wasn’t that enough?


Hey, Use another spoon for cooking

The problem is not about the responsibility,
It’s about the respect…

Go bury him.

Nomination it seems…
here take it.

Greetings sir.
– Hey, Jogi…

I, Myself wanted to call you.
– For what sir?

I need some money for the elections.

How much?

10 lakhs…But, I will only give
one rupee as an interest

No need.

You’re the head of this village,

You take care of the villagers

So you are our teacher, God, M.L.A,
M.P, Minister, everything is you sir.

Then what else do you need?
– It’s about…

Tell me…

It’s about…


Your Radha should have
just stuck to the kitchen,

She spoiled everything by lighting
the lamp in the temple,

Since my wife is a good being
only you’re child is lost,

Any other women would
have killed your wife.

Radha also told the same thing to me

What did she say?

Just because I’m not a wife
of the head of the village,

They pushed me and I lost my child,

If you were the head of the village…

Even I got angry like you sir,
I even asked her to shut up…

Sir, There was a proverb back then,

‘To not compete with legends like you
otherwise we will be vanished within no time.’

But, I guess she is too depressed,
She became adamant,

I don’t want to compete with you sir
but if i don’t, Radha will be angry

Come straight to the point.

I’ll give you the 10 lakhs which you
asked, I don’t want interest at all

But I will put the nomination
for the elections along with you

Sir! I will only get two votes, One
is Radha’s and other is my Uncle’s,

Even my vote will be for you

I’ll be happy that im doing it for Radha
and also for losing to a person like you.

Even that is a respect for me..

Ok, Go on

Sir, But you have to sign
my nomination papers,

Uncle, get those nomination papers.

Looks like you’ve killed a lamb,
Sign after eating

Hey, Get some plates

Sign there ma’am…

Take the money.
– Take it.

This saree is for you..
four votes in your house costs 2000

Sign it!
With this our loan is returned.

Here, 500 each for
the mother and daughter

Give this money to Jogendra…
Go fast.

Brother! Brother!

My mother asked me to give you this money
– Sign it.

– Give it to jogendra.

Sign it.

My blessings are with your child.

– Hey purushotham! How are you?

I’m fine.
– Sign here.

[ People Cheering ]

I guess you will win this time too
with highest majority

I should be the first one to
put the garland on you after you win

You willingly made a fool out of you.
– Brother! Brother!

In the elections that took place
in Kanikonda village council

Jogendra won the elections
with 15,600 majority votes

Hey stop! stop!


I didn’t win, He won

Sri Ramasubayya, Who won the elections
every year since 15 years

Has got only 18 votes and lost his deposit.
– There might be a mistake somewhere,

Let’s do a recount.
– Recounting?

You cheated me for trusting you,

Go! Go!

why are you messing with him?

There was a proverb back then uncle,

‘An ant bites you for putting
a finger into its hole’

If someone comes near Radha, Wont I?

Now, You are a wife of the
Head of this village, Not only one,

Light as many as lamps you want.



No, No, Please leave us

Please tell him.
– Shut up!

Everything happened because of her,

Don’t leave him,
She should become a widow today,

If you can’t kill him tell me,
I will do it

Oh no…

Please don’t do it.

God has taken away
the only chance of having a child

And now if I have to lose you
I promise on the god

That I will die before you.

Brother, Today, I’m an MLA
because of that Ramasubbaya

Now Who is this jogendra, bogendra?

Don’t underestimate him sir,
He will be very useful for us in future,

He has 15000 votes in the village council
and we have assembly elections in 6 months,

What’s the use of having
someone who is not in power.

How are you?

Only the people who are in power
will be fine, Not someone beside them

We will be fine
when you recognize that

What is that gun in your hand
as if you came for hunting?

Put it away…

Do whatever you feel like
after this meeting,

I’m even leaving my gun here.
– Recognize it.

Jogi.. Jogendra.



– Why are you standing? Sit

Get up.

How dare you sit in front of me, fool.

Sit down! Sit!

Ramasubayya past is past… Leave it!

How can i leave it?
What do you know about it?

Stay silent.

These MLA, Police, Ministers

No one can save you from me.

I will see your end.

You have been called here for a
compromise. you have to recognize that

Compromise? my foot.

I promised my wife…

That I will kill him the moment
he steps in the village

His wife should beg
on the streets

And my wife should see it.

I love my wife sir,

I will kill him if
he calls my wife a beggar.

Brother, Look beside you, 15000 votes

C.I, This sarpanch
has attacked jogendra yesterday

Yes sir…
– We have proof

– Yes sir…
– That ear…

Show your ear.

We called him for compromise
and he came to kill him

Yes sir.

And he shot the gun in defence.
– Yes sir.

Did you see it?
– Yes, we did.

Even our men had seen it, right?
– Yes we did.

FIR should be like this.

It’s tough sir…
– Sir please…

This case won’t stand in the court.
– Why?

To prove that its defence the bullet
should pass through the front of the body

There is a bullet in the front now…
– Who are you?

I hope the calculations are right now.
– How can you shoot like that?

Are you innocent?
Or making us innocent?

It’s for my Radha sir.
– Radha!!

Mr are impossible

Here, Even our MLA has signed it,

As long as you have this copy
no one can touch you.

My sister’s marriage has been fixed,
they asked 30 lakhs as dowry,

And won’t the other expenses
be around 20 lakhs?

Yes sir.
– Then, get it.


Isn’t it wrong to ask like that?
Even I know that dowry is wrong

But what can i do? Won’t
a sister of a policemen get married?

Go get the money and take it,

What are you staring at?

Want to kill me
like you killed that Sarpanch?

Try and see.

I don’t understand what you’re doing,
why do you want to mess up with the police?


Guys, Get a chair for sir.
Please be seated.


I guess you’re enjoying
the game of chairs,

How did it happen?

When I shot you with my gun
you placed your hand in front of you,

You played the defence game,

Transfer, What a play!

Sir, you’re talking about me?
Uncle… see this.

Are you acting?

Even a small pick pocketer
acts better than you,

Even a monkey looks good
when it’s young,

Even a dog feels like a lion
when it has power,

By the time I return learn
this game of chairs well,

We will play it professionally,

You will pay more than you owe me,

I’ll be back.

Take care of your health sir.


Talk to him.


Jogendra, Did he leave?

Yes sir just now.

Leader like us are getting a bad name
because of people like him,

Let him go..

That FIR copy is with me,
come and collect it.

Sir thank you.

Get a crore while coming,
Elections are getting near,

Have to be useful to you for 5 years right?
– Sir… Sure sir.

What is this?

Take them.

Pawn them…
Sell it if it’s not enough

This jewellery loses its beauty
if you don’t wear it,

I’ll do something about it

You should always be happy,
Till I’m here.

Brother, Jogendra’s phone

Too fast.. I guess you love me a lot.

Sir, All the money is with the people,
I don’t think I’ll be able to collect one crore,

I can sell Radha’s jewellery
but I don’t like that

Radha is your wife right?
Heard a lot about her,

She is Miss India of our
area it seems, Is it true?


Send your Radha instead of one crore,
She will bring the FIR copy.

Leaders like me won’t do
anything for free,

Send Radha to the guest house,
She can’t even get pregnant right?

So no need to worry.

It’s ok sir, I will get the money.

Wait! apply the brakes!
Wait a minute!

Its not stopping!
Not stopping!


Sir, my uncle has come,
I’ll be back..

Why are you so late?
– Had to collect from everyone.

Slowly! MLA might hear
– Not one or two, four villages


Sir, How much ever we tried
we could only get 30 lakhs sir, didn’t get a crore,

Radha was telling me
to sell her jewellery

But how can I sell her jewellery
when I’m doing all this for her?

But to send my wife to you
and to get scared of your warnings

I’m not an idiot but a man.

You are desperate for money right?

Take… Take it…
where do you want to keep it?

Jogendra.. He is dead.

Yes uncle, He is dead.

You killed him before
I came right?

When did I kill him uncle?

They say ‘Without lord Shiva’s consent
even an ant won’t bite’

The lord shiva had his consent
and this ant bit him,

He is dead,

Will the god stay silent
if he talks nonsense?

In this election,
we didn’t even buy one vote,

We didn’t distribute alcohol,
We won it rightfully, Didn’t we?

What happened next?
That sarpanch wanted to kill me,

That CI wanted 50 lakhs,
This bastard asked One crore

Else he wanted to send my wife
I’m here what will you do?

Everyone played with me
sitting on the chair,


I will show them
the real game of chairs,

I don’t want this MLA, MP,
Sarpanch posts, directly CM…

Uncle, I swear on my radha
and the kid I lost,

In next five years CM chair
should be under me.

But, we only have five years

We still have five years uncle.

You killed the MLA? Is that the
reason why they gave you death penalty

I became an MLA.
– How?

That is why I wanted him
to tell in detail

But you wanted him to simplify it.

And now you are questioning him
on how he became MLA…

Sir, please continue…

Just when I thought my old enemy is dead,
His brother Muneppa came into the game,

What if people show sympathy on
his brother’s death and make him win?

Ma’am… Ma’am…

What happened?
– He killed brother, it’s him.

To become an MLA
he killed brother in front our eyes.

He told us not to tell anyone
and he would give us five lakhs each,

Since, we didn’t agree to his terms
he bashed us up,

As he busy in election campaigning
we could escape from him.

Who is it?

Mr Jogendra…

Now, He became a six feet big shot…

But I know him since he was Six when
he used to play in front of his house,


Jogendra went crawling under a tree…

And suddenly a 20 feet snake
came near him…

We got scared…

But, with lord vishnu’s grace

Jogendra, Now I understand…

how the biographies of
the big people are written

Then, The snake Adiseshu protected
Jogendra from the sun… Claps.

Now, Our favourite leader
Jogender babu will talk…

Hail chowdappa.. Hail chowdappa

Greetings everyone.

The one who killed
my husband chowdappa,

And who bashed up these three people,

Stood as an MLA now…
none other than…

Is MLA muneppa

Even my uncle doesn’t know that
I bashed this three people up

If you want justice to
your brother chowdappa’s death…

and want Muneppa to get punished,

Everyone should vote for
brother Jogendra and make him win

All hail Jogendra…
All hail jogendra…

All hail Jogendra…
All hail jogendra…

“Powerful words Badhra”

“People’s welfare Jogendra”

“People’s leader Rajendra”

“Son of demon god Samarendra”

“Indhra Chandra Badhra,
All Hail Jogendra”

Do I have to take your blessings?
I wont.

Do I have to put my money
in your Hundi? I wont..

I will keep everything in my locker..
What will you do?

Let’s see.

“A fight with the God”

Hey! who are you people?
This is my land.

“Courage is the journey”

You don’t have money to give Joganna,
But you have money for marriage?

I’ll give in a month.
– Yes, Take you daughter back when you give,

She will be with us till then,
What are you looking at?

Please leave her…
– Brother.

What are you looking at?
– I didn’t do anything wrong.

First time I saw the courage
of an innocent man in his eyes..

I thought it would be nice
if he stays with me.

“A fight with God
Courage is the journey”

In the next general elections,
I should become the CM.

We should buy 250 MLA’s

If we give 25 crores each…
we need 6250 crores.

“Like an hungry lion
Did your character change”

“You are a human ray of sun
Who jabs in the dark”

“World is your disciple,
If you have courage like a weapon”

“Won’t the mountain bend in front
of you If your determination is above”

“Powerful words Badhra,
People’s welfare Jogendra”

Come on…
– Please go.


Hey! get out.
– Shiva, she is an old lady wait…


Hey… stop!

Ma’am is here.
– Greetings ma’am.

Land extortion, Settlements,

Bus service which run all
over the country with one number..

Wherever the money is
should come and sit in the bags,

Crores of money
should be in our trunk box.

We should own the country
This is money farming.

We are money farmers.

“People’s leader Rajendra”

“Son of demon god Samarendra”

“Indhra Chandra Badhra,
All Hail Jogendra”

“All this goes to the one
who gets my wicket.”


Wish you didn’t go to the temple
that day to light the lamp,

All this wouldn’t have happened.

Is it a crime to visit a temple?
They have sinned,

Whatever my Raja does is for me.

Even If he does something wrong,
Its right for me.

Do you always have to keep staring
with your mouth open all your life?

Anyways you have lost
all your respect and dignity,

you don’t even have shame now?

You keep telling that you will kill
jogendra since three years,

What did you do?

You couldn’t even pluck is hair,

But you keep sending
useless goons to him

Whom he sends directly to graveyard.

What is that look? like a frog!
Useless idiot…

You didn’t believe
when people told he is fox,

You thought him as Jesus Christ
and gave him lot of lenience.

He grew because of you
and now he beats you.

Uravakonda MLA jogender
has been attacked…

by unknown people
and tried to kill him,

Jogender has escaped safely
from the attack,

But MLA’s subordinate Shiva
is injured in that attack,

The people who attacked were killed
in the police crossfire

Why are you behaving like a child?
– we don’t have one

A young boy trying to commit suicide
as he didn’t get the job he wanted

Don’t try to climb up
or I will jump.

I won’t listen,
I won’t listen to anyone,

If anyone tries to climb
I will jump…

Took our votes promising that the job
will come to the deserving candidates..

Ask them to come,
ask the government to come.

What is your opinion on this?
– Spandana is already married.

The topic is not about spandana
(opinion) it’s about Swathi..

Swathi rejected me, how did you think
she will accept you.. Come down.

Dude, He didn’t climb up
for Swathi but for his Job,

Dude Bhagath, you’re live on facebook
and you have already got 100 likes,

Don’t jump from there, wait for an hour
you will get thousands of likes…

Wow 150 likes… stay there.

Nobody come up… If anyone
tries to come up I will jump

Bhagat don’t take quick decisions,
I’ll talk in behalf of you, Get down

Listen to me…
Think for a while…

Please get down my dear.

– Ravi, come.

What happened, uncle?

The recommendation letter which
we gave him doesn’t work it seems


The other guy got a
letter from the minister

So what?

Minister rank is higher than MLA

I’ll become a minister.
– Minister?

Right now.

Bhagat! Please listen to me.

Madam, I’m the one who gave him
that useless letter…

What is the use of becoming an MLA
if I can’t give an job.

Hit me, Hit me.

Jogendra, a boy who is about to commit
suicide came down just with a slap

He has to get down
so that we climb up.

Why did you do this?

You wanted to leave
your grandmother alone?

Brother, Please forgive me..

You will get a government job…
I’ll get you the appointment order

Ok brother.
– You can’t achieve anything by dying

We shall kill and achieve it.

– Brother.

Take him and put a tent.
– Ok, come.

All of you should support him,
Do you understand? Go

Why do we need a tent?

So that I become a minister.

How do we get the chair
by giving a tent to him?

Uncle, There used
to be a proverb back then

I’ll tell you…

wall is for lord Govindaraju and
the interest is for lord Venkateswara.


If a snake needs home,
don’t the ants have to work hard?

By the time Tirupathi
understood this proverb,

Students from the entire state
started putting tents..

Government servants also joined them..
Thats it,

The whole state went haywire.

In that agitation many
of our policemen were injured,

So, You are the reason behind it.
– I had to do it.

In politics, anyone might work hard…
we must make sure that we get some profit.

I got the phone call from
the place I was expecting.

No idea who started it
but he made sure it hits the CM.

The party president is behind me
since morning

On the other side the opposition party
has joined hands with media

Sir, I have a solution
to all your problems

Tell me.

You might have heard of the student
problems going on in my village

What do you gain from this?

I want ministry

Since, I’m helping
you at the right time

Look son, The MLA post itself
is too much for you..

I know your background.

With my experience itself
I’m losing my hair… leave.

But I have already decide
to become a minister

“People’s welfare Jogendra”

I’ll give you both the toll gates
in bejawada

There used to be
a proverb back then…

What is it?

I’ll tell you
when you come to my village

Why did the CM backfire?

These are not the days
for good people like us

Do I look like a saint?

You deserve a cigarette only when
you can get the fire to light it..

If we become silent our opposition
will start cooking…

If not him, its someone else

Don’t use your intelligence
in front of me,

I’m the home minister of this state,

Since, You are from my department
I thought of giving you a promotion

To take care of me in the bedroom.

You have to get married…

Shouldn’t you be more careful?

Doctors are telling that
it’s difficult to abort it now

She might have become a doctor
by paying donations.

It’s actually very simple.

Good morning sir.
– Greetings sir.

Why did you come here?

Sir, after we got independence

We thought that Sardar vallabhai patel
will become the president

But due to some politics
Nehru became the president.

Now, They are both dead,
why did you get reminded of them?

They made someone else
as CM purely with caste feeling.

I feel bad that you are still
a home minister.

Come to the point.
– Nothing sir…

I’ve been thinking about you
whole night and slept in the morning.

I think it’s an auspicious time,
I saw the CM chair,

And you are sitting on it royally.

Came to Hyderabad
just to tell me that?

To make that true.

Sometimes it’s good to hear the dreams
Which we know it won’t turn true.

Tell me.

CM is coming to our village
to stop the protest of the students…

He will give them lemon juice
and sing a lullaby for them

We will mix poison
in that lemon juice.

But the students wont wake up again.

They will put the old CM in jail.
You will take the oath as a new CM.

Governor will be beside you… MLA’s
will be in front clapping for you..

But you are looking at me and smiling

But what about that lemon juice?

Sir, Department is yours..

Tell the constable
beside CM to do it..

Ask your secretary to tell him
that you will make him an SI

I’ll tell him which
poison to mix in it.

What do you gain from this?

As a new CM he will make me minister.

Sir, I’m your student.

If you ask, I’ll chop my fingers

not only mine but the
person beside me also.

If you have some problem at the assembly
I will eat him up like All out..

It’s your wish whether to give
me ministry or anything you wish to.

All hail the guru.

All hail students union.
All Hail.

Recommendations should be condemned..
condemned! condemned!

All hail students union..
All hail… All hail…

Recommendations should be condemned..
condemned… condemned,

All hail students union..
All hail… All hail…

Recommendations should be condemned…
condemned… condemned…

All hail students union…
All hail… All hail…

Recommendations should be condemned..
condemned… condemned…

Sir Greetings.

Recommendations should be condemned…
condemned… condemned…

Greetings everyone.

Due to recommendation jobs,

The merit students are at loss..

From now, Jobs will be given
only for the deserved.

Recommendations won’t work anymore…

We are starting a committee
for this on high level.

I’ll resign from my post
if this continues again.

What will he do?
we are removing him.

When a hen is about to die
it looks up at once,

That doesn’t mean it will live.

It means it is about
sleep permanently.

Bring lemon juice

All hail CM sir,
All hail CM sir.

Stop it sir..
There is poison mixed in that

What is this sir, He is planting
the bomb straight under you

Hey who told you to mix?
Speak up

Speak up

Sir I will tell…

I will tell who told me to do.

Why did you cheat that home minister
after gaining so much trust from him?

We have to cheat the people
who trust us..

Actually, I got a doubt in the halfway.
– What is that?

What is the guarantee that this home minister
becomes CM after the CM go down?

If he doesn’t become a CM,
what will happen to our future?

That is why there used to be
a proverb back then…

‘Catching that dog’s tail and
swimming in Godavari..’ Is it right?

Not that Tirupathi
– Then?

We should board a Shiridi bus in order
to reach Shiridi but, not a city bus

Congrats Jogendra..

You got the ministry directly even
though you are a first time MLA…

Cultural affairs…

Why do I need these kuchipudi dances
and mike set meetings sir?

I thought you will make me
home minister…

Jogendra.. Now itself,
rest of the MLA’s are crying.

I only have four departments
and they will take away everything.

Don’t fool me sir, I myself
came here by fooling people…

You’re an elderly person..

I respect you..
Do what you feel is right

Jogendra.. listen to me Jogendra.

All hail minister Jogendra

All hail minister Jogendra

All hail minister Jogendra

“Jogendra… Jogendra”

“Jogendra… Jogendra”

“Jogendra Jogendra
All Hail Jogendra”

“You are our King
and our Minister Jogendra”

“Radhamma Radhamma
Please come here Radhamma”

“My victory and happiness is yours”

“Radhamma… Radhamma listen to me”

“I’m going crazy without you
even for a minute”

“Rain of gifts and Tone of music
I’m telling you the truth”

“If you have any doubts,
Look straight into my eyes”

“Radhamma… Radhamma…”

“O Radhamma Radhamma…
Please come here Radhamma”

“My victory and happiness is yours”

You are our departments minister.

I like you very much.

“I forget the time
Looking into your eyes”

“I will shine like a lamp
If you give me a place in your heart”

“I win only for you
You can wish even for my life”

“I want to swing with you,
In the silver moonlight”

“Jogendra… Jogendra”

“Jogendra… Jogendra”

“Jogendra… Jogendra…
All hail Jogendra”

“You are our King
and our Minister Jogendra”

Take care of grandmother.
– What is this sir?

CM said no recommendations.
– That is why I asked for an appointment.

Go join in the job. Go.
– Ok sir.

Now I understand why all the leaders
come to jail

Not only chicken, Now a days
jails have become star hotel…

Full facilities.

Sir, Some ladies
have come to meet you.

Oh no.

This facility too?

Hi! My name is Devika rani..
Focus TV…

Do you and Jogendra
had some disputes in the past?

He is not a relative to me
for having a fight.

I don’t even remember his face.
– Then, How did you believe him so blindly?

‘If a cat is blind,
a mouse can hit it with a stick.’

He played a silly game
and I fell for it.

It doesn’t matter once you get caught.

Its nothing Ma’am, Jogendra came,

He spoke politely, Minister
felt like a god in the temple,

He promised to make him a CM
and he was ready to do anything.

Finally he threw him into jail.

Whatever it is…

I’ve seen many foolish
men in my life…

But never saw someone so intelligent
like Jogendra in my life.

Which brand do you smoke?

– Can I taste?


If you want to put
Jogendra behind the bars..

Meet the home guard Sahu who
mixed the poison in the lemon juice



What will you answer
the police and media.

That minister asked me to do it.

What did he ask you to do?
– He asked me to mix the poison.

In what?
– In CM sir’s Lemon juice sir,

Thank you.

Greetings sir.

Though his ears were here
while you were talking

His eyes were on the money.

Shiva, Like we gave him five now
tomorrow if someone gives him 10

he will open up everything..

Damn, People have become
money minded these days

Where is home guard Sahu’s house?

When I went to get my bowl
they were not here.

No idea where they went.

He made me and my husband sign
and took away our house,

He killed my husband
and threw me on roads..

He will soon pay for his sins.

Good evening.
welcome to focus tv.

This is Devika rani
black and white news.

Did the minister really commit
that sensational crime in the state?

Or did someone else do it
and let the minister fall in the trap?

If this is true,
Who is that political mafia king?

From the loan business to Politics
in a very quick time

And sat on higher positions
and running this mafia in the dark?

Check out our focus team’s focus on it
to reveal the secrets in about 24 hours

Devika rani is the daughter
of Focus TV Bajirao..

She just came back to India
after her studies in the America.

Her father asked her to sit
in his chair but she refused it

Did you see this…She started
a fire and kept it under us

She has no fear.. Tried a lot.

Jogendra’s history should be
telecasted at any cost..

Not even a single frame should be edited
– Ok ma’am

The total footage we shot
is about five hours…

As you said we split
the footage into four episodes..

Many ad agencies are waiting
to sponsor us for this program..

Your entry into media is terrific ma’am.
– I’ll call you back.

So, I’ve heard it right…

You reacted very quickly.

What do you want?

You want to buy me?

My net worth is 3500 crores.

I can buy many people like you…

Don’t try to threaten me,
I wont be sacred.

We have survellience cameras
all over the place.

Everything gets recorded
if something happens to me.

If I disappear for 30 minutes
my staff will telecast your tape.

I’m sorry Jogendra
But your game is over.

You may leave now.

So whatever I do gets recorded?

Whatever I do gets recorded right?

Whatever I do gets recorded

Patel, Umar, Benarji

Give them bail papers…

I’ve sold all my farms..
Gave five lakhs to each person..

I have only two reasons
one is Jogendra

And the other is Jogendra

Where is the towel?
– I’ll get sir.

Where is the hot water?
– I’m getting sir.


Come here.

I can’t look in to your eyes.

I also can’t stay without
looking into your eyes.

What you’re thinking is the truth..

I’m not covering up
in the name of politics.

I know I’ve made mistakes.

Go, wash your hair.

Careful raja..

You might slip.

I gave five lakhs each to everyone
and got you out…

Why are you becoming like this?

You should recognize that.

My sir says that history is only for reading
in books, there’s nothing in live

If a lion takes a step backwards
it doesn’t mean it’s going to run away

It means it’s going to jump on you

Look there once.

Good morning,
Hope you have a good night.

Welcome to focus tv…

This is Devika rani,
Black and white news.

Minister Jogendra is doing a great job
by organising many…

programs in Rayalaseema

What is this?

Politics mostly became…

about stopping the opposite
person from doing anything to us

So? Didn’t think
you will do things like this


Say it properly

No, leave it.
– Tell me

– Yes yesterday?

With her…
– With her?

Radhamma is feeling very bad.
– Whatever I do is for Radha

Don’t make Radhamma cry and then tell
that you’re doing everything for her

I came into politics only for Radha..
after getting into it all these are unavoidable

Anyone who commits a mistake
says these useless…

We raise hands only
when you can’t answer with words

Get out.

Wrong doesn’t become right
how many ever times you beat me

Hey, get out

I’m really leaving.

You told about some lion…
That it will jump..

That Jogendra put powder
to that tv girl’s face,

He removed the lion’s teeth
and put brush and paste in her hands.

You have to recognize it.

What magic did he use on that girl?
– He is Jogendra,

Instead of using these tricks and magic
he used some new technology on her

Sir doesn’t know that technology?

Even though we have that technology
it should work on time, right?

You mean that sir’s technology
doesn’t work?

Everyone has that technology,

Talent lies in when
and where to use it…

Because… —

My technology is filled with rust

Are you happy?

Are you happy?

We should know his weak points.

He is mad about his wife.
– And my sir is mad about everybody’s wife.


He loves the people beside him.
– More…

He cannot tolerate cheating..
He will murder people without warnings


Whenever he gets love or anger
he immediately shows it off

whenever he gets love or anger
he immediately shows it off

Why did you call me?

Shiva are you fine?

We didn’t call you for a fight,
But to talk..

He was home minister till yesterday.
Go and talk.



We don’t have any enmity with you..
Our fight is with Jogendra

Siva, There is 10 lakhs in this..

Take it and step aside.

We will kill Jogendra.

If you kill him
we will give you extra 10 lakhs.

Your sister is about to get married
don’t you want to make it in a grand way?

They recently printed these
2000 rupee notes.. take it.

We will also give extra jewellery
to the bride


Jogendra is not a saint.

He is doing the same things
which I did when I was in power…

We have to kill him at any cost.

The moment he is dead
you are my right hand.

Dear, shake hands.

Brother has given me the money,
He asked me to talk to the groom’s parents.

Start the preparation for the wedding…
He promised me to give more money

We will cook the dishes after looking
at the delicious recipes online.

It’s not a short film to watch it
in the youtube, It’s a wedding


Take it.

This is you?
Is this Muneppa?

This is Subbarayudu?

What is that in your hands
10 lakhs only right?

Brother, Hear me out!

I promised you about
your sister’s wedding.

I might have forgotten
since i was busy..

Don’t you have to remind me
and take the money from me?

Why do you have to join
with those idiots?

Such a mistake.



Raja, Where is Shiva?

Shiva was just…
– Sent him off?

What are you looking at?
Did you forget about Siva’s sister’s

Come… let’s go..

What’s this on your shirt?

Why do you do these meetings
before a wedding.

I don’t like people talking
bad about you

Bring the bride.
– I won’t marry until Siva comes

– Greetings.

Greetings son!
– Greetings, Mother!

My daughter says she won’t marry
without her brother.

Did you send him somewhere?
– Call him up.

It’s getting late for the marriage

Come dear…

Siva’s sister is also your sister…

Sit dear.

Mother, Siva didn’t come yet…

Tried calling him
but he is not answering

Please tell him…

Where did you send Siva?

Call him.. do it.

Call him.

Oh no! My Hand.

This Shiva is Joganna’s man..

Till my last breath..

I will kill you if you don’t remove
those dirty thoughts from your brain..

Do you know why
I’m taking this money?

I got shot while you tried attacking
him Penalty for attacking Joganna

What is this?

How come there are tears
in your eyes instead of fire?

If there is a thorn in your leg,
You should remove the thorn,

Just because it pains
we should not remove the leg.

What you played till now
is a child’s play..

The real devil’s play has just started

Anyone who commits a mistake
says these useless words…


Brother, listen to me.

This siva belongs to Joganna
Till my last breath.

Jogendra’s biography is sponsored by
video appliances.

Will be telecasted live on
Doordarshan channel

You killed your own man?

Enough with your killings, Get up.

Cover his face with
the cloth and tie the rope.

Will start the procedure.
– What are you talking?

That man is upset about Siva’s death.
This is not an omelette to get finished soon,

Masala is good, You continue sir

That day I have learnt…

That even an enemy
can teach you a lesson


Car doors are not opening?

It’s time for putting a garland
for your cut out.

Turn that side…

Not this side..
Towards your left…

Surprised that I know it?

Look to your front…

You promised me to give
your finger if I ask you,

Not just a finger,
I need your head and the whole body

Everyone who has born has to die and
everyone who is dead has to be born.

Is he dead so quickly?

You both are still alive?

Didn’t you get heart attack
after looking at me?

Play the video again
in the slow motion and see

Press it.. Press..
not me..

He is alive… He is alive…

You arrogant fellow…
How many time should we try?

How many times do we do this?

You can’t even pluck my hair…

I’m the king and the
minister for my life.

I will decide my own death
and I will also decide your death

Because he is Jogendra.

Calm down Jogendra…

Listen to me and calm down..

Their birth itself is politics.

All they want is the CM chair
and the money that comes with it.

Even you want that CM chair..

They are triggering you
so that you get diverted..

You will be at loss
if you react to it.

Elections are just 6 months away..

Like you say,

There should be
a certain way to everything..

I have a way to make you CM.

Jogendra, saviour of the state.

We shall put this advertisement
in social media…

and recruit 1000 youngsters.

We will make the people believe
that their leader is strong

We will do this
publicity all the time.

With this your dream of becoming
a CM will be fulfilled.

I won’t leave you
until you become the CM.

I put the whole wedding in facebook
live.. Share it when you reach

– Hello, This is siva’s friend.

Do you want to talk to Siva?
– Give it to him, I will talk

Siva is not there, He won’t come,
He can’t come,

He is dead,

Jogendra had his men kill siva.

Mother… what happened?

Someone killed Siva it seems,

Jogendra killed Shiva it seems.

That old women’s mind
has been blocked


Come, Devika.

Hi guys…
– Hello ma’am…

Don’t waste your
time in introductions.

All you have to do is…

make minister Jogendra’s
updates go viral on social media..

How much are you earning?

Ma’am coffee.

Everyone gets paid
60000 rupees as salary.

60000 rupees.

Take it to him and give.
– Ok, Ma’am

The simple way to put this…

If there is anything happening,
you guys should promote it.

Social media is the best option.

The promotion should be very loud.

Bonus will be given
according to your performance.

I have 30000 followers
in my facebook account.

Isn’t it common for a girl..

If needed the boys also create
a fake ID with a girl’s photo..

Send requests to as many as possible.

A girl’s profile will
be seen by everyone.

we need 1000 dedicated people..

Everyone should create 100 accounts…

so, total one lakh accounts…

Every post of yours has to go viral.

In the upcoming elections, if you hear
Jogendra’s name or his photo.

People should vote
for Jogendra blindly.

That is our one and only goal.

Are we clear so far?

We will mail you the recruitment
orders… Let’s starts with a bang.

Good luck.

Okay bye.. I’m leaving.
– One minute.


Radha this is Devika rani
from focus tv channel

Hello Radha, You are very lucky..

Whenever he talks it is only about you

Yes… he even thinks of me
while sleeping.

So he actually sleeps?

Didn’t I tell you? I will
sleep only after I make him CM..

Bye… see you.

Radha, Will drop her and come

You said even if your husband
does something wrong its right.

Now he got her home.

Even this is right for you?


Don’t do it.

Don’t go.


What happened?


What happened?

Keep a torch light with you..
I will turn on the generator

Hey Tirupathi..
Turn on the generator.

It’s getting tripped every time
I will turn it on.

Ramana… Get the torch light.
– Ok brother.

Where are you?

Hold your breath.

He is there.

Hey! catch him.

You are Siva’s brother, Right?

Who do you think it is?

Our sir has relatives
all over the village..

Someone might have come to meet him

Sir, That Muneppa
and Ex minister are together now..

They might have sent their men.

How long does it take for the reports?

Call me once you have them.
– Ok sir.

Give them some money.
– Ok.

Where is Siva?
– He is not there.

Shiva might not have let this happen.

Where did he go?
– He is not there.

Uncle, send 50000 to the guy who writes
the finger print reports in DGP office..

Even though it’s not of minister’s men..
Make him change the report accordingly…

He is the only one who can become
the next CM in our party.

It’s easy for me to become CM if we
make him disappear from the scene…

That knife has my fingerprints and
the reports will be here in two days.

I’m afraid that
Jogendra will catch me.

I will take care of that.

There are two ways to end the war.

If we kill the king,
the war would end.

If that is not possible,
we should kill his soldiers.

The king remain same
if he is in a card or his kingdom

Take it.

It’s enough for the soldiers…

I’ll tell you when to pull the trigger
and put the bomb..

Don’t use your own ideas.
– Do you know how to make a bomb?

I’ll learn it from google sir,
I can find demo videos from youtube..

This generation boys are using
the technology perfectly

Sir, about that fingerprints?
– Look it up in Google.

Do you think Google is minister’s PA
to show it all?

Jogendra the saviour of the state.

One photo one caption.

It’s becoming a sensation in social media.
– Thank you.

Your smile has one million views..

With just one small clip of your walking…
Youth are getting mesmerised

You deserve it baby.

Congrats to the next cm.. In advance.

The next thing which
you have to do is,

Go to the slums and give gifts to them
and name their children

Radha did that many times.

You have to go to the old age homes
and orphanages

Give them fruits and clothes…
Also, you need to spend time with them

My Radha does that every week.

Get poor people married…

My Radha did that to many people.

Have to give birth to a child.

She can’t do that, right?

Why do you need someone like that?

Leave her.
Come and marry me…

I’ll give birth to as
many as children as you want

What the hell are you talking?

What are you talking?

What are you talking?

What is my name?
Say my name


Radha jogendra.

There is no Jogendra without Radha.


Radha is my life.

Tell me.

We got the details
of the one who attacked you

Don’t open till I come.


I love you.

Greetings sir.

Here sir.

Mr sarpanch minister…
You recognized me..

With your blessings I got transferred
from here before the elections,

Now, I returned as an SP
on the same notification time..

Wondering how I became SP
from CI in five years?

Didn’t you?

You are just an ordinary jogendra
who rotates the money for interest

And became a minister..

I guess you came into the final stage
in this game of chairs

But I don’t think you can win the cup,
Now that I have come,

Let’s play the professional game.
– Don’t.

Don’t dwell on the past…
give it to me.

Minister sir! Not everyone
who wears white becomes a Gandhi..

And not everyone who wears uniform
is sincere like me..

We both are criminals.

The only difference is our dress…

we are playing the
by keeping it as our shield

Sir, In there we have the details
of the one who attacked the minister

I know…
Everything has a procedure…

We will open it at the right time.

While we try to help them
using our powers

Few criminals get into power

Then they will backstab us…

What are you looking at?

What are you looking at?


You played that trick right?
Do you want to try it again?

Try it.

Try it.

You won’t get lucky every time.

So, you remember everything…

Now, You remember this too…

Your head will be tonsured even
when you visit Tirupathi just for fun,

But you won’t be crowned.

Whether it is public, police who mess
with a politician has to get tonsured

Let’s go.

– You did a great job Ravi.

So we can trust the internet.
– He is gone, sir.

I know.

I’ll send five lakhs to your account
use them.

Who needs money?

I want to kill Jogendra,
Who murdered my brother.

Till then take care of me, Enough.

Why are you here?
is that your jeep?

Oh, not yours?

Your chair mates killed you men
and transferred me here…

Didn’t I tell you that I will
take away everything you owe me..

If the money is white, show me
the accounts and take the money.

If its black, Leave the money.

What do you think?

God is there, sir.

There is no need of going to tirupathi
to get your head tonsured,

You can do it anywhere in local.

Heard that candidates
list is getting ready…

Even we have sent a list…

Take a look at it.
– Sure.

He is here.

I don’t know anything…
I’m not present here.

I’m not even a member in your party…
I don’t know anything.

Shut up.
– I don’t know anyone.

You are wetting your pants
just by looking at him.

What is this, without respect?

These people killed my guy.

Mr President
why don’t you speak.

Weren’t we with you
in this party office since yesterday?

You sent your men to kill them

Do I look like a fool to believe you
if you show me the proofs

Not you, we are the fools..

Aren’t you the big ring master
in killing, faking the proofs

Yes, So what?

You’re still the same even when I cut
your tail and took away your power..

Don’t mess with me!

Mr President, He will never change.

He killed Muneppa’s brother.

He backstabbed me.
– Hey! Stop!

– He blackmailed the CM.
– Hey… you.

He is killing everyone
who comes in his way

– Didn’t I tell you to stop?
– Why you’re tolerating such people

How dare you to slap a senior in front of me.
– I will,

I’m ready to hit anyone
who crosses their limit

Don’t forget that I’m a CM.
– What is CM?

If I take 100 mla’s and
put them in a star hotel,

Even I’ll also become
a CM by evening

Why is this fight now?

You don’t have any work in this party.

Why don’t you resign.

You resign if you want to.

Since there is no age
restrictions for politics,

Old people like you are torturing us.

This party was established
during Gandhi’s time,

Stop behaving like
it was done by you..

Since you’re an old man you
came here early and I came later,

That’s the only difference

I’ll suspend you from the party.
– I will suspend the party itself.

Jogendra has got nothing
to do with the party.

I will contest independently…
I’ll make my people stand…

You keep watching the play.

The whole state will resoud
with my name

Start praying the God
to win the elections,

But if you lose,

No more sparing anyone of you…

I will see your end.

Did you see the Tv?

That lady has started
her game again. come.

How do you have
so many international schools?

They have 100’s of belt shop…

Why isn’t the excise
department taking action.

The person who grew
very quickly in politics…

and that political
mafia kings name is…


I’ve seen many women with two plaits

But this is a first time
I’m seeing someone with two tongues

How did he cheat the youth with
his lie and gained this popularity?

Few years ago Kalvakuntla
sarpanch’s death was a murder?

Or a suicide?

Is Jogendra behind it?

Is Jogendra also behind
Uravakonda MLA’s death?

Is he involved with
the disapperance of…

Home guard involved
in the ministers case?

From today we are going to let out…

the secrets behind
the crimes Jogendra,

Keep watching black and white news…
I am Devika rani.

– Hey.

Tell me.

Look, I’ll give you whatever you —
You know what I need

Ask me anything except that.

I need you.

You have spent all your life as Radha
Jogendra now live as Rani Jogendra..

You need to have a channel
in your hand to become a CM.

Leave your wife and come to me.

You can never become a CM
without my support.

Keep it ready for the next bulletin.

I’ll call you back.

Hey! What a surprise.

Come on…


You came to my house for the
first time… What will you take?

Shall we take a selfie first?

Come on.
– He is very scared.

Leave him alone

I’m very younger than you.
– Don’t call me ma’am,

I’m feeling bad too.

Okay… stop all this.

Who started it sister?

I was doing my job,

Did I ask him to come into my life?

How would I feel if he avoids me now
after we’ve come this far..

Even I’m a women.

He is losing his dignity.
– I’m losing my life sister.

Okay, I will stop all this.

Will you leave him?

Why will I leave my husband?

Even if I leave, He won’t leave me.

You both don’t want
to sacrifice anything…

But I have to sacrifice my love


What is nice?

Will you become a wife
just because he was on your bed?

Will you become a wife just because
he tied a chain around your neck?

You should have kids, right?

You don’t know about him.

Even you don’t know about me.

Devika rani can get
whatever she wants

Do you know how stubborn he is?

If there is any problem to his left hand
he will chop it off with his right hand.

He might have left you
just because you’re a lady

– He will kill you.

Let’s see, whether he kills me or
he understands my love and kills you

If you don’t change,
It will be out focus.

Not your channel, Your life.

welcome to the evening news.

Jogendra’s atrocities
have crossed its limits..

Just because our MD Devika rani
revealed his true face,

He sent his wife to
her house to warn her.

You are watching those visuals now.

Do you know how stubborn he is?

If there is any problem to his left hand
he will cut it off with his right hand.

He might have left you
just because you’re women

– Otherwise?
– He will kill you.

If you don’t change,
It will be out focus.

Not your channel,
Your life.

I couldn’t stand people talking
about you like that.

I didn’t do it willingly.
– It’s okay.

“Furnace with the knives”

“Friendship with the blood”

“Furnace with the knives,
Friendship with the blood”

“Reaching higher heights”

“It’s a game of snakes and ladders”

“Leaving the gods,
Leaving the goddesses”

“It is a story of a man
who made himself a statue”

“Did the time become a proof
in the ruins”

“This is a strange play
which never took place in the history”

IT raid on Uravakonda MLA Jogendra.

Huge amount of 500 notes
and 1000 rupees notes have been found

Its value is about 30 crores

Jogendra’s popularity
has been decreased

With the stories
she is telecasting on TV

We should not let him
find a way out…

He will even dig a hill to find a way

Because he is Jogendra.

Will you stop for a while?

Jogendra and his men…

Should be disappeared
from this constitution.

Dear, Will you listen to me
at least now?

Or will you tell me that
he is god again?

Everything will be done.

You are doing it with vengeance

And I’m doing it with love.

So that he comes to me
at least when he loses this election

I can’t see your empty neck.

We came to the stage
right where we started..

Enough of this insults.

All this politics and power..
we don’t need it

Winning one election is enough…
We will get back everything.

For whom?

For you.

You’re cheating
yourself by saying this.


I know you started this race for me.

But, You forgot this Radha in between.

You are not looking at anything
else except for the CM post

For you to achieve —
– What did you say?

I forgot you?

I forgot you?
– Hear me out.

For whom did I do all this?

For CM position.

Do you deny it?

If so, Then leave all this now.
– That’s not possible

Which means you love the CM position
more than Radha.

Did I say that?

Did I say that?
– No you didn’t.

Okay tell me now.

Do you want me?
or CM position?


Where are you going?

You said you can stay
without looking into my eyes

But now I understood that you can.


Since I’ve lost all the money
and properties you are leaving me.

You are like every other woman

Not when you lost your post
or your money..

Now… when you said those words…

Now you lost.

This is your end.

Lost your money, Lost in politics,

Finally you lost your wife too.

Why are you still alive?

Why do we need this sin,
Go, Hang yourself.

You have a good height
you can reach it easily

Reach? Can you wear my belt
to your waist?

Each person has their own increments.
Your weight and his height.

Sir, continue…

Take the offerings.


Sir I’m Ravi.. Jogendra
just went into the temple..

We will set the bomb
send our men

Ask everyone to leave uncle,
No CM no politics

Its better we have them in this time.

I want to live like
the old Radha Jogendra..

Send them away.

We won’t leave you brother.

What will you do staying here?

Find some work and stay with your wife
and children.. Leave..

All of you leave.

Hey, Where should I keep
the yellow wire?

First time bomb setting.

Feeling excited.

Do you need facebook in this tension?

Go and tell this to Jogendra

If something goes wrong
we will be dead.

I planted the bomb near
the pillar number nine.

You guys hide there…
Give me…

Hey, I’m asking for the remote.

I will call you once he starts.

We should kill him today
at any cost.

How come Radha is here?
– What shall we do now?

Radha is in that car
don’t trigger it.

No Radha nothing… Move.

I’m begging you brother.

He escaped…
The devil has escaped..

Even if we bury him
he will resurrect again as a devil.

Guess I’m about to die in this
shock… You have to recognize this.

You have to recognize something else
– What is that?

He is Jogendra.
– Oh no!




– Mr Jogendra

I’ve done the surgery,
Her condition is too critical.

Due to the major accident
there is a severe injury in the lungs.

We have to keep her in observation
for 72 hours..

Another surgery required..
Let’s hope for the best.

Smoking cigarette with tension
is even more dangerous..

You have to recognize that.

Did you find out about Jogendra’s
wife’s condition in hospital?

Should I call the doctor
and ask him to kill her?

We will kill us,
if we try killing her.

Call the doctor, I will talk to him.
– Ok.

If his wife is dead
he will kill both of them

Because he is Jogendra.

What is the situation?

Saturation point was in 40 sir,

She will be out of danger
if it reaches 90.

But it came to normal and stopped.
– Hey…

Our Jogendra’s wife
should be alive at any cost.

Or else you will die.

Sorry… sorry doctor,
I’m a bit tensed.

Please doctor,
Please save her

Looks like I’m going to die
with suspiciousness now.



Hey… stop.

Don’t know whose bad eyes
fell on her

We will burn all the villages
if something happens to her.

Nothing will happen to her..
She will be alive..

How dare they try to kill
a child of our village?

Just give us the orders
and we will burn them alive

Just say the word,
we won’t spare anyone.

If something happens to her.. we
will show them the power of our votes

They should disappear
into nowhere from politics

Hey, Nothing will happen
to Radhamma..

We are all there for her..
Stay strong.

Let’s go…

We are there for you..
Nothing will happen to her..

Let’s go.



Sorry.. Sorry Raja

For what?

Because… you love Radha

You even love the CM position right?
– Why are you talking about that now.

I couldn’t understand you.

I was scared.

Don’t talk… Don’t talk.

What is your name?

Radha Jogendra.

That is why…

I want to do anything
which makes you happy.

I’ll make you win.

I will be your victory…

Don’t talk… don’t talk.

I’ll make you the CM.
– I said don’t talk.





You won…

I lost…

Aren’t you a god?

Do something,
I want my Radha.

Forgive me for my sins…


I’m sorry.

She didn’t make it.

Madam pulled out her oxygen mask

“You have left us as a married woman”

“Everything is lost with you”

“Wish your disappearance is a lie”

“Oh god! I won’t ask you
for anything else”

“You have left us as a married woman”

“I’ve been left here as an orphan”

We got the life card,
We got the joker card

But he got the Queen card..

He will become the king again..
You have to recognize this

But you’re not doing it.

He is going around with
his wife’s dead body…

in all the eight constituencies

He is extracting all the sympathy
he needs right now

Because he is Jogendra

He learnt the kissing and pinching
the cheeks well in this tour..

Nobody can stop him now.

Because he is Jogendra.

Let’s get married
after we kill that Jogendra.

You can use me however you want
and in any angle you want to.

But don’t use me now..


Instead of being happy for looking
at a dead body of your enemies

Why did you come here shamelessly?

Why should I be ashamed?

Though I’ve lost my husband,
Radhamma made sure that I don’t lose my dignity..

With the sins I’ve committed

Any other women might have killed me
along with my husband.

I killed her child
and she sent my child to Delhi school.

I’ll take blessing
by touching her feet.

She might not become a mother,
she became mother to all these people.

I should become a CM
and look after people like Radha did.

I’ll become the next CM.
A good CM.

Sir, with this the eight
constituencies are finished…

Should we turn the vehicle around?

Go to the next village.

We don’t have any candidates
in the next village

Is it true?

He is taking his wife’s dead body
to the other villages also

Is he making his candidates
stand in all the villages?

Deadline for the
nomination is tomorrow…

It’s tough to get that many candidates

Sir! Sir! Sir!

That Jogendra went mad.

He made a old man with drum
near dead body as an MLA in a village

He made a old women who was bathing
his wife’s dead body as an MLA in a village

Why are you so silent?
like it’s a police raid in a bed room.

Speak… Did he give the ticket
to some shoe shop owner?

Not the shop but
he gave the cobbler a ticket.

A cobbler?

Don’t underestimate a shoe.

It has lot of history in politics.

You guys started again?

So, nobody can stop him now?

Why are you not saying it?
– What?

‘Because he is Jogendra’ say it.
– You already said it.

150 MLA’s jumped into
Jogendra’s party from yours

Finally you came.

Everyone were telling me the bad news
only you were remaining

– Hey.
– Excuse me.

Where is Subbareddy?
– He went to meet Jogendra.

What is my PA doing
when so much is happening?

He just went to the bathroom sir.
– For what?

Sir, He is not there in the bathroom.

That is why I told you…

If Jogendra’s wife is dead,
sympathy will increase..

That is why I wished to see her alive.

What is the point in talking
about a dead lady.

See, what has to be done.
– What should I look?

What should I look?

You’re thinking that his wife’s death
will gain you Jogendra?

Do you even know about true love?
What his wife did is true love.

She is dead to make her husband win.

Yours is not love…
It’s sadism.

A woman blackmails like you…

There will be no love,
he will just getting irritated

You are insulting my love.

‘You are insulting my love’

Get lost… who is stopping you.

We know about you women very well…
You will fly wherever you want

Sir, He even made Siva’s brother
Ravi also stand in the elections

What the hell is he doing?
Where is he going to stop?

In the state assembly elections…

Jogendra’s party has clean swiped
in all the areas they contested.

Among them, People who
have become MLA’s are…

Urvasi from bendi bazaar in Hyderabad,
Lorry driver Krishnamurthy,

A poor farmer Ranganna,
toddy seller Katta satyanarayana,

Incense sticks seller Anwar basha..

All the winners are
attending for a meeting..

A handicapped B.Ed
teacher Vijay durga,

A dhobi Ramakrishna

An hijra Chandramukhi

The next formalities will also
be done in this meeting.

If someone dies in the
assembly in future,

Will I get the job
of playing the drums

Or hire someone else?

You’re an MLA.
– MLA can’t play drums?

We should play our own drums there,
Shouldn’t give that chance to others.. sit.

Jogendra has been nominated as
the CM candidate

Does anyone have any problem with it?
– Our brother Jogendra is the CM




I can’t stay without you Raja.

I told that I will make
your dreams come true.

Look, I made you CM.

I will always be around you.

I’ll make sure that nothing
happens to you.

I really like you a lot.

It’s not him…

I have to become CM.

I’m the CM…
I will be the CM.

We’ll take our party members
signatures and meet the governor.

Sir, Devika rani
has come to visit you.

She came, sir.

Do you have any work with me?

Whatever I did
is with my love on you.

Not vengeance.

If I ever hurt you, I’m sorry.

I still love you.


Hello sir, hello.

Sir, phone call.

It’s urgent…
please talk.


Hello… Looks like your
sadist lover is with you.

Be careful with her.

What do you need?

If I need something
I’ll take it even by stealing.

I already stole…

I know you will use your wife’s
sympathy to win the elections

I’m the one who sent
150 MLAs from my party

Also, I’m the one who took it back.


Now, I’m the CM

Our MLA’s…

I’m taking the oath tomorrow.

You and your MLAs come tomorrow
and clap for me..

I’ll pay you for it and
also give Biryani to everyone…

You don’t need height
to win the politics.

You need brains.

Do you have any work with me?

New CM has called me…

I’m leaving.

Brother is here.
– Jogendra brother.

Jogendra brother…
– They betrayed us…

All of them together betrayed us.

Wait. wait.

Idiots have backstabbed us..
My blood is boiling…

Feel like playing the drums
in front of all their dead bodies.

Yes.. Yes Brother

All of you stay here…
I’ll talk to them and come

I thought you won’t come…

You have lots of courage.

Poor thing, Heard that you’ve already chosen
an auspicious time for taking the oath

Also distributed the ministry’s.

This is not a place for
children like you to play.

This is a place for
cunning people like us

Why did you do this?

I won’t ask
why you changed the parties..

I don’t need the answers.

Even if you don’t tell yourself…

But what will you tell the people
who cast their votes?

Who are those people?

They are just money minded alcoholics

The people who cast their
votes every five years…

with caste and community feelings

They don’t have time for all this raja,
They are busy in their own world..

You should recognize that.

Look at the history once…

We are now in a party
with 70 years of history..

If a cinema Hero comes and establishes
a party we will join in that…

If a mass hero comes and establishes
a party we will join in that too..

If someone comes and fights
for separate states and wins

We will also join in that party.

If people reject us and cast
their votes for another party.

When the party wins,

We do some gambling
and join in that party too.

Let people cast
their votes for any party…

But we will be in power.

See they are shooting a video…
gets telecasted in TV

People listen to everything I say…

What can they do?

We will keep stealing from people.

What can they do?

That’s it?
– Yes.

Yes, we want power.

This CM chair is mine.

No one can take it away from me.

Chief minister.
– All hail.

Chief minister.
– All hail.

Chief minister.
– All hail.

Hello sir.

Seems like they pushed you out of
the game of chairs..

Shall I come till the car?

I’m your favourite
security officer, right?

You didn’t get the wisdom
even after all this.

The game of chairs reached
its climax now.. Go and guard him

Because he is Jogendra.

Brother, What’s going on inside?

Brother, What’s going on inside?

What happened?

What happened?
– They won’t understand like this.

I’ll make them understand…

– Brother.

Great Jogendra!
Well done.

He is an true Indian.

You’ve killed 250 idiots in one shot..

I don’t understand
why you are getting killed..

Right now, Our country needs
a leader like you.

No, I won’t hang you.

A very wrong incident took place in his house
and he doesn’t want it to happen us.

So, He wiped away all the politics.

How can someone hang
a person like him?


This can’t happen.

We should put our lives in front
and save Jogendra.

Get ready… Aim.

Let’s go.


Madam! Stop them if you can..

Otherwise we might have
to use rubber bullets..

Still, If they don’t listen,
We might have to use original bullets..

We won’t stay silent
if you break the law.

Please wait..

We should fight for Jogendra.
– How will you fight?

They put his neck under a rope.

We should break the jail walls
and bring Jogendra back.

No! No!

There is a certain way to everything.

Let’s proceed legally,
we should not break the law

We are stitching the shoes
since we got the freedom..

Many governments have changed
and we are still stitching the shoes.

Today, Jogendra has made me an MLA.

Have to get him at any cost.

Please. Please.

Hear me out.

Send SMS condemning
Jogendra’s Death penalty,

Use messages, Whatsapp,
Facebook, Twitter, Use everything.

It should reach
the whole country in minutes

Our voice should reach till Delhi.

The president should remove
the death penalty



“Jogendra… Jogendra”

“Jogendra… Jogendra”

“Jogendra… Jogendra…
All hail Jogendra”

“You are our king
and you are our minister”

“Joganna… Joganna…
you have to grow higher”

“Your name should be heard
all over the country”

“Jogendra… Jogendra…
you have to prosper”

“Your name should be heard
all over the country”

Why did you make we win
in the elections…

Because my wife is dead?


How can you vote for sympathy.

Just because you.

A family heir is ruling us
like we are slaves..

Is this enough? Don’t they need
any other qualification to rule you?

He is 40 years old,

Just because his grandfather is dead
you started voting like a bunch of fools.

Do you think we live
in the times of kings?

A leader is not born
with special organs…

He is there inside you..

If I’m dead now,

You will start building statues on the
road and celebrate my anniversary..

But, This trend started because they
don’t you to forget their family…

If you really respect the leader…

He doesn’t get value
by these flower garlands..

It will come when
we follow his ambitions..

When a politician doesn’t address your issues
don’t catch his legs, Catch his collar..

All those idiots should be beaten
black and blue while they are naked.

Do you think people like…

Subash chandrabose,
Bhagat singh are never born again?

While you are voting sing ‘Jana gana mana’
in your hearts and then vote for them.

Definitely people like
them will come from within us.

Jai hind.

Public might get angry…
switch the cameras off.

Jogendra, people listened to you.

Voted against your death penalty.

Special commissions have been put up
so that the president looks into it

Switch on the cameras.

My India is a very great country…

No idiot can do anything to it

Do you have a cigarette?

‘Cigarette smoking
is injurious to health’

If I smoke, I will get cancer and die,

My family will come on to roads.

If a family is coming on to roads
just because of a cigarette

If one idiot politician
is sitting in the assembly…

Thousands of families
will be on the roads.

We want Jogendra as CM.
CM Jogendra…CM Jogendra…

CM Jogendra…CM Jogendra…

All the MLA’s who won in by
– elections wants you to be the CM

All Hail CM Jogendra.

CM Jogendra… CM jogendra…

Chief Minister.


Radha is my life.

My name is Radha Jogendra.

There is no Jogendra without Radha

– Sir!


I thought I won’t need to play
the drums anymore as I became an MLA..

But I never thought I’ll have
to play it in front of your dead body.

I’ll play…

I’ll play it whole heartedly…

My Jogendra didn’t die.

He went to my daughter
because she is alone.

Because he is Radha Jogendra.

“You are swinging in the heaven, I’ve
crossed many clouds to reach you.”

“My life or death is all yours,
Let it be the ground or sky Radha is all yours.”

“I would wish for you
if any God would ask me”


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