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[train honks]

Hold this ball, love. Come on!

Hey, Ram!

Sorry sir! He can’t hold it.

My meds will help heal
the wounds in a week.

But his problem isn’t physical.

It’s psychological.

He’s mentally disturbed
due to your wife’s behavior.

Send him away from
her as soon as possible.

Doctor, I’m all he’s got.

I can’t send him away.

Sir, is this how other kids his age are?

If you don’t as I say,
you’ll lose Ram forever.

These are his medical reports.

Doctor said he needs to be
on these meds all his life.

Please take care of him.


I can’t watch your aunt
abuse you physically everyday.

That is why I brought you here.

You’ll be staying here from now on.

Is it because I have no family, uncle?

Never think that you have no one.

You have Sita.

Sita will come look after you.

You do the same for her.

Oh! So, when is Sita going to come?

Sita is about this tall now.

She’ll come when she’s this tall.


-Hey! What’s happening?

I heard you rocked
the party the other night.


[indistinctive voices]

Yeah, mom?

Go inside and get some soap.

No. I’m playing.

Please go get it, dear.
Your sister might catch a cold.

Get it quickly, dear.

[indistinctive chatter]

[bird chirps]
[indistinctive chatter]


[indistinctive voices]

Stop it! Come on, stop it!

What happened?

They’re demolishing
our entire neighborhood.

Your neighborhood?
Do you have the documents?

We’ve been staying here since 30 years,

You have no written records.
What makes you think this is your space?

Push them away. Come on!

Push them away. Come on!
[indistinctive chatter]


Clear the area. Push them back.

Clear the crowd immediately. Move them!

Hello. Hello.

I’m Sita. I play by my own rules.

I bought this land.

Rogues like you have taken advantage
of this space for around 25 years.

And now it’s mine.

Actually, you guys… What’s the word?


Building huts in an occupied
space is a legal crime.

You belong in jail.

We didn’t receive any notice from Court.
You can’t bully us.

Will you kill us?

It’s actually kind of me that I
didn’t demand the rent for 25 years.

Think of it as my gift.

Vacate the space.

Enjoy! I love you all.

In case you want to thank me,
remember the name.

I’m Sita.

You’re not Sita.
You’re more like Surpanaka (evil figure).

Thank you!

You’ll go to hell.

My pleasure!

How can you mock our misery?

You’ll end up on the streets
someday, just like us.


All our grief will haunt you.

If you’re done blessing me,
I’ll get going.

Thank you.

Ma’am, how can you smile
when they’re cussing you?

In business, what’s
profitable for one is loss for another.

The one on the losing side weeps.

Birla weeps when Tata earns profit.

Ambani weeps when Birla earns profit.

They’re weeping
because we just made profit.

This is normal.

It’s business.

-Hmm. I got it.

You’re a true Goddess.

That’s why I’m Sita.

“Rolla! Rolla! Rolla!”

“There’s no one like
me round the globe”

“Lots and lots and lots”

“I love myself, the Princess”

“Currency is like my oxygen”

“Need none of it when I’m rich”

“Russia Ruble,
US Dollar, London Pound”

“Saudi Riyal, be it any place or name”

“Money makes many things”

“And I’m Madam Cleopatra”

“My attitude is my power”

“I stand number one everywhere”

“I conquer wherever I take my step”

“Hola! Hola! Hola!”

“There’s no one like me round the globe”

“I want to be at heights
people only dream of”

“I want to rule no
matter what people think”

-“No emotion…”

-“…I keep”
-“Is it?”

-“My relationship is…”

-“…with money”
-“Oh no!”

“Malaysian Ringgit,
Kenya Shilling, Norway Krone”

“Japan Yen, be it any place or name”

-“Money makes many things”
-“Oh, okay.”

“And I’m Madam Cleopatra”

“My attitude is my power”?

“I stand number one everywhere”?

“I conquer wherever I step in”?


Let’s go.

Go where?

Don’t you remember our agreement?

Agreement?! Do you have proof?

Mr. Jayababu…

There’s a 2-acre slum in Banjara Hills.

Owners are settled in America.

Sita Mahalakshmi ma’am
bought it for 10 crores.

She loaned half the amount from
a pawnbroker named Chandulal.

But the people in the
slum are refusing to vacate.

You have to move those people
and hand over the site to her.

If this deal is set,
I get 2 percent brokerage.

Bring her in.

Hi… I’m Sita.

-Sita Mahalakshmi.

I can bear these wimps having problems.

But I can’t see a
beautiful girl in trouble.

Lust is the word for it.

Don’t mind him. It’s his love for me.

He’s Jayababu.

When I was going to die
of jaundice as a kid…

He lent 5000 rupees to
my dad and saved my life.

I still hate myself for that mistake.

Now it’s his kindness speaking.

Why did it sound like hatred to me, sir?

A man stops learning when
he’s filled with praise.

We need naysayers like
him to keep us on track.

That’s why I respect him.

I’m building a
shopping complex in that site.

I was staying in that
slum once upon a time.

I get 100 crores profit.
I’ll give you 20 percent.

I’m an MLA. I’m a people’s…
What it is called Mr.Jayababu?

People’s representative!
The title doesn’t suit you at all.

30 percent.


Wealth beyond necessity is a waste,
Miss Sita.

My property is worth
1000 crores and growing.

What do you want?


My wife…

My father-in-law must be
really blind to name her that.

She was turned down by 70 odd alliances.

Someone had to marry her someday, right?

That is why I married her.

That’s not the reason.

He married an MLA’s
daughter to be an MLA himself.

His father-in-law got excited
and offered him the MLA seat.

Mr. Jayababu…

None of my wife’s
family is good looking.

They wanted the next
generation to look appealing.

That is why they chose
me as their son-in-law.

I had to surrender to their selfish cause.

I was a good husband.
Had two kids with her.

But I was fantasizing a
beauty like you the entire time.

It’s one of the kinds of sadism.

80 percent men belong to this kind, uncle.

Only a genuine guy like
me is honest about it.

Let’s get married.


Is marriage worse than rape, Mr. Jayababu?

Why was her reaction so loud?

Hey, Basavaraju…

Even the mightiest of
men are shook by you.

She’s a girl after all.


Considering you’re a
girl, I’ll help you out.

You help the man in me by marrying me.

permanent attachments and shit…

It doesn’t work out for me.

Let’s for a temporary commitment.
Let’s have a live in relationship.

-For how long?

1 year.

That’s too long.

6 months?

1 month.


Hey! Type the agreement.

at least have a read before you sign it.

My name’s Sita.

Doing this would be an insult to the name.

It’s wrong.

But you signed as Sita on the agreement.

Didn’t you realize it back then?

-What if I signed?
-It means you agreed.

How did such an
innocent guy become an MLA?

You really think he’s innocent?

Whatever. We’ll get to that later.

What about the deal you agreed to?

Did I read the document?

No. But you did sign at the bottom.

Only those who’re afraid
read the whole thing.

Someone who’s gutsy signs without reading.

You should know that for your age.

Don’t hit me with logic.

Didn’t you agree the other day?

Yeah, I did.

Getting the job done is important to me.

I played to your weakness.

It’s quite common in business.
Forget it.

We don’t need this right now.

Let’s think of compensation
and settle this right here, sir.

I offered him money last time.

He denied it saying
he’s got loads of it.

Didn’t you say that, sir?

I’ve heard this logic for the first time.

-She’s real foxy, man.
-Shut up!

Don’t play with me.

You signed the agreement.

Let’s go.

Don’t drive me insane now.

To hell with the agreement.

Do you know what this is?

Your party’s manifesto.

You didn’t even
fulfill 2 promises from it.

You’ve betrayed millions
of people who voted for you.

What I’ve done is
nothing compared to this.

Only if she was in politics…

She would’ve been the
CM at the first shot.


I went to a toy store with
my dad when I was a kid.

I really liked one of the toys there.

I asked my dad to buy it for me.

Dad said it was too expensive.

Shopkeeper refused to give discount.

You see… I wanted that toy so badly.

That shop burned down that night,

including the shopkeeper.

My dad also passed away in that fire.

I really love my dad.

You have to sacrifice your
loved ones for something you love.

I got my toy at last.

You’ll also come to me one day.

In a Silk Saree,

round bindi and Jasmines in your hair…

Dressed like a doll.

I love you!

[vehicle honks]

We should burn the
people who smoke in the car.

Don’t give me that look. That was for you.

Why are you bothering us for her mistake?

Mr. Jayababu…
Don’t talk like a psycho.

I’ll feel bad.

Why don’t you just go get her?

Nah! You’re not manly enough to do it.

Romancing a girl without her
will is like sleeping with a corpse.

Even if the girl is a pageant queen.

Shut the hell up then.

I’ll make sure she comes to me.

I loved a girl for the first time
and the world is mocking me for it.

I’ll show her what I’m capable of.

Here’s the money bundle.

And here’s betel leaf.

Put the money in your packet
and betel leaf in your mouth.

Just take the cash and shut your eyes.


Sir will be having his honeymoon today.

He’s offering souvenirs on the occasion.

Take it.

To everyone who humbly
accepted my invite…

My dear one Mr. Jayababu
greets you on my behalf.

Greetings to everyone who’re here to
help this shitty act of my son-in-law.


Claiming Sita’s complex is
being built on top of sewage…

I want you to file a case on
her as the area’s Corporator.

There’s no sewage over there.

You would dig one up if you wanted.

Okay, sir.

Block all her credit cards on some excuse.

I need to have a report of every
bank transaction she makes.

Sure, sir.

Reject all her permits for the
shopping mall she’s building.

Why, sir?

You’re getting your souvenirs, right?

Keep quiet and do it.

All the shopping complex
documents are intact, sir.

There’s nothing I can do.


Your bank only gives
car loan to Seetha right?

-Seize that car.
-Okay, sir.

He’s the MLA of Sita’s constituency.

You don’t have to do anything for us.

Just stay mum about whatever we do.

-This serves that purpose.

He is Murari, CI

I don’t have to know.

He knows what I want
more than my wife does.

-Such a cute boy!
-Thank you, sir.

How much money did you loan Sita?

5 crores, sir.

Take it back right away.

She has 6 months to spare, sir.

Which sweet do you like the most?

I love imarti, sir.

Hey! Same pinch!

How do you feel now?

My mouth’s watering, sir.

How do you feel now?

I almost had it in my
mouth but then I didn’t.

Same pinch!
I felt the same in Sita’s case.

I want you all to help me
get together with Sita.

We’re talking about my honeymoon here.

Why do you spoil the fun, man?

People are really negative these days.

-Does anyone else want an imarti?
-No, sir. No, sir.

It should all be the same, okay?

East and West aren’t matching.

And make a proper drive
way for people to enter.

If the car are passing through this…

Then we are supposed to
have a parking lot here.

-Right? Anyway…
-Yes ma’am.

Our mall should have escalators
on both ends of the floors.

I’m very clear about it.

And I want people to shop,
when they enter..

Okay, ma’am.

I don’t think it’s
architecturally possible, ma’am.

I’m Sita. I play by my own rules.

-Good line, right?
-Nice, ma’am.

My idea will be nice too.

Excuse me, ma’am.

Chandulal just called.

Sita ma’am, I want my 5 crores back.

I have 6 months time
according to the agreement,

We need the money urgently. Return it.

I know what’s causing the urgency.
It’s Basavaraju.

Call it whatever you want.
We need the money right now.

We’ll file a police case
if you don’t pay us back.

Who do you think you’re talking to?

This is Sita.

Are you threatening me?
Don’t act smart with me.

Do whatever you can!

Get our site documents ready.

We’ll finance from the Bank.


-Hello, sir.

-Bring the file.

-Yes, sir.
-Note it down.

-What’s your name?
-Chinta Santhamma.

Vasanthavada Sita Mahalakshmi Devi…

…demolished her house into pieces.

[indistinctive chatter]

Section 445.

[music mutes voices]


People are placing tents
coming back into our site.

Basavaraju had
house-breaking, encroachment

and men slaughtering
cases filed against you.

Basavaraju is trying to put
you down in all possible ways.

-Hmm! Stop crying.

Both my mind and body are iron made.

It’s not so easy to defeat me.

I have to pay 5 crores to
Chandulal and 3 crores to the slum.

And 2 crores to the police.

We need 10 crores.

I need 10 crores.

Where can we get so much money from,

You got a phone call from Vizag.

Hmm. That guy?

Shucks! No.

It’s sad news.

Your dad’s no more.

How can you laugh at the
news of your dad’s passing?

My dad owns a property worth 500 crores.

He has around 170 crores bank balance.

I’ll complete all the
formalities in Vizag

and give them the money.

That will solve all the problems.
[fingers snaching]

Let’s see what Basavaraju will do then.

Your dad Vasanthavada Anand
Mohan’s last will and testament.

Hmm… Read it.

As your mother Mrs. Swarajyam
passed away a married woman…

According to the Hindu culture

her holy thread belongs to
her daughter or daughter-in-law.

Being their only child,

the holy thread has been passed on to you.


Will ends there.

What about the tea estate in Ooty?

It’s not passed on to you.

-Multiplex in Bombay?

-2 acres plot in Bangalore?

Apartment in Manhattan?

Nothing. None to you.

Shipping industries, pharmaceutical
shares, 170 crores bank balance.

Where did it all go?

None of it is passed on to you.

Who does it belong to then?

I don’t have to tell you that.

I’m all he’s got.

How can you not tell me about my property?

Are you out of your mind?

There’s no way I’m
letting the 5000 crores go.

It’s not your grandpa’s
property for you to inherit.

He earned all this wealth.

Your dad has the right to
pass it on to whomever he wills.

Save all the drama for someone else.

Forget it. I’ll do it my way.

I’ll file a case.

Whoever’s involved in this scam…
I’ll see them at court.


I’m a lawyer.

-Court isn’t going to scare me.
-Uncle… Uncle… Uncle…

No, listen to me. Don’t get angry.

Aren’t I supposed to
get my dad’s property?


Sita, I’ve known you since kindergarten.

You change colors faster than a chameleon.

I’ll not fall for your tricks.

Hey! Don’t mess with me.

-I’ll show you the end.
-What the hell you think can do?

-Yeah? You want to see?
-What can you do?

Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!
Ma’am, come with me for a moment please.

-You please leave, sir.
-They’re stealing my property.

-I know. Listen to me. Just a minute.
-I’ll not spare anyone.

Yeah! Yeah!

-Remember the name. I’m Sita.
-One minute.

You don’t have to fight him anymore.

I bribed his junior for 5000 bucks.

He told me where your property ended up.

What happened?

Your dad passed it on to a guy in Bhutan.


Find out who the MLA of Bhutan is.

Hats off to your general knowledge.

Don’t they have an MLA?

It doesn’t matter.

It’s not our area to dominate.

I don’t care which State it is.
My influence goes all the way to Delhi.

One phone call is all it takes.

Dear, Basavaraju…
Bhutan isn’t a part of India.

It’s a tiny place in the Himalayas.

Like your brains.

What’s Sita doing there?

[birds chirping]

Ram has been telling the air,
walls and trees since 20 years.

“Sita will come for me one day”

The news of your arrival
must have reached him already.

“Who is it? Who is it?
In the room of my heart”

“That opened the windows to my soul”

“Is this for real?”

“Is this for real?”

“Feels like I’ve discovered myself”

“Time has finally brought us together”

“An eternal bond beings to weave”

“Like a wave at the brink of heart”

“Shall I surrender
myself out of sheer will?”

“It’s just for you”

“That this soul has been waiting”

“Is this for real?”

“Feels like I’ve discovered myself”

“Time has finally brought us together”

“An eternal bond beings to weave”

You came to me when you’re this
tall just like uncle promised.

What else did dad tell you?

He told me Sita would come look after me.

And that I’d have to
do the same for her.


this is your feeding cup from childhood.

This is the frock you
wore on your 1st birthday.

Oh no! You must be
wondering. Uncle sent me these.


This is the basketball
trophy you won in 8th grade.

And this is a sketch you colored.

Sketch of a mango. Looks so good.

Oh no! Your button’s open.

So cute!

Thank you.


This is the umbrella you
used in kindergarten.

These are the butterfly wings you
wore for the fancy dress competition.

And this is the toothbrush you used.

This was your mirror.
This is the doll you played with.

This is the photograph
clicked when you were 7.

You look so cute.


[birds chirping]

Ma’am, is this holy thread yours?

It’s my mom’s.

Do you know why me and
my dad don’t talk?

50 crores? What for?

I want to start my own business.

Why don’t you take over our businesses?

Shucks! I want to be independent.

Shucks! I can’t arrange 50
crores on such short notice.

Er… 1, 2, 3…
I can manage up to 7 crores.

You own 5000 crores worth of property.

Can’t you arrange 50 crores for me?

I’ll give you the money on one condition.

You have to marry Ram.

Ram, you mean…

Oh, that guy?

Mom had told me when I was a kid.
You’ll put his burden on me.

She was such a wrong influence on you.

Coming to whom I’m going to marry…

I can decide that for myself.

I want 50 crores right now.

Will you give me the money or not?

I’ll not give you the
money unless you marry Ram.

Oh, you think I can’t
earn the money for myself?

How much will you earn, huh?

100 crores.

-Oh! Till when?
-Just one year.

7 crores.

Documents of our house in Hyderabad.

[keys clinking]

Do whatever you want.

-Good luck!

Luck is for fools.
Sita brings luck to the world.

I’ll prove it to you.


You’re obssessed with money.

People are more important than money.

Ram is a really nice guy.

You’ll have a great life with him.

-If you could meet him once…

I don’t want to see his face.

I’ll never ever see that face.

[door creaks]

See how smart my dad was?
[birds chirping]

He passed on the holy thread
to me and the property to him.

Do you know what this means? I’ll say.


He thought he’d corner me by
passing on the property to you.

You think that will make
me desperate to marry you?

I’m Sita.

-I’ll show you hell.

Hey! Shhh, what?

Nothing happened, Ram. Nothing.

Why is Sita yelling like that?

-Sita is shouting.
-I’ll talk to her, Ram.

Sita doesn’t listen to anyone.

I will yell. He stole my property.

-It is a total of 5000 crores.

-Ram knows nothing about the money.

Ask him to return my property then.

[watch beeping]

Don’t yell and scare that little boy.

He looks like a tower.

How can you call him a little boy?

Are you messing with me?

He was raised here since 20 years.

He’s not familiar with how
people act in the outside world.

So he’s only familiar with
stealing my property, huh?

Don’t yell, Sita.

He doesn’t even know he’s
supposed to reciprocate your actions.

He’s pure and sensitive at heart.

Conduct yourself, Sita.

Conduct myself? Cut the crap!

I know how to get my property back.

I’ll let him go if he
returns it respectfully.

I’ll have him killed otherwise.

Let’s go.



I’m Sita. I play by my own rules.
[fingers snapping]

Don’t try to play
innocent with me. Got it?

I have to look after Sita.


Ask her not to leave.

“Who is it causing ripples in my heart?”

“Who is it flooding my heart with agony?”

“Is this for real?”

“Is my heart shooting embers?”

“Heart is like a pyre”

“Sweet love churns poison”

“In the cycle of life”

“Fate keeps you bound”

“It’s just because of you”

“That I am in this ocean of tears”

“Is this for real?”

“Is my heart shooting embers?”

“Heart is like a pyre”

“Sweet love churns poison”

[birds chirping]

[phone rings]


Why did you leave your Ram here and go
looking for Ravan in the Himalayas, Sita?

-Are you following me around?
-You’ve got a huge fan following.

Even the police are looking for you, Sita.


Your assistant Chakram
will give you the details.


Missing you.

What’s with the police?

They’re looking for you.
Seems like you’re on the run.

Someone filed a case.

Rahul wouldn’t do that, ma’am.

Are you kidding me?

-Yes, Chakram.

Chandulal deposited the cheque
in the bank. It bounced.

Police are all set to arrest you.

So in case you’re coming to
Hyderabad, get the money.

Better stay back otherwise.


Do you know my dad passed away?

Hmm… While jogging on the
Vizag beach at 05:30 am…

Uncle had his first heart stroke.

Fishermen admitted him in the hospital.

He passed away at 07:40 in the ICU.

So you know? How are you so cool about it?

Life is a beautiful lie.

Death is the harsh truth.

Life is uncertain. Death is certain.

You have to accept it.

Shucks! You’re great, Ram.

Uh-oh! Everyone’s great.

They just don’t realize it.

-Shall we talk over a drive?
-I need Baba’s permission to step outside.

-Shucks! We’ll be back in an hour.
-Uh-oh! I can’t break rules.

You should listen to Sita
like your uncle asked you to.

-Yeah, I should.
-Good. Let’s go.

-Okay, you stay here.
-I’ll take Baba’s permission and be back.



What did dad tell you?

He told me Sita would come look after me.
And I would have to do the same for her.

How will I look after
you if you stay here?

You should come with me, right?

Yeah, I should.


Is there another way out?


[door creaks]

Master… Sita took Ram with her.

It’s 10:10 pm now.
[clock ticks]

She’ll realize what Ram
is exactly at 10:30 pm.

She’ll only bring him back to us.

Wait for it.

It’s 10:20 now.

I drink tea at 10:30 every day.

I have two butter cookies to go with it.

I then take one green and
one red pill afterwards.

So cute!

What’s so cute?

You want tea, right?

Excuse me.
Please pull by at some tea stall.

Why are you wearing two watches?

This is your time. And this is mine.

What do you mean, your time?

This is my pulse oxy meter.

This helps read my
heart’s condition.

That’s my time.


It’s 10:20.
I drink tea at 10:30 every day.

I have two butter cookies to go with it.

You then take one green and
one red pill afterwards.

How many times will you repeat it?

Sita! Car’s going at 60 kmph now.

So, we’ll reach the airport by 10:40.

I’ve been there several times with uncle.

By the time we enter the coffee shop,
order tea,

have it served and take a sip of it,

it’s going to be 11’o clock.
It’s going to be late.

I go to the library at 10:20 every day.

I’m served tea at 10:25.

I sip it at 10:30 dot.

I do everything on time.

I don’t like any delays.

Time is everything to me.
I need my tea on time.

I want tea!

I want tea!

-I want tea!
-Ok, ok, relax.

Tea! Tea! Tea!

-Tea! Tea! Tea!
-Okay, relax.

[indistinctive voices]

-Ma’am, what is this?
-Brother, you watch the road.

Tea! Tea! Tea!

I want tea.
[tires screeching]

-Tea! Tea! Tea! Tea! Tea!
-Waiter… Waiter…

-Sit down.
-Tea. Tea. Tea.

-Yes, ma’am.

Get a tea, two butter cookies
and shove them in his face.

No. I’ll have the tea in a cup.

And the butter cookies in a saucer.

To hell with the details.

[tires screeching]

Are you done? Shall we leave?


I take one green and
one red pill after tea.

What are the pills for?

-Thank you.
-I don’t know.

Since when have you been taking them?

Since I was a kid.

For approximately 20 years
and you don’t know the names?

What’s the need to know, Sita?

I go to the library at 10:20 every day.

Attender serves tea and
butter cookies at 10:30 dot.

Also one green and one
red pill in a small plate.

Of course, he’d serve you everything.

You stole 5000 crores property of mine.

You can have a 100 people at your service.

I don’t need a 100, Sita. One will do.

What happens if you don’t take the pill?

I’ll have palpitations.


Do palpitations mean shivers?

Not actually.

Palpitations cause my
heart to beat rapidly.

They’re called ‘Khafqan’ in Arabic.

‘Herzklopfen’ in German.

And ‘Nenji Thudippu’ in Tamil.

How many languages do you speak?

I speak 26 languages in total.

-I’m learning 3 more currently.

You speak 26 languages but
you don’t know what the pills are.

What’s the need to know, Sita?

I go to the library at 10:20 every day.

Attender serves tea and
butter cookies at 10:30 dot.

Okay. Shut up! Shut up!

You won’t die if you don’t take the pills?

[device beeping]

I’m having palpitations.

-I’m having palpitations.

[device beeping]

[phone rings]
Tell me, Sita.

He told me he takes some pills.

-What are they?
-I’ll not tell you.

You better bring him back right away.

-I’m not bringing him back.

Will you give me the names or not?

If he doesn’t take those tablets…

Ram’s life is at stakes here.

I don’t care if he dies.

-My money is important to me.

-Give me the pills names quickly.

No, I won’t.

[device beeping]

Ma’am, Ram’s pulse is high.

Ma’am, it’s 85.

Shut up! 85…

I’ll not tell you.

Ma’am, it’s 90.

-Do something.
-Hey, just shut up!

Let him die.

He’s of no use to anyone.
His life doesn’t matter.

-Ma’am, it’s at 92.
-Shut up.


If it hits 100, he’ll die of nerve damage.

If he dies,
you’re solely responsible for that.

Ma’am, it’s at 95.

I’ll tell you. Note it down.

[fingers snapping]

[music mutes voice]

[birds chirping]

“What else do you want?”

“Enough! This is enough!”


-Call brother and put him on speaker.
-Do it.

[phone rings]

Tell me.

we’re on two different ends of the world.”

Hey, idiot!
I guess I asked you to follow Sita.

The next item here is…

Sita madam’s assistant went to a pharmacy.


We don’t know yet, brother.

But she’s quite a hottie.

You think I care about how she looks?

Bro, I feel tightness in my chest.

Want me to find out what it is?

I’ll break your limbs if you move an inch.

Stay there and watch her.

She stepped outside the pharmacy, brother.

She gave him two pills.

[device beeping]


Your button is open.

What are they doing?

“Fly in the clouds”

I guess that’s what they feel.
I don’t know, bro.

How can you not know?
Aren’t you following them?

You said you’d break
our limbs if we moved.

That is why we stayed back.


Damn! Follow them, guys.

Okay, bro.


You guys follow Sita madam.

I’ll follow her assistant.

But brother can’t know about this.

He’s kind of crazy.
He’ll start roasting me.

You fool! I didn’t cut the call yet.

You dumbo! Cut the call.

“Stay back in my heart”

[phone rings]

Tell me, Chakram.

I couldn’t book your flight tickets, Sita.

The travel agent ditched us.

I guess Basavaraju is behind this.

Ask that rascal to go to hell.

We’ll book the flight tickets online.

No, all your credit cards are blocked.

I spoke to the bank
it can’t be resolved until another week.

If not flight, we’ll come by road.

Once I’m back, I’ll show them who Sita is.

How did Sita find out
that Ram was with me?

I had my assistant leak
the information, Master.

You made a mistake.

Why, Master?

Sita is full of
conspiracy, ruse, diplomacy…

…selfishness, greed, arrogance and lies.

And Ram isn’t aware of any of this.

I’m scared Sita will cause harm to Ram.

Anand Mohan wrote the will with the
intention of them coming together.

Let’s give it some time.

Let’s see if his idea will pay off.

[birds chirping]

I guess it’s an accident, ma’am.

There’s a container in
the middle of the road.

[phone rings]

Hello… This is Sathi here.

Who is it on the other side?

It’s Jayababu speaking. Tell me.

Isn’t Basavanna available?

He’s cutting some fruit from our farm.

“There’s something I want to tell you”

“Traffic is jammed here”

Do you get it?
Or do you want me to sing again.

I’ll kill you guys.

Basavanna is losing his
cool and firing on us.


“While rain starts falling”

“When the boyfriend is along”

Ask him to sing a monsoon song.
He’ll cool down.

Tell him it’s Sathi’s musical medicine.

I’ll have you guys run over by a truck.

Tell me where Sita is
and what she’s doing.

Damn! You’re always asking about Sita.

She’s right here.
You don’t have to panic about her.

Traffic jam!

Please hold on. Oh god! What do I do now?

God, save my husband.
God you should only save.

Hello… Hello… Where are you going?

There’s a patient in that ambulance.

So what? Will you go push
the container off the road?


Do you know how much it weighs?
4000 kilos.

You’re not Hulk or King Kong.

It’s not moving with a gentle push.

It will move, Sita.

If our will is strong,
nature conspires to make it happen.

[indistinctive voices]

Who the hell is this guy?
Where is he from?

Does he thinks himself as Hanuman?

Can he do it all alone?


Look how people are making fun of him.

So embarrassing!

[indistinctive voices]

Go get that crazy guy back.

He’s embarrassing us.

Nature conspires to make it happen?
[elephants trumpet]

[elephants trumpet]

“Keep trumpeting aloud”

“Victory can achieved with determination”

“Almighty that knows everything,
even the nature comes to your help”

“Keep your senses with you,
humanity is the path you trust”

“It’s a wonder,
determination always wins”

Bro… An elephant!

True. Your brother is like an elephant.

He’s built like the sky.
With luck the size of a peanut.

Mr. Jayababu…
Don’t mock me with your words.

What is he trying to say about elephants?

That guy is pushing the container
and elephants are helping him from behind.

What are you saying?

This isn’t some film we’re talking about.

And he isn’t some hero.

It is possible with
strong willpower, ma’am.

Willpower, my foot! Nonsense!
[elephants trumpet]

That’s an elephant crossing.

Elephants pass by that
route to fetch water.

They pushed the container as
it was blocking their way.


The cars are also
blocking their way, ma’am.

Why didn’t the elephants push them away?

Shut up! Drama’s over.

-Are you tired?

But I’m tired. Can I rest on your lap?



I’ll not sit there.
That girl is acting weird.

What did she do?

She… I’ll sit with you only.
I’m not sitting anywhere else.

Where will you sit, huh? On my lap?

You can’t bear the weight, Sita.

Go grab a seat and sit here. Go!

Go get a seat, okay?

Conductor sir, I want to sit
beside Sita. I want a seat.

You want this seat? Take it.

-Grab it if you can.
-Thank you.

-Take it.
-Thank you.


[tires screeching]
[gas hisses]


What happened? What is this?

I was kidding but he
pulled the seat off for real.

He was just kidding.
How could you pull it off?

He asked me to take it, Sita.

I’ll ask you to pull the gear rod off.

-Will you?

-Come on, pull it. Let me see.
-It’s in the front.

Ma’am! Ma’am! Ma’am! Calm down.

Ma’am, ask him to stop.

Please, ma’am.

Please stop him, ma’am.


[birds chirping]
[cokoo coos]

Will you just pull the
gear rod and the seat?

Are you out of your mind?
Don’t you have some common sense?

Don’t you think?

You ask me to pull it
off and then yell at me.

Sita, you should have some sense…

Sense! I should have some sense.
Yeah, I should have some sense.

[cukoo coos]

[birds cirping]





“Uh-Oh! Uh-Oh! Uh-Oh!”

“Lose your anger and send a sweet reply”

“Lose your anger and send a sweet reply”

“A cuckoo calls out for you melodiously”

“Lose your anger and send a sweet reply”

“Your smiles bloom like
jasmines on your lips”

“They add beauty to
your hair with elation”

“The rainbow pours
down like drops of pearls”

“A cuckoo calls out for you melodiously”

“Lose your anger and send a sweet reply”

So cute!

Have you lost it?

I’ll kill you if you act insane again.


I’m leaving.

-Leaving where?
-Ma’am, he is going.

I’m going back.

You’re not looking after me
like uncle promised. I’m leaving.

-Ma’am, he is really going…
-I’ll break your legs, if you leave.

-Ram! Ram!

[birds chirping]


Maybe he told Ram we
kidnapped him for the 5000 crores.

Come. Come.

What the hell are you doing, huh?

It wasn’t on purpose.

Doesn’t mean you do stuff like this.

Thank god I understand Telugu.

-What if I don’t?

How could you hurt an
innocent guy like him?

Apologize to him.


Mmm. That won’t work.
Give me a kiss and apologize.

No way! I’m not kissing you.

Get into the vehicle
then. Let’s go to the station.

-I’ll complain to Human Rights.
-What? What? Human Rights, huh?

Even the biggest of criminals
are caught in such petty cases.

Kiss him, ma’am. Please.


My dad passed on 5000
crores property to this innocent.

What will you do now, ma’am?

I’ll have the property transferred
to my name once we reach Hyderabad.

I’ll have him do the signatures
and dump him on the streets.

I feel sorry for him, ma’am. Huh!

Someone has to pay for my dad’s mistake.

“The cool breeze wraps
around you like jasmine”

“A rainy cloud flashes
lightening to see you smile”

“The cool breeze wraps
around you like jasmine”

“A rainy cloud flashes
lightening to see you smile”

“Moonlight plays a sweet
symphony on the waterfall”

“A cuckoo calls out for you melodiously”

“Lose your anger and send a sweet reply”

[birds chirping]


-“I am a genius”

[door knocks]



I have to pee.

It’s urgent.


[door cracks]


How can you barge in
when I’m in the shower?

Don’t you have some common sense?

Huh! Stop it!

How can I stop now, Sita?
No one in the world can.



-Rupa… Rupa…
-Yes, ma’am?

He broke the door and
rushed into the shower.

So did he see you?

-Did he see you naked?
-Oh, yes!

When a man sees a woman naked…

Epics state that it’s
equivalent to marriage.

What bullshit?

How far is Hyderabad from here?

800 kilometers.

We have to leave immediately.

“The sky adorns you
with a garland of stars”

“It catches your rolling
tears on its palms”

“The sky adorns you
with a garland of stars”

“It catches your rolling
tears on its palms”

“I shall shed light to
your fumbling footsteps”

“A cuckoo calls out for you melodiously”

“Lose your anger and send a sweet reply”

[door creaks]

Why do you look dull?

-You were fine when you left.
-Air conditioning.

Is it the road trip?

Who’s this guy entering like that?

[music mutes voice]

We should go to the Bank and have
the money transferred in my name.

You go get him ready.

-I’ll freshen up and come.

[vehicle honks]


Sir, Sita’s in the city.
I’m arresting her.

Then, is it you who
would come to my bedroom?


If neither of you is going to come,

What do I do all alone in my bedroom,
sport a lungi and burn incense sticks?

What do you want me to do, sir?

Don’t mess with Sita
until 5:00 PM in the evening.

Okay, sir.

Follow the law and order, Idiots!

You’re the only weirdo who
does illegal stuff legally.

I’ll commit suicide if you
compliment me again, Mr Jayababu.

[car honks]

Chakram! You two stay here.
I’ll be right back.

Sita, I’ll come with you.

I said, wait here!

Sita, I feel bored without you.

Our boss is a pastime to you?

-Ma’am, yo go. I’ll deal with him.
-You cross check that.


Sit down.

I’ll give you a mind-blowing task.

Count them.

I didn’t ask you to guess.
I asked you to count.

I don’t know what guessing means.

I’ll count now.
If they don’t add up to 97…

You don’t have to worry. They are 97.

95, 96, 97…

Close your eyes.

Open them.

Count now.

97 minus 5 is…

Oh my God!

You’re not here for no reason.

You must have come for a cause.
Tell me what you’re here for.

Uncle told me to look after Sita.


You’re my sweetheart from today.

The 170 crores in your dad’s account
are frozen at present.

My dad had written that
on Ram’s name, right?

I brought him along.

Take his signature and
transfer the amount to me.

It’s not that easy, ma’am.

If you want to transfer the amount in
your dad’s account in Raghuram’s name,

You need proper
documentation for that will.

Only then can you transfer
the money to Mr Ram’s account.

You can easily transfer it
to your account later.

So, you need to get yourself
a good lawyer first.


But I don’t have time for that right now.

[sighs] Transfer 10
crores from that account.

Ram will give you the surety.

And then I’ll get the paperwork done.

He needs to have money in
his account to sign for surety.

Sorry, ma’am. We’re helpless.

There are 170 crores in the account.

Can’t you give me after all 10 crores?

We can’t give you a single penny.




Is it done?

My foot!

I tolerated his nonsense
thinking it’s an easy task.

Everything is complicated now.

I have to hire a lawyer. Get the
documentation done and many more things.

-Let’s go.
-The CI called us.

He warned he’d arrest you if you don’t
return Chandulal’s money before 5 pm.

Huh! Sita doesn’t accept warnings.

She gives them instead.

We have time till 5’o clock, right?

By 4’o clock, I’ll show him what I am.

I got it, sir.


Come on, repeat it for me.

I shouldn’t take up Sita’s case.

And I shouldn’t directly tell her that.

And I shouldn’t let her
hire another lawyer.

I should keep them waiting till
the bank time and court hours pass.


That’s wrong, you see.

Why are you doing it?

Because, you’ll pay me if I do.

If I don’t, you’ll send
my dead body to my home.

It’s not that I fear death, sir.

I just love money too much.

Are we giving so much to the world
without my knowledge, Mr Jayababu.

And yet, the world calls me a criminal.

It really hurts me.

Sometimes I lose
interest to serve the world.

Huh! Bad stuff is all you do.
False promises are all you make.

You should be ashamed of it.

Don’t get demotivated
because of his words.

Do as you’re told.

-Okay. Everything is going to be alright.
-Thank you, sir.

Greetings, bro. Bro…

Hey! Call him.

[phone rings]

Answer the call.

What’s up, lover boy?

I chased his car down, trying
to greet him respectfully.

The least he could do is
get down and greet me ‘hi’.

If he was so mature,

why would he be on the roads for a girl?

Stop praising me and
find out what he wants.

He just said it.
You didn’t greet him back.


Greetings! Greetings!

-Sita will be there in some time.
-Isn’t her assistant going to be there?

If you mention her ever again,

I’ll sell her at the Red Light area.

You’ve hurt me yet again.

Leave me alone.


How dare he cut my call?

Cool down, bro. Cool down.

-It happens.
-Why does this happen to me only?

Why me, God?

“I thought of you and lost myself”

“Isn’t it wondrous?”

[car honks]

-Bro, it’s Sita madam’s car.
-Come on!

Hide. Hide.

Ma’am! Ma’am!

Sir is in the middle of an important case.

I’ll call you once he’s done. Wait here.

Shucks! [sighs]

Please hurry up.
I’m getting late.

Sure, ma’am.

Sita, I’m getting bored.
I need something to read.

There is Times of India
newspape over there, read it.

I did.

Deccan Chronicle?




We haven’t been here for 5 minutes.

-Did you really read them all?

He counted 97 pens in 5 seconds.

This is nothing.
He must have taken hardly 3 minutes.

I go to the library every
day after breakfast.

Library has all kinds of volumes
in multiple languages.

I read till 10:30 am.

It’s my routine.

I need a book to read.

I want a book. I have to read.

I’m getting bored.

I want a book.

I want a book.

-I want a book. I have to read.


You need something to read, huh?

Your honor, do you have an interesting
book for this guy here to read?

What can we arrange, except for law books?

Give him some book, sir.

Some book…

These are the latest amendments of law.

This book covers all the Indian laws and
amendments starting from the British’s era

Here you go, sweetheart.

This is the most interesting book they
have. Get through the day with it.



loan recovery agents are here to seize
your car for not paying the installments.

Where’s the key?

Are you Sita?

Yes. What do you want?

We’re seizing your car.

You haven’t paid your installments
since 6 months.

What nonsense!

Your bank possibly
can’t seize my car.

Please get lost.

Give us the keys first.
We need to seize your car.

I don’t have the keys.

In that case, we’ll tow it.

It’s a Mercedes S350.

You’ll damage the car by towing it.

I’ll sue you and your bank if
I see a single scratch on it.

Give us the keys then.

I said I don’t have them.

The keys are in your bag, Sita.
Give them the keys.

You put them in your bag
when the driver gave you.

Give them the keys.


-[cars starts]

Bro, loan recovery
agents seized Sita’s car.

I’ve sent them.
Where’s that buffalo?

He’s right here, sir.

Hey, tell him I’ll talk to him later.

Disconnect the call.

I’m so frustrated,
I might burst at any moment now.

I’m in a really bad mood.

do you realize what you’ve done?

Sita kept the car keys in the
bag and forgot about it and

I helped her by reminding about it.

Instead of thanking me,
she’s staring at me angrily.

I’ll kill you and then thank you.

How will I know once I’m dead, Sita?

Don’t you have some common sense?

Me? Me? I don’t have common sense?

Chill! Chill! Chill!

You go sit there.
We need to get our job done.

-You please sit down. I’ll take care of it
-I’m going mad.

Sweetheart, come with me.

Come sit here and read your book.

How long is it going to take?

I already told you, ma’am.
Sir is caught up with an important case.

This is more important than that.

I’ve got no time.

I already told sir that you were waiting.

I’ll call you once he’s free.
Please go and sit there.


Get some lassi for ma’am.
A chilled one.

No need.


Shucks! What?

I have to use the loo.

Do you want me to help?

No. You can’t come. But I have to go.

Sweetheart, why don’t you tell me?

Chakram, I have to use the loo.

Come, let’s go.

See how simple that was?

Do it neatly. Don’t get too nervous.

You should know how to deal with people.

-This was no biggie.

How come you’re quick at this too?

The toilet is dirty. It’s wet.

That’s how toilets usually are,
sweetheart. You need to adjust.

Kitchens and toilets
are supposed to be dry.

Otherwise germs build
up and cause illnesses.

Why do you want to know
everything in detail?

I can’t dry the toilet for you now.

I don’t know what you’ll
do. I need a dry toilet.

Go pee on that wall. It’s dry.

On the wall? In public?

There are women and kids around.

Kids learn from what they observe.

You’re being a disgrace to Indians.

Do you know anything about Civic Sense?

-Civic Sense? What? What? What?
-What’s your problem?

Sita, I have to use the loo.

I need a toilet.

Toilet! Toilet! Toilet!

I didn’t know someone would
yell so much for a toilet.

Is it locked or is the door hinge broken?

-Toilet! Toilet! Toilet!
-Hello! Hello!

What’s this nuisance?

-Sir, the thing is that…
I need a toilet. And it has to be dry.

Why don’t you build a couple
more toilets for your clients, sir?

If we do that,
this would become a public toilet,

but not a lawyer’s office.

Is there another toilet around or not?

There is. It’s in sir’s room.

And it’s personal.

-Hey mister… [door opens]

Hello… You…
I’m talking to you.

I’m talking to you.

Who is he?

Sir, he is…


This guy’s yelling for a toilet.

Do yo have to mention that to me?

What’s wrong with him?

He’s furious when we miss some detail.

Now he’s upset that I mentioned it.

I feel he’s damn weird.

I can hear you, fatso.

You can hear this out aloud.

But when I talk about my girl,
you don’t have a thing to say.

Hey! Who are you?

Hi, uncle. I’m Raghuram.

Sita is my uncle’s daughter.

Uncle told me I’d have to look after
Sita and she’d do the same for me.

Nice to meet you.

Is he with you?

Yeah. He’s the guy I told you about.

You can’t send him in
just because I’m late.

-No, uncle. I came here to use the loo.
-Hey, you! Shut up!

I was studying your case inside.

-How could you disturb me?

Where are your manners at?

No, Sita. He wasn’t studying our case.

He was playing Candy Crush instead.

-Ram! Listen…
-Do you think I’m lying? Huh?

Yeah, uncle. You’re lying.

-I saw you, uncle.

Enough. Stop it.

Tell Sita you were lying, uncle.

-Okay. Shh!
-I’m a liar

and you’re a honest guy.

No, uncle. My name’s Raghuram.

I can’t take it anymore.
Send them out.

Mr Chakrapani… I’m really sorry.

-It’s my responsibility.
-I’ll not listen to you.

-I will… I will pay extra for this.
-No, no, no.

-Nothing doing.
-But I’m paying extra, right?

-One last chance.
-Please get out of my office.

-Ok, listen. Please… Please…
-Get out!

-You tell me… Listen…
-Get out!

Sita, he is lying.

-Sita… Sita, he is lying.
-Let’s go.



Why the hell are you
putting on so much weight?


Go to gym, man.



You know I do a lot for women
empowerment. [phone rings]

[phone rings]

Bro, it’s me.

Sita ma’am just left this place.

I don’t know what the lawyer told them.

Sir… Mr Basavaraju…


I asked you to keep her
waiting till evening.

How could you just let her go?

Listen to me, sir.

I’ll chop you like how
they a goat, rascal!



Don’t let my smile fool you.

I’ll rip your skin off.

I tried really hard, sir.

Who the hell is the guy along with Sita?

In 10 minutes…


He created a mess.

I’m such a big lawyer,
but I became blank.

I was really frustrated.

You got frustrated.

And you didn’t care about
what I might say.

Am I right?


What happened?


Sita must have left yet again.

I somehow feel you’re behind this.

Come on! I was with you this whole time.

I just went to grab a coffee.

Forgive me, Mr Jayababu.

I was just thinking of
poisoning your coffee.

Who’s that guy with Sita?

He’s ruining all my plans.

You want to be a dominating
husband to Sita.

But Sita found someone to dominate you.

-Have your coffee.
-I just quit.

I love you, Mr Jayababu.

What next, ma’am?

Sita, Chakram’s talking to you.

-What next?
-Shut up!

Couldn’t you hold
your pee a little longer?

I’ll end up with stones in my kidney,

Forget about kidney stones.

I want to bang a boulder on your head.

Why do you care about what
the lawyer was doing inside?

He got enraged because
you called him a liar.

And my work got stopped.

You enjoy torturing me, don’t you?

Correct, Sita.


Correct? What do you mean, sweetheart?

Uncle’s not a lawyer, he’s a liar.

I know you’re fooling
around with me on purpose.

By preventing me in getting my property,

and making me fall for you so that I
would marry you, that’s your plan, right?


I’ll never marry you.

[music mutes voice]

Sit down. It’s 3’o clock.
Sign quickly.

Uh-oh! I’ll not sign.

Why not?

Uncle didn’t tell me about this.

What did he tell you?

You’d look after me and I’d have
to do the same for you.

I’m telling you. Come on, sign it.

I will not.

Why not?

Uncle didn’t tell me about this.
I’ll not sign.

Uh-oh! Sita is angry.

Take a deep breath and count to ten.

You’ll cool down.

Mr Jayababu…

You are all the help I can get.

We have to buy a saree, bangles
and flowers on the way.

-Help me choose.
-Why do you need them now?

It’s 03:30 now.

Sita will be on my bed in
another 90 minutes.

Saree is such a waste in
this sadistic approach.

Turning the lights off,
sharing a glass of milk

and pulling her saree is
what makes it traditional.

Let’s go. It’s time. Please come.

What happened to 170 crores bank balance?

I wrote nothing on your name.

But you mentioned Sita when you
signed the document. Don’t you know then?

You will come to me.

In a silk sari,

round bindi and jasmines in your hair…

Basavaraju had house breaking,

and men slaughtering cases
filed against you.

Police are all set to arrest you.

Ram and I are getting married.

Right now.

Make the arrangements immediately.

[wedding percussions]
[wedding chants]

Tie the mangalasutra.

[wedding percussions]
[phone rings] [wedding chants]

Just a minute.

Ma’am, you told me to call you.

I did? When?

You asked me to call
you at 4’o clock sharp.

Oh god! What do I do now?

Oh God!

What do I do now?

What’s wrong, Sita?

Police are coming to arrest me.

You’re still not willing to sign.

I need to return the money.

I’m all alone in this.

No, Sita. I can’t watch
you cry. I’ll sign.

You stay right here.

I’ll return their money at the bank
and be right back.

Okay? Let’s get married.

I swear.

I swear to God.

I’ll marry you. [temple bell rings]

-What happened?

Come on. We need to go to the bank.

Let’s go.

Go. Go. Go.

Come fast.

Hi, ma’am. Welcome back.

Documents with Ram’s signature on them.

Do what you have to do.
We don’t have much time left.

It will take some time.
Please be seated.

[birds flapping]

What is he doing over there?

I’m tired of drinking the
same booze all the time.

Hey, look there.


Why are you sitting here?

Sita went to the bank.

She said she’d marry me
as soon as she’s back.

So I’m waiting here.

What’s that? Mangalsutra?


-Is it made of gold?
-I’m not sure.

My wife had a similar thing.

Someone at the market stole it.


You stole it, didn’t you?

You stay right here. You come with me.

Don’t play. I know you stole it.

I didn’t steal it. It belongs to my aunt.

I don’t want to hear your crap.

Sita will be coming anytime now.
I have to marry her.

-Give it to me…
-We’ll get you married?

I had to drape such a
cheap saree for him. Damn!

Please. This is for Sita.

-I have to marry her. Please!
-Is it?

We’ll conduct your marriage… We’ll…

Come… Come…
Where are you, Sita?

-Where are you?

[computer blipping]

[music mutes voice]

[computer blipping]

What’s the matter?

Why do you look gloomy?

She’ll get the money.

She’s at the bank.

Thank god! Good riddance!

I’ll not leave her.

You’ll never change.

-Forget about Sita. Snatch it from him.
-Please don’t do it.

-Sita’s not coming. Don’t you get it?

I feel sorry for Ram, ma’am.

We left him all by himself.

I’ll get my money now.

Why would I give a damn about him?

Sita is at the bank.

Go there immediately.

Remember what I told you?

Whom did you just call?

Whom did you call?

Whom did you call?

I love this game.

Let me savour it for a
moment and then, tell you.

Keep watching, Mr Jayababu.

Sita, where are you?

Come back, Sita!


[computer blipping]

Ma’am… Manager wants to see you.

– Hi!
– Come. Take your seat.

All your documents are clear.

Ah! I know.

Please sign here.
I’ll transfer the money to you.

Thank you.

Your name?

Sita. How many times
do I have to tell you?

Full name.

V. Sita Mahalakshmi.

Can I have your ID card, please?


As per your dad’s will,

The money will be transferred only
if your name is M. Sita Mahalakshmi.

Why do you bring up a dead man?

Ram signed the document, right?

Only if you prove you’re
Madhuravada Sita Mahalakshmi,

w/o Madhuravada Raghuram

we can transfer the
money on your name.

These are our bank
rules. We can’t help it.

Do your bank rules say I should marry Ram?

Are you running a bank or dealing with
brokerage by setting a marriage bureau?

Hold your tongue, ma’am. Please!

This is how I talk when I’m angry.

I’m asking you one last time.

Will you transfer the money or not?

-We won’t.
-Sir and ma’am, please!

I’ll burn your bank down.

I’ll have to call the police
if you create nuisance.

Call whoever the hell you want.

There’s no way I’m going
back without the money.

-Ma’am, no!

That’s my money.

All of you have cornered me.

My dad, the lawyer and
this rascal at bank…

All of you! All of you!

Sita ma’am!

-Let him come.
-Sita ma’am!

Shall we go?

[siren wails]


Cheque bounce, cheating case…

Looks like you’re capable of making
one crore in a week.

Do you need this right now?

Watch your words.

If only you stood by your word,

I wouldn’t have to watch my words.

What do you mean?

I meant the cheque.

What did you think?

I have to speak to my lawyer.


-9444 687 123.

Hello, sir. It’s me. Sita.

A typical traditional woman of India.

You and your beauty are of another level.

I can’t believe you’re at the police
station, making calls for help.

I’m badly hurt as a lover.

Look outside once.

Look at the car, the door is open.

Also my heart is open.

And when I’m waiting for you
with a fully decorated bedroom,

is it right of what you were doing?


Let’s pacify each other.

I’ll not come.

My love is so powerful, Sita.

There’s no man on Earth
who can stand against it.

There will never be.

Only God can stand in the way.

[vehicle arrives]


Uh-oh! Sita, you’re here?

Oh that’s why you couldn’t
make it to the temple?





Who the hell are they?

They were fighting over a
mangalsutra at the temple.

So, I dragged them here, sir.

Sita, they have bashed me despite
I said them that this is yours.

Look how bad they hit me.

No, sir. He’s lying.

When I snatched it from my wife and
running away, he came in between.

Yes, sir. That’s true.

Sita, they’re lying.


Shut up and sit to a corner.

Sit down! I said sit down!

Sir, he snatched my mangalasutra.

Sit, he asked us to sit down, right?


Under the sections
463, 138, 361, 441 and 338,

file an FIR on her.

Okay, sir.

Sir, please! Listen to me for a moment.

First let us arrest you.

Then, we can have a
relaxed conversation later.

Listen to me, sir.


Lock her up.

Hey Sita! Come…

Did you too join our business?

Is it online or offline?

You look smoking hot.

How much do you earn per night?

Sir, you know me.

I’m from a really decent family.

Come on! We’re also decent people.

Family type.

Decent families end up in jail these days.

What are you looking at?

Open the cell!

According to Women’s Protection Act,

Section 46/4 and
Criminal Procedure Code 1973

you can’t arrest or imprison women
before sunrise and after sunset.

Who is he?

Where did he come from?

Hello, sir. I’m Raghuram.

My uncle said I should look after Sita
and she will do the same for me.

They are thieves, sir.

They’re committing crimes,
unaware of Law and Order.

Ask them to give the mangalasutra back.


Trying to preach Law and
Order to the police, huh?

Yes, sir.

So we can’t arrest women at
night even if they commit a crime.

You can, sir.

If the woman’s arrest is
mandatory due to indispensible conditions,

a lady officer should submit a report
to First Class Judicial Magistrate,

seek permission and then arrest the woman.

And to have the woman locked up,

a lady police officer and
constable should accompany her.


Considering there are
no lady officers here,

You can’t arrest Sita

Or keep those decent women locked up.

I know.

I know the rules better than you do.

But I don’t follow them.

It’s my station. I’ll do as I wish.

What the hell are you going to do?

No, listen…

Don’t say another word.

I said no!

The police and the
politicians make or break the law.

They decide what is justified
and what isn’t. Got it?

Law and order are for the
innocent public like you.

Not for us.

Hey! File a case on her.
Let’s lock her up.

Sir! Sir! Sir!

He’s an innocent guy.

Please don’t lock her up because of him.

Sir, please!

I don’t care if he’s innocent,

I’ll not spare anyone who talks rules.

-Hey! Go and shut the door.
-Sir! Sir! Sir!

-What are you looking at? Draft the FIR.

-Please listen to me once, sir.
-[shuts door]

If a government employee misuse the law,

he’ll not only be fired but
also imprisoned for about 2 years,

along with a fine of
10,000 rupees would be levied.

Let go off our Burning Star Bhagat Singh.

Please give him the answer.

I’ll get back to you
once I’m done with him.

-You’re dead in my hands. You bastard!

-Don’t hurt him, sir.
-He shouldn’t, Chakram.

It’s violation of law.

-Will you shut up?

Sir! Sir! No!

Look. He’s mocking me.


-Let us go, Inspector.
-[claps] Hey Inspector, leave us.

-Let us go, sir

-Can’t you hear us?

Take a deep breath and count to ten.

You’ll cool down.

You please wait.
Let me talk to him. Sir… Sir…

I’ll shoot you if you utter another word.

Go ahead and shoot me, sir.

I’ll have to die someday.

But I finally saw a man
who stood against you.

-I don’t mind dying, sir.

That’s also a violation of law, sir.

-Just shoot me!

Let me settle her issue,
I’ll deal with you later.


No! No! No!


Sir. Sir.
Please… Please leave me.

-Sir, let’s talk. Please…
-[watch blipping]

Please leave me.


He’s a real man, guys!
Come on, dance…






[door bolt creaks]


Hit him!

Hit him so hard he should
remember it for a lifetime. Hit him.

Keep thrashing them!
Don’t spare anyone.


Is he hitting us by plan or fluke?

He’s innocent.
He can’t plan anything in advance.

[phone rings]

-Hello, sir.

Some guy came here for Sita and
smacked the CI and all of us.

Hey, pull over.

Turn around. Go to the station.
[tyres screech]



[groans] Oh no! Ouch!

This is definitely planned.

Hey! Give me that.
Let’s give his mangalasutra back.

I’m not a cop. I’m not a cop.

-I’m not a cop.

I’m not a cop. I’m not a cop.

Excuse me…

Here you go. Sita madam’s mangalasutra.

Keep it safe.

-There are a lot of thieves in the area.

God bless you.



[tyres screech]


Hey! Where’s the CI?


[door creaks open]


Hey.. Sing.

Singing: “Nanu Kottakuro Thittakuro
song from the movie Family Circus”

Aah… Haa…

From Bhutan to Bowenpally,

I chased Sita and brewed a plot
to make her sleep with me.

I also had the room decorated
and went shopping myself.

I’ve made all arrangements.

What did you finally do?

You’re cooking up stories about
the Bhutan guy ruining our plan.

Sir! He really hit our CI.


He smacked the hell out of him.


Take the red saree.

Take the flowers

Kanchipuram’s pure silk saree.

Worth 3 lakhs.

Feels really soft.

To both who drapes it and takes it off.

You think it’s for your wife?

This is for you.

Drape it,
have a clean shave and come home tonight.

I’m a man, sir.

That’s what I assumed till now.

He’s the real man.

I’ll kill him and get hold of her.

If I don’t have her on your bed by dawn…

If you don’t?

Then I’ll drape the saree
and come to you, sir.





Apply medicine to the wound. It hurts.

First aid kit!


He wants you to apply it.

How can I touch him?

You apply it.

Does it hurt badly, sweetheart?

A bull doesn’t feel sore
post a bull fight.

Who did he fight for?

He fought for himself.

He was showing off his body and strength.

He risked his life for you and…

Yeah, of course.

It can also be a plan to
impress me and propose marriage.

But, Sita?

No way!

I’ve been waiting for you to
say something since morning.

Chicken’s not spicy enough.

I didn’t mean the chicken.

It’s our wedding anniversary today.

You should’ve killed the priest
who performed our marriage.

Why did you kill the hen?

Don’t you remember for real?

No man in his senses
will remember accidents,

funerals and wedding anniversaries.

Aren’t you happy with me?

Happiness and you don’t
fit into the same frame.

Is that why you’re going after Sita?

Questioning my character is a sin.

I have one month agreement with her.

But she too ditched me and escaped.

You can’t blame her for
breaking the promise.

But you insult me for getting betrayed.

You insulted me on our anniversary.

Is this how a wife’s supposed to behave?

Save this speech for your meetings.

Will you forget about Sita or not?

What the hell!

Are you raising your voice
because I’m being meek?

Get lost, guys!

What if I tell my dad about this.

-Come here.

I washed my hand before slapping you
because I’m a good husband.

Got it?

If it were someone else,

he would’ve slapped you
hard with a dirty hand.

It’s wrong.

When will women quit whining about
their married life at their parents’ home?

Go ahead and tell your dad.

I’ll also tell him you’re
having an affair with our driver.

Shame on you!

Shame on you!

Chakram, come here if
you’re done romancing.

You be seated.

Listen to me carefully.

Tell me.

Firstly, we should officially get
married at a registrar’s office.

That will take a month’s time.

Rules are for people like you. Not me.

Bribe them. It will be done.

Once I submit that
certificate at the bank,

the money will be transferred to me.

I’ll cancel the marriage
the very next minute.

But divorce takes a minimum of 6 months.

Divorce takes 6 months.
Not for cancelling the marriage.

What about Ram?

How many times do I have to tell you?
He’s not my problem.

My dad made that brainless decision.

Get me the documents Ram signed.

Come on!


-Hey, it’s the police.
-Sir! Sir! Sir!

Quit playing around. Come with us.


Hey! Chakram

What are you doing? Stop!


-What, Sita?
-Open the door!

He’s burning the documents you signed.


Uh-oh! He’s really burning them.

Are you trying to certify that?
Do something.

What do you want me to do, Sita?

You broke the door when I was
in the shower, right?


Uh-oh, what?

Now break this door and stop him.


[door cracking]


[door cracking]

How could you burn the documents?
Are you out of your mind?

No, Chakram. Don’t hit Sita.

I’m helping him.

But you’re cheating him.

And yet,
he’s thinking about you all the time.

He doesn’t get you and
you don’t get our friendship.

You had to be lucky to
find a guy like him.

Stop lecturing me. Leave!

You don’t have a penny in your
pocket and you’re drowning in debts.

But you’re still being arrogant.

-Just get out!

-Let them out.
-Okay, sir.


Don’t leave.



You pushed me away.

Uncle asked me to look after Sita.

I had to stop you from hitting her.

That is why I pushed you away.

You can push me back now. I’ll fall down.

Push me.

But please don’t leave Chakram.

I’m requesting you.


How can you be so good, sweetheart?

Move fast! This isn’t a ramp.


-Sir, no!

-It’s wrong, sir.
-You’re stealing pockets every day.

Don’t give me the honesty crap now.

Come on, open the doors.

It’s all ash.


Hmm. Did you realize your mistake?

Hey! I came back for my sweetheart.

Your criminal side makes me worry for him.

You want a temporary marriage and
permanent wealth, right?

You don’t want people in your life.

Give me the documents.

We’ll both leave once the job is done.

I’ll shoot you both
if you play tricks again.



Sita looks beautiful
even when she’s angry.

Sometimes innocence also
feels like torture, sweetheart.

Control yourself.

I can’t open it.

-Sir! CI is here to kill you. Escape!
-He’s coming, run!

Crap! Sweetheart, let’s go. Run!

How dare you help them? Will you?

-Sir, please leave us.
-Sorry, sir.

I’ll deal with you guys later.

-[thud on the door]

Not this side…
Let’s go that way…

Sweetheart! Sweetheart!
Come. Come. Come fast.

Make it fast.


-Get in quickly, ma’am.
-Sita! Sita!

Shhh! What?

Sita, there’s a mango bar in
the kitchen. I’ll go get it.


Sweetheart, you want a mango bar, huh?

I’ll get you a dozen
once we’re out of here. Come on.

Sita, promise?

Promise! Let’s go.

Get in, sweetheart.
Quickly! Let’s move.

Come. Come. Make it fast.

Sweetheart, hold these files.

Rupa, help me pull the cover off.

Whose car is it?

Come on, tell me!

Why didn’t you tell me you owned a car?

Yeah, Chakram. Why didn’t you tell her?

Police will tell you once they catch us.

Don’t divert the topic.
Why didn’t you tell me?

-Come on! I want an answer.

You can’t digest the fact that
your employee owns a car.

That is why I park it far away
and walk to work.

Will you stop enquiring me, please?

Police are behind us.

Go push the car.

You want me to push it?

Prestige issue at this moment?

It’s Sita.

Ego comes hand in hand.

You’re right for the
first time in your life.

Sir! They are running away.

The police are here.
Push… Push…

The vehicle started.
Get in… Get in…

Hi! Hi! Come on!

Sweetheart, don’t do that. Get in.

They’re decent women anf family
ladies. They’re one of us.

-One of us?
-Car is full.


Cops are coming! Cops are coming!

Sweetheart, they aren’t getting
an ice cream truck along.

They’re coming to smack us down.

Worthless car. Worthless
car. It’s not starting.

I own a car at least.
You don’t even have one.

Yeah. The bank seized it because
you didn’t pay the installments.

Sita, stop staring at him and drive.

Police are after us. They’ll show us hell.



We have two tasks on hand.

One, get the money transferred.

-Buy mango bars.

Sweetheart, let me talk.

Two, go to court tomorrow
and buy mango bars.

Get bail.

If the police catch us before that,
Basavaraju wins.

Three, buy mango bars.

Sweetheart, let’s finish these two tasks.

Sita will buy you an ice cream parlour.

I won’t even get him an ice cream stick.

Oh no! Stop the car then.
I’ll go get the mango bar from home.

-Stop the car! I’ll get down.
-Hey! Hey!

-I’ll get down… I’ll get down…
-Hey… Hey…

I promise to get you a mango bar.

[siren wails]

Sweetheart, check the route to Hyatt.

Okay, Google! Show the route to Hyatt.

To go to Hyatt. Go straight
for 100 meters and take the first left.


That’s Google America.

And you’re here from Bhutan.

What do you know about Hyderabad?

-We should take right turn here.
-Take the first left.

Sita, Google says left.

Shut up!

Sorry, you’ve taken a wrong turn.

-We’re dead!

Wrong destination.

Take a u-turn and ride 300 meters.

I didn’t know Hyatt meant ‘Heights’.

Wrong destination.

Sita! Google doesn’t know
you got us stuck here.

-Wrong destination.

That’s not the way to do it, Sita.

-You should kick like this.
-[glass shatters]

[siren wails]


Stop! Stop! We’ve reached.

Stay in our slum till you
attend court tomorrow.

This slum?


There’s a festival tonight.

The police can’t find us.

Be brave.
Don’t you worry at all.

You come with me.
You can stay at my place.

Okay, let’s go.

I’ll take him and bring him
in time for court, okay?



Uh-oh, what?

You don’t have to take him.
He’ll stay with me.

You find someone else.

Let’s stay with her only.

Shut up!

“With favour that of a delicacy”

“And elegance that of a swan”

“Can you carry your beauty around?”

“Say yes and I’ll be a helping hand”

“Bulli Reddy riding a Bullet”

“Ram Reddy riding a Rajdoot”

“Bulli Reddy riding a Bullet”

“Ram Reddy riding a Rajdoot”

“Yadi Reddy riding a Yamaha”

“Bal Reddy riding a Bajaj”

“They can’t put their bike’s
stand and even hold their temptations”

“How do I deal with them, Peddi Reddy?”

“Mr. Reddy’s… Mr. Reddy’s…”

“I can’t stand these
Reddy’s men going wild”

“I can’t stand these
Reddy’s men going wild”

“Bullet… Bullet… Bul-Bul-Bullet”

“Bulli Reddy riding a Bullet”

“Ram Reddy riding a Rajdoot”

[music muted voice]

[music muted voice]

“How can we resist after seeing you,

“Tell me if you are available or not”

-“Hey! My man is a tailor in Mumbai”
-“Is it”?

-“People address him as Tiger”
-“Is it so?”

“He visited me for a holiday
and also promised to marry me”

-“Your man is full of crap”

-“He’s escaped from there”
-“Oh no!”

“We saw him in town at a shrine
buying flowers for his wife”

“He looted all my treasures, bloody”

“and ditched me for the money”

“He looted all my treasures,
bloody and ditched me for the money”

“Bulli Reddy riding a Bullet”



“Oh, no! Did your Tiger man dump you?”

“Does that mean you’re off the hook?”
-“Well, no!”

“The boy next door Srinu”

“He’s the don of our street”

“He thinks my beauty is like
no other in the district”

“Wrote me a letter with blood”

-“Srinu was surely fooling you”

-“He was sent to jail yesterday”
-“Is it so?”

“He shall not come back anyway”

“Choose one of us and the rest will drop”

“Mr. Reddy’s… Mr. Reddy’s…”

“I had totally mistaken
about Reddy’s men”

“I was scared at first but now
I’ve lost my heart to them”

“I was scared at first but now
I’ve lost my heart to them”

“Bulli Reddy riding a Bullet”


[cicadas critter]

Shoot me!

If you don’t get out of my way…

…I’ll burn the entire slum.

No, sir. A hundred crowbars will slit
your hearts before you fire a bullet.

All of you will be dead.

Why should we save a woman
who demolished our slum?

Aunt, we aren’t doing it for her.

We’re doing for this man.

He’s a really nice guy.

We have to stand for the good.

Hey! Pack your guns and
get out of here.

Sir, situation is really bad.

Please listen to me, sir.

Leave it, sir.

-Shut up!

[phone ringing]


-Did you find her?
-No, sir.

They entered the slums.

It’s a really bad situation right now.

She needs immediate bail
to get away from me.

She’ll come to court in the morning
via some route.

You keep an eye on the entrance,

arrest her before she enters
and get her into the vehicle.

-Greetings sir!

I have come for a postponed case.

-What are you doing here?

What are you guys doing here?

Don’t question me back.

If we shoot questions at each other,

who’s going to answer them?
The judge?

I’m already irritated.
Get the hell out of here.

I’ll excuse your irritation but
tell me who all are coming here?

Sita and that tall guy.

Then what about Sita
madam’s assistant?

I don’t know.

So will you be arresting
Sita outside court?


What about Sita madam’s assistant?

Hey, idiot! Why would I care about her?

And that guy?

I’ll shoot him.

What about Sita madam’s assistant?


Get lost! Who the hell is she anyway?

He insults her and so do you.

You two are really weird.

I’m keeping calm because
you work for Basavaraju.

Even I’m keeping calm
because you have police uniform on.

If anything were to happen to my girl…

I’m going to show you living hell.
Then your entire day will be…

Singing: “bum bum bole
song from the film indra ”

What kind of a cop are you?

I had to say a lot of mean stuff
to provoke you.

-Get lost! You’re insane.

“Chalore Chalore song from the film Jalsa”

[phone ringing]

-Good morning, sir.
-Good morning.

Did they arrive?

No, sir.

But we’re alert.

You’re so unlucky that everything
you do backfires.

Make this a silent affair.

I’ll arrest them before
they enter the court.

I’m very sure, sir.

-Be careful.


Inspector sir, hello.

Are you confused?

Inspector sir! How are you?

When did they come?

Last night.

How much did they bribe you?

Good joke, sir.

I can’t believe you’re lecturing me
on bribes.

Hey! I’ll smack you down.

Sir, I’m an employee of the court.

Go use your police power on
the public not with us.

We can turn the tables around.

Those people belong to my slum.

-Hello, sir.
-What happened?

They’re already inside, sir.



Not even Lord Rama could avoid problems.


There is a saint in you
without your knowledge.

You’re the only one who understands me.
Thank you.

You make the same face for both
compliments and insults. I hate my life!

Are you Sita’s lawyer?


Do you know who I am?

-Do you?

You must know Basavaraju, right?

-Let me see how you defend the case.


Where’s our lawyer?

There he is.

Sorry, madam.
I can’t defend this case.


I’m turning forgetful, madam.

I can’t remember any of the sections.

It’s not forgetfulness.
I guess it’s a warning.

Try to understand, madam.
I have a family too. Sorry.

Go find me a good lawyer.

I don’t care how much money
I have to spare.


Sir, Sita madam has a check bounce case.

-Can you be her lawyer?
-Sita madam’s case?

No, thanks. Please leave me.

-Chakram, buy me some peanuts.
-Just a minute, sweetheart.

Sir, Sita madam has a case.
-Involving Mr. Chakrapani?


Sorry, I can’t do it.

Chakram, I want peanuts!

Sweetheart! Wait for 5 minutes.
I’ll do it as soon as I find a lawyer.

-Madam, there’s this small case.
-Is it Sita madam’s case?

-Forgive me. Please find someone else.

Chakram! I want peanuts!

[phone buzzes]


Did the lawyer leave?

Why do you want to take the trouble?

Look outside.

The car door is open and so is my heart.

Come to me.

None of the lawyers shall defend
your case opposing me.

Huh! Everyone’s afraid.
No one is ready.

What do we do now?

If you’re okay with it,
I know this really fantastic lawyer.

I’ll have him defend your case.

Who is it?



Are you mad?

He’s half minded.

Did you lose your mind as well?

None of the lawyers here know
as many laws as he does.

You saw it for yourself at
the police station yesterday.

Is this a joke?

How can you be sure?

He loves you a lot.


Somehow he’ll get you out of this.

He’ll defend you no matter what.

Wait and watch, okay?

Your Honor is arriving. All rise!

Miss Vasanthavada Sita Mahalakshmi!

Miss Vasanthavada Sita Mahalakshmi!

Mr. Chakrapani, you please begin.

She Miss Vasanthavada Sita Mahalakshmi,

borrowed 5 crores from
Chandulal Bhansilal.

My client Chandulal Bhansilal
is kind by nature.

Due to some personal issues, he asked
Sita Mahalakshmi to return his money,

but the check she gave bounced.

So, under Criminal Offense
Sections 138 and 420…

…I request your honor to
pass the verdict accordingly.

That’s all, My Lord.

Do you have a lawyer to prosecute
on your behalf?

Yes, Your Honor.


Who are you?

Where are you from?

I’m Raghuram.
I’m here to prosecute Sita’s case.

Objection, Your Honor!

He didn’t pursue law.

He’s not a lawyer by profession.

He doesn’t have the Bar Council
Membership either.

How can he possibly prosecute?

As per Advocates Act Section 32,

It’s clearly mentioned that the court
may allow any person to appear before…

even if he/her is not an advocate.

Which means, anyone in our family
can prosecute our case on our behalf.

Sir, section 32 clearly states you
don’t have to be an Advocate.

-Hail! Hail! Hail!
-Hail to the king of the court!

-Hail! Hail! Hail!
-Order! Order!

This is a court.

Sita, how is he related to you?


Chakram, Sita just called me
her brother-in-law.

Objection overruled.

Mr. Raghuram, you can proceed.

Hey! Stop blushing and
argue the case first.


Start! We’re running out of time.

Yes, sir. It’s 10:30 now.

I’ll have tea at 10:30 every day.

I eat two butter biscuits on the side.

I then take one green and one red pill.

Come again.

I’ll have tea at 10:30 every day.

I eat two butter biscuits on the side.

-I then take one green and one red pill.
-Sweetheart, you first finish this.

It will take 30 minutes at the most.
I’ll get you two teas once we’re done.

I don’t want two tea. I only want
one tea. And I want it on time.

I want tea! Tea! Tea! Tea!
Sita, I want tea!

Your Honor, I want tea!
Tea! Tea! Tea!

-Sita, I want tea… I want tea…
-Brother, what happened?

-I’ll give you.
-What is this nuisance?

Do you realize you’re in a Court?

If it were someone else,
I would’ve gotten her arrested.

I give you one hour,
considering you’re a girl.

Go get yourself a real lawyer.

Go! Go!


You want tea, huh? Have it.

You’ll die without it, won’t you?
Have the tea.

You don’t care who’s in trouble. You just
want your tea. Have it! Have it! Have it!

Oh no!

Why are you even alive?

Just die!

You totally ruined my life.

But you want your tea on time.

You want a mad girl like me
to show her hell.

Your life is of no worth to anyone.

Idiot! I hope you suffer!

Just die!


Did you get yourself a lawyer?

Yes, My Lord.

Okay, begin.


Judge asked us not to allow you inside.

You can leave.

Your Honor, it’s true that my client
wrote him a check.

It’s also true that the check bounced.

But instead of sentencing her
with 2 years of jail…

kindly consider her gender
and reduce the period of sentence.

What are you saying?

This works better for us.

Otherwise, you’ll be sentenced with
2 years of jail and a heavy fine.

Do you want to mess this up?

You know our opposition
is really strong.


According to the Negotiable Instrument
Act, 1881 under Section 138…

…it is clearly mentioned that the
payee has to resubmit the check…

Within 3 months of the date on it…

[music muted voice]

Here comes our Ambedkar.

-Now, oppose him!
-Order! Order! Order!

Since all the sections mentioned
by Raghuram are approved by Law…

…the arrest warrant issued on
Sita Mahalakshmi is lifted.

He followed the sections despite
being a commoner.

You lawyers resorted to loopholes
to win the argument.

[coughs] You better
follow proper law procedure,

-next time.

[crowd cheering]

Hail to the king of the court!

[whistling] Who are you, boy?
Where did you come from?

How come you’re so excited?

It’s you who lost the case.

He was so good I forgot it was my case.

Well done!
Claps! Claps!

Hail to the king of the court!

I always wondered how the name
Sita didn’t go with her cunning self.

I couldn’t figure that Lord Rama
was right beside her.

Take my word and step back before
things turn ugly for Ravan.


Don’t compare me to Ravan, Mr. Jayababu.

I’ll be hurt.

I’m Lord Rama.

Rama, as Sita’s suitor, lifted the bow
and claimed her.

I acted smart, helped Sita
and claimed her.


She ditched me as soon as
she was done with me.

Even lord Rama would’ve reacted like me.

I thought you were the Hanuman
who could bring my Sita back.

You guys are ruining the
divinity of Ramayan.

What is the name of
the villain beside Sita?


Having the name doesn’t
make him Lord Rama.

Take this 25 and kill him.


No, sir.

He’s a good man.

Good man?

Police and Politicians aren’t
supposed to act humanely.

It would be like reading English
bad words in devotional literature.

That girl turned you down once…

…you’re doing all kinds of
shit out of frustration.

But he’s nothing like that, sir.

Oh! How is he different?

When she was yelling at him…

I was almost going to shoot her down.

He put me down with ease.

Don’t you think he can’t retort at her?

But he chose not to.

That’s because he’s a good man.

Too good to be true, in fact.

I will not kill him.

My men will kill him if you don’t.

They’ll kill you too,
if you come in the way.

Get lost!

So Sita was right after all.

I offered a rogue to be my son-in-law
and made him an MLA.

This rogue took the offer
only to be an MLA.

There is a difference in logic,

I assumed you were an idiot.

But I never realized you were a bastard.

There’s nothing you can do anyway.

My name is Basavaraju.

A ‘Bloody Cow’ on the streets.

A ‘Decorated Bull’ during festivities.

And a ‘Sacred Bull’ at Lord Shiva’s abode.

The name has changed
but the animal never did.

I’m just the same.

I change according to the place
and position.

Did you have lunch?

Hey, wifey!

Your dad’s home.

Make biryani for him.

He might feel a lack of hospitality

So you’re saying
you’ll not leave that girl.

Better hope I don’t leave your daughter.

Am I right, Mr. Jayababu?


Give me a comeback, Mr. Jayababu.

I hate your silence.

I’m leaving,
just like Vibhishana left Lanka.



I sense danger for Ram.

Go to Hyderabad immediately.

Okay, baba.

Straight, straight…

Hey catch!
[indistinct voices]

Hey catch!

[indistinct voices]

-Hey! Hey!
-Hey catch it!


My dad and you guys planned to defeat me.

Are you here to see how I made it through?

No. I’m here to meet the
guy who won the case for you.

Alright.He must be playing downstairs.
Meet him on your way back.

I don’t have time for it.

Once you listen to what I have to
say you’ll have nothing but time.

The guy who made you win…

He’s been winning since he was born.

Rajyam, we discovered Manganese
in our fields.

We can earn a lot if we could dig
it up and export to other countries.

We’re a little short on the investment.

-If I could mortgage your jewellery.
-Oh, really?

Why don’t you mortgage
me as well? Find out.

-How can you talk like that?
-Of course.

My parents gave me this jewellery.

Aren’t you ashamed to pawn
your wife’s gold?

I don’t mind if you
discontinue the business.

I don’t mind if you beg on the streets.

But there’s no way I’m giving you
the jewellery.

Hearing your mom say that…

All your dad’s dreams for a
brighter future, shattered at once.

He was wondering what to do and…

His sister, your aunt…

She gave him all her jewellery,
including the holy thread.

We’ve share the same blood.
Let’s share the struggle too.

I know how determined you are, brother.

This will definitely work out for you.

Take it.

No, dear.

Sister turned out to be
your dad’s lucky charm.

-He started exporting Manganese overseas.
-Thanks, dear.


She took her holy thread off while her
husband was still alive.

Did she think God would stay calm?

He must have thought she
didn’t need a husband.

That is why he killed them both
in an accident.

Are you going to bring this bastard
home now?

Nephew was a greater charm for your dad.

His income multiplied.
He grew richer and richer.

He tasted success with every business,
thus earning millions.

-Hi, uncle!

I got this jewellery
made with our profits.

Do you like it?

You didn’t give me your jewellery
back then. His mother did.

So, he owns all the property
we have right now.

I’m just the Manager.

That makes you an employee’s wife.

You don’t have the right to wear
this jewellery.

Take it off.

Take it off, you shameless girl!

He’s calling us servants.

What are you looking at?
Take it off!


Why are you taking her jewellery off?

She’s the owner’s future wife.

She has the right to flaunt the jewellery.

Your mom felt Ram influenced
your dad’s behaviour.

She held grudge against him
and harassed him badly.

-You’re the owner, huh?
-Aunt, no! It hurts.

-You’re a millionaire
-Aunt, please! It hurts.

-and we’re your servants, is it?
-Aunt, please.

-You are torturing us instead of dying…
-Aunt… Aunt…

-…along with your parents?
-Aunt, please! Leave me… leave me…

Show me your hand.

-Aunt, please!
-Show me.


He’s mentally disturbed
because of your wife.

Send him away from her at the earliest.

Do you get it now?

The holy thread doesn’t
belong to your mom.

It belongs to his mom.

All this wealth also
belongs your mother-in-law.

Which in turn, belongs to him.

Your dad’s just a Manager
to his properties.

And you’re the daughter of
a pretty ordinary Manager.

7 crores money and the house in Hyderabad
your dad gave you…

That was all he earned.

She just gave my dad 100 grams gold!

I’ll pay the interest.


-Someone’s attacking Ram.

Hey! Why are you hitting him?

Why? Don’t you want us to hit him?

You need him and I need you.

You will come to me if I hit him, right?

Hit him, guys!

-No! No! Please! Don’t hit him.


Look to your left then.

Car door is open and so is my heart.

She will not give in so easily.

Hit him, guys!

Hey, wait! Stop!
Don’t hit him.

[fighting sound]

Ram! Why are you letting them hit you?

Hit them back.

Uh-oh! I shouldn’t hit them back, Sita.

It’s wrong.

But they’re hitting you.

When they hit you and you don’t retort…

It doesn’t usually mean they’re right.

It means we want to make peace.

Lord Buddha said so.

His quotations sound good.

Once my live-in relationship
with Sita ends…

I’ll also buy a couple of Buddha’s books.

One for me

and one for Sita.


You’re taking advantage of the fact
that he’s enduring it.

How dare you hit me?

How dare you hit me?


Sita, are you hurt?



Will you hit him?

Hit me!

Come on, hit me!

-Hey, no!


Hey! Don’t touch Sita.

Ma’am, no! Don’t do it.

Ma’am, please don’t do it.

Hit me! Come on, hit me!

No! Don’t touch her.

Come on! I dare you!

-Are you afraid to hit me?
-Hey, stop!

-Aren’t you a man?
-Hey! Hey!

-What the hell!

-Are you asking if he’s a man?
-No, he’s not.

Hey! Aren’t you a man?

You shut up!

You please wait, brother.

She’s asking if he’s a man or not.

-No, he’s not.
-Don’t you think he’s got rage?


-Isn’t he a man?

-Does that make him gay?

Yeah, it does.

You turn it.

[metal clunks]

Are you happy now?

-Are you acting smart?
-Come on.


Hey, no! No!

Don’t go any closer.
I’m telling you.

-Oh no!






Damn, he’s such a nice guy.

We had to hit him because of you.

You should be blamed for this.


I’ve got a small question.

He’ll fight back if I shoot you.

Will you come to me if I shoot him?

No. You won’t!

[gun fires]


-You’re selfish!

-Why are you screaming?

Do you think that will wake him up?

If it does, I’ll scream louder than you.

[screams] Did he wake up?

So… Shhh!

You’re crazy about his property.

And I’m crazy about you.

Come to me and we can settle both.

Come on!


A villain is supposed to look frightening.

How come you look like a hero?

If every man with a
toned body is a hero…

…every gym has
around 25 of them.

Do you know a sincere lover
like me is called a hero?

Ram! Ram!


You look like the heroine who
comes running to the hero,

after the villain dies
in the climax of a film.

But our villain is still alive.

Do you want to kill him first and then
make love on my bed?

Or make love for an hour and
then kill him?

[watch beeping continously]

I never requested anyone till now.

Please let us go.

I should take him to the hospital.

Don’t change your character for anyone,

Not even for me or God himself.

Come sleep with me.
Stand on your word.

His heart beat’s dropping.

Then make it fast.

He’s losing a lot of blood. Please!

A man’s on the verge of death and
you’re acting so stubborn.

Your ego will kill him.

Come sleep with me right now.
[door creaking]

[door shuts]
Let’s make love.

Later you can take him anywhere you want.

Okay. I’ll admit Ram in the hospital
and come back.

A man who’s fooled once
is called an idiot.

A man who’s fooled twice will be called
Basavaraju hereafter.

Do I need that?

He’s dying.

[watch beeping continously]

If I had to force myself onto you…
I would’ve done it long back.

Wipe your tears.

When women lie down with a smile…

Why would any man resort to rape?



“It is the tale of the Sita
who crossed the line?”?

“Did she reach the Ravana’s Lanka?”?

“Is this for real?”?

“Is this for real?”?

“Did she face her bad deeds?”?

“Ego is like a pyre”?

“In the poisonous flames
that curb everything”

“In the cycle of life”?

“She lost in the game of fate”

“This Sita and that line”?

“I’ve become both and
have been wiped out”

“Is this for real…?”?

“Did she face her bad deeds?”?

“Ego is like a pyre”?

“In the poisonous
flames that curb everything”



You look so beautiful when you smile.

Yeah, she is really beautiful.

Oh no!

Sita! Sita, why are you crying?

Why? Why are you making her cry?

[glass breaking]

Why are you making Sita cry?

Why did you make Sita cry…?

Will you make her cry?

[glass breaking]

[glass breaking]

Take the gun!
Take the gun!

Shoot him!

Come on, shoot!

Shoot him!

Ram, shoot him!

Shoot him!

Shoot him, Ram!

Shoot him, Ram!

Come! [vault creaking]

[gun fires]

[gun fires]
[metal clunks]

[gun fires]
[metal clunks]

[glass breaking]

[gun fires]

[gun fires]
[vehicle starts]


It is said that when you
truly wish for something,

the whole universe
conspires to make it happen.

I guess you wished for me to die.

That is why…


My pulse is dropping.

[watch blipping]

At this speed,

We’ll take 30 minutes
to reach the hospital

but it takes only 5 minutes
to go to the bank.

You go to the bank.

I’ll sign wherever you want me to.

Take all the money.

I hope the best for you, Sita.

I want you to be happy.

All I’m worried about is,

Uncle told me to look after you.

But I’m leaving before I could do that.


Sorry, uncle.

Sorry, Sita.

No! No!

-I don’t want the money.

I don’t want the property.

I don’t want anything.

I just want you.

Sorry, I made a mistake.

My dad was right.

You’re my sweetheart.

You have to live.

I’ll save you no matter what.


I’ll save you no matter what.

I love you!

I love you!








[groans in pain]







Oh no! Pulse? Ram!

Ram! Wake up.
Look at me.

Look at me.

Help! Help!

You will be fine.

I’m there for you.


Uncle, Ram is hurt…


Uncle, Ram is hurt.

Uncle, please.

I want Ram.


You’ve done enough. Let him go.

I want Ram.

-Hey, Chakram.

-Slowly, dear. Careful.



Where’s Ram?

They took him.

How long has it been?

It’s been 2 weeks, ma’am.

2 weeks?

Yes. She brought you
here from the accident site.

I have to see Ram.

Basavaraju’s men are looking for you.
It’s not safe for you to step out.

I don’t care if I die.

I have to see Ram.

Go dear.

You’re going to be fine.

Everything is going to be alright.




Are you happy now?

You killed a good man with your bitterness
and hostility that’s in the outside world.

Let me rephrase.

You killed any good left in the world.

Did he ever hurt you?

Why did you throw hot tea
on his face?

What was Ram’s mistake?

All he did was a wish for your well-being.

That was his mistake.

How could you wish for him to die?

His health worsened
because of your mother.

Now, he lost his life because of you.

Great mother-daughter duo.

If you stay here any longer,

you’re going to spoil the
tranquillity around here.

It’s time for you to leave.



Why are you forcing me to meditate?

It’s Baba’s orders. Do it.

Uhuh. I’m not interested.



Baba, Ram is coming here.

Sita is here.

Baba! Sita is here.

How is that possible?

She died in the accident.

No, Baba. Sita’s here.

I can feel it.

I have to go.





Ram is alive.

Ram isn’t dead.

How do you know?

No one here knows I threw
tea on Ram’s face.

How did Baba find out?

Ram must have told him.

That means Ram is alive.

Driver, turn around.


They’ll kill you if you go there.

I don’t care if I die, Baba. I’ll go.

They don’t need you, Ram.
They only want your money.

I want Sita. I’ll go.

Baba, please tell them.
Tell them…

-I have to go to Sita.

It’s 10:30 now, Ram.
It’s time to have your tea.

I don’t want tea.
I have to go to Sita.

It’s time to have your pills, Ram.

I don’t want the pills. I want Sita, Baba!

Please let me go, Baba.
Tell them, Baba. Please!

I want Sita, please Baba.

Please Baba. Please!

Baba! Thanks a lot, Baba!

Stop! Stop… Stop!



Why are you scared?

I’m here to talk to Ram.

This states she should
spend a month with me.

Now she says she won’t come.

You tell me what’s fair.

Is this true?


Apologize to him.

I apologize on her behalf, sir.
Take her.

Drop her back here
after a month.

Go, Sita.

Take her, sir.

Go with him, Sita.

I can’t win a fight with him.

That is why I implied logic.

Give me a minute.

[car starts]


Don’t take Sita with you, sir.

Please let her go.

You just said I could take her.

She wasn’t my wife when she signed this.

But she’s my wife now.

Isn’t it wrong to take my wife with you?

What would you do if I take her?

I’ll do the same what
Lord Rama did to Ravana.

I’ll kill you.

I’ll definitely kill you.

Whoa! I’m scared.

Come on, kill me.


It doesn’t apply to my wife alone.

You can’t do that to anybody’s wife.

I can kill you. It’s not at all wrong.

What the hell!







I wish you both the best in life.

Come and take it.

Come on. Make it fast.

[people cheering]

-We got a new home.
-God bless you, son.

-We got new homes.
-This is great, son.


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