Meri Adalat – Nijam

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Wake up.

It’s you. I will tell you now.

What will you tell me? – Stop.



What are you doing?

Let me go.

What are you doing to me?


Rama, what happened?

Now I will have to take bath again.

She has ruined everything.

Where will you go to escape me?

Naughty girl.

Can’t you see?

What are you doing?

What will you do? Come.

Come on.

Come on. – What are you doing?

Come on. Come.

Let me go.

I say, let me go.

What are you doing?

You look good.

Take this.

Mother, rice cakes again today. – Why?

I don’t want to eat rice cakes.

Give me something else. – Listen.

I have only made rice cakes today.
Eat them quietly.

I don’t like them, mother.
Look, how hard they are.

What is this?
– Rice cake! Made by my mother.

The one aunty has made is good.
Eat it quietly.

Shetty sir has sent us.

We need donation for Ganapati.

Rama, there is money at the altar.

Give that to them.

What are you doing?
– Donation for Ganapati.

Stop. No need to pay. We won’t donate.

You can leave. – It is not for us.
It is for Ganapati.

Even we venerate Ganesh in our house.

Shetty sir has sent us.
– I don’t care who is.

We won’t pay.
– Why are you arguing, father?

Why are you scared? What will they do?

Never be scared of
such people. Go now.

Go from here.

Rama, if you get
scared of such people..

..they will scare you even more.

You shouldn’t be scared of them.

Listen, if you don’t
like the breakfast at home..

..than you can go and eat
outside with this money. Go.

They didn’t give donation, sir.

You didn’t tell them about Shetty.

We did but they still didn’t pay, sir.

Come here. – Me.

Yes, you. Come here.

He can be easily scared.

How much money do
you have in your pockets?

Turn around. Come on.

You have returned so soon?

Did you have your breakfast?

Yes. I did, mother.

You are lying, right?
Don’t lie to your mother.

You didn’t eat, right? – No.

You gave him that money, right? – Yes.

Take money from there and go and eat.

Son, are you going out? – Yes, father.

I just had coffee.
I want to have soda now.

Give me my soda.

What is this, father?

You have this habit,
in spite of being a fireman.

Quit it.

In childhood I used to
smoke so that I can copy.. heroes and
now I am addicted to it.

Now even if I want to I can’t quit it.

Actually it is bad
to smoke cigarettes.

Once you are addicted
you can’t leave it.

Don’t even go near it.
It’s a bad habit. Okay?

Father, mother is coming.

She has come.

Hurry up, father. Hurry up.

What are you doing?

No mother.
Don’t go there Not here, mother.

What happened? Say something.

Mother please. Not there.

What happened?
– Don’t go there, mother.


What happened?
Why are you standing here?

Why is your face puffed up?

Nobody tells me anything here.

Why don’t you speak?

Mother, look up here.

What are you doing up there?
Come down.

Careful. Get down.

Why are you behaving like a monkey?

Get these stuff on your
way back from the market

Okay, mother.
– Cancel out what you have taken.

Okay. – Will you forget?
– Okay, you go.

Now hurry and go.
– Okay, I will get them.

I have to prepare food too.

Okay. Okay mother. You go.

Now come home and have some syrup.

The swelling will decrease. – Yes.

Has she left? – She has.


Throw it here.

Come on.


Only this much?
Why has the payments decreased?

It seems the public is
no longer scared of us, boss.

Nobody bothers about us.

How many people from the market paid?

12 people did, boss.

There are a hundred
shops and only 12 paid.

Deva, you are not doing
your work properly these days.

Boss, it is nothing like that.

I heard that you are
going out with Phulwati.

I heard she is very beautiful, right?

He told me.

Sir, she is Guddu’s sister. – Yes.

Guddu, you never told
me that your sister is so good.

Are you ignoring
your collection work..

..because of your affair with her?

No, boss. It is nothing like that.

Boss, the people in the
market has formed a union.

They don’t come to us now
if there are any labor problems.

They go to the union
office and resolve it. – Yes.

So that’s the case.
I will have to field it. Guddu.

Yes. – Come with your
sister in the evening.

Why, boss?

You are about to get married
in love without telling me.

Get her. I will see her once.

Sir, Phoolwati has come.

Are you the lady who
had impressed our Deva?

You are good stuff. Hey.

Treat everyone to
spiced rice because..

..Phoolwati has come today.
Mutton rice.

will you have spice rice? – Yes.

Then hurry and get it fast.


Have you done it?

What, boss? – Hanky-panky.

It seems like you two have done it.

Ramesh. Is there a
Ram temple in your street?

Go there and break 100 coconuts.

Guddu, do you have
a white or a yellow card?

Yellow card.

Than go to the ration shop
and get 10 liters of kerosene.

Go. Phulwati. Come here.

Come here.

Go inside, take off your sari,
wear the towel and get ready.

I am coming.

Why are you looking at him? Is he god?

He is my underling.
You are mine too. Go.

Let me go and check your selection.

Run. Run. – There is a fire.

Run. Run.


There is a fire in the storehouse.

There is a fire in the storehouse.

Come on. – Come on.

We are extinguishing the fire here.

And someone is lighting it there.
Hold this.

Why are you staring at me?


My name is Narayan Rao.
I am a social worker.

Come. Rama, make them sit.


Yes? – We want to honor you. – Why?

Don’t say so.

You risked your life
and bravely extinguished..

..the fire in the market.

Because of you valuable
property worth lakhs..

..was saved from burning
to ashes in the fire.

You should be honored.

Honoring you would
be honoring the welfare..

..of society and humanity.
Please don’t refuse.

That was my duty.

What papa!
Do listen to them since they insist.

Do agree.

Okay. Arrange it fast.

You will be honored
on the 25th of this month.

If you allow we will start
our preparations. – Okay.

Bye. – Bye.

Come sir. Sir, look at the injustice.

How they have burned everything?

Sir, thank god the
firemen came on time..

..that’s why everything was saved.

Otherwise we would have
faced loss worth crores, sir.

We are facing a loss
of 2 crores for the shops..

..which had got burnt.
For 2 crores, sir. Sir, look.

Do you know who did this?
– Venkat Shetty’s men, sir.

Can anyone testify? – We will, sir.

Everyone is speaking out here.

Nobody will come to bear
witness at the court later.

We cannot increase our headache by..

..registering a case
at your word. No. No.

I will file a case only
if you testify at any condition.

Sir, we will surely testify this time.

Sir, we all have formed a union.

Mr. Shekhar is the
leader of that union.

Can you testify? – I will, sir.

When we stopped giving
fees to Venkat Shetty’s men..

..they set this fire, sir.

Nothing will happen by speaking here.

Come to the court
tomorrow and testify.

I will, sir.

If you can ensure my security
I will surely testify, sir.

“Your mother’s adorning
herself wearing a golden braid.”

“Your mother’s adorning
herself wearing a golden braid.”

Come Phulwati.

The public is scared of me a lot.

I mean Venkat Shetty
has got a lot of influence.

I have only shown
one glimpse till now.

Just watch what I will do next.

My love.

Come. – Stop.
Stop. Stop. Line up. Sir has come.

Stop! – Who is it?
– Sir, this is Venkat Shetty.

It is him, sir.

Do you know this question? – Yes.

And this? – Yes.

And this? – No.

This? – Yes.

And this? – I don’t.

You don’t know the answers
to 2 questions out of 5.

The veneration is going
to start in half an hour.

Meanwhile will you learn them?
– Yes, I will.

Look, mother.
– What is that? – Nothing, aunty.

I am just showing him the papers.

No mother, this is… That… – Hey!
What that?

How can I say that? I can’t.

If you can’t then
study quietly. Aunty.

Hey. Do your studies. Come on.

Yes, study.

What is it really? – Nothing aunty.

This is India Today
and this is Times of India.

India Today has got more pages.
It seems thicker.

Do you want it?

God! I can’t study
if she remains here.

This or me? – Hey.
– Hey. – Drat. – Drat. – Spit. – Spit.

Go out first. Go!

Take them away. – the two are same.

“Color and color. Color and color.”

“Dance and sing. Sing. Sing.”

“The bride blushes when
it is the nuptial night.”

“Lord Ram goes.”
“Ayodhya is decked up.”

“When he was wedded to Lady Sita.”

“There was a lot of rejoicing.”

“Make merry. Sing and dance.”

“Come. Come.”

“It is Lord Ram’s chariot.”

“He has got nice ways.”

“He is going to marry lady Sita,
form new relationships.”

“Even the demigods sway.”

“All of them sing together.”

“Say with me. Sita Rama.”

“Sita Rama.”

“Sita Rama.”

“Sita Rama.”

“Hail Rama.”

“Hail Rama.”

“He is so handsome.
Glittering like gold.”

“His eyes are lighted up with love.”

“Everyone is decked up.”

“All his subjects dance.”

“Everyone is going to
fetch Lady Sita’s palanquin.”

“This is what is written
in the Ramayana.”

“This is what is written
in the Ramayana.”

“The relationship of love is true.”

“The earth dances. The sky sings.”

“Bharat, Lakhsman and
Shatrughan also sing.”

“Even the atmosphere dances.”

“Sita Rama.”

“Sita Rama.”

“Sita Rama.”

“Sita Rama.”

“Lord Ram taught us what is love.”

“He went into exile with Lady Sita.”

“Lady Sita accompanied Lord Ram..

..and always lived with him.”

“One day demon Ravan came.”

“One day demon Ravan came.”

“He ran away with Lady Sita.”

“Ravan and Ram had a war.”

“The devil died in the hands of Ram.”

“Lady Sita came home dancing.”

“Sita Rama.”

“Sita Rama.”

“Sita Rama.”

“Sita Rama.”

“Sita Rama.”

Deva, boss has got arrested.

Only you are there after him now.

It is your responsibility
to get boss released anyhow.

There is a witness.

The police is protecting the witness.

Shall we kill the witness?
– No, it is not so easy.

The witness is in his office
not at the police station.

And the commissioner had appointed..

..policemen for his security 24/7.

We will kill the commissioner..

..his men and the witness there.
– Shut up.

Don’t ever mess with
the police, got it?

If you mess with them
they will never let you go.

It is not as easy as collecting fees.

They are very dangerous.

Than what should we do?

They are taking boss
to the court tomorrow, right?

We will go and do our job there.

“He will come.
He will come. He will come.”

“The one about to come will come.
He will come.”

“He will come.
He will come. He will come.”


Hello Boss.

Guddu, why have you come here?

To see you, boss.
– Is everything fine?

Yes. – How is your sister?

Fine, boss.

Your sister is very nice.

Yes, boss that is
what I came to tell you.

Hey. Catch him. Stop.

Where are you running? Catch him.

Stop otherwise I will shoot.


Move. – Give is money. Give us money.

Listen, come here.

He needs to go to Pune for exams.

He will. So what’s the problem?

There is no problem.
It is on the 25th, right? – Yes, so?

Even you are going to
get commemorated that day.

That’s the case.

Then we will have the ceremony later.

It is not so easy. – Why?

It concerns great people.

And even the invitation
cards have been distributed.

I was thinking of
accompanying him but..

..I also want to see
you getting commemorated.

Don’t worry, aunty.
You stay with uncle.

I will take him and
have him appear his exams.

That is a very good idea.
– What good idea!

You are an unmarried girl.

You cannot go alone with boys.
– Uncle, look.

Let her go. – There is no need.

What’s the problem
in going along? – Yes.

We two are about
to get married, right?

– Yes. – With you? – Yes. – I won’t.

You may not. I will.
– I won’t tie the nuptial thread

Then I will.
– Hey. – Hey. – Drat. – Drat. – Spit.

Stop it you 2 now.

You cannot go with him
without getting married.

Aunty. – You won’t.
You won’t. You won’t.

Please. – I will beat you.

Come on, venerate now fast.
– Hey. Hurry up.

Beat the drum faster.

Son, go safely and
write your exams properly.

Be a topper. – Yes.

I will get you a bike
if you are the topper.

All right. – I will get
a bike for you. – All right.

Rama, go to the temple
and get blessed by God. Okay?

Okay mother.

Dance more. Dance more.


This is great.

Look at him. Look. Look.

All of you clap.


I am smitten. It is fun.

I wish I was a girl.
– Hey clean shaven one.

Stop. Stop.
Get me down. Get me down.

Look at my hero. All of you clap.

Hey clean shaven one. How are you?

You haven’t recognized me?

Me. What happened?
Why are you so scared?

Turn around. Turn around.

Venkat Shetty had touched you.

That’s why I killed him.

I saw it myself that
he has dishonored your body.

I cleaned off that stain.

Today we two will
go to bathe together.

Hey. Empty the room. – Yes, boss.

Rani. – Yes.
– Arrange some water. – Yes.

Venkat Shetty has been killed.
Deva is suspected.

Why did they suspect you?
What is written here?

This is the ploy
of the police and Deva.

The journalists just
print anything, sir.

You are giving money now.

But the journalists
had printed this yesterday.

Whatever sir,
these journalists are great.

So what if we were not
able to catch Deva, sir.

The journalists will
surely have him arrested.

How will they?

Deva was seen in
Goddess Kali’s temple.. several witnesses
during the murder.

Deva’s great devotees saw
god there during the veneration.

These great devotees saw god!

Not that God. This god.

How can he get arrested in
spite of having so many witnesses?

If you want to arrest him,
you can return him his money..

..jail him and beat
him to a pulp. – Hey.

Boss, forgive me. He is new here.

Sir, you have become very famous.

You are featuring in every newspaper.

Look, here is the CM’s photo.

And your photo is beside him. – Show.

Oh yes.

Why are you glaring like this?

Old man. – Give us our fees.

Give. – Give money.

Come on. Give.
– Give fast. – Take this. Keep this.

Hurry up.
Give. Hurry. – Hurry up. – Hurry up.

Can’t you hear? Pay up fast.

The lemons are very fresh.

Come. I still need
to take from others.

What’s the price for lemons?
10 rupees?

Listen. The mangoes are great there.

Rama likes them. Let’s buy them.


What’s the price for tomatoes?
– A kilo for 4 rupees, madam.

Give me 2 kilos for 6 rupees.

Mix both raw and ripe ones.

Give me 5 kilos of tomatoes.

Give me a kilo of tomatoes.

Give. – I am.
– Hurry up, otherwise I will kill you.

I will. – Listen. Listen. Come here.

Give me a kilo of tomatoes, sir.

Give. – What’s the price of tomatoes?

Dear, why are you bothering us?

Is he bothering you
or you are bothering him?

Who me? – Yes.

I have been seeing you
falling on that child repeatedly.

Are you feeling hot by seeing him?

Aren’t you ashamed?

Hey! Mind what you say.
– Shut up, uncle.

You are her husband.

Did you see how she
is having fun with her man?

Boys are spoilt because
of women like her.

Don’t spare the lives of such women.
Hey, kill her.

Listen uncle.
We have no enmity with you.

We want her.

We are no answerable if
you mess with us unnecessarily.

Everyone run. Guddu is done for.

Patil, take the water tank
accident file to the RTO office.

Yes, sir.

No need to be scared.

I will have him bailed
out tomorrow morning.

Let’s go home now.

I cannot stay at home without him.

Even Rama is not here.
I will stay here.

You can go, brother.

It is just for a day.
Sister, you can stay at our house.

No, brother, you go ahead.

I will stay with him
for some time and go home.

You can leave. – Okay.

Look at boss’s physique. He is tough.

You have to put a lot
of pressure to massage it.

Yes. – Stop your nonsense.

Boss, the fireman’s son
is taking the mutton shop..

..seller to bear witness.

The butcher is about to bear witness.

Yes, that’s what he is saying.

Is it true that he will bear witness?

I will deal with him. You can go now.

Phulwati, why are you crying?

Crying won’t bring back the dead.

He won’t return. Come with me. Come.

Am I not your brother?
Why did you do that?

Have I died?
– It is not like that, sir.

Ma’am, such a huge thing happened..

..and you didn’t even tell me.

I know MLAs, ministers, the senators.

I just needed to make
a call to free your husband.

But you didn’t even tell me.
– I didn’t even remember that.

You didn’t? Okay tell me.

If I was your blood brother
wouldn’t you have told me?

Mother, this is the
uncle who wants to testify.

Yes. – But his life
is in danger outside.

We have to hide him somewhere.

I will hide him.

I will take the responsibility
of his security.

At least let me do this, ma’am.

Thanks a lot. – Oh no. Don’t thank me.

Can’t I do even this for my own?
Come with me.

There is no problem now.

Your father will be released soon.

Go and tell your father this news.

He will be very happy. Hurry up.

All of you go.
You two. Go out. You too. Come on.

You too. – All off you go out. Out.

Do you recognize me? I am Deva.

That day you slapped
me when I was setting..

..the storehouses on fire.

I don’t spare the lives
of people who hit me.

But that day I was doing my duty.

And you were doing yours
so I didn’t do anything.

So now the accounts
are settled. Right?

I am ruling this city
today only because of Guddu.

And he died because of you.
I am very angry.

I thought of killing you.

But I had sent him to kill you.

And he died because of you.

So because of this even
the second accounts are settled.

Leave it. I am in a lot of confusion.

She is the sister of the
one who died because of you.

She is not my wife.

And I have not even tied
the nuptial thread around her.

But she sleeps with me
every day and pleases me a lot.

And the one who sleeps
and pleases me so much.. spite of not being my wife..

..even I have to take care of her.

That’s why I have to
kill her brother’s murderer..

..and settle all accounts.
And you? – Die.

Yes, you will have to die.

Look dear. I have not killed Guddu.

He was killed by one of your men.

You committed the crime
and you are accusing me.

I am telling even now, forget Guddu..

..I will beat a dog
like you in public.

What kind of life do you have?

Kill him! Break his head.

Yes. More.

Kill him.

Stop. – Stop. – Stop.
– Stop. – Let him go. – Let him go.

Let him go.
Let him go. Let him go. – Come. Come.

Patil. Close the door. – Okay, sir.

Sir. – Yes.

I want to meet fireman Vikram Rao .

Here’s your 100 rupees.


He has come to meet
fireman Vikram Rao.

Come here.


How is Vikram Rao related to you?

I am his son, sir. – Son.

Sir, the keys to the cells.

Why are you giving them to me?
Keep them there.

Come inside. I need to speak to you.

Come. Sit.

Your father is innocent.
He has committed no crime.

If I want I can free him now.
Do one thing.

Get 50,000 from home.
It is 8 o’clock now

I will free your father
in 15 minutes. Go.

Sir, if I pay you than I will
feel that my father is really guilty.

Why are you toying with
the life of your father?

Understand what I am saying.

I have understood, sir.
Sir you want bribe, right?

But my father has
done nothing wrong, sir.

I don’t know if your
father has done wrong or not.

I want money. That’s it.

Truth is with us, sir.
My father will surely return home.

He will, only if we want him to.
– He will, sir.

We have got a good evidence.

My father will be released
tomorrow morning.. the court, sir.

As soon as he is released
we will book another case..

..against him and have him jailed.

What will you do? Don’t mess with us.

Go and get the money. Go.

No, sir. I won’t pay bribe, sir.

Take him to his father. Go from here.

Ram Singh, send some tea.




What is wrong with my father?

Your father was served
food with the other prisoners.

Your father ate his food
and tried to take from others.

The two had a fight.

He fights for food even
at this age like a dog.

This is false. This is false.

You are lying.
You all want to kill my father.

My father will die here.
I will take father away.

I will take father away.

Catch him. Catch him.

Father. – Catch him. – Father.

Don’t let him go. Catch him.

Father. – Catch him. – Sir.

Sir. Let him go. – Get lost from here.

Hey, come on.


Rama. – Father.

Come. – Father.

Take him away.

Why are you running like a mad man?

Do you think it is
your college playground?

Behave like the student you are.

If you act smart I will
have you encountered here.

Now listen. I won’t spare your father.

I will kill him here.
Go. What will you do?

What will you do?

I will go and tell
the commissioner now.

Is it? You will tell the commissioner?

What will happen then?
He will have me transferred.

Worst, he will have me suspended
for 6 months. And nothing else.

Do one thing.

You want to tell
the commissioner, right?

His mother stays right next to him.

Tell her too. Nothing can happen here.

Why are you glaring like this?

Energy of youth. Warm blood.

You think you can do anything.

But you cannot do anything.

Even if they want to
do something what happened.. will always happen.

Now it is our time.

Everything will happen
as per our wish.

Yes. Now it is your time. Enjoy it.

But when it will be our time,

..boys won’t be coward anymore.

Our hands won’t stay open like this.

They will become steel.

And if anyone comes across
this steel everything will be fine.

Get lost.
I have seen thousands like you.

You must have seen thousands..

..but there would be
one among them who is..

..equal to those thousands
and he will change everything.

Go. Go. Go.

I am going. But I will return.
I will surely return.

I swear on my mother,
I will come back for you.

Sir, one minute. Your pen and pencil.

Wait for me.

Sir, it seems he is the
one among thousands by his energy.

Who are you? Who are you?

We need to meet the commissioner.

No, you can’t.
Sir has gone to sleep. – He is awake.

I told you he is asleep.

Sir, my father is
in a very bad condition.

I need to meet him once, sir.

I told you sir is asleep

Sir, please. Please try to understand.

100 rupees.

100 rupees.


Dear, I can’t tell you
know if it is your father’s…

..or the inspector’s fault?

I will enquire tomorrow and decide.

Since your father is
in a critical condition..

..I am giving you this letter.
Move him to the hospital fast.

Yes, have it stamped
at my office and..

..submit it at the police station.

Go dear. Go. I will call.

Hello? – It’s me. – Sir. Hello sir.

I have sent a boy. Has he reached yet?

Yes, sir.
He is standing in front of me.

Stamp the letter and give it to him.
– Yes sir. Okay, sir.

Look dear,
this letter will become valuable..

..once it is stamped by
this three lion headed symbol.

Meanwhile the price of
this symbol is 500 rupees.

First pay and then I
will have the paper stamped.

Sir, I don’t have
so much money right now.

I will come later and give it to you.

My father is in a very
critical condition, sir.

Please stamp the paper, sir.

Look child, I have become
old sitting on this chair..

..for the last 25 years.

I have not even stood
straight for several years.

Even my hair has greyed
by listening to such sad stories.

I will stamp only after you have paid.

Delivery on cash.

Sir, please.

Get lost. Out.

Mother. – Yes, son.

Father is gravely injured, mother.

The commissioner
had given me a letter.. have him moved to the hospital.

But he is asking 500
rupees as bribe for it.

Bribe? – Yes. – What do I do now?

Take this. 500 rupees. Take it. Fast.

Stop. What is it?

The commissioner’s letter.

I have to move my
father to the hospital.

He has been moved already.

Which hospital? – Gandhi hospital.

Janki. Janki. Janki.


Sir, where is the emergency room?
– Straight right.

Sister, she is very hurt.
– Lay her here.

Please attend to her.
I will just come.

Sir, I am fireman Vikram Rao’s son.

He has just been brought
here from the police station.

Can you tell me, where he is?

He has not come yet.
He will come soon. Wait.

What are you saying?

He left in the jeep before me.

How can he not reach here till now?

Listen, neither you nor
I am bringing your father.

Who knows what road
the person who is..

..bringing your father has taken?

What do you think of the police?

There is no rule which says
that we should know everything.

Go and sit there. Don’t bother me. Go.

Come on. Get down. Come on. Get down.

Take of his handcuffs.


You have committed no crime.

I am letting you go. Leave.

Go. Go to them.

No. No.

Listen. Are you fireman
Vikram Rao’s son? – Yes.

Is your name Sita Ram? – Yes.

Come? – Where, sir? – Cooper hospital.

Cooper hospital?
– Yes. – My father is there.

Come fast.

My father is here.
– Come with me quietly.

Sir, is my father in the ICU?

I told you to follow me.

Yes. Come on.

While taking your
father to the hospital..

..he tried to jump from
the vehicle and run away.

And was struck by a truck.

That is false.

That is false absolutely.

I told you that if you pay me 50,000..

..I would have released him.

But you didn’t listen to me.

You tried to show your
honesty for your father.

A god like person. He has gone to God.

This is your weakness.
You don’t care for the living.

You have yourself killed your father.

I have heard of people
dying like dogs.

But I have seen it today.

Your father has died a dog’s death.

He was lying on the road.
He was run over by a lorry.

Goodness. It seemed very strange.

Give it here.

Recognize your father’s
corpse and sign this.

Did you see this?

If you can’t see it in
spite of being his own son..

..just think how we saw it?

You couldn’t give 50,000.

That social worker Narayan
Rao sold him for 5,000.

Okay. Have you seen your father?
Sign this.

You can’t even catch the
paper and you want to be steel.

You are a student.
You can do anything. What now?

Show me your strength now.
Show your power.

Student and boys.
I told you that day, right?

You didn’t listen.

This hand and this…

Watch now.

I was right, wasn’t I?

You want to test
the power of a student.

Do you want to feel
the punch of a coward?

Listen. Listen, carefully.
My name is Sita Ram.

This is Bajrangbali.

Now my time has come.
Now see my court.

You were trying to
act like a great warrior.

I had seen many such
people like you in my life.

You were trying to aim
the revolver to my head.

Now just watch what
will happen to you.

Patil. – Sir. – Close the door.

I have to deal with him today too.

Come on. Everyone, hurry up.

Now watch how I will
do your post mortem.

Get the gun here.

How long will you take? Hurry up.

Goodness. See, didn’t I tell you?

He is one among thousands.

Sir, our game is over now.

This is steel.

I think he will make
mincemeat of you now.

No. Stop! Stop! Stop! Stop!

You killed my father for 50,000.

I will give you a lakh.
Can you return me my father?

I will give you 2 lakhs.
Can you return me my father?

How many more people
will you kill for money?

You killed truth. You killed justice.

You are ruining the country.

Money. Money. Money.

You can do anything for money.

What crime did this uncle commit?

Is it a crime to support the truth?

Is it a crime to support justice?

Is it a crime to save someone?

How many more people will you kill?

How many more people will you kill?

I will give you 5 lakhs.
Make him alive.

I want my father. I want my uncle.

I will give you all
the money you want.

Make them alive.
Resurrect both of them.

Resurrect both of them.

Resurrect both of them.

Mother is coming.

Don’t come, mother. Don’t come.

What happened, son?

Don’t look at father, mother.
– No, let me go.

No, mother.
Don’t look at him. – Let me go.

Don’t go inside, mother.
– No, let me see.

No. – Let me see.

Don’t go mother.
– Let me go, son. Let me go.

Let me go. – No, mother. No.

What happened?
Why are you standing here?

Why is your face puffed up?

Is anyone going to tell me anything?

Why don’t you speak?

Keep it.

Don’t act too smart.
Go and deliver it. – Yes, sir.

Where is the cap?
– Here sir. – Wear it.

This is official duty. Go now.

Listen. Listen carefully everyone.

Sita Ram attacked
on duty police officers.

This is the search
warrant for his arrest..

..since he had attacked
and injured them.

Didn’t understand?
This is the language of law.

Not only you and me,
nobody understands this language.

Still the MLAs, ministers and the CM..

..always use it in the assembly.

But why should we
bother with the language?

Plainly speaking your son
had beaten our CI like a dog.

Broken his bones and
have made him black and blue.

That’s why we have come to arrest him.

Our CI lives like a lion
and he turned him into a dog.

Hey! – Did you hear him?
How he is shouting like a dog?

Look at this. – What’s that?

Anticipatory bail.

What do you mean?
– The elder of the house has died.

As per Hindu religion the
last rites are not yet over.

You cannot arrest him until
his last rites are conducted.

Look at this. Anticipatory bail.

Sir, paper. – Useless.
Go and ask about the revolver.

Listen, Sita Ram had ran
away with our CI’s revolver.

Actually our CI’s
revolver has got lost.

And we doubt that it is with you..

..and that you have hidden it.

This is the search warrant to find it.

You go there. Go there.

Sir, we have looked everywhere.

We haven’t found the gun anywhere.
– Listen.

I know that the revolver is with you.

Your son will kill me.
He will hit a policeman.

Listen to what I have to say.

If I don’t have your
son’s photo hung here..

..within a month than
I am not a policeman.

‘If I don’t have your
son’s photo hung here..

..within a month than
I am not a policeman.’

Where are you going, aunty?

I will just come.
I have a small errand.

Hey. Women don’t
come to the crematorium.

It is inauspicious.

All that was bad had already happened.

What will happen now?

Come son. Come. – No, sister. Stop.

One shouldn’t leave
the pyre like this.

Why? – One must wait
till the pyre has been burnt.

We have to set fire to
some more pyres. Come son.

Hurry up.

Come, hurry up, sir.

Come, son.

You will get 56,000.

Listen, sir.
I am sick of listening to lies.

I have got no more strength
to tolerate any more lies.

I want the truth.
I am asking you again.

Don’t lie. Tell me the truth.

I am asking again.
Listen, I want the truth. How much?


Place it here.


You always wanted a bike
from your father, right?

Buy it now.
– Why do we require that now, mother?

Come son. Don’t waste time.

He has made my son cry.

Now I will see who will make who cry.
Come son.

This? – Yes.
– How much for this? – 49,000, ma’am.

What is this, mother? What happened?

The policeman came to
look for the service revolver.

Did they find it?
– No. – Then where is it?

It is with me.

Take this.

What happened, mother?

I have never seen you so angry before.

Listen son.
I will relate a story to you.

Once upon time in a jungle
different kinds of animals..

..used to live there.
Sheep, goats, cows, deer, rabbits.

There were no dangerous
animal amongst them.

That’s why they were
spending their life..

..with peace and joy in that forest.

But those sheep and goats were
used to eat and digest everything.

They used to be a little
hungry bit used to eat more.

They continued to eat like
this and ate up all plants, etc.

The way our government
officials take bribes.

That had it more than they should.

Because off which the flora
got finished in the forest.

Due to lack of trees
and plants the clouds didn’t..

..come and there was no rain.
There was drought without water.

All creatures started
to get tormented in hunger.

It was difficult for them to live.

They were about to die.

Everyone was in a bad condition.

And while they were wondering god.. to what will happen
a tiger entered the forest.

He started to eat
all creatures one by one.

And as they died the
forest became green again.

And because of this
greenery the clouds came.. rained, new plants sprouted..

..and the forest saw spring again.

This is the condition
of our country now.

It is time for the tiger to come.

And you have to be that tiger.

I will make you that tiger.

You will kill people
like them from now on.

No matter who it is,
he will think several times..

..before he even thinks
of messing with my tiger.

Come on. Get ready.

“Follow the path of law.”

“I have to impart
justice to everyone.”

“Face the cruel ones.”

“Don’t bow to cruelty.”

“I have decided to
wipe sins of this earth.”

“I swear. I swear. I swear.”

“No one should get
injured by cruelty now.”

“No one should escape.”

“This is my court.”

“I have to make myself like rock.”

“I have to set fire to Ravan’s Lanka.”

“I have to fulfill
the oath to my mother.”

“I have to take revenge
of the sinners.”

“I have decided to
wipe out sins from earth.”

“I swear. I swear. I swear.”

“No one should get
injured by cruelty now.”

“No one should escape.”

“This is my court.”

“Follow the path of law.”

“I have to impart
justice to everyone.”

“Face the cruel ones.”

“Don’t bow to cruelty.”

“I have decided to
wipe sins of this earth.”

“I swear. I swear. I swear.”

“No one should get
injured by cruelty now.”

“No one should escape.”

“This is my court.”

It is time for you to leave.

Make a list of people
who had asked bribe from you.

He had asked 100 rupees
to meet father, right?

Circle that.

Stop. Stop.
Pull up. Stop. Stop. Hold on. Hold on.

Show me your papers.



Give me a 100.

What? – 100.

I have everything than
why do you need money?

Everything is fine that’s
why I am asking for 100.

Otherwise it would
have costed you 1000.

Take it out. Don’t waste my time.

What the heck.
Taking money from poor men like us.

Yes. Come on.

I will also pay.

You are fireman Vikram
Rao’s son, right?

What is this?

You ask bribe from the poor?

Go and tell everyone
that I killed him because..

..he asked for bribes. – What?

Go and tell everyone
that I killed him because..

..he asked for bribes.

Dear, if there is only one like you..

..our country will get better.

“No one should get
injured by cruelty now.”

“No one should escape.”

“This is my court.”

At one time the police department..

..was well respected in the society.

Every mother used
to dream that her son..

..would become a police officer.

It was considered an
honor if we visited someone.

But now the public doesn’t
respect the police anymore.

And this is a fact.

Our department has
become very corrupted.

We have got equal numbers
of good and bad people.

Even I know that.

But whatever,
we have to bring our department.. its earlier glory.

That’s why ACP Raja
Narendra is appointed.. a special officer.

Look at the headlines
of this newspaper.

A constable was killed in public..

..because he asked
for a bribe of 100 rupees.

What is this?

A few days ago Sita Ram
son of fireman Vikram Rao..

..beat this police inspector
badly since his father died.

What is this? – Excuse me, sir.

I have studied this case properly.

We don’t know why he has beaten him.

The point is why did
he assault a police officer..

..who protects the society.

If he is set free everyone
will get used to it.

He should be punished for it.

I won’t spare the one
who killed the constable..

..and Sita Ram who assaulted our SI.

No matter what kind of man he is..

..whatever the reason is,
for me, he is a criminal.

He has attacked my police.
I won’t spare him.

I will finish him.

Very good. Mr. Narendra.

You don’t need to report
into me directly about this.

From now on you are
under DCP Murli Patekar.


By the way this inspector
is Murli Patekar’s son-in-law.

Where are they?

They left since the
time Rama’s father died.

Who used to live here?

Rama’s father, his mother and Rama.

Is his name Shiv Ram? – No, Sita Ram.

How does he look like?

Straight forward and simple.

He would run away from girls.
Look at that girl.

She used to tease
him for love every day.

But he used to get scared
and run away from her too.

What is your name?

What is your name?

Narendra ACP. Police.

Janki. Student.

Do you know Sita Ram?

No. I love him.

Where is your Sita Ram?
– I don’t know.

You love him, right?
– Yes, I love him.

Still you don’t know
where Sita Ram is.

I don’t know anything.
– Are you telling the truth?

Or are you consciously
telling the lie?

I wouldn’t have told
you even if I knew.

What do you think of the police?
You and him?

Do you think we are fools?

Do you think he will
be spared if you don’t tell?

I won’t spare him
no matter where he is.

I will kill him.

Listen all of you.

It is even a big crime
to save a criminal.

It will be bad if
anyone here helped him.

Janki, tell your Sita Ram
that he will die in my hands.

He will die.


Who’s there?

Who knows who has
come so late at night?

Who is it? – What is it?

Madam, someone has come.

Hello madam.
– Who are you? What is it?

I have told you so many times. – Yes…

Don’t you have brains?
You take your salary.

But you cannot work properly.

Throw her out first.

Stab his belly.

Now his back.

Now shoot in his belly.

By the way he is out of danger.

But we will know
the actual condition..

..only after 72 hours.

The wounds are very deep.

The murderer is very cunning.

They have cruelly stabbed his kidney,
liver and stomach.

I have never come across such a case.

Professional killers.

Aunty, that inspector has escaped.

He is currently being operated upon.

He will recover in a few days.

Rama. – Yes, mother.

We have to kill others
in the list before he recovers.

Come on. Bye, dear.

These are the hospital expenses.

This is for your expenses.
And listen carefully.

I need all updates about Sita Ram.

Take this. Keep this with you.

This will give you all
updates about mother and son.

Take care of it. Be careful.

Shankar, keep an eye
on the area of Santacruz.

Okay, boss.

And you take care of Matunga.
– Okay, boss.

And you take care of Andheri.
– Yes, boss.

Take care of Sion. – Okay, boss.

And you take care of Thane.
– Yes, boss.

Kill that rascal wherever you see him.

And cut him into pieces.

Rama, get the list.

Circle the name of the
clerk who asked for bribe.. the commissioner’s office.

What is he saying?
– He has seen the woman, sir.

But he has not seen the other one.

What did the inspector’s wife say?

She said she couldn’t
see anything in the dark.

Okay, prepare the lady’s
sketch with his help.

Tell him the details.

Round face.

Long hair.

Smart eyes.

Long nose.

Smart lips.

What is he saying?
What language is that?

Nepali, sir. – Nepali?

Do we have scarcity of
unemployed men in our country..

..that you have
imported him from Nepal?

Give us all the details
and go back to your country.


Hello, sir. – What? – Passport.

This is yours… Who is that?

My son.

There are a lot of problems
for passport these days.

We have to verify at
your local police station..

..before we can stamp it.

Once we have the report
that there is no case..

..filed against you and
you are very good people..

..from there we can
stamp these papers.

It will take at least a month
for this process to get completed.

One month! It is very urgent, sir.

Why urgent?

Is he trying to leave the
country after committing a crime?

What are you saying, sir?
Do we look like criminals?

Just for our livelihood…

Okay. Fine.

You have to give something
if you are in such a hurry.

Yes, my son told me, sir.

You will stamp the papers
if I give you 500 rupees.

This is a foreign matter.
500 won’t suffice.

It will require at least 5,000.

No, I am very poor and troubled.

It cannot be done. Your work
will be done only if you pay 5000.

Delivery on cash.

I beg of you. – Get out. Scat! Next?

What are you staring at? Go. Leave.

Where do they come from
to bother me in the morning?

How old do you think she should be?
– 40 to 45.

What are you doing?

Who are you? Who are you?

Listen. Did you see anyone
leaving from here? – No.

Have you seen anyone leaving?

Listen. Have you seen anyone leaving?

No, sir. – We haven’t seen anyone.


“No one should get
injured by cruelty now.”

“No one should escape.”

“This is my court.”

Stop. Stop. I said halt. Stop.

Otherwise I will shoot you. Stop.

You? – No, I am at home.
I don’t know who this is.

Janki, don’t anger me.

Janki, who is that? My name is Durga.

Then why were you running?
– Just like that.

Tell me the truth.

Is it prohibited to run in the city?

Is that a new rule?

You are asking a police
officer about rules?

Tell me, why you were running?

I am fat. I was running to slim down.

In the afternoon?

Why is there a set time for running?

Go. Go.


You want to slim down.
Then why are you walking?

Because it so too sunny.

Alert! Alert!
Alert! Mike 4 calling all PS.

Close all roads leading
to the CP office.

Stop anyone whom you suspect. Over.

Alert! Alert!
Alert! Mike 4 calling all PS.

Close all roads leading
to the CP office.

Stop anyone whom you suspect. Over.

Stop. Stop. Stop. Stop. Stop the bike.

Pull over the bike.
– What happened, sir?

Pull over.
Do I need to tell you the full story?

Pull over the bike.

Do you know what you have done?

You have jumped a red light.

No, sir. I crossed it
when it was still orange.

No orange or apple.
I have seen that a lot.

Do you know the fine
of jumping a red light? 500.

500 rupees?
– Yes, so. That is fine. Just pay 150.

Close all roads leading to the
CP office. – What is this problem now?

Come on give me 150.
150. – Rama. Give him.

Nobody will do.
If you give, it will be 150.

If I make a receipt it will be 500.

Don’t act too smart.
– Rama, the slipper.

No Rama slipper.
CM slipper or PM Slipper.

This slipper. Goodness.

So you want bribes. Take this bribe.

Madam. Have pity, ma’am.

Why are you beating me like this?

You have assaulted a
police officer in the public..

..with a slipper without
paying heed even to his uniform.

Is it not wrong that
you have asked for bribe?

I beating you with
my slipper is wrong.

Anything you do in your
uniform as duty is accepted.

And you tell the public
that we are doing our duty.

Sister, if I ask when I am off duty,
will you pay me?

What will you call me if
I ask you for money without uniform?

It is hard for even ministers
to survive without a post.. this country.

You had hit me with a
slipper when I asked for 150.

What are you staring at here?
Go on now.

Give the slipper to your son, madam.

If you want to hit every
bribe taker with a slipper.. will have to start
a company of slippers, madam.

Hail India.
Go madam. Go. Go madam. Please.

What are you looking at here?
Come on. Go.

If the person who
killed that constable..

..and the one who attacked
your son-in-law viciously.. the same then why
is he still in this city?

Usually a murderer
runs away from the city..

..after committing the crime.

That means the two have
not committed the murder.

In fact they are going
to commit another one.

Yes. Even those
murderers were the same.

And now they are about
to commit another murder.

That’s it.
That means that constable was wrong.

The Nepali said the truth.

We are wasting our time uselessly.
We are wasting our time.

Now your son-in-law
has to recover from coma.. expose the truth.

Commissioner office. Clerk.

These three were killed
by the same person.

Than who is it?

The name found in the CI
murder case library was Shanti.

And even Sita Ram’s
mother’s name is Shanti.

And even her name is Shanti.

Listen. Have you seen
anyone leaving from here?

No sir, we haven’t seen anyone.

My god. They were hurt
because of these people.

And now they are taking revenge.

They are on a killing spree. Yes.

Now I will have to first
find out whom they are going.. kill next.

And we will have to
reach their before them..

..and catch them.

Dear, what are you doing?
I haven’t done anything.

Let me go.

First I have to find out who
is responsible for his dad’s death.

I know. I know everything about you.

You sold the butcher uncle for 5,000.

I have not sold that butcher.

I will tell the truth. – Speak.

I will, dear.

That day only me and my
mother were at home that day.

Suddenly several rogues
entered the house..

..and said that hand
over the butcher to us.

Otherwise we will kill you.

They threatened to kill
my mother with a sword..

..and scared me.

I got scared and handed
him over the butcher.

I am telling the truth, dear.
This is the truth.

Believe me.
I swear on my mother, dear.

I am not lying, dear.

Does anyone swear
falsely on their mother?

Than why did the CI say so?

So dear, you wanted to kill me.

The constable is dead.
The CI is in coma.

The clerk is also gone. Who is next?

Narayan Rao?

Narayan Rao. Pick up the phone. Dial.

23555991. Bring the phone here.

Deva, this is social
worker Narayan Rao.

Sita Ram and his mother…



He is also gone.

Hello. Is this Narayan
Rao’s home? – Yes.

Is he there? Shit.

Hello. Control room.
Control room. Bandra PS.

In Beat 3 social worker Narayan Rao..

..has been murdered at his residence.

Send the forensic
expert immediately. Over.

Whose photo is this, madam?

Than what is this photo doing here?

Is he your son?

How did he die?

Who came here?

A woman and her son?

Then how did this happen.

My son had sinned a
lot that’s why I killed him.

Find them.

They must be hiding somewhere here.

Find them.

You want Rama, right?









Tell me. Where are they hiding?

Tell me. Where are they hiding?

Tell me.

Where are they? Where are they?

Don’t shout.

I am Sita Ram. Recognize me?


Sir, I have got this girl.

I know you are hiding
somewhere around.

If you don’t come
out in 2 minutes then..

I will kill her.

Hey! Hey!

You will hit me. A tiger? Hey. Hey.

Don’t shout.
Mother is sleeping. Listen carefully.

One second is enough to kill you.

But I have no issues with you.
I am letting you go.


If you mess with me again then…

Got it?

All right.

Yes, got it. You are a tiger.

I am leaving. Hey, come on. Follow me.

Mother. Mother.


Why have you come?
– For you. – Go away from here.

I won’t go. – I told you. Leave.

I like you. I love you.

Don’t shout. Mother is sleeping.

All this love, etc.
won’t happen now. Go. Go.

Why? Is it only your decision?

Don’t I have a will? A heart?

I told you, don’t shout.
Mother is sleeping.

Now I don’t care about love,
affairs, etc. Go away.

Janki, I said leave.
Let me go. Let me go.

Why are you hitting me?

Janki. Listen to me. Listen to me.

I have committed murder.

My mother has committed murder.

The police are after us.

You just saw what
happened to you just now.

The one who lives in
crime also dies in crime.

Even I can die in this fight.

But I won’t spare my father’s
murderers before dying.

We are ruined.
Our lives are destroyed.

If you stay with us
you will get ruined too.

Go away from here.

What happened, DCP? What happened?

I had gone to catch Sita Ram.

Did you find him? – Can’t you see?

He has been beaten up well.

Do you just want me
to listen to your excuses?

I could have gone there
quietly and caught him.

Now I know that one should
always do their own job.

You are sporting your wounds as if..

..the government
has given you a medal.

Aren’t you ashamed? – Leave it, boss.

What can he do if he had beaten him?

The one who had beaten
him should have brains.

Goodness. Goodness. Goodness.

That rascal has beaten him so badly.
Hell with him.

You are useless.
– That is not so, Deva.

Come with me. We are similar.

This is what men do.
What can we do in the middle?

I will not wear for
my enemy to come to me.

Cut his legs before
even he can step inside.

Deva never plays a weak game.

It is 9 o’clock now.

This game will start
exactly in 2 minutes.

The mother and son
are currently in Ghatkopar.

4 of my men will reach there now.

He will think they are
only 4 so let me kill them.


Now the game will start.

Catch him. Don’t leave him.

Catch him. Catch, catch.

Don’t let him escape. Catch him.

Catch him.

Catch him.

That rascal will escape
my men and enter..

..the lane in Sultan Bazar.

And Shankar would
be waiting for that fool.


If he even escaped
that than our men will..

..surround him at Hanuman gym again.

He will try a lot to
escape in the motorcycle.

But such pests can never
escape the net spread by Deva.

Look at him, where is going?

I can’t run anymore.

What’s the status?

He is causing a lot of loss.
He is beating everyone.

Boos, this boy is very stubborn.

It is very hard to kill him.
We can’t do it, boss.

Leave that boy and kill his mother.

Boss is saying that leave
that boy and kill his mother.

Mother, stay behind me.

Come. Come.
You want kill me. Kill me. Kill me.

Get the phone. Take out the phone.

Take out the phone. Take it out.

Who were you talking to just now?
– Let me go.

Who is Deva? – Let me go.

Hello. I am coming
with mother to Market Road.

Come with an auto there.
As soon as you can.

We don’t have time.

Mother, sit. – Yes.

Come on. Give that to me.

Wait for me near Kamla Bazaar.
I will come there.

Yes. – Careful, mother.
– Take care. Be careful.

That guy will try to escape
through the railway tracks.. his bicycle now.

There our men will lower the barrier.



Rama, hurry.

Hurry up.

Ride faster.

They are coming, Rama.

Pedal faster. They are coming.

They are coming closer.

Pedal faster.

Pedal faster, Rama.

Janki, don’t you have shame?
– No, I don’t.

Otherwise how would
have pedaled faster?

Drat. – Drat.
– Spit. – Spit. – Hey. – Hey.


Close your eyes.

Goddess Kali, what is this?

Even you are supporting him.

Son, are you okay?

Yes, mother.

I have never lost a game.

How did that happen?

Sir, give me 2.5 kilos of onions.

The bird has been caught.

Goddess Kali. Thank you.

Rama. – Stop.

Rama. – Rama. –



Rama. Rama,
what is wrong with you? Rama.

What has happened?

Look DCP.
I have put traps in all hospitals.

He has been stabbed
by a poisonous knife.. that boy will
surely go to a hospital.

Both of us only want Sita Ram.


Look. Look at Phulwati
and feel ashamed.

All of you men couldn’t
kill a single boy.

What you all couldn’t
do was done by Phulwati.

All of you are eunuchs.

Listen, Mr. Narendra. – Yes, sir.

Send police to every
hospital in the city.

What happened, sir?

Sita Ram is injured.

How do you know that? – He will
surely go to a hospital for treatment.

How do you know that?

Why should you care
how I know all this?

But how do you know that?

I know. – I asked
you how do you know that?

I am a DCP. You are my sub ordinate.

Do you know what will happen when.. do this to a superior officer?

Now DCP you will have
to think of the consequences.

I have found out about your reality.

Shall I say how much bribe
you have taken from whom?

The shopkeeper from
the Main Market sent saris..

..for your wife and
I know what you did for him.

You took money from the
minister during election..

..and did wrong things.

You have fixed a
rate and have allowed..

..anyone in the city for murder.

The public doesn’t
have to do all this..

..if the police was
doing its work properly.

Officers like you spoil
the name of the police department.

Hey. – Hey.

You will escape if you tell
the truth otherwise you will die.

I will tell. Don’t kill me.

If you had said all this before.. wouldn’t have had
to hang like this before.

These are all my men.
Honest policemen.

Not rascals like you.

Take him down every hour
and give me a glass of glucose.

Don’t let him die
until the case is solved.

Do you know what happened once?

My Deva liked red sari a lot.

So one day I wore Deva’s
favorite red sari..

..and went to the garden.

Deva was waiting for me at the garden.

Deva’s eyes shone when
he saw me in a red sari.

My body bloomed when I saw Deva.

Deva was there and I was here.

And there was a hissing
sound in the middle.

A long snake came in front of me.

I closed both of my eyes quickly.


After that what did the snake do,

“I was alone in the garden.”

“Look, he plays with me.”

“The eyes are lined
with kohl and are sharp.”

“When I walk, I saw the heart.”

“Everyone calls me
the queen of hearts.”

“Everyone gives me
rings as a souvenir.”

“What do I do? Where do I go?”

“Stole my sleep. Looked into my eyes.”

“I was trapped in the
middle of the market.”

“”Who knows what
will happen now, god?”

Oh, just give him a kiss.

“Everyone asks me for a kiss.”

“What do I do, mama?”

“Everyone asks me for a kiss.”

“What do I do, mama?”

“I will wear kohl.”

“I will wear flower strings.”

“I will wear kohl.”

“I will wear flower strings.”

“I am going to be decked up, my love.”

“I will tie you with
my love and my eyes.”

“Wherever I go everyone looks at me.”

“Wherever I look, I feel scared now.”

“Save me, Lord Ram.”

Gauri, where are
you going all decked up?

The district will be in chaos.
Be careful.

Girl, kiss me.

Kiss me.

“Girl, just give a kiss.”

“Even we will become lucky.”

“Girl, just give a kiss.”

“Even we will become lucky.”

“I sway and dance.”

“Like a branch of flowers.”

“I sway and dance.”

“Like a branch of flowers.”

“All bees are behind me.”

“Someone sighs for me.”

“Someone is smitten by me.”

“Some think about me all the time.”

“Wherever I go everyone looks at me.”

“Wherever I look, I feel scared now.”

“Save me, Lord Ram.”

“Girl, your anklets
are killing people here.”

“Your waist and you
look with your big eyes.”

Queen, just give him a kiss.

“Everyone asks me for a kiss.”

“What do I do, mama?”

“Everyone asks me for a kiss.”

“What do I do, mama?”

I am Raj Narendra, ACP, crime branch.

I am the special officer who
is investigating Sita Ram’s case.

So Deva, partying
at the death of Sita Ram.

He is not going to die.
He is going to kill you.

You thought that you
have set a good game for him.

He is coming to play with you now.

Officer, have you come
to scare me for money?

How much do you want?

Deva! I am not an
officer who takes bribes.

Don’t have a wrong
idea about the entire..

..department because
of a couple of bribe takers.

The police department
has a sense of honor.

There are several sincere
officers amongst us.

If we were not there
than our country would have.. ruined and destroyed
by rascals like you.

Stop delivering dialogues.

That duo has hoodwinked the police.

Go and control them first.

We will control them.

Maybe you don’t know about them.
Listen, Deva.

The 2 are not doing this
in anger or greed like others.

They are doing this
for the love for his father.

They are doing this for
the love for their country.

You can stop the one
who does this for revenge.

But it is difficult to stop them.

You can’t even fathom
Sita Ram’s power.

He will surely finish you.

And if you escape him,
then I won’t spare you.

Good. This is good.

Listen, have you
received any case for.. injured boy
in your hospital? – No.

We are looking for a
boy who is trying to get..

..admitted by a woman.

Inform me if you
receive any such case.

Just press this buzzer
quickly. – Okay.

They won’t come here if they see me.

I will go and hide there.
– Okay. – Okay?

What is wrong with him?
– She has high fever.

Sister. – Yes, sir.
– Doctor. – Check her temperature.

Yes, sir.


The temperature is very high.

Transfer her to the
emergency award immediately.

There is no need to worry.

Her temperature will
decrease in half an hour.

Go and get these medicines
from the pharmacy.

Look, don’t worry. It’s normal fever.

She will be fine.
– Thank you, doctor. – Okay.

I am scared.

Is this girl mad or crazy? Forget it.

Come mother.

What are you doing?
Give him the oxygen.

He should at least
know who has killed him.

Sir. – Wake him up.

Get up. Get up. Get up.

So, do you recognize us?

Sir, the mother-son
has come to the hospital.

My name is Sita Ram.

Fireman Vikram Rao’s son.

And I am his wife.
You all have killed him together.

You escaped that day.
But you won’t today.

Rama, kill him!

No. No. Let me go.

There. – Where?

Come sir.

Everyone should have
a mother like you.

You seem like one in a thousand. Go.

Be ruined. Inauspicious, go to hell.

Stop. Why are you
hitting him like this?

What do I do?
Even great men are joining our gang?

And look at her she
is wearing pants and..

..trying to be a man.

What is the use of telling her?

She is getting spoilt
by seeing you, rascal.

How can she get spoilt by me?

She was already spoilt.
I am getting in their fight.




Maha Kali!

Bhadra Kali!



Shankar. – Yes, boss.
– give him poison. – Yes, boss.

Kill this pest.

Phulwati, she cannot do anything now.
Let her go.

Press his parts. Go ahead.


Madam, you wanted to train
your son to kill me, Deva.

Were you able to kill Deva?
You couldn’t.

No one can kill Deva.

This mother trained her
pest like son to kill me.

Now I will kill her
son in front of her.

This is how the game turns.

Jagdamba, I will surely
bathe you in blood today.

Pick this pest up.

Even the mother’s soul
will shiver to see her son die.

Look the show of death.

So? Is your soul shivering?

You had borne him in this womb, right?

It is paining, right?
It is paining a lot, right?

You have trained him well.

He has got of life left.

Now I will see how much
life he has left inside him.

Hey fair one. Are you dead?

No. he hasn’t died.

I am just standing on him right now.

I want to see how long
your son will stay alive.

Shankar. – Yes, boss.

Watch the time. – Okay, boss.

Do you recognize me?

I am the clean shaven one.

Why are you so scared?

Turn back. Turn back.

Come. Come.

Take this.

Come. Come.

No. Don’t touch the idol. Keep it.

Goddess Kali, I was about
to about to offer you blood today.

I didn’t know that I was
about to offer you my blood.

Clean shaven one, has hit me bad.

Look sir. It is not my son’s fault.

This has all happened because of me.

They have killed my husband and..

..were ruining the nation, sir.

My son stood first in the state.

He can have a bright future.

My life is already ruined, sir.

Arrest me instead of him, sir.
– No, sir.

Not only me but a 1000 sons like me..

..can be sacrificed
for a mother like her.

Sir, I request you to
let my mother go. Take me, sir.

Since the time you have
started this practice..

..everyone is cared of taking bribes.

Government officers are
doing their work properly.

If I arrest you they will
start accepting bribes again.

They will ruin our nation.
I respect the law.

But I like justice.

I can arrest you.
I have two evidences to convict you.

One is your father’s picture.

And the other is this card.

You can take it.

I am letting you go.

Not because I am pleased with you.

Because I love my country.

It is better for my
country if you two are free.

You can go. – Thank you, sir.

I have killed him.

I have killed him.

I had come to do enquiry here.

But Deva snatched
my revolver from me..

..and attacked me with his men.

I didn’t have any other
way out that’s why I killed him.

You are the eye witness for the same.

Come to bear witness
at the court tomorrow.

Will you come? This is justice.

You just saw film ‘Meri Adalat’.

This is the truth.

Everything I have said here is false.

Whatever you speak and
hear outside is also false.

But one thing is for sure.

Our country is great.

A few thankless people
are trying to ruin our country.

We have to find such
people and flush them out.

To save our country.

Like this film we don’t
require guns and swords.

Slippers are enough.

Just keep your slippers with you.

Clobber the ones who
ask and gives bribes..

..needs to be hit with those slippers.

The country will get
better automatically.

I am there with you.

Listen carefully.

This country is ours,
not off those thankless ones.

This is the truth. Hail India.


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