Bharat Ane Nenu

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I, Bharat

Hi Bharat.

Did they call my name..?

Bharat… Please come on the dais

One moment please..

And there is something
special about this Gentleman

This is not his 1st Degree, it is 5th

If I’m not wrong!

Bharat, can you tell us..
what makes you study more and more.

Every time I learn a new thing.

Something haunts me in constant

That I don’t know a lot more.

So..what next.

I don’t know.

It’s the wave of blessings..
Enjoy the party!

“Lemme Lemme go Lemme go Lemme go..”

“Lemme Lemme learn something
interesting on the go”

“In the encyclopaedia called universe…”

“There are a lot more things to be known”

“Art of Living actually
means Art of learning…”

“What I know is very little and there
is much that is unknown.. I don’t know”

“I don’t know… know.. know.. know..
know.. know.. know.. know.. know.. know.”

“I don’t know… know.. know.. know.. know..
know.. know.. know.. know.. many things.”

“I don’t know why once in a while…
the fish jumps out from water…”

“Maybe to learn some new
thing from the fresh air..”

“I don’t know…I don’t know…”

“How many ever times you say Good Morning..
It doesn’t lessen the shining of the Sun..”

“Maybe the light comes from some
new matter learnt from the earth..”

“I don’t know… I don’t know…”

“Only one thing I know…there
is so much to know”

“I don’t know is the steering for
the journey that says ‘wanna grow'”

“I don’t know… know.. know.. know..
know.. know.. know.. know.. know.. know.”

“I don’t know… know.. know.. know.. know..
know.. know.. know.. know.. many things.”

“There are many wonders before eyes..
And many more are the mysteries in them..”

“I might have left them
unseen all these days,”

“I don’t know…I don’t know…”

“Like a Question in this minute…
I will learn many unknown concepts”

“What the very next minute that
comes to me would teach me..”

“I don’t know…I don’t know…”

“On a birds eye view…
Life is a learning avenue”

“Every day that teaches something is
a refreshing anthem… I don’t know”

“I don’t know… know.. know.. know..
know.. know.. know.. know.. know.. know.”

“I don’t know… know.. know.. know.. know..
know.. know.. know.. know.. many things.”

“I don’t know… know.. know.. know..
know.. know.. know.. know.. know.. know.”

“I don’t know… know.. know.. know.. know..
know.. know.. know.. know.. many things.”


I got a call in the afternoon

It seems Father was admitted in the hospital
day before yesterday as he was not feeling well

He got a stroke a while ago..
and he is no more Bharat

In my childhood,
I used to live with my parents in Hyderabad

Mom, I have come back

Bharat.. change your clothes,
come and eat something

Ok mom.


Did you eat ice cream again?

You ate it… right?

I have seen Subhash eating,
so I too bought it Mom.

Doctor said that you
should not eat ice cream

Is it not wrong, doing it knowingly?

Promise me that you will
not repeat it once again

The foolish lion lost its prey
because of his foolishness

Intelligence is better than strength

It’s already too late.. now go to bed

When will Dad come Mom?

He is on tour on some work…
he will be back by tomorrow

But he will leave once again, won’t he?

He has to go because of work.. dear

You sleep now..


We should leave by 5.00 AM in the morning.

Ok.. I will come
– Okay?

– I will leave now.


Dad and his friend were busy with
their newly established political party

I am unable to spend even a second with him

I am there for him..
– But for you?

Are you taking medicines on time?


Sorry Mom..
– Why?

Because I ate ice cream once again

It is not because you ate it…

But because you broke your promise

Do you know how wrong it is?

Promise means – ‘A belief ‘

We all are living because of it

Did you observe the Sun setting?

But he has promised us..
that he will rise once again tomorrow

Without breaking his promise…
he is coming every day

Suppose if he doesn’t come
breaking his promise…

Everything becomes dark from then

There is a light within us as well

If you want that to be lit…
we should never break our promise




Mom.. wake up


Mom.. wake up

Hi Bharat..

Hi uncle..


Elections are fast approaching

We have to cover Rayalaseema,
finalize candidates

How long would you do this?

How can I come leaving him all alone?

You have to get married once
again to take care of that

What are you talking about?

Not for the sake of another wife..
but to provide a mother to him

This is the age which needs
a mother than anyone

You cannot keep him
happy if you are like this

You cannot achieve your dreams too…
try to understand

I am going to school Mom
– Okay

Oh.. my dear.. why are you crying?

My dearest..

How much I ever tried to become close to
my new mother, there was an unknown problem

That’s why I used to spend more
time at my friend Subhash’s home.

Both are sleeping brother-in-law…
he will come by morning

Me and Pramila got jobs in
the same hospital in London

Very glad to hear that..

We have to leave the next week..
– Oh..

Bharat got very much used
to Subhash.. even Subhash..

Whatever they do.. they do it together

Bharat wants to come along
with us and study there.


He is a child.. he might have
said it as Subhash is leaving him

Don’t consider his words

It is not like that brother..
he strongly wishes to come…

It’s a new country for us… we will
be busy with our new jobs for sometime

They together form a good company..


Do you want to go to London?

Can you seriously stay there?

Yes Dad.. I can.

I will study along with Subhash


He had asthma from a long time

Due to this cold weather, he felt discomfort
and was admitted into the hospital

We thought he would be back in two days…

But suddenly, he passed away in his
sleep in the early hours of yesterday…

We thought of stopping it till you come,

Hearing the news that their god-like leader
is no more.. the people of this state and…

the party workers could not digest it

The situation was going out of hand..
hour by hour

So.. we thought it’s good to go ahead with
the ritual and hence, yesterday evening…

Who did the rituals..?

Your younger brother..

Hi Siddarth

I am Bharat…

I’m your elder brother

I could not reach on time…

Luckily you were there for Dad..

You have done my job…
Thanks for doing that

Considering the new political scenario…

On the topic of who is in race for
the next new Chief Minister position

We shall discuss on our live show today


Who do you think will
become the new Chief Minister?

Who else is eligible other
than Varadaraju Sir?

He is one of the founders of Navodayam
Party along with Raghavaram Sir..

He is also a senior
politician in the state…

But he is never interested
in that position…

My doubt is that they would make Raghava
Ram’s wife as the next CM

Brother.. fruits…

There wouldn’t be any
problem in the party too.

Manju… I didn’t see Siddarth talking to
anyone at least once since I came here.

He is not speaking to anyone from
so many days.. even to Mom and Dad..

Doctors said that there is no problem..

We don’t know if he doesn’t want to speak..
They are giving him some treatment..

How will they make that girl a C.M.?

Then there are more chances for his wife…

What you said is also true.

Can you give me the car keys?

I want to go out..

I will take you Sir,
where do you want to go?

No problem.. just for a casual drive…


I will come in an hour dear.

Did you go for shopping..?

You stay there..
I will come and pick you up.

Hey..hey.. do you want to die?

Oh.. oh.. wait.

– Hey!

What kind of a person are you?
Don’t you watch the signal..?

That’s okay, mind your business,

Watch out man!

Everyone is anxious about
who the next C.M. would be

Raghava Sir and you are
like two eyes to the party..

We are happy if you become the C.M

But there is a gossip that you are not
interested to take up that position.

If it is not you…

many of the party members and MLA’s
insist that I should be the new C.M…

it’s the desire of our
village people sir…

I have grown to this
level with your blessings

with that closeness I’m
being straightforward.

I don’t want a split in the party because
of me by declaring someone else as the CM.

The decision is yours

I will take leave Sir.

I used to be a labor
union leader somewhere…

You and that great person brought me
into politics and made me a minister, sir

Sir…we are all hopeful
that you will be the new C.M

But there is a gossip heard at some
places that you are not interested…

Sir… if you are not becoming
the C.M, and not interested…

I have come from the lower level…

A thought that I should become the CM

is being expressed by my region’s MLAs, public,
party workers, mainly my family members Sir.

He is our Raghava’s elder son…

Opposition party President
Sripathi Rao and his son…

I was thinking of meeting
you in the evening myself..

I am going to London by the
morning flight tomorrow..

We cancelled the ticket…

You have to stay back for
some more time Bharat…

You should become the
new C.M to this state..

What are you talking?

How can I be the C.M.?

I don’t know if I would
return once I leave tomorrow.

It is unavoidable..

After your father’s demise.. there has been
an increase of disturbances in the party..

I am unable to find any other
solution to control them…

This is not at all related to me…

I don’t belong here..
– You are his son…

Don’t forget that..

You have a right to occupy that position,
and you have a responsibility of doing that.

I don’t like such things…
anyway who is more eligible than you?

Why can’t you become the CM?

I already have some responsibilities…

A lot of people said the same thing…
but that is not possible..

Since the time the party
has come into rule…

we have decided that he takes
care of C.M.’s responsibilities

and myself, the party’s responsibilities.

It is good that way…

It is my responsibility to look
after the party’s interests…

Considering the current
political scenario…

Party will split up if anyone
among them becomes the C.M.

For sake of the party’s existence..
you should become the C.M.

It has been ten days that I came here…

I don’t know anyone and
about anything here…

There will be a beginning for everything…

Above that, I am with you..

Look Bharat…

We have started this life with a dream to
do some service to the people and the state.

He has left us in the middle of it.

Even though he couldn’t perform his fatherly
duties by being busy with people’s welfare,

He never felt bad about you
as he was doing a good thing

Don’t take it to heart…

It’s a dream of twenty-five years…

We cannot throw it on roads by
making someone else as the C.M.

Try to understand..

As a son…

If you could fulfill his dream…

Think about it for one night… Please.


I, Bharat…

Solemnly affirm that I will bear full faith and loyalty towards
the constitution of India which is by ordinance established..

..that I will protect the
sovereignty and Integrity of India.

As a Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh..

I will fulfill my responsibilities
with dedication and…


conscientiously perform my duties

without fear or favor,
affection or ill will…

I will follow the constitution and the Law
to protect all the people and do justice.

I swear in the name of God…

Sir.. please sign Sir…

Andhra Pradesh’s new Chief Minister,
the late leader Mr. Raghavarao’s son Bharat

has sworn in at the Raj Bhavan

How a new heir who doesn’t have any
experience would handle the state politics,

needs to be seen in the forthcoming days..
say some leaders and some civilians

Good Morning Sir…
I’m Bhaskar, your P.S.

Personal Secretary… Sir.

– Sir.


I was serving as a P.S even
for Dad for many years Sir..

What are they? Are they News Papers?

Yes.. Sir.

I cannot read Telugu properly…

Can you read it for me?

Yes.. sure Sir…
– Just the headlines..

Ok.. Sir..

” The youngest C.M in the state’s history”

Another new successor Bharat in the State’s
politics.. He swears in as new C.M.

Conscientious… let it be…

What is it?

Subhodayam newspaper Sir..
he keeps writing some trash..

Read it..

O.K. Sir..

Will he abide by conscientiously?

Go on.. read it completely..

O.K. Sir..

Today Bharat has taken oath as C.M before
the leaders of different parties in Raj Bhavan

Not being able to pronounce the word “conscientiously”
clearly during taking the oath is the highlight

Not being able to pronounce it is fine..

But “can he abide by it? is the question that
is being raised in the social media largely..

That should do.

What is that word Bhaskar?.

“conscientiously ”

Good Morning Sir.. I am Mukthar…
your Chief Security Officer..

Hello.. Mukthar..

Sir, please sir..

Why are the roads clear…?
Has the traffic been blocked?

That is…

While C.M’s convoy’s is going..
traffic needs to be blocked Sir..


If we go in this hectic traffic..
will not be able to perform our duties.

as you have seen earlier,
our traffic and the people are a bit tough.

As you are working for these people’s sake..

They have to face some discomfort..
for the works to be done on time..

Good Morning Sir..

Morning Sir..

Welcome Sir.. I am Shrivastav..
Chief Secretary..

– Thank you Sir..

This is your personal team Sir…

In any department or any issue,
they are here to assist you Sir…

Thank you gentlemen..

It is known to all of you how I
have become the C.M. unexpectedly…

To be honest.. I don’t know
anything about this job or the State…

Yeah.. it’s true..

I know it’s a pity…

You should support me and
educate me in all the matters..

But trust me.. I am a very fast learner..

I learn things pretty fast

I will try to be perfect and make
you all proud in all the ways I could

We are here for you Sir… All the best.

Tomorrow morning we will arrange for the first
conference and we will address you all the key issues..

Before that…
I want to know about our traffic problems..

Right Sir…

Can you arrange for a meeting
with the concerned officers?

Sure Sir… is the first hour
tomorrow morning ok for you Sir?

Is it not possible now?

– Right now..!

Sure Sir..

Sir..Arun Kumar..
Traffic Commissioner and his team..

Take your seats.
– Sir.

You people know better than
me about the traffic situation here


Can I say disastrous?

Yes Sir..


More populated country Sir..

When there is a huge crowd..
it’s really tough

It is when there is so much population that
we require more planning and discipline..

Sorry to say this…

Wild animals are roaming in a more
organised manner in the forest..

They are riding vehicles on footpath..

We are trying our best Sir..

Are you?

Yes Sir..


We are bringing in more patrolling and implementing
one-ways. Mounting more traffic signals Sir..

We are also increasing Traffic
Ads to bring more awareness..

What about fines?


Fines… how are you charging?

If they drive without
Driving Licence, it is Rs. 500 Sir

for two, three, four wheelers..
– Make it ten thousand..


Ten thousand..

It is Rs. 1000 for signal jumping Sir.

Make it 20,000..

If they use mobile phone while driving,
it is Rs. 1000 Sir..

Shall we make it twenty five?

Yeah… Twenty five..

It is Rs.
1000 for rash and Negligent Violation Sir..

Make it 30,000

If you send me the list with the
new ratios, we will issue a…

What is that..

Umm.. G.O.. Sir

Yeah… we will issue the G.O.

Sir.. we will rethink on this
and discuss with every one Sir..

Isn’t it what you have been doing
till now? Is there any change?

But it’s wise to rethink Sir..

People will be scared Sir..

In these few days of my stay here..
I did not notice it Mr. Srivastav..


We are living in a society..

Everyone should have
fear and responsibility..

Hey… stop stop stop. What is this?
– I need to go urgently Sir.. please Sir..

We have fined you with 20,000.. pay it..

20,000? It’s my month’s salary Sir..

Hey… Hello hello.. One minute..

Stop stop.. 25,000 fine..

Why is it 25,000?

Hey.. get down..

Why are you driving in a wrong route?
Is it a short cut?

The office is just nearby Sir.

Is it..? Pay Rs. 30,000 and go to office..


People of the Telugu States.. better be careful
while driving vehicles on roads.

If you don’t have a Driving license
or on if you jump the signals…

Or going in a wrong route in one ways,

From now on, it’s not just paying a huge price, but even
your whole monthly salary or more will be at stake..

We keep taking the one ways
in some unavoidable conditions

Why are they levying Rs. 20,000 fine?

What is he thinking?

Yes. He has done the right thing.

People will not follow traffic
rules unless this is implemented..

I am tensed to drive my bike brother..

His Dad bought a new bike for him
recently.. he drove through a one-way.

His Dad sold the bike.. paid 25,000 fine
and asked him to get lost denying him a bike

It’s better to get into a city bus or metro.
There wouldn’t be an issue.

Chief Engineer is planning to meet once…
many works are pending there Sir..

Hey.. Bharat..


Good Morning Sir…
– Sit down..

Hey… get a plate for him..

I’m done with my breakfast Sir.

Umm.. How is your first day?

It is just the First day…

All members appointed to me are seniors.. even age
wise.. I will be more comfortable with younger team..

Being a new job..
it will be balanced with such people

You too will get used to it…

I mean.. if young officers are there I…

What ever I do..
I do it thinking twice.. Bharat..

You will get used to all
of this in a few days..

Coming to the next point..
I heard about those traffic fines..

You could have put a word with me…

I felt it was right…


Look here..
– Sir.

Update me on people’s
reaction from time to time..

Sure Sir..

ask the Home Minister to come home..

O.K. Sir..

Bharat, before taking any
decision from the next time..

it might be good if you discuss
with the cabinet and me..

What are people thinking
about the traffic fines Bhaskar..?

It’s not a normal shock Sir…

My friend has paid Rs. 20,000 fine too

It seems he had jumped a signal..

and above that due to falling short of money
he has borrowed money from me as well..

Ask him not to jump the
signal from the next time…

How many times would you lend him money?

Sir.. sir.. Sir… C.M. Sir..

Do you know what people are thinking
about you increasing traffic fines…

Sir.. why are you so harsh towards people..
please give an explanation Sir..

You did not think before taking a decision..
at least give a statement about it Sir…

Sir..CM Sir.

He is the one who has written
during the oath taking ceremony

Subba Rao from Subhodayam. Let us go sir.

Say, why are you angry on people Sir..


You are not giving a damn to people..
at least give a statement Sir…

Sir.. C.M. Sir.. Sir..

C.M. Sir..

What is your intention in
increasing traffic fines Sir?

Hope it has come to your notice..
how people are suffering to pay those fines.

10,000.. 20,000.. 30,000…
what are these fines sir?

How can a common man bear these huge fines..

Have you taken this decision consulting
anyone or have you done it on your own..

How could you do it Sir?

With “conscientiousness “..

Bhaskar.. Sir.

How do you think she would be today?

The girl in the bus stop..
in which dress would she be?..

How do I know Sir?

Can’t you guess Bhaskar?
Would you lose your job doing so?

Today being an auspicious day “Shravana
Sukravaram”, my wife wore a silk sari..

If that girl has the same habit,

I think she would definitely
be wearing a half saree Sir.

– Sir…


I said that he should look
like Chief Minister Bharat…

He looks very handsome.. I am unable
to shift my sight looking at him on TV

How thrilling would it be it someone
like him is in our life or at home!

You are unable to understand…

You are too much Varsha..

What is too much in that?

What’s wrong in wishing
for someone like him?

Is he not a bachelor?
Will they not look for matches for him?

Don’t know… whose luck will he be?

Keep that aside… tell me if you
get a chance will you not marry him?

Will you marry him or not?

To be frank.. I am Okay right now too..

Then.. what about you?
If you get a chance, will you let it go?

I think we will not get that chance..
you eat first…

If you get a chance..
will you say Yes or No?

Wait.. I will take it…


Hello… is Vasumathi there?

Who are you?

My name is Bharat Mam..

You are talking as if you are
the C.M. Bharat.. Which Bharat?

Hey! I am the Chief Minister Bharat Mam.
How do you know that?

Who is that…?

Have you called overhearing
to our conversation?

I am the Chief Minister Bharat Mam..

If you dare to play pranks, I will
smash your face.. disconnect the call.

Who is it?

Someone.. a prank call saying..
he is C.M. Bharat..

That C.I’s son Seenu is following our
Vassu everywhere from past ten days…

He must have called overhearing
to our conversation..

Yeah.. must be true..

let me see..


I am Bharat speaking… the call was
disconnected earlier.. is Vasumathi there?

Hey Seenu! I know you are hiding
somewhere nearby and speaking..

If at all I come out…

What are you talking Mam..
I am C.M. Bharat…


Why are unknown people answering
the call and scolding Bhaskar?

Are people mad to believe if you make
a call and say “I am the C.M.” Sir?

One last try..

Hello.. who is it?

I am C.M. Bharat speaking..
is Vasumathi there?

I am Vassu speaking..


Look Mr..
we are chatting among ourselves for fun..

You are calling us to tease
us after listening to that.

I will complain to my
father if you repeat this.

Hello.. hello.. I understood..

If I directly say that I’m the C.M Bharat,
you are unable to trust me..

The mistake is mine.

Do you have a telephone
directory in your house?

You will find the number of Andhra Pradesh’s
secretariat in it. Just call on that number.

When the operator answers,
just tell her your name..

What happened?

He says I am C.M.Bharat…

If you want, you can cross-check
making a call to the Secretariat.

He is crossing his limits… this guy…

Let us clarify by checking it once..

To the Secretariat?

Look, it’s here…



Is it okay?

Come on.. do it!

43… 40


Hello Mam.. My name is Vasumathi..

Hello Madam. One second..
I am connecting the call to C.M

Ahhhh… its the C.M…

Hello… Vasumathi?

Hi..Hi Sir..

Sorry.. there was a small
confusion as I called you directly

I see you every day at the bus stop
while going to Secretariat every day,

You look so different..
I mean in a nice way.

I want to say Hi to you..
In fact I want to say it personally..

Can we meet over a cup of Coffee?



Co.. I have college..

I too need to go to the Office..

How about before that?
Is morning 7.30 okay for you?

I will give you a call after
deciding the place.. ok..

What happened dear…?

He is saying… let us meet over
a cup of coffee tomorrow morning..

He says he will confirm the place..

A cup of coffee with C.M.Bharat?

We shouldn’t miss this..
all of us will go together.

Is it okay?

– Daddy…

Hello Uncle…
– Hi Daddy..

Hello dear..
– Hi Uncle..

We will take a leave now Vassu.



Morning 7 o clock…
– Ok ok… bye…

Which place is better
according to you Bhaskar?

He is here already…

Madam please…

C.M. sir has invited us.


Hi Sir..Vasumathi..

I know.

And you are…

Varsha… Vaishali…


Hi.. Please.
– Thank you sir.

What will you have?


Bhaskar says Idly tastes really good here.
I’ll go with Idly.

I will have Idly too Sir

I am on diet since yesterday as they are
planning for matches from next month Sir..

I will have juice..

Have a seat Bhaskar.

I will place the order and come Sir..

What do you do?

I am doing my MBA final year…

What next?

Not yet planned…

You can feel free just
like you are in the bus stop…

It really looks nice when you are like
that in a crowd… You are natural..

It’s shocking to know that you are looking
at us daily while going in the convoy

We are unable to believe it…

Not at all of you… he looks only at her

We never expected that we would get such a
handsome Chief Minister for our state sir.

You being very harsh regarding
Traffic Rules is really great

the roads also need to be maintained well

You can do a little work at
least with the collected fines..

That’s a great idea…

We have already discussed about it Sir..

Idly is very tasty.. Bhaskar…

Got it sir…

Do you find any change in the
lifestyle between here and there Sir?

A lot…

There is a lot of difference
between the worlds here and there..

Did you live alone over there?


Girl Friends..?


Like Traffic.. are you planning
something to come up next sir?

I don’t know..

Sir.. we are running out of time…

Oh.. Its time to attend Assembly.

Time has run out so fast..
Thanks for coming.

We will meet once again…

Sir.. we are free Sir..
when shall we meet?

Sir should be free too Madam..
I will check the schedule and let you know..

Did you pay the bill Bhaskar?
– I did sir…

– Bye

Bye Sir..

I will take leave Madam..

You are too lucky Vassu.

Before starting the session..

I welcome our new C.M. Mr.Bharat who has
stepped into the house for the first time

and heartily congratulate
him on behalf of the assembly

Thank you, Madam Speaker!

My dear colleagues and honorable members…
Thank you..

Leader of the opposition Mr. Sripathi Rao…

Honorable Speaker…

I doubt if this Government and the Chief
Minister remember that this is a democracy.

Looks like he feels this is a Monarchy as he
is honored with this seat after his father..

The government which
needs to protect the public..

The government which needs
to resolve public grievances,

is sucking people’s blood
in the name of fines..

If you cross the signal..
the fine is Rs. 10,000

If you drive a bit fast…
the fine is Rs. 20,000.

And it is Rs. 25000 for something else.

What is this Honorable Speaker..

Will you loot people and kill them?

It is very unfortunate to hear from you
and your party about looting and saving

Right from the autos to Sunday vegetable
market.. you have looted everything…

If we speak of what you have spared..
it’s the beggar’s bowls made of aluminium…

that is what you have left..
that is your credibility…

Hey Stop.

Honorable Speaker…
he is speaking about me…

What rubbish is he speaking that I am
looting from autos and vegetable vendors..

Mr. Mallesh… please have your seat.

let him speak…

If this is the case..
we need to walk out of the house…

Do it…

Do it…

As it is time to send alcohol in,
he needs to walk out…

silence please..

Hello Sir… what are you talking…
– Silence please.. sit down.

Honorable Speaker.. I don’t understand what
is the need of walk out’s and lock outs?

Don’t speak as you like…

We don’t talk rubbish like you.

We are talking reasonably.. you should be
ashamed.. what the hell are you speaking?

Mr.Rambabu.. Mr. Rambabu…
please sit down.. please sit down..

We have not come here just to sit down and
listen to your cock and bull stories…

We have come to question
on behalf of people..

Not to question anyone

But you have come here to stand up and
show your sari and jewellery to everyone

Everyone has seen them, you can sit now..
we know about you.

Why do you bother about my jewellery…

Don’t speak too much. Maintain dignity…
– You maintain dignity first.

First learn how to speak…
– Please all of you sit down..

All of you sit down..

Mr. Sripathirao…
please finish your point..

Honorable Speaker..

I know a software engineer in my circle…

Every morning, he needs to drop his
kids at school and go to office.

It would be a problem if
he reaches late to office.

So, not to be late…

while he was going in a one-way
as there was no traffic…

Would they catch him and
impose a fine of 25,000?

We question the government, how will he
maintain his family the entire month?

Leader of the House will speak now..

Thank you Madam Speaker…

I have heard everything that our honorable
opposition leader has spoken just now.

Cheer him up…

One minute..please.

About the newly imposed traffic fines
and the problems faced by the people…

he has explained in detail…

There is a very simple solution
for this Madam Speaker.

No one needs to pay any fines.

If they follow the existing
traffic rules perfectly..

they need not pay a fine of even one rupee.

They can live with their salary happily.

You can cheer for this..

You have spoken about some
software engineer you know…

That he went in a one-way
and he was fined…

and that how would he
get along the whole month

What is the big deal with
the monthly salary sir

We can get along happily if we
cut down our expenses a little bit

But if by chance..
if any vehicle hit him on the one-way…

There will arise a situation to think how
his whole family will survive lifelong?

People have elected the
members of this house…

to do some good for them but not to
support them for their mistakes..

When I came to my Father’s obituary,
I was roaming round alone for two weeks.

What I saw and felt then was…

No one here has even one
percent of accountability

I’ve learnt that it is called as
‘sense of answerability’ in Telugu.

I couldn’t find this in anyone or
in any matter in these few days…

I want to bring that back Madam Speaker…

I want to bring that back…

I was brought up far from here in
a different society Madam Speaker..

Both the public and the government
over there have fear and responsibility…

They are responsible..
they are accountable..

and they make their lives beautiful…

But here, we don’t have cleanliness…

We can do anything anywhere.
There is no quality in anything.

They can openly adulterate without fear

It’s really shocking Madam Speaker…

Is this how the system runs in a country
with more than 100 crores of population?

Are we living so miserably?

Madam Speaker…
he calls our lives are miserable!

Being a C.M… he insults us by
saying our lives are miserable?

We strongly object this

This should be removed from
the records Madam Speaker…

It’s a fact and it has to be
on records Madam Speaker…

To live in the society.. there should be
Fear, Responsibility and Accountability

I will not just impose fines
to bring them into action…

But I will go a very long way…

There will be a set of guide
lines and rules to do any work…

From now on everyone should follow them

I am acting harshly towards
common people who cant their vote…

then if people who are in Service, Working
class, Businessmen, Officials, Doctors,

Political leaders commit any mistake…

I am leaving it to them to imagine how harsh
will the fines to be Madam Speaker

If the doubts of all the
House members are clarified…

with your permission..
I will take a leave Madam Speaker..

when acted upon a bit harshly
and tried to correct a mistake…

you have remembered Monarchy and Kings

but for me…

I recalled my parents who
punished me for doing a mistake…

“I will re-write a new era”

“I will always slogan the people’s interest”

“Tireless service is the only motivation”

“Any toil is accepted”

“I, Bharat, solemnly assure you”

“I will be a responsible player”

“Of the people… For the people…
By the people, as a representative…”

“This is me…”

“This is me…”

“This is me…”

“This is me…”

From now on, I will make every
budget easily understood by people.

I will make every allocation transparent

and make every single rupee
allocated reach the people.

I am warning all the contractors.

Every contract that has been given
to you whether big or small..

The Government and public have every
right to question and enquire about it

“I am not a ruling aristocrat”

“But I am a servant in service”

Won’t you see whether everything
is proper in the station?

Don’t think that I have transferred you all.

Considering all of your interests,
sensibilities and profiles

your postings are given in different
departments that suits you best.

Hope your courage will inspire
other officers as well.

“I, Bharat.. solemnly assure you”

“I will be a responsible player”

“Of the people… For the people…
By the people, as a representative…”

“This is me…”

“This is me…”

Already the center point of
a lot of corruption and scams

Son of the opposition leader,
renowned businessman Manohar…

…is being accused in another scam

Accusing that 800 acres of Govt. land has
been illegally given to his organisation

Some NGO’s have complained

Already there are a lot of allegations on
you to have done a lot of scams and scandals

Now there is another allegation that
you are involved in another land scam.

What do you say about it?

It has become a fashion for us to defame
political leaders and rich people.


There is a talk that you have huge property
on your name beyond your income…

One minute… it is a campaign done
by parties and media who dislike us..

Shall I tell you one thing?

If you do not earn money, they call you
a moron and a good for nothing person

If you earn by working hard and develop,
they call it an illegal earning

That’s why, I don’t pay heed to
whatever is uttered by anyone.

This is a high-profile case that
has grabbed public attention…

You know about it better than me…

A fair and transparent investigation
has to be done Arvind…

Sure Sir…


The State Government handed over opposition
party leader’s son Manohar’s case to CB CID.

The state politics are about to get heated
up in the coming days over this decision.

Even though everyone is happy about Young
Chief Minister Mr.Bharat’s decision..

It is causing an outrage among
political parties and leaders…

In order to keep the officials,
businessmen and contractors in the groove

Chief Minister Bharat who has
been taking sensational decisions

Is now keeping an eye on political leaders

This has become a hot topic in the State…
– Hello

After he slept once he had dinner, suddenly
he is felt discomfort to take breath.

We brought him to the hospital in panic…

When would he understand and digest
the fact that his father is no more…

It seems they will discharge him tomorrow

I will stay along with Sidharth this night..
you go home…

Why do you trouble yourself?
You have lot of things to do…

No problem.. I will stay back..

Go home along with Mom.

I will come home tomorrow
along with Siddarth


Mom and Sis are very much
tired and are taking rest..

I too did not get a chance to spend
time with Dad in my childhood.

He used to be busy with his work..

I missed him a lot…

I used to get angry as well.

But after growing up a little, when
people said your father is good-natured..

your father is a great man

you are lucky to be his son..
I used to be shocked..

Later I understood that
it is a very big job…

It is a bigger job when compared to
the jobs of our friend’s fathers…

A highly responsible job…

You know what a complete man is?
Let me get this straight.

Not committing any mistake in life,
never hurting anyone,

doing his job perfectly and making his
life and the people’s life around him happy

Our Dad was that…

He made us proud..

You and me should be like that
too and we should make him proud…

I think we can do that…

It is very late..

Go to sleep.

I came to know just now.. how is he?

He is feeling better now.

He slept just now.
They will discharge him tomorrow..

Why are you here?
Someone would have managed..

I wish to stay here..

You used to play before
me when you are a kid..

Now I feel happy when
everyone praises you as a C.M.


I will take leave.
– Okay sir.

– Okay


It seems you asked to issue a
G.O to transfer some officers..

Keep some posts on hold out of them.
I will tell you what to do.

I have fixed it after studying everyone and
thinking about who suits best for which position.

I have even signed on the file..

It’s okay.. only a few posts..

There are a lot of issues.

Just four of them Bharat..

Finance Secretary, Kurnool SP,
Commissioner and next CB CID…

These have to be finalized after a
thorough discussion in the party..

Aren’t they Government’s servants?

How are they related to the party?

Anyway I had fixed after deeply studying
about who suits best for which position

They will take charge by tomorrow evening..

I mean..

I used to take these decisions
when your father was alive too,

as it is a ruling party,
we have some obligations.

I have already taken a decision.

This time I want to do it in my style..

Ok.. at least that CB CID..
– This is sounding like a vegetable bargain.

I am feeling discomfort
when you ask repeatedly.

Let me do what I believe this time

I have got some work in the office.

I will meet you in the evening again.

You go and take rest.

Don’t go..

Siddharth will soon speak normally again.

Did the doctor say that?

Siddharth told me himself.

All the Council of Ministers, Officers
and Secretaries.. thanks for being here.

This is my first Cabinet meeting.

I know all the people here are
seniors and are highly experienced.

Hence I thought it’s good to come with some
prior knowledge before calling this meeting.

What’s the big deal in it sir?

All of us have reached this
stage by learning step by step.

By the end of this term we will also
make you an experienced person like us.

Thank you.

When I get to know about every department,
I have some uncleared doubts..

Firstly.. Education department.

Education department.


Every year the percentage of student admissions
in Government schools is declining badly.

There is a decline of more
than 50,000 every year

Hundreds of schools are getting shut down.

In many schools, the percentage of
students has come down to single digit.

I mean.. I came to know it is
not viable to run these schools

It is better if we close them as well Sir

I mean.. it might increase
the burden on the Government.

I’m asking you why is that?

I mean… even many people are
interested in private schools.

Even in villages..
they are showing interest in private schools

Leaving the free education
in Government schools

Do they like paying lakhs of
rupees to private schools?

Where is the standard in
the Government schools sir?

You are the concerned Minister.. right..!

It is me of course..

What are you doing while
the standards are declining?

Say what we are doing man!

People are interested in joining their
children in English medium schools Sir..

Is Government not interested in
establishing English medium schools?

Government is there to
function for the people.

Isn’t it our duty to fulfill their needs?

You know what…

It is not even required to establish English
medium schools and provide free education

If we charge a minimum fee.. I strongly
believe that many students will join

We will look into it Sir..

In this academic year.. we will plan
to start two schools in every district.

We will start an awareness campaign..

We will multiply the schools next year.

We will look into it Sir.

There’s nothing to look into it.

What is there to look into? Just do it.

Now coming to the private schools…

In some schools..
they charge one lakh for fifth standard.

One and half lakh for the sixth standard,
two lakhs for seventh standard..

And it is three lakhs for the tenth standard

Can’t understand what they teach there.

There is this one particular school..

This is off the record.. off the record..

PB High School.

What happened?

What happened? All these schools
belong to our concerned Minister.

Para Bhrahmam.. PB.. PB schools..

These are schools having
very high standards Sir.

Many students from here are
studying in our schools.

There is discount for our people as well Sir

Do you know that Education is non
profitable in our country?

If you turn Education into a business
and earn even a single rupee out of it..

It is a punishable offence.

How do you say that in Telugu?

Legally a crime Sir

Legally a crime.

Is that so Sir?

That means we should not earn
money from schools and colleges

What’ this Para Bhrahmam?
I am not aware of this before Sir!

That means even after collecting
lakhs of rupees as fee every month

You are not left with even a single penny!
– Yes

What a sacrifice is yours!

Isn’t it Sir.. what a big sacrifice is this?

I want a strong enquiry
on all the private schools

Appoint a Fees Regulation committee too.
I will personally monitor this.


Because education is a need for everyone, many
people are doing business considering it a weakness

I swear..

I will not spare even a single person

Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Mr.Bharat has
participated in his first Cabinet Session..

Questioning different sectors’ functioning style,
he has initiated new changes in Education sector.

Keeping a check on private schools and colleges
which became a huge burden on middle-class people

he has started reviving to bring back earlier
shine of Government schools and colleges.

For collecting high fees against the
rules and regulations of the Govt.

After identifying a lot of
corporate schools and colleges

The government officials,
have not only issued notices to them

but also have ceased them
and booked cases against them

Apart from this, directing that all
Government schools to start English medium..

Isn’t this C.M is a very nice person Dad?

He is sincerely trying to bring
some changes or the other..

Some people will seem to be so,
but we cannot trust these politicians

He has taken a revolutionary decision.

In this country with a huge population
of middle class and lower middle class,

privatization of Education will
harm this Nation’s progress a lot.

Whether we eat or not… we save every
penny we earn to send our kids to convent.

Now if Government schools
provide with good education..

It would change our lives.

Our Chief Minister has bravely
taken a very good decision.

We wish he stands on it and put a
check to all those who sell education.

We are with you on this sir!

Good Morning Sir.

I have employed the research team that you
asked for and allotted a room beside too.

shall I ask them to come and meet you?

I will come myself.


Sir… Sudhir, Kailash,
Rohan, Vasumathi and Swapna.

All of them are preparing for Civils Sir..

This Research will be helpful
to them as well.. Sir..


Please sit down.

In some the key issues..

I want the data of different Countries,
States, their policies and methods


Do they have a high-speed broadband connection?
– They have it sir.

Give them access to old records as well.
– Sure Sir.

Do they have I pads?

I will arrange sir.
– Yeah.

“Oh my! This looks like a dream”

“Oh my god! But this is a fact!”

“He is in my dream.. how I believe this?”

“How do I see him as my pair?”
– So that no one recognises you.

“By the time I know what’s happening”

“A handsome man’s eyesight
has swirled me like a tornado”

“Oh my! This looks like a dream”

“Oh my god! But this is a fact!”

Hello.. can I speak to Vasumathi?
May I know who is speaking?

My name is Bharat, her friend

Your friend Bharat it seems..

Hi… Sir.

You will get a king-like husband dear…
He will look after you lifelong

“Who will have it and
how many will have it?”

“Good heavens!
Such good luck has come to me”

“Something I never asked for is before me”

“It would take time for me to
come to terms with this truth”

“Want to shout and tell this to the world”

“This is a great news sparkling
in my eyes and dreams”

“The day people look at me
like a princess is not far”

“Oh my! This looks like a dream”

“Oh my god! But this is a fact!”

I am planning another major project of 4500
megawatts power station in this year Dad…

CB CID officers have come to meet you Sir.

Hello Sir.. Arvind Krishna.

Additional DG.. CID

We have started investigation on
disproportionate assets case filed on you.

I want to investigate this case
in a smooth and transparent manner

I want your support for that.

Whenever required..
you are supposed to come to CB CID office.

It is good if there is no
disturbance from your supporters

I have come to inform this to you.

During investigation, you are not supposed
to leave the town without my permission.

You will receive court
order in a day or two.

See you soon.

There are corruption allegations on opposition
Leader’s son Manohar from long time.

What is your reaction on Government
handing over this case to CB CID.

This is 100 percent a cowardly
retaliation act taken by the Government.

As we are opposing all the
Governments procedures..

They have just opened this case shamelessly
to make the opposition speechless

These kind of retaliation acts,
provocative acts are not good in a democracy

Whatever might be the intention of
Government in opening this case.

It mostly seems like this
is done to appall Opposition

Hello Sir.

What’s the progress?


That… Opposition party leader son’s
disproportionate assets case investigation..

Interesting developments have taken place

We also gathered some
important evidences Sir.

We will work hard to get the judgment
by the time of next hearing Sir..

What’s your name?

– Arvind Krishna..

Our party is Ruling currently.

If all this is done on the
opposition party’s family,

They would say we are
conspiring against them

Isn’t it?

People may show sympathy on them..
stop it for the time being..

Sir.. we don’t have any pressure
from the government Sir.

We are dealing this case in a
clean and transparent manner.

We know that.
But the people do not; right? Stop it

We are supposed to perform
our duties too sir.

A culprit should be punished

Within three months,
everyone has become so pig-headed?

How were you all earlier?

Is it not necessary to think about the
pros and cons before doing anything i?

I am answerable for the
acts done by you blindly.

There is a lady dependent on you.

Two kids are going to school.

When you are in this position
you should be a little afraid.

You should be rooted to ground.

Stop it.

On the corruption case on Opposition party leader’s
son Manohar being followed by the entire Andhra Pradesh

The State’s High court has
given judgment giving a clean chit.

The court believes that the defendant CB
CID handling this case for quite some time

Could not gather proper
evidences to prove it

While coming out of the court hall
“The justice has won and democracy has lived”

Said the Opposition
leader’s son to the media

Sir… Sir..
Sir…What’s your opinion on Judgement

Justice has won..
Democracy is alive.. that’s all.

Already there are lot of pending cases
in the courts.. it’s a mere time waste..

It is foolish of the Government to have filed
this case knowing that they will lose it,

All these days he has been lecturing..
this is how and this is the way we should be

He has spoken of all the rubbish
accountabilities.. now what has happened?

He is similar to the other
Chief Ministers earlier.

Multiple doubts are arising over CB CID not being
able to provide proper evidences to the court

If not our foolishness, will the
politicians be punished in this country.

I have never seen this happen
right from my childhood

If that party comes to power,
it will save him and he will save the other..

Even actors cannot compete with them..

Go.. go go..

Whoever comes to power.. they will avoid
political leaders as they are all united..

All the people and the political analysers
are expressing their anger on this issue


I have arranged for a small tea
party at home in the evening.

All the important guests are coming.

You should be there most importantly.

So do not get engaged in any work and
come down.. I will be waiting for you.

Come Bharat… we are waiting for you

Have a seat.

When you said important people, I thought
you would discuss something important.

Is it for this?

I mean.. after you have become C.M… we
did not find a good time to meet together..

So I invited everyone
so that it would be nice

This is not an official meeting.

Let’s forget all the tensions and be free,
speak out whole-heartedly.

What will you have?


You gained the fame which we have got in
all these years, in a very short period..

You are very fortunate

This is not a simple thing in politics

You have interfered with people,
Officials, businessmen and contractors..

All of this is fine..

But touching the political
leaders is not fair

To save you when we are in power and saving
us when you are in power is an agreement

I have heard about gentlemen’s agreement..

but this is the first time I’m
hearing about such a stupid agreement,

We speak hundred things outside

You say we did wrong and
we say you did wrong,

We shout at each other,
we rebuke each other.

But deep inside we all belong to same type.

All the people are one side and we
all are on the other side.. bro..

When it comes to good deeds,
we all fight against each other

and in the case of gross deeds,
you say we are all one..

You say..
all people are one and we are all one?

Are we not people.. then who are we?

May be animals.

Son… we will discuss in harmony.

We will find a solution..

We should maintain party’s cadre, voters.

We have to maintain families,

After all this maintenance.. do we need
to explain contractors all the figures.?

Show figures in budget? We will be
ruined son! We will land up nowhere..

An MLA’s salary is more than 2 lakhs.

Free bills, free allowances,
free phone and free house.

What more maintenance do you require?

Oh no!

Do we live with our salaries?

Should the MLA’s and MP’s
live with their salaries?

I will resign Sir!

There are many social
organizations to serve people,.

But who will take care of us?

Ours job is not even a permanent one

In the tenure of our power, if we earn a
bit and save, we wouldn’t be bankrupt later.

From the past fifty years,
I have been fighting on farmer’s issues.

But I couldn’t find any solution.
But I was not disappointed or taken back.

If everything gets solved overnight..
then how about our future?

From the time I came, everyone is bothered
what will happen to us and our parties?

I was waiting if even one would
ask about how the people would live

Have you crossed seventy years Sir?

I am seventy-eight Sir.

By any chance if the temperature
rises by 2 degrees any year

There are high chances of you
to expire due to that sunstroke

Then where is your future..?

Think of the future of coming
generations and farmers

Are we stupid’s being in
politics all these years?

Even though you did not like and denied,
he made you C.M ignoring all of us.

For the trust he had on you,
is this what you give back?

I, Bharat.

Have taken oath in the name of God, as Andhra Pradesh’s
Chief Minister, I will provide justice to all people.

Whatever I do or give, it is for them..


For years together, we
all have made promises..

We speak a hundred words out of thin air.

think that they are words out of thin air

But.. I believe that my promise
will always remain in the air.

But in my case..
what happened to your promise?

I have earned thousands of
crores of money illegally.

That “I have murdered any person who has
come against my way and investigated”

You have even given the case to CB CID.

Over… everything is over..
happily I am free here.

Who said it is over?

Don’t believe whoever said so.

Bharat… no.

Sometimes in politics,
we come across these kinds of issues.

Instead of saying that he
is saved from this case,

we should say you have been saved.

People are expecting more from you looking
at the things you are doing day by day.

After reaching a certain stage..
even you cannot meet their expectations.

Then where will you land up?

What would happen if you lose in this case?

People’s trust in you would decrease a bit.

They will think you are
like all the politicians,

curse you for some days
and get busy in their work

They don’t have that much memory and time.

Be amicable with everyone
and enjoy your power.

Saving such an idiot, are you feeling
that you have done a great job?

In politics, before doing anything you
should take a note of what is there around.

You should have noticed the
glass table before bro.

Relax. He just toppled due to overdose
of liquor. No problem, you can go.

You are called a man, when you stand
by your word when you make a promise.

My mom used to say so in my childhood.

I think you call as ‘Magadu’
or ‘Monagadu’ in Telugu

Its Magadu Sir.

Apart from me, I doubt if there is
anyone of that kind in this room.

In the near future.. I will change you all
into gentlemen who stand by their word.

I swear in the name of God..

Sir.. all the information related to audit
regarding Europe’s budget details is in this file

Because of what happened in the
opposition leader Son’s case…

Hearing the way the news channels
were blaming you from past one week

We all really felt very bad sir..

The fault is mine…

Knowing how the system works here..
I should have been more alert and careful.

It’s OK. There would be another chance.

Sir.. from the past three days.
some students are waiting outside.

I don’t think they have an appointment..

Even after the security denied entry,
they are waiting insisting upon meeting you

Greetings Sir..

Our hometown is Rachakonda
in Rayalaseema Sir..

Even though the whole world is heading
forward.. our lives are unalterable

Your party leader Damu Sir..
his brother is our MLA.

As he was dead,
the by-elections are declared.

Even this time,
they have given it to his son Sir.

We thought one baddie has gone..
but another has come from his family.

If we wish to share our problems
with our people in town,

The 3 km long road is highly rugged
and takes 3 hours to reach Sir.

Still unable to bear it,

if we reach out travelling all the way,
and share our problems, it’s of no use.

Losing our patience, if we go and
question them straight…

The person who questions will not
return home is the talk over there

Their brother and father are also among them

They could not control their
anger and went to question…

It has been 4 years they went
and still did not return back..

The people at home are still in
the hope that they will come back.

We cannot tell them Sir…that
the dead will not come back..

Those vultures will not let us get any fund
or grains given by the Government sir.

We are thinking that it is a curse to be
born in that area and living desperately..

But looking at you,
a small hope has arisen inside us sir..

We have come all the way to bring to
your notice about our problems Sir..

I don’t know anything about
party and election tickets.

Having so much awareness why
don’t you contest in elections?


How can I contest for the MLA’s post sir?

You know each and everything about your
village, people and their problems..

Who can do better than you?

You said that you are used to problems?

Can’t you trouble yourself a bit
more and make your lives better?

Go to your village and talk to them

Ask all the people who want to make
their lives better to join you.

They all are scared Sir..

I will stand between you and fear

That is Rayalaseema Sir..

I am the C.M. to Rayalaseema
and also to the Rachakonda inside it.

It is a known fact that in the happening
by-elections in Kurnool district,

on behalf of the ruling party, senior
member Damu’s son, Jagadish is contesting.

Everyone thought that the victory
of the ruling party is definite.

But unexpectedly, a candidate by the name
of Ramana contesting as independent member,

Chief Minister Bharat giving him
support instead of the ruling party,

Created chaos in Political outfits
and mainly in the Ruling party.

Party has given ticket to my son.

As opposition too doesn’t have
a proper candidate to contest,

we thought that our win is for sure.

Now it seems there is a support from Chief
Minister to some Independent candidate.

Our CM is against our own party’s candidate.

I am not able to understand
what kind of politics is this

Everyone is scared to come before
us and talk in the village.

But now today some person
without any recognition..

He is contesting against us in elections.

People have lost their fear
and are laughing at us brother.


I guess when he was 20 years old..
your father had contested for a ZPTC post.

On the other side it was Guravaiah…
a big factionist.

When he threatened your father to step back,
he went to their place and set 15 Trucks ablaze

If they interfere in his matters again..

He said the next time instead of trucks he will
set fire to houses and the people living in.

After 5 years,
I myself have made him to contest as MP.

At that time, Rayappa,
a village head with power and force..

when he was threatening the
village and your fathers followers,

Rayappa’s 25 members went missing.

But now, when someone who is weak
and anonymous person is against,

He got scared and came running to me.

Why?. have you become old?

Has your blood stopped boiling?

You have to vote without fail…Okay

Will you contest opposite us?


Since we wake up in the morning, we are scared
who would get their hands and legs broken.

Why don’t you leave it dear..

All these days we have left it.. uncle.

While the whole world is heading forward

We are still here thinking it is enough
if we are alive with some food and water

Damn.. we have to be ashamed of our lives.

Your wish dear.

From tomorrow no one will accompany you.
We have come to convey this to you.

Listen to us Ramana.. you are educated.

Instead of staying here
and fighting against them,

Why don’t you go to the
city and find some job?

I have an own house,
mom and 4 acres of land here.

Where shall I go leaving all these
and what work do I do like an orphan?

As you don’t have a father,
we thought of giving you some advice

It is up to you now. Come on.. let’s go..


I need a favor Mukthar.
– Order Sir..

We need to send 10 strong task force
policemen to Rachakonda in Rayalaseema.

In civil clothes.

They should get down at Rachakonda,
mingle with the public.

and safeguard the
independent candidate Ramana

This should not be known
to anyone… even to him.

They should be around him day and night
and thrash anyone trying to attack him


An anonymous person has
attacked 15 of our people?

What’s happening?

He is a kid brother..

He can’t do that. There must be some
people safeguarding him from behind.

We will find them out and kill them brother.

Call the DSP of Rachakonda.

Why have you taking me this way?
Isn’t the police station on the other side?

They might be coming already.

Knowingly you have dared to
contest against me in elections…

Even after he has been brought to
Durga Mahal and stood before Damu,

I am unable to see fear in his eyes.

What’s his dare?

I made a promise to him that I
will stand between him and you.

When I give a promise,
you know I go to any extent.

It’s not a big deal to come to Rayalaseema
and to these old ruins of Durga Mahal.

I hear that you kill the people
who stand against you in this place.

What kind of acts are these,
in the present days?

Are you a human or an animal?

He will contest against your
son in elections and even win.

Leave alone bringing him to
Durga Mahal once again to god.

Even if someone tries to attack
him or even if he feels sick

I don’t know how many years it has been
that a movie was played in this Durga Mahal

I will show you a very powerful
movie to you and your people Damu.

I have come suddenly
without informing anyone.

I’ve got works.. I will make a move then.

You are leaving alive as
you are in the CM position.


As you have become a CM by chance
and all these guys being behind you.

You are going back alive even after coming
to Rayalaseema and that too to my place.

By the time my people give a second thought,
get your boss out of here.

I need just one more favor Mukthar.


I want to give a personal
treatment to Damu and his members.

Can you give me just 10 minutes?

What are you talking Sir?
Why will you fight with them?

We should leave sir.

Intelligent guy.
He asked knowing that you would say so.

Officers.. just 10 minutes..

If I cannot protect myself from these guys,
how can I protect the State?

– Sir.

If I leave this place, I should leave with
the confidence that I have thrashed them.

If anyone even tries to touch you, within
2 seconds, we will shoot them all Sir.

I will smash them out,
without even anyone touching me.

Is it okay?

If you are such a macho,
then why do you ask them?

You should jump in without giving a thought.

For your sake, personally we are keeping our
jobs and duties at stake and approving sir.

But if something happens to you, the very
next minute we will start firing sir.

I will not give you that chance Mukthar..


I am not CM for the next 10 minutes Damu.

It is up to you how you would start.

It’s not funny. Don’t you think it’s
better you give it a second thought.

Why do I hear words when
I invited people Damu?

Good start sir.

This doesn’t count as he has
laid his hand on me Officers!

Nice one Sir..

He is like a sword himself
with a sword in hand

Where are you going after
looking at all of this too? Huh?

Sir.. please take Sir with you..

We will not come in his way

We will see that the
elections happen smoothly.

Many leaders are threatening people and
surviving in these surrounding areas

Going to each and every village
and their movie theatres..

It’s not possible for me to make
people understand like you Damu.

Taking eldership and explaining about your
experience to people will be appreciated.

Okay Sir

It’s not enough Damu..

I swear in the name of God.. that I will
explain in a way they would understand sir.

That’s all for now Mukthar.
– Sir.

we got a call regarding the chopper just now.

They say it’s not possible to take off
as the weather condition is not good.

We have to stay back nearby tonight Sir

As you arrived suddenly, we have
arranged a bed for you in the school

We tried our best Sir.

You didn’t.

What are you doing when police
and politicians got intermingled?

Excuse me Sir.. the people from the
surrounding villages are here to meet you

They say they just want to meet you once.

I will not leave this matter so easily.

All of you have to come
to Hyderabad tomorrow.

Greetings sir! Greetings sir!

You have come a long way for our sake and
fought for us keeping your life at stake.

Maybe we are bonded in our earlier birth..
we have come to see you once Sir

Tonight there is a village fair here.

In olden days.. they say a demon
used to come and kill people daily.

Unable to see their sufferings,
the Goddess had come herself

and killed that demon is the
story that prevails here.

We don’t know whether
that story is true or not,

but the God who killed the
demon we know is here before us.

Today is the real village fair for us sir.

If possible, please attend the fair once sir.
We will be delighted

You have come without any preparation..
these are the clothes which are woven by us

If you like them, please wear them and come

“The rucked face of the old
grandpa has glowed with bliss!”

“Glowed with bliss!”

“The small lamp in the
thatched hut has sparkled!”

“Has sparkled!”

“The bell in the Lord Rama’s temple
beside the village community platform”

“Rings in festive delight!”

“The lord has arrived.. the earth has raised
the umbrella filled with stars of the sky”

“The lord has given…
a promise sprouting wings of a new hope”

“The lord has arrived.. the earth has raised
the umbrella filled with stars of the sky”

“The lord has given…
a promise sprouting wings of a new hope”

“Take out the Sword and hammer,
shovel and spades”

“Put the sweat of our
toil as a saffron blob”

“Put the sweat of our
toil as a saffron blob”

“These tools which are our
bread earners are our Gods”

“Let us worship them then!”

“Let us worship them then!”

“The day our Goddess has
opened her eyes on Navaratri”

“The age old darkness has left and
the dawn arrived at the right time”

“The lord has arrived.. the earth has raised
the umbrella filled with stars of the sky”

“The lord has given…
a promise sprouting wings of a new hope”

“Earthen walls will speak of the
village peoples difficulties”

“Crumpled roads will speak of the
life stories of the village people”

“When a festival arrives”

“Doesn’t everyone’s heart run towards the
village where they are born and brought up!”

“The real festival is the day on which we
wipe the tears off from our mother’s eyes”

“This is the Rayalaseema that sparkled
like a star once upon a time ”

“If it turns insipid today,
our life would become meaningless”

“The lord has arrived.. the earth has raised
the umbrella filled with stars of the sky”

“The lord has given…
a promise sprouting wings of a new hope”

“Handicraft occupations are hundred plus..
skilled are the workers here”

“It is in their sweat blobs
that every village sparkles”

“These handsome workers glow by the
sunshine and sparkle in the shower of rain”

“Are they born any lesser?
They have every right for a privileged life”

“Instead of just singing a lullaby
that villages are the roots”

“We should give proper support
to these striving generations”

“The lord has arrived.. the earth has raised
the umbrella filled with stars of the sky”

“The lord has given…
a promise sprouting wings of a new hope”

In the Rayalaseema by-elections that
are eagerly awaited by the entire state,

Independent candidate Ramana

has won over the ruling party’s candidate
by a huge majority of 35,000 votes

and created a sensation
in the State politics

In spite of coming from a poor family
and not having any political experience

I have seen many CM’s in my service.

I came to a conclusion that it will not make
any difference to us whoever is elected.

Finally.. there’s one..

Who thinks about you, about me and
about everyone like his own people

I thought he was a political leader…

He is a “Leader”

Did we make a mistake by making
him C.M instead of letting him go?

He is going beyond our control day by day.

We don’t know what all
would he do in the future..

Did Chief Minister Bharat divert
his attention towards villages?


Not knowing when and
which district the Chief Minister would visit,

All the MLA’s and Ministers
are panicked in the State.

Let’s go to Borivelli.
– Okay sir.

Agriculture is in a sorry state sir.
No one is ready to solve our problems

The world is moving ahead
in all sectors in many ways.

Even in Agriculture

But here, we are not taking any efforts
to know about them and follow them.

If you stay in ignorance forever, then even
this world will forget you.. Elderly man.

I will introduce Agricultural
division in your Panchayat office

and see to it that the latest
technology is available for you

It’s very difficult to go to hospital
if we are sick after dusk sir

After dusk means?

Evening.. after the sunset sir.

There is no availability of
a doctor or medicines there

How far is the primary
healthcare center from here?

Sir that is..
– It’s 7 Km from here Sir

Call the doctor at the center there

Hello Sir..

Suddenly the CM has visited Chidambaram.
Start immediately and come here

He doesn’t even fear you as an officer.
I think he is very close to you.

Do you behave like this
with all the doctors.

Suspend him as soon as we reach Srikakulam.
– Okay sir.


Namaste sir.. Dr. Chidambaram sir

A PHC doctor should be available
within the area limits.

Then what are you doing in Srikakulam?

Actually… kid’s education.

Then what about their lives?

I think practice in
Srikakulam is going good.

You need not even come
weekly once from tomorrow.

You are dismissed.

I will appoint a new doctor to the hospital.

There will not be any problem
even after dusk, Elderly man.

“I gave my promise to this earth”

“I will keep it till the end of life”

“To the dreams crushed at the bottom”

We are managing it somehow
without falling down.

I will be of support to you.

Okay Sir.

“What is the use of these positions
that don’t provide strength?”

“I, Bharat, solemnly assure you”

I want to see our ripened crop.

“Will be a responsible player”

“Of the people… For the people…
By the people.. As a Representative…”

“This is me…”

“This is me…”

“This is me…”

“This is me…”

Human brain..

What do you know about Human brain?

Human brain is made up of three parts.

Cerebrum, Cerebellum, Medulla oblongata

Which school are you studying..?

I am studying in Zilla Parishath English
Medium High School, Akkireddyalli.

From past many days,
I am visiting all the villages in the state.

I have come to know about
their problems and situations.

On the whole, what I understood is…

Every village has it’s own set of problems

One village needs school, one village
needs library, and one village needs roads.

And one village, Madam Speaker…

They requested for a cremation ground
to be properly cremated after death

In one village, water problem,
mosquitoes problem in the other

and in another village,
they requested to clean up their ponds

All villages have different
different requirements

We cannot address all these
problems commonly.. Madam Speaker

At the same time, it is hard to discuss
about 23,000 villages separately sitting here

After a discussion with financial specialists
and experts, I have derived a simple solution

“Local Governance”

“Self rule”

State’s budget is more than
two and half lakh crores

If we can give 5 crores per year to
each village to the 23,000 villages,

They can solve their problems themselves

They need not wait for anyone

If the people of every village discuss
their problems among themselves

and come to a conclusion

their funds will be released immediately.

Chief Minister Sir, giving their
money back to them.. what is this?

In that case, what is that we need to do?

Giving them money during elections and even
now too.. what kind of schemes are these?

Mr.. Sudhakar..
switch off the camera for sometime

We are unable to express our
inner frustration freely.

Sir.. only we should address their problems

That is because they are
public and we are leaders.

You should make a note of that.

The villages are far from here sir.

Their problems are distant to be heard,
far to be seen

Sir.. this is not fair Sir

If you give 5 crores to each village,
How will you run the remaining State sir

If we allocate 5 crores per
village to all the 23,000 villages

It sums up to 1 lakh
fifteen thousand crores,

After all the villages will be covered

still half of the budget would remain
and the governance becomes easy too.

In that case,
will you change the Constitution and Law?

No one has done that till now.

Do you think they all are fools?

This idea would not have cropped
up if all of us were legit sir

From the past 70 years, neither there is
a change in villages nor in their lives

Other than waiting that someone will
solve their problems by voting for them,

nothing substantial has happened Sir


Giving people their money back

you are the only Leader we see who asks the
people to mind their lives avoiding your work sir

What a leader are you sir!

A great man quoted “Building a society that doesn’t
need a leader is the true attribute of a leader”

I strongly believe that

And I will try to make it happen.

Madam Speaker,
this is 100 percent a foolish act

I strongly oppose this proposal which jeopardises
the nation’s future and am walking out

Come.. Come.

What kind of CM is he..?

Come..come.. let’s go..
– It’s our fate.

There is no difference in
his governance and tuglak

“Self Administration” it seems! Let’s go..

You have unnecessarily made him a C.M.

It’s feels like a stone given
in the hands of a mad guy

I am going to introduce this scheme
in the Budget in the coming week.

Irrespective of anyone’s approval,

From this year, we will put a beginning
to self-governance in every village!

Another new chapter in the
Andhra Pradesh’s State politics

CM Bharat has taken a revolutionary decision to
release 5 crore’s fund per year to every village.

This year we are given the right to decide which
problems to solve with the 5 crore funds released

If all of us gather near the temple day after
tomorrow and decide problems to solve first

We can start off the works.

We shall decide on the problems to be solved
with the 5 crores allocated to our village.

One.. we will repair the
passage that leads to Kothhapadu

Two.. we have to provide our library
with ten computers and internet

Why do you want all these now?

It’s our wish.. we have all decided together

Have tea and leave

We approve it! We approve it!

before coming here what I have said is..

Dear! From now on they have introduced
self administration in the villages

If there are any issues

Without the need of a fellow like me,
money will be given to them directly

Then what work would I have?

“I would sit along with you daily and help
you in house hold work and entertain you”

That is what I told my wife brother.

Sometime back, I have distributed around
10 ration cards when I felt like..

For that they felt that I am a great leader.

A road that leads to town from our zone, was
very horrible for years together with pits.

I have renovated the same road.

These foolish people
spoke about it for years.

Now without any pain, if all the roads,
schools and temples are provided,

Leave aside paying respect to us,
they will treat us like street dogs

Why do you feel bad
comparing to dogs here now?

If you had this thought earlier

If we both had compromised,
either of us would have got the seat!

The matter would not
have come to this extent,

You could not feel the pain until
the situation got out of control

He is experiencing labor
pains like a pregnant lady

He has become a God in people’s eyes

It is not that easy to dethrone him.

Brother.. if you too get scared like us..
what’s our situation brother?

Why be scared? Isn’t he a human too?

Will he not commit even a small mistake?

A small mistake is enough.

Got fresh milk from hometown,
I have prepared this cheese freshly..

It’s very tasty.

I’ll have it later.


Sit down..

So shall I leave…

Why don’t you stay for some more time?


Shall I leave now?

Why don’t you stay for some more time?

It’s time my dad comes home.. shall I leave?

Why don’t you stay back?

for a lifetime?

“My lady love who sparkles
like a deodar cedar sculpture”

“Oh Vasumathi… Oh..Ooo..Vasumathi..”

“I have turned into Romantic
Poet Shelly because of you”

“Oh Vasumathi.. Oh.. Ooo Vasumathi..”

“Oh my!
Surrounded on all sides by your dreams”

“I have become an island of love”

“If you invite me by holding hand in hand”

“I will follow you like a manacles
of flowers for hundred years”

“Come to me… my beautiful Harmonica”

“My lady love who sparkles
like a deodar cedar sculpture”

“Oh Vasumathi.. Oh.. Ooo Vasumathi…”

“I have turned into Romantic
Poet Shelly because of you”

“Oh Vasumathi.. Oh.. Ooo Vasumathi..”

“Shall I negotiate with the Sun..
Shall I speak and change moon’s heart”

“And increase the total hours in my day…
just for you..”

“Shall I arrange a Palanquin as big as a plane,
Shall I tour along with you beyond these planets”

“Shall I change the space to be
a bit romantic.. just for you..”

“Shall weave garlands of lightning
and gift you one per second?”

“Shall I make a ring out of rainbow
and set it on your ring finger..”

“My lady love who sparkles
like a deodar cedar sculpture”

“Oh Vasumathi.. Oh.. Ooo Vasumathi..”

ethereal Vasumathi..”

“Oh my god! You have given
permission before even I requested”

“You are my thousand crores gift”

“Run towards me and come close dear wife”

“Shall I search for a peaceful island
and plant a small beautiful flower plant”

“Call it with your name and nurture it..
with all my love”

“Shall I make your lip signet as a doll
and wear it as a necklace on my neck”

“So that it always does cute gossiping…
with my heart”

“In every coming birth,
shall I follow you as your born lover”

“Shall I put a request to the creator
to create another world for us”

“My lady love who sparkles
like a deodar cedar sculpture”

“Oh Vasumathi.. Oh.. Ooo Vasumathi..”

“I have turned into Romantic
Poet Shelly because of you”

“Oh Vasumathi.. Oh.. Ooo Vasumathi..”

ethereal Vasumathi..”

“Oh my god! You have given
permission before even I requested”

“You are my thousand crores gift”

“Run towards me and come close dear wife”

we got an information through Intelligence

that the CM is roaming
around with some girl.

I think they are seeing each other.

The girl’s father is a Head Constable
in Chanda Nagar police station

and she is in MBA graduate

She is working as a research
assistant in C.M’s office

As soon as we have some Information
about her, we will update you sir.

A revolutionist who has
opened a new chapter in politics

This is the picture of our Chief
Minister Mr. Bharat till yesterday.

Like the fact that nothing is permanent

The rumour is that the State’s CM
has an illegal affair with Vasumathi.

Not only that he had provided
her a job in the Secretariat

but he had also misused the
highest authorized power.

Are the rumors heard about Mr. Bharat.

The daughter of Head Constable
working in state Police Department

People are shocked by the news of the State’s CM’s
illegal affair with college student Vasumathi,

He kept her with him by giving her
a job in the state secretariat too.

He has misused highest chair and his
power is what is heard all over the state

They are demanding an answer for this.

He has come.
Come on..come on.

We will cover from this side.

What’s that poor girl’s fault?
He is a smart looking guy and also CM.

If he tempts, even Kathyayini or
myself too will fall for him.

I will not fall for someone so easily..

Don’t shout with your big mouth

Ya..ya..have seen lot’s
of these kind of things

I thought you are well
educated and intelligent.

You are a girl at last..

Didn’t you think how our lives will be
affected if you meddle with high cadre people?

What dear?

We should feel happy that, we got a great
leader and our lives would get better.

But.. wishing for a life’s
relation with him.. wrong dear..

It is wrong

Ours are middle-class families. Even our neighbours
don’t know what’s happening in our lives.

We are exposed to the entire world now.

in an immoral way

He has charged us with fines
that we have committed mistakes.

But what has he done now?

Come on.. let’s not make it ugly.
It’s his personal issue.

He spoke about morals like a gentleman…
but he is a lustful guy!

Making the office,
a romantic spot is the highlight.

Latest breaking news…

Bharat has resigned from CM position by
handing over his resignation letter to Governor

Looks like the Governor has also
approved his resignation immediately.

There is news that, in few hours from now,
the senior most members in the State politics,

one of the founder members of
Navodayam Party Mr. Varadarajulu,

will be taking the oath as the new CM.


I, Varadaraju,

I will bear full faith and loyalty
towards the constitution of India

Sir.. sir..

What’s your comment in the present
political scenario of the state.

Everyone says that
dislike to become the C.M.

But unexpectedly you have become C.M.
what do you comment on this Sir..

You all know the answer.

I don’t know, whether it is good or bad,

But I always have felt that,
the CM post is a thorny seat.

I thought that I would
not embrace it in my life.

But, I had to,
for the sake of State and Party’s future.


I am trying to call Vassu continuously.

Phone is out of order.

House is locked. I need to talk to her.

Vassu and her father left to their
hometown vacating the house Sir.

Just now she called from
the railway station sir.

Hey! It’s C.M Bharat…

Is that him!

Why is he here?

Vasumathi has not done any mistake sir.

Why are you leaving the city
for a mistake not committed?

But the loss occurred is huge sir.

Better.. we are leaving just the city.

Vasumathi and I are in love.

I am not bothered what this world thinks.

I want to marry her and leave to London.

Ours is a middle class family sir.

What the world thinks about
us matters the most to us.

By sending her along with you, I don’t
want to make the false rumor true sir.

It’s time for the train to departure.

It’s better if you get down.

I always used to speak about
accountability and answerability.

You are accountable for our love.

Where ever you are,
I will be waiting for you life long

I came to take two of father’s books.

I am going to London next week.

Wanted to inform this to you and leave.

I have not done anything that defames him.

Every second,
I tried to work like him for his ambition

You have done very much better than him

Your father is a very good person.

But whether all people are happy or not

Whether I am able to provide
them with everything or not

He was always bothered by these thoughts.

But once you came,
happiness was seen and heard everywhere.

I came into this home
as you needed a mother.

But I know that I could
never fill that position.

But you have soothed my child who was
in the agony of losing his father.

Even though you are younger to me…

He used to say that people are his family.

But those people feel
that you are their family

Yes sir..

I have worked as a personal
Secretary to many people.

But never I felt personal sir.

It is because of you, today our
children are getting good education

If they have to grow up
and enter a better society,

you should be there to build it sir.

Bharat speaks to the media for the first
time after his resignation to the CM post

Don’t know what this meeting is for.
What might he say!

How can he deny after its so evident?

He is coming…

What’s your comment on
your affair with Vasumathi?

They say she used to come
to your flat regularly.

Did you give her a job to
have romance in the office?

Please be patient for 10 minutes so
that I can answer all your questions.

Be silent for 10 minutes

My tenure as the State’s Chief
Minister is 8 months and 13 days.

That’s not a short period.

If you have authority in your hands for
8 months, do you know what can be done?

Our people who don’t follow the traffic rules,
or any other rules and live unsystematically

could be brought under discipline like that.

The past glory of our Government
schools which are ready to be closed

could be brought back like that.

All the contractors, officers and doctors
lacking quality and responsibility..

could be controlled like that

Irrespective of the ruling party,

The Leaders who say, this Law and Order
is for only public but not for us..

and do illegal activities, these bad leaders

sorry… these bad corrupt idiots..

do you know how can we scare them?

like that..

Once they come into power,

forgetting that they are people’s servants

the rowdy leaders who live by threatening people
could be taught a lesson at their own place.

For years together,
to the unheard grievances of the villages,

can be made to be addressed without crossing
the village premises then and there itself,

such real democratic power can be made
given to them…

In a spur-of-the-moment

Anything unknown to me, I like
admitting that by saying “I don’t know”.

But for the first time in my life,
I can confidently say this “I know”

If just being 8 months and 13 days
in authority, all these can be done,

then when in authority for 5 years, 10
years period, how many wonders can we do…

I know this.

I think all these,
are not so helpful to you.

I think, What’s happening in my
personal life is more important to you

That girl’s name is Vasumathi…

That girl in your office..
– I’m not done yet!

Vasumathi is a middle class girl.

A good girl.

Like the daughters of many of you…

she is a normal girl who dreamt of marrying
a person whom she likes and understands her,

so that her life will be
more happy and content

I liked Vasumathi, the very moment I saw her

Since I lost my Mother in my childhood,
there is some vacant space in my life.

After Vasumathi has entered into my life,
there is some kind of…


In fact, whenever she is beside me,
I have worked with doubled enthusiasm.

The lady who has done so much to me..

I wanted to take care of her like
a golden doll.. but I couldn’t..

That’s because of you.

You are all shameless…

all of you.

Shall I tell one thing about that girl?

In spite of knowing that I
love her and intend to marry her,

She used to call me “Sir”.

Even if I would have married her,
she might have call me “Sir”

That is the respect she gave
to the chair and to the office.

But you..
You called her something else… didn’t you.

In the Pent house… what’s that…

“Romance in Pent House”..
this was written by some elder man

I don’t know whether you
have a daughter or not sir.

If there is, can you write something about
her life with her husband in their bed room

MR. Subhodayam Subbarao

You write this crap and print
them in another 200 newspapers

so that you can increase your TRP ratings.

It is about two lives sir…

By writing these articles
that slay people’s hearts..

If you buy rice,
then it is not good for your health

All this week, the interest and enthusiasm
you have shown on me and Vasumathi,

if you show it on your burning problems,

Your lives will be changed…
like that

Or else,
if you want your lives to be unalterable,

then your leaders whom you have
elected are always with you,

lead your lives miserably like this..

You can proceed in asking questions..

Thank you.


What Subbareddy? How are you?

Fine sir.

Who are you? what do you want?

We are the voters of your constituency sir.
– Oh is it?

We have elected you by voting so that
you will be in power for 5 years.

But no-substantial work is done by you.

The CM above should be
a strong worthy person.

But, we don’t have the power to choose him


To choose Chief Minister is our Authority

We want only Bharat in that C.M seat.

Without any pretence and
thinking about votes,

by knowing what are our requirements,
he did that boldly and courageously

Yes! Yes!

He strives that we villagers should also
lead a good life like the people in cities.

He did not do any stupid
things secretly like you.

We are not concerned what
action you will take,

you should immediately go to Hyderabad
and make that guy our C.M once again.

If you fail in it,
I swear in the name of our Village deity,

we will not let you enter into the village..

Make Bharat C.M again… Make Bharat C.M…

Greetings Sir..
– Greetings Sir..

Why have you called for this urgent meeting?

What happened?

The condition of the constituency
is worsening day by day Sir

As they have elected MLA’s,
they also want to elect their CM it seems

Yes sir..

If we visit the Constituency, everyone is
questioning why did you remove him as CM?

Is it a city bus seat,
for anyone to come and occupy that position?

It is CM chair.
This is the total public talk brother

Everyone is scared to speak their
intentions before you brother

For the time being if you get down

and make him as the CM again, only then
the entire state would calm down brother

Even though it is hard to digest,
it’s better to do it as soon as possible.

Hi Arvind..

Hello sir.

How are you? Sit down.

You have trusted me and handed
over a very important case to me.

But by giving up to pressures,

I have not performed my duty
properly and made you lose Sir

I wanted to meet you many times sir.

But I felt that I might
not be able to face you

With that guilt, my team and I have
started investigating that case personally.

By that time, we came to know that a free
lance investigative journalist named Mitra

has collected lot of
information about that case

He left the state fearing of someone

At present he is in a small village
near Berhampur in Orissa state.

Shocking thing is that

He doubts that there is lot of mystery
behind the death of your father.

Sir, where does this guy live..?

That house there far away sir..
– Oh that house!

How did you come to know that I am here?

– Senior most investigation journalist..

Hiding in some other state
without being know. Why?

Late C.M Mr. Sri Ragahava Rao

My father

I came to know a few days before his demise,
he met you regarding some important issue.

After that you went unseen.


We have been hearing about
the Opposition leader’s son

about the allegations of
Disproportionate Assets on him

But no one has taken any action against it
till now. No case has been filed at least.

So out of curiosity,
I decided to investigate on my own.

He has a partner in the
illegal properties he acquired

He is none other than your dearest friend,
Nanajee alias Mr.VaradhaRaju

What are you talking?

Whom you are talking about?

Sorry Sir, even after knowing some facts,
I did not believe them.

But I started digging deeper.

In every work of his,
there is Nanajee’s hand

A senior person from Government and another
senior person from the Opposition side

getting into a partnership and doing
this together.. it’s unimaginable sir

It’s a rare deadly combo

Here is the evidence sir

We will be waiting for your action sir

He was dead after some days
after this happened

His sudden death, his post-mortem
not being done, his cremation,

Everything appeared to be very suspicious

I fled out of the State as I felt
it’s not safe to stay here

All my information and
evidences are in this drive.

They must be following you as
you have come here all the way

I should also leave this place immediately

If they come to know that you met me,
your life could also in trouble.

Be careful Sir.. Go fast.


They are following us all the way sir..
can we escape from so many of them?

It’s better to drive them away
than to escape from them Mukthar

Hey, get the car on him.

Sir, I don’t know anything Sir,

please leave me sir…

I will take everyone who is
still alive here in ambulance sir

Ok..I will leave you.

But, I know that many people are
waiting for me at many places

To stop in all those places and fight, I
doubt I would find this kind of a place

If you inform everybody to come here,

I have to finish them before dusk
and go to the person who sent you.

You are our God who has given life to us

We promise that we will not
spare anyone who harms your life

All the way long, whoever is there,

we will hunt each village and kill them

Move on Sir..

“Oh leader! We stand for you”

“All the way, in your path together”

“Our breath has become a movement”

“As a return gift to your goodness”

“The name ‘Bharat’,
is the life of our hearts”

“We make this promise”

“We will come as the
soldiers fighting for truth”

“For you…for you..”

“For you.. for you..”

I know you must have been
waiting for a different news

You might have sent more than 100 people

But there are thousands of
people between me and them.

I don’t think they have spared
at least one person alive

Bharat.. I have
– What you have done is not shocking

You have made me CM with
some other intentions

You thought I would do whatever you tell me.

But I made you sleepless by
avoiding you in all matters

After so much happened, if we leave what
you have done to me is right or wrong

There is a valid reason for your anger

I can understand

45 years of friendship

Every one believes Raghava Raju and
Varadaraju are not different but one

But wrong..

They are not one but two

Tell me once that the bond in
this is not false but true,

I will leave from here

It’s your father who felt it is not true

We have dreamt of serving
people from our youth

We have established a party to
come to power and do service

But to bring that party to authority,
funds are required

We have to do some mistakes.

To be in authority, we have to support
some people and stamp some people

Not thinking about this,
your father suspected me

He planned to lock me up.

I could not digest it.

I have been trying to meet
you from the past 40 days.

But you denied it seems

40 years of friendship bro

Aren’t you feeling bad to suddenly
turn your face off me?

Somebody has come and told
you about me in detail

But you pretended as if
you don’t know anything

You have planned to lock me up by filing
cases against me, without my knowledge

I am corrupt,
a baddie but I’m your dearest friend

If I commit a mistake,
will you not even forgive your friend?

What politics is this?

You thought authority is with you.

But don’t you know that your
life is completely under my control?

Many times, I thought of coming to you and
explain in detail to make you understand

But I came to know,
that you would not listen.

So this way..

I am responsible for this condition of yours

I didn’t have any other go.

From past many days, I have been inducing
poison into your body instead of medicines

with the help of your doctor.

First for your legs to get paralysed,
then your hands

and finally for your mouth to get paralyzed,
they gave medicines and injections

I will increase the dose from today and
give you a permanent relief from all this

Your time is up Raghava.

If possible… at least in the
next birth try to be loyal…


He is first a friend to me,
later he is a father or leader to people.

It’s a huge pain to me than anyone else..
but could not help it

Look.. you have experienced a
lot in life beyond your age.

You are an intelligent man

I hope you have the ability to decide
what is right and what is wrong

You say,
to do good you have to be in authority.

But you say to be in authority,
you have to do mistakes.

What is this methodology?

You feel you have reached the
heights doing all of this.

But unfortunately you have stooped very low

To conceal one mistake,
you have done another

to conceal that,
once again another mistake and yet another..

Before I came, you have finished everything
not giving me a chance to perform final rituals.

You have done many mistakes
which are unpardonable

All are waiting for you with full evidences


I am like your father..

don’t expose me to the world as a baddie

I will make you CM once again

I will leave these politics forever.

Leave me… Please.

You want me to become like you?

You did not understand
me completely even now

The first thing that comes to my mind when I sit
in that chair is my promise and accountability.

The world should know all your deeds

After so much of life, I know it is difficult
to reveal your real face to the world

With your experience,
you decide what is to be done

Your end should be a message
for the future generations.

I.. Bharat..

Solemnly affirm that I will bear full faith and loyalty towards
the constitution of India which is by ordinance established

that I will protect sovereignty
and Integrity of India.

as the chief minister of Andhra Pradesh..

I will fulfill my
responsibilities with dedication

conscientiously discharge my duties without
fear or favor, affection or ill will..

I will follow the constitution and the Law
to protect all the people and do justice.

I swear in the name of God…

The quality of a real leader is to form
a society that doesn’t need a leader.

“I will re-write a new era”

“I will always slogan the people’s interest”

You said, people’s rumors about Vasumathi
and me should not be turned true.

But a beautiful truth
should not be turned untrue sir.

We have come to fix a match
for our son with Vasumathi

All of you know about him better than me

No other girl will be as lucky as Vasumathi

“Solemnly assure you”

“I will be a responsible player”

“Of the people… For the people…
By the people, as a representative…”

Coming to your village from Hyderabad

made me feel as the most
difficult journey in my life

Every second I felt when would I see you.

This is my favorite sari.
If you wear it, we shall make a move


with the funds released to our village, not
looking forward for any leaders or officers,

we have started to build
a lake by ourselves.

While going, if you and Madam,
stop there and have a look,

we all will be delighted sir.

“I am not a ruling aristocrat”

“But I am a servant in service”

“This is the meaning of authority”

“And I will do my work to
make you know about it ”

“I, Bharat, solemnly assure you”

“I will be a responsible player”

“Of the people… For the people…
By the people, as a representative…”

“This is me…”


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