Wanted Baghi

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[Mobile ringing]


[Thud] [Windshield shattering]



Man: One is to be killed.

Man 2: Who?


Man 3: Lalu?


-He is to killed in his area.

-Know the payment? Payoff

Who will kill him?

Why? Don’t you trust us?

[Men chasing shouting]

Get him! Don’t let him go!

Hey, catch him! Hey…

He shouldn’t escape!

[Running footfalls]

Hey, stop!

Hey, stop! Stop!


This is really a good place.


If kill someone know would know.

I thought why should I kill him?
But others were also standing.

No problem.

I will do my job.


I’ll finish the job and see you.

Today is a very good day for me.

Who the hell are you?

In whole of India,
asking me this question

you are the first man.

I shall see to you later.



Give your name.

Why, won’t you get beaten
without knowing the name?


You will beat me?

I am committed.

Once I make a commitment,
I don’t even listen to myself.

Close it, close it!

Put the shutter down!


Keep it bit open, man.

It will be easier to out.

Shut it! Shut it!

Hey, quickly put it down!

[Fumbling with lock]

Huh! Here is the key.


Tch, tch, tch…

Why you hurry so much?
Should have kept the key in hand.

Today I will thrash you so badly
that you’ll remember!

Thrashing is farfetched,
even try touching me.

-Oh… no…

[Scramming in pain]

You asked who I am, right?

Hey, finish him!



No use trying.
You can’t run from here.

[Hits] [Screams]

[Loud moan]




Hey, hey…


[Glass shattering]


[Clang] Ow!

Hey-aah! Hah!




What happened?

Can’t open it?



Hey, listen.

I will see my papa and come.

Take care.

Dad: Useless, tramp, loafer!
I am ashamed of calling you my son!

Where were you for two days?

No phone call or a news.
Is this house a shelter house?


Tarun, I will be back.

Tarun: Where are you going?

A girl Gori stays near here.


He callas Gauri as Gori.

Oh, man. He’s really mad.

Tarun, the girl is really pretty.
I love her.

-She’s pretty so love her?
-May, go see her?

Don’t you know that you’re helpless?

Why do you fall in love

and ruin your life?

Excuse me.

-What’s the score?

Six runs are to made in one ball.

-Just in one ball?


‘This match is very exciting stage.’

‘What you say?’

‘Now see. In one ball
six runs are to be scored.’

Commentator 2:
Yeah, this very tensed situation.

Oh, yeah. it is really tenses.

‘Spectators’ heartbeats have stopped.
Let’s see that happens.’

-‘Anything can happen in Cricket.’

‘History is witness to it.’

‘As long as the match is over,
nothing can be sais.


‘Many times such situations arose.’

Spectators: We want a sixer!

We want a…

We want, want we want, we want!’

‘And bowler is running to bowl…

‘Short pitched and the batsman
has hit it hard…

let’s what happens!’

And he has hit a sixer!’

Hey, hey, hey.


If the girl is beautiful,
you feel like loving her.

Won’t you go to meet Gauri?


[Bullet ricochet]

♪ I wana love you baby ♪

♪ I wana love you baby ♪

♪ I want to love you, love you baby ♪




Idiot! I shall see you!

Then do it.

Why are you here?


Won’t I have lunch
if you don’t bring it?

Listen, your friends are spoiling you.

Excuse me, sir.

Few people are peeping from window,
it is causing disturbance.





Why are you guys standing there?


-Hey… listen. Listen.

What are you watching?

Haven’t you seen girls?

Hey, stand straight.

Shameless fellows!

Take away your loafer friends.


Get out!

If you’re seen again…

Why don’t you guys go!

Come let’s go.

They exercise a lot,
just for we guys.

Tell the old man.

Hey, what are you doing?
Let’s go.

Hey, move.

Um.. umh. Ah.

-Officer: Sir.

My joining order, sir.

New recruit, name is Manoj.

There are many other jobs
in the country.

Leaving that why did he
become a cop?

For money.

No, sir. I want to do my duty
and want President’s medal.

Know to shoot?

I was tops in training, sir.

Pick that rifle.

Load it.

Done, sir.

Shoot me.


Cop 2: Hey, shoot, man



You’ll die, sir.

Or should I shoot you?

No, sir.


Shoot this bottle.






I can’t understand, sir.

Nothing happens just by training.

To aim and shoot,

you need courage.

You want President’s medal, right?

Then first go and bring the video.




Cop: He’s, sir.

Man: Sir, Namaste.


I am Vishwajit. I am a builder.

I am constructing building
on the Mount Road.

And sir, a goon is asking
money from me.

What’s his name?



I will deal with it.

Thank you, sir.

Thapa: Yes, sir?

Have you threatened builder Vishwajit?

Yeah, if doesn’t pay up,
I’ve threatened to kidnap him.

Call him again
and threaten to kill him.

Okay, sir.

Kid: He’s practicing for three years.

But he can’t break anything.



Come here!


Master: Call you sister.



She won’t come.
I will call her myself.


Uh… Shruti.

Hey, Master. She is drying clothes.

All right. I will help her.

Shruti: -I am coming.

Now why is she need here?

You be quiet.

You have brought up your daughter
like a common girl.

In order to protect herself,
self-defence is must.

-I am here, Master.
-Come on quickly.

-You know how to self-defence?
-what are you doing?

Did you see her?

She can’t understand anything.

I will teach her.

Bring those weapons.

Lady: He’s the master of this house
so I have to bear everything.

After I say ‘Ready’.

All of you attack me
from any direction.

Then how I defend, all of you watch.




Without pre-plan anything goes bad.

Planning is must.






You hat on it.



Machak Good.

Lochak. Mochak. Machak.

Lochak. Mochak. Machak.

Lochak. Mochak. Machak.

Lochak. Mochak. Machak.

Lochak. Mochak. Machak.

Lochak. Mochak. Machak.

Lochak. Mochak. Machak.

-Lochak. Mochak. Machak.

[Sppeedily] Lochak. Mochak. Machak.



No, dear.

Master neck?


Omh-uh… ooh…

Kids: -Master?
-It’s drunken monkey style.


[Rain splattering]

-Thank you, grandpa.
Man:-Who are you, son?

-Hello, aunt.
Woman: Who are you, son?

Bye, aunt.


Something is written.

Stop, stop.

What’s it… ‘Take Diversion’.

All right, let me divert.


I have a beautiful face on top.

Please see that too.


Man, your dad is too lucky.

Every day he keeps staring
at pretty girls.

But he doesn’t let us.


What’s going on?

What did he say and left?

Should I stop girls from
coming to the Gym?

Want to spoil your father’s name?

Many times I tried to make you
understand, but you have no effect.


Dad, auto rickshaw is here.

Customer: Where did the horn
come in this mutton dish?

Waiter: Does a dog has horns?

Quietly eat your food and go!

[Tyre screeching] [Splash]

Goon: Hey, who’s Tarun here?

Guy: Hey, bro. What’s it?

Hey, who is Tarun?

You tell me!

Who is Tarun. Hurry up.

Tell me.

Excuse me, sir.

Is it a must to know about Tarun?

You will tell?

[Hard slap]


With whose slap head spins
and entire body shiver with fear…


He can only be Tarun.

And I am him.

Not him.


Come on.

Remove hand.

Damn you, I’ll put a bullet in you.


Come in the court of Boss.

[Car driving away.

Goon: How are you now?

So you are trapped?

Now he camel has come
under the mountain.

Guru. Guru. He’s the guy.

He broke my leg.

-Today I will…

[Striking balls]

Guru, you asked him to sit?

Hey, get up! Get up!

Girl: You mad!

Hold on.

Do you always have
violence in your mind?

Sometimes work calmly too.

Hey, what you are saying?


I have no value?

I have become useless?

Hey, hey, everybody come
touch his feet.

Now he is only useful man,

Rest of them are good for nothing.

Guru: Will you work with me?

I don’t work with anyone.

What work do you have, tell me.

How much is my share in it?

This job is not that of loose change.

Job is serious. There should
not be police threat too.

Why wasting time?

You are in this for business.
I am doing it since childhood.

I don’t bother about anything.

Shouldn’t be bother about life too.



Men: Hey….


Your men

attack or kill anyone
at a place chosen bayou.

But I…

Kill or hit at any place.

You know, why I hit him?

He was dealing wrong with me.

Holding my collar,
he was trying to act smart.

Now tell me the job.

How much is in it for you and me?

After that we will talk.

Got that?

Hey. Hello.


I really liked you, man.

But who you are?


Got the guts?

This way…

How are you playing with the gun?

I have watched many
Rajanikath’s movies.


He appears to be bit too smart.

That’s what we need.



Yeah! You just lost one tooth.

Entire jaw will go.

[Dog barking

You are fair and handsome too.

You should be lady.

Hey, hey, hey.

Stop, stop, stop.



Going to market?

Your name?

Girl: Uh, why, sir?





Where you stay?

Near the Ganesh temple.

Oh! Where do you work?

Jumbo Aerobic Centre.

Hey, hey…

Careful. Careful.

I have to go.

Have you ever been to police station?

No, sir.

Want to go?

Excuse me.

Aah…uh. Write you address.

But why?

Hey! Police.



-What happens when you drink?
-Intoxication, sir.

I am getting it without drinking.



Who is to be killed?

Narsimha’s man.

Keep eyes wide open.
He can be here any time.

Is he seen as yet?

Man: Sir, have you a matchbox?

Get lost!

I asked you have matchbox?
-Hey, go away!

[Grunts and groans]

Damn you, raising hand on cops!

Boss, cops are here.

I’ll break your bones.

Cops have come there.

Damn you!

Officer: -Who were you talking to?
-Hey, hey, say it…

-What happened, sir?
-It’s your idea and you don’t know?

I doubt this man.
Something is wrong here.

Go and see.

[Siren hooting]


Ahh… Come, let’s go!

We will see later. Come.

Hey, stop the car.

I will handle cops.
You finish him.

Arre, he is mad.

-Rest I will handle.
-Don’t listen to him.

Hey, hey, stop! Stop!


What’s this?

A gun. What?

I found it there
so came to give it to you.

Where you got it?

From there.

First I felt it was something else
but when I saw, I found it is a gun.

Is it original?

Where you stay?

Who, me? Here in this colony.

[Sound of punches]

Coming from where now?


Hey, hey, hey.


Where are you going? Come here.

Yes, I am telling you.

Come here.

-You search him.
-Yes, sir.

But why, sir?


Checking you.



-Sir, can I go now?
-Shut up!

-Sir, I told you once…
-I said, shut up!

Sir, I’ve to go.

In too much hurry! [Slaps]

Buy why are you stopping, sir?

-That gun had fallen there.

My friends are waiting for me…

Hey, hey, hey…

Let me go.

You know who you’re speaking to?

To Inspector Govind.

I will cut you.


Where is she?
-Sir, she’s gone.

-What’s going on here?

Who is he?
-Uh, I was checking him.4

-I was passing from here so he…
-Sir, a dead body is here.

[Camera clicks]

Who killed Surya,
we have found it, Boss.

MLA Dhanpat paid Guru

to kill Surya.

That MLA supports Ali Bhai.

Boss: Who’s that Ali Bhai, huh?

What is he?

He’ll die at my hand one day.

And I will be the one to
put that MLA in his place.

Hearing this Narsimha,
entire city should shiver!

Man: MLA Sir!
Crowd: Long live!

Man: MLA Sir!
Crowd: Long live! [Slogans continues]

[Shout] Hey!

Sit down.

Sir, you murdered an MLA?

Yeah, I murdered him.
What you want to say, say.

Sir, why did you kill him?

One who crosses line drawn by us,

he will be silenced forever.

Print this.

And what if police crosses you?



I consider police

-like a strand of hair.

May I take your photo?

-Yes, sir.

Yes, go ahead.

Man on bench: MLA’s murder
in day light

and murderers are roaming free.

Giving interviews.

What the hell police is doing?


Oh, damn.

You read on.


Serve two patties and a tea.

Young man: Ah… ahh… eh.


I am very happy today.

My girlfriend his given me this letter.

Where will you stay
if you come to Mumbai?

And this just not a letter,
it is my life.

Ok, okay, give me your number.

I’ll read it.


‘My sweetheart… What?


Two four,

double three,

five three,

one four.


I have noted the number.

I will call on this number
and speak to you.

We will be in touch.

Okay, tell me, do you love any girl?



What’s the problem?

You crazy!


I am famous as Body Soda
in my area.

I have another name too,
Hot Blood.

You just name your enemy.

I will squash him like a mosquito
and throw him like this.



I squashed the patties!

Bro, tea isn’t served yet

Hey, give his name…


[Peeling egg]


You are done, aren’t you?

Now nobody should be there
in front of me. Out!

-Be carful! Just for me.

Hm! Hm.


Ah-uh! Hello, Shruti.


She’s looking somewhere else!

Umh… aah.




Today is very good.

I know too.


May I… yeah?



Thank you so much.


For helping me at right time.

Will you have tea?

Uh, no thanks.
I will be late for classes.

Anyway, nice to meet you.

I am Shruti.



Uh… your name?


It’s very good.

My name is Tarun.


Nice name.


Anyways, see you later.




Ow… run.

Hey, stop!


Doctor: Shift patient in Ward No. 6.
Nurse: Okay, Doctor.

What happened?

Some scuffle took place.

-So she got a cut from a knife.

First report in police station
then treatment will be given.

It will take time, sir.

First you treat her
then we’ll go to police station.

Yeah. This not done here.
Go from here.

Didn’t I say?
Forst go to police station.

What if something happens to
patient by the time she comes back?

So what I do about it?

Mister, we too have certain rules.

We need police complain.

It is a must. Now go.


Treat her.

Can’t you understand
what I am saying?

Without making police complain,
we can’t do anything.

Security! Take him out.


Hey, hey! Hey…



Now let’s both go to police station.

You complaint against me
and I will complaint against you.

And then treatment will be done.
-Sir it’s bleeding.

Oh, let it bleed. First we will
follow the rules.

Treatment first. Rules second.

For my treatment….

what was the need of so much violence?

This is not violence.

This also called treatment.

Ok, tell me.
Why had he come to beat you?

He must have been beaten by me
sometime earlier.

What do you do?

What do I reply to her now?

By the way, what you think?

Uh.. you finished college..

Perhaps looking for job.

Or then along with friends…

Time pass…
-No need to go around

Come to the point.

If there is not job then you must be
roaming around with loafers.


I am a loafer.

Instead of roaming around like this…

You can take up a job too, can’t you?

Who roams around for nothing?
I get paid for it.

Um! What do you mean?

I attacked doctor with a knife for you.

Had I done the same for anyone else,
I would have been paid.

I didn’t get you.


Find your job and do it.



Thinking what?
I am right or wrong?



In few days you will know.

Shall we go now?




Driver: Where to go?

Where you want to go?

How you stopped auto?

By whistling.

How do you whistle?

It is very easy.

Just lift the tongue a little,

keep fingers in and blow.

Try yourself.


Not lift it.


[Auto meter ring]



[Tyre screeching, siren hooting]

What’s the matter? Police!

-Cops at Shruti’s house?

[Snaps fingers] Check!

Uh, ah…

-Who are you, sir?

Have to search the house.

Uh… Sir.

-Sir, what’s the matter, sir?
-We have the information that here

prostitution goes on here.

What are you saying, sir?

Didn’t you understand?
Prostitution racket.

Sir, you’ve come to wrong place.

Sir, here nothing goes on like this.

[Bin drops]



-Who is she?
Kid- My sister.

Who else are there?

Me, my mom,

-and my sister.

Papa is no more in this world

Who else come here?

Nobody comes here.

Who was the man with the pig tail?

He is our landlord.

Sometimes he comes
and disturbs us.

As you have come.

Now I…
[Throws photo frame]

I want to speak to you.

Come in.



sit, sit, sit.

Your husband is dead, right?

So how do you bring up children?

My daughter has a job

Where is she?

She hasn’t come yet.


Does she do business at night?


Hey! Arre, arre, arre.

Why are you crying? Don’t cry.

You live on a girl’s earnings.

That wrong thing.

Just ask your daughter to say yes once.
Then see

what else I do.

I will keep your daughter like a flower.

You will happy.

Think and decide.

On behalf of police, I will…

provide you full security.

Just make your daughter relent.


In the charge of prostitution…

Courts, jail…

Will you be able to bear it?

No, no.





Um… [Deep breath] Escaped.

-[Slaps] Hey!
-Oh, God!

-Aren’t you the Master Uncle?

I am just Master not the uncle.

Name is Body Soda.

What’s this, man?

-Kung fu… ow!
-Kung fu!

As from today you are
the watchman here.


-No just for this house.

-Of Shruti too.
-Ah… ah.

If anyone one even glances at her,

-you will phone and tell me.

Get lost!
-Oh, no!

Watchman of my own house!

[Howling like a dog]

-Uh… Brother, brother.
-[Dogs howling]

Have all the dogs joined in?

They are also after me now!

-Who is it, ma’am?
-There he is.

Hey, keep that paper properly.

-Who is owner here?
-Why, what’s it?

I have heard his mind is too bad
these days. -Who said it?

Do you know who she is?

She is my…. Oh, god!

Mom… Mom.

You usurped her property and sold it

and have put her in a cherty home
and asking who she is?

-Fall at her feet!
-Mother, please forgive me.

-Uh-ah. Uh…

We will keep coming.

-If you did any wrong…

-Finished shopping?
-No, sir. Still pending.

All right then, don’t wait for me.

Ok, sir.

-…I’ll beat you black and blue.
-Hey, your dad is here.


-What are you guys doing here?
-Nothing, just to meet a friend, dad.

Why son, are they your friends?
-Ah-uh-ah… uh.

Uh, yeah.

-I am leaving friend.
-Uh, it’s fine, bro.

Why were they beating you?

Where they were beating, sir?
They were just giving massage.

Good massage?

-Excuse me.

How much is that monkey like
teddy bear is for?

-That’s a mirror, sir?
-What! Uh…

Does my facer resembles a monkey!


Uh… Shruti.

Shruti… ow….

Your dad keeps coming
between our matter.

Make him understand.



Uh, why are you suddenly hugging me?

Come for shopping?



And you?



Hey, let off me,
I have to take this lift.

Come let’s stop the lift in middle.


Umh! I thought him to be a good man

but he too turned out like others.

Will he behave like in the poster
on the lift door?

Oh, no!

He is staring at me.

He is breathing heavily too.

Oh, God, save me.

God, god, god, god.


God, god…

Save me.



Uh… uh! What?
What happened?



Hey, did you cut wire or not?


I have done it.

Oh, God!

Oh, no! I somebody there?

Some one save me.

Somebody take me out from here.

-Oh, God! Help! Help!
-What happened?

Actually… I am young man.

And on top of it I am alone.

If you did something wrong…

So, just for the safety sake, I…

Isn’t it a little overacting?


The way…

You think wrong about me,

I too can think wrong about you.

After all I too have some honour.

I think wrong about you,
how did you know?

All details… I know.

All the girls think about boys
the same way.

I have come in elevator
and lift is stopped!

Idiots, start the elevator!


Come with me.

Man, the elevator has stopped.

Yes, I know.

-Opening it?
-So soon?

Will take an hour more?

No, in ten-fifteen minutes
we will open it.

What are you saying! One hour!

Fine then. It will be stuck
for an hour.

It will take an hour.


Will take so much time?2

I will be suffocated.

That will good.

End of all the problems.

Cell-phone bill, electricity bill,
house rent,

nothing will be needed to be paid.

Shopping also cancel.

Eyebrow bill, lipsticks
they won’t be needed too.

Otherwise too I don’t
do too much make up.

Just use face wash
and a dab of lipstick.


What’s this?

Uh-ah… Just cream.


[Making strange noise]

You are just moving your mouth,
will you repair with the mouth?


[Humming a song]

Do you love someone?

And you?

Um… no.

The quality I am looking for

I didn’t see anyone till one.

What quality you need?

Should be educated.

Should be on some big post.

-And should also be a very good man.
-Oh, no!

What she’s saying is, I have
none of those qualities.

-Did you say something?
-I said congratulations.

What type of girl you like?

I have no idea about it.


I have no answer to it.

Everyone has his own test.
I even hate the name of the girl.

What happened?

Old habit.

-Elevator is ready.
-The start it.


You guys have already thrashed me a lot.
Now I won’t allow it.

You start the elevator,
it should stop on the third floor.

-That’s it, right?
-Yes, that’s it.






[Mouthing drum beats]

-What were you doing?
-Doubting me?

-I am getting angry, I am leaving.
-Uh, don’t be angry.

Don’t know why I took you wrong?

Everything okay?

What okay, man?
I am shaking so much, you know?

Uh, is it okay now?

Yeah okay now.

Are you okay?



She’s saying okay.

Okay, okay,

Yeah? Uh, uh?

Fragrance is very nice.

-Actually the thing is…

-I have…

three flavours’ hair spray.


That’s too much.


Hey, start it fast.

Aah… uh… uh.

[Making sparring noises]

Scaring this much was necessary.

Come, Shruti.

Ali Bhai’s men have already
taken protection money, bro.

Hey, who Ali Bhai? Who?

I don’t know any Ali Bhai.

Don’t you know him?

Didn’t I tell you, I don’t know!



What’s it?

Arrange meeting.

What for?2


-Call Tarun in meeting too.
-But why him?


-That day you peed in pants seeing cops.
-Hey, damn you!


Here, make the call quickly.

-Nine… eight….

four… one… zero.

[Tyres screeching]



See, he is also going to come.

In our area?


Let me watch his face.

Why are you staring, damn you?

Do you love me?

Huh! You took money from him
and tried to kill him.

Now you are changing your path
and coming to my path?

For me everybody is equal.

If you pay me,

I will kill him too.


Are you a man of then…

I am an animal.

Then I will hunt you.

First condition. Neither will we
touch your area nor will you.

Second condition.
I want this Das.


You are speaking of me?
You don’t know me.

Just because your photo was
in newspapers,

you think you’re celebrity?

What do you think?
Everything here goes as I say.

I can do anything.

You threatened in our area
and extorted money.

Yes, I did. What will you do?

-And also said you don’t know Ali Bhai.
-Yes, I said. So?

Who the hell is this Ali Bhai?

Men: Hey!

Hey, Guru.


Sit down.

Sid down.

I asked him to deal with this matter.

Who is Ali Bhai…

I even don’t know.


Why is this meeting held?

Now it appears we should
kill everybody here and go.

Hey, hey, hey, hey!

You mental! Shut up.

Watch out!

Do you know where you are sitting?

Hey, hey!

Can’t you see in front to whom
you are sitting?

-Can’t you understand?
-Hey, take off your hand.

Hey! You are asking me
to take my hand off?

Asking me? Shall I show you?


Now you say, what’s to be done?

Kill them?

I have decided.

You just say yes. I will finish them.

What did you say? You just came
and taking me on!

Hey! Ah…uh… uh…

It’s not necessary when I came,
how I shoot is necessary.

Uhg…. uh.

[Grunts] [Gunshot]


Hey, hey… No! No! No!

[Stammers] It’s… me.



Don’t know Ali Bhai?

You don’t know Ali Bhai!

Let that be. How could he know?
Why disturb him?

Hey, mental!

You’re talking too much!

[Gun cocking]

Do we need him?


You are telling about me? Is it?

All of you move.

I shall see to you later.


-Uh, ah….

Hey, come.

Everyone here?

Had coffee, tea, everything?

Reporter: What are you saying, sir?


Chewing tobacco, cigarettes,
will you have anything else?

Reporter 2: Are you making fun of us?

Not making fun. I am telling truth.

Eating, sleeping, going out,
life is going on like this.

Ask question?

Lady reporter:
What’s the reason behind this case, sir?

It’s fight between two gangs.

Why they fought, why fire bullets,
nothing is known as yet.

Reporter 3: So many lives are lost,
and you are saying this?

Then shall we declare holiday
and put national flag at half-mast?

Don’t you any responsibility
being an officer, sir?

Absolutely right.

I was waiting for this question.

When police is looking
for a criminal, then…

You go to him and interview him.

Have party, have fun.

And after returning,

you print his picture on the
front page and make him a hero.

Why? You know everything
but don’t inform police.

-And why you’d do it too?
-You’re interfering in press freedom.

What Press Freedom?

Which press guy you know?

Rajkumar Amrendra, Priya Bhaskar?
Tell me.

They too are press people.

The pen they used
you too use it.

But how will you write?

A gang rape with a ten year old girl.

You print in bold letters.

Not only that.
Printing her large picture,

you ruin her life.

And when we arrest the criminal,

you write about him, make him a VIP

and his moral goes high.

And biggest lawyers come
to get them bailed out!

Whereas an Indian researches
in America, when gets a gold medal,

you people don’t even like to
print about him in the newspapers.

How to cover a news,
we know it well.

You are from?

I am from magazine ‘Manager ki Awaze’.

Oh, so you are same man

who wrote, after the accident,
truck’s driver and cleaner absconded.

And you didn’t even bother to
write about those who died there.

At night you guys peacefully sleep
with your wives and children.

But we, in this uniform,
perform duty day and night.

Even then, you only print that
police in this country does nothing.

What’s the matter in this case, sir?

Am I TV reporter?

Yet, I will let you know,
what you guys do.

Crossing all the limits of decency,

looting the honour of his son’s wife,
watch that father-in-law’s dance!’

Rest is after the break.

Showing all this you raise your TRP.

People want that, sir.

Not people, just you want to show it.

But I say, every policeman in uniform
is a common, man. Do you understand?

And every common man is a policeman.

And for the protection of
every man of the society is…


Sorry. I got bit emotional.


‘Truth always prevails.’





-Going home?


What’s this, a colour box?

What? Lunch box. Upma dish.

-Anything left?
-No, it’s finished.


I will hand both of them over
to the inspector now.

‘Better if I could get her
mobile number.’

Your mobile number?
-Ah, here give it to me.

I will give a missed call
to my phone with it.

[Dialling beeps]

[Mobile ringing]


Oh, oh!

[Dialling beeps]


Sir, please give ma a rupee
in the name of God, sir.

-Start chasing me or you’ll get a slap!

I will break your rest of teeths too.

-Get lost!

Nobody will be able to
recognise me in this get up.

-Excuse me.

-He is going to come. Uh…

My husband.

-He’s gone to the loo.


Where is a loo in the local train?

All right. Get up.


-Vacate the seat, sister.
-But why?

-Hey, get up!

Why do you ask “What”?

Fatso, I will give you a punch
and your face will be skewed!

-This too much!
-Don’t talk too much. Get lost.

Girl: -I too will go.
-You don’t panic. Please be seated.



I can’t seen him anywhere.

Damn you! You’ve come in disguise!

You will be thrashed again.


One guy is flirting with tow girl?

My girl isn’t here yet.




-Hey, where is your sister?
-She went home long since.

All right, at least you’ve comd.


Kid, just once ask your sister
to call me.

Oh, oh. So you talk on phone too?

Uh, started just recently.

Ok, ok. I will tell her.

You are very smart kid.



But I have a doubt.

In future, if your sister turns out to be
your size, what will happen to me?

It’s all fate. Nothing is in your hand.

Yeah, you are right.

What’s in that box?



Everyone in the family are growing up
eating Upma, yeah?

He will not simply listen.
Let’s throw him out of the train.

Hey, shut your mouth!

What do you think of me?

I work so hard, change
my getup and come.

And you guys recognise me.
Why are you after me?

How did you recognised me?
Have you deployed a radar?

We haven’t deployed radar, damn you!
You’re roaming with radar on your head.


Despite changing getups
they recognise me! What do I do?

Bro, lift me throw me out of the
moving train.

It won’t be needed now.
Train has stopped.


-Get lost!
-Oh, I am going.

Hi, Laxmi.

You spoke to your daughter, did you?

‘When do I come home?’

Sir. Please, sir.

Kindly don’t harass us.

Why? Don’t you and your daughter
neem men?

[Tyre screeching]

[Door closing]

Sir, that Thapa is asking
five million from me.

He says if I don’t pay ransom
he will kill my son.

Is that so? I’ll check right now.

Thapa: What are you doing there, bro?

You come here immediately.

Okay, if I get this deal through,
what will you give me?

-Sir, what are you saying?
-Uh, uh. What will you give him.

Sir, I don’t want anything.

Why are you refusing?

Enjoy the drinks and beauty.
I will give you company, yeah.


So, bro?

Hey, Thapa!

Thapa: Are you laughing at me?
-No, no, no.

The police constable is new.
He is refusing to take money.

He doesn’t know to earn.

-Wants to take medal
from the President. -OH.

Hey, you stood first in shooting, right?

Now shoot him.

-What are you thinking? Shoot!
-No, no.

No, sir.

Don’t worry, man. Aim at Thapa.

Why are you thinking, damn you?
I said shoot.

Come on, shoot.

Shoot him.

Come on, shoot him.


Shoot! [Gunshot]


-What’s this?

You shot him! Yeah?

How big man he’s, do you know?

Shot him so easily?

Nobody will ask you question.

It’s me who has to answer.
What do I do now?

What to do?


[Shoots] Aah!


[Shot fired in air]

Sir, at the Mount Road’s
J K Complex our Inspector

Manoj and goon Thapa
shot at each other, sir.

Send few policemen, sir.

Why, man? I did everthing for you,
didn’t I?

Two lives are lost.

That five million, now you take.

Oh, no, no. I don’t need money, man.

My wife is fond of going on heights
and looking down.

So she wants a big house.

You do this.
Give me the tenth floor apartment.

But sir, it is worth 1.5 million.

Just that much!
Then give two floors.



Consider you’re lucky that
you are alive in this encounter.

Her name is Padmavati.

Do the registry in that name. Okay?

Say, okay.


Mom, easy.

Give accelerator easy.
Yeah this way.

Very good.
You really have learned soon.



Damn it, you hit my truck!

Hey! Are you some driver?

Yes, I am. Why?

-Get down!

Get down! Hey!

Uh… ah.

-Why are you leaking water on road?
-It’s just water.

Don’t you know value of water?

Governments change
because of this water.

Water is to be conserved.
Don’t you know?

-Damn you, Chinky!

This isn’t your job!

You dare speak to a Kung-fu Master!

Now I have to stop the
water flow now.

Oh God! It’s flowing faster!

Oh, I can’t stop it…

Where that midget driver has run?

Who entrusted him with
such a big tanker!


-What’s happening?
-What the hell is this?

Why is the flowing from your back?

Don’t talk about it.
First stop the water.

I will try.

Oh, I can’t stop it from my hand.

Then put your head there.

Now what do I do?

Man: Hey, water has come.


Man, Hurry, fill the water.

-Eh, eh… uh!
-Oh, ow!

Hey, get aside.

All of you stay back.
I have come first.

Nobody will break the queue!

Everybody go back.
Come in queue!

Come on. Make the queue.

Fall in line. If you don’t
you won’t get the water.

Oh, what kind of pipe is this?

This isn’t some pipe.
Connection is diverted.

After today don’t send tanker for us.

Just send this man,
our job will done.

Man 2: The water is in our lane,
and you’re filling the water?

Come on, fall in the queue.



This is very wrong.

I was first in line.
And you fitted the pipe?

I just need 5 thousand litters water.

-You take the remaining water.

-Hey, I will die!
-This will be better. We’ll have stock.

Oh, these people will kill me!

Help me! Where I am stuck!

Someone save me!

Help! Help….

Uh… uh…

[Sighs] Gosh.


Super shot, man!

Hah… ah… ah.

[Mobile ringing]

-Who is it?
-I am Body Soda.

One who appointed watchman, sir.

[Tyre screeching]

Uh, ah… Come, sir, come.

I had told you,
a man is following Shruti.

-He is that man, sir.
-Who he is?

The guy who has brown scarf
around his neck. He’s the guy, sir.



Hey! Everybody go back!

I said, all of you go back.

I have to check him.

Police! Come on go.

Other day you found a gun
which you gave me.

Now I hear you have found
a girl named Shruti.


What’s this?

Tell me.

You deal in drugs!


He peddles in drugs.

Tell me.

Speak up!

I will put you in the lockup
and what I do to you, just think.



For this…

Hey! Hey, hey…

Hey, hey, hey, hey…

Hey, hey, hey…

What has it gone? Hey!

Where it is?
-Wait, wait, wait.


Business of grass?


I was the headmaster
of the school you studied.


I want that girl.



The gun I gave you…

It was mine.


I have bullets too.

Oh, no! Run!

Hey! You’re playing with me?

The bullet you used, you have to
account for it to the government.

But don’t have to account for it.

I can easily play with you.


I will kill you in encounter.

Listen, damn you!

Do I look like the new recruit
in your police station?

How he died, do I tell you?

Say, should I tell you?
-Hey, hey, hey…

Is the registration of Padmavati’s
apartment done?


Nice tiles!

Hey, go away!

You are fitting cooling
air-conditions there, right?

Want to see the view of
entire city from the window, yeah?

What happened, you’ve gone phut?

Shruti is just mine!

And I will go to any extent for her!

Hey! That gun was mine,
and Shruti is mine too.


Oh, hell!

Uh… ah… oh! I am dead!

Sangira, give your mobile number.

-Double nine, four double one…
-Hey, come here!

Who do you think you are?

Hah? Excuse me.

-What are you doing?

Keep your mouth shut!

Sir, what you’re doing is not right.

Go! Go!

I said, go!


You’re showing too much attitude!
You want a man?

Who is he?

Who is the guy!

Your boyfriend, right?

Then what am I?

Your mother didn’t tell you?

I want you.

You are just mine.

And he was saying that
Shruti is mine!

He was saying he will go to
any extent for you.


If I ever see you
with that hoodlum again

then keep in mind….

‘Shruti is just mine.

‘And I can go to any extent for her.’

What you are saying is right.

But he does hooliganism in the city.

Hey, he just does minor
mischief in the city.

I am confident I’d reform him.

You love him so much, sister?


Yes, Chhotu.




I am Shruti’s friend Jaya.

I am Taurn’s friend Lonely speaking.

Sorry, I am…

-‘Shruti speaking.’


with you…

want to meet you.

For what?


I just want to tell you
something personally.


Can we meet?

Please. It’s really important.’

You were bored
so you called me to meet.


I thought I should meet you once.

But here, I am also feeling bored.


If you have something in your mind…

no harm tell it to me.

I only should say that?

Can’t you say it?

You won’t say in spite of knowing it.

You followi me without my knowledge.

If I spot you, you act as if
you are going someplace else.

While speaking to me on the phone,

you knew what I want to say.

But, acting as if you know nothing,
you are sitting as in innocent.

I had thought something else.

But you appear to be too cunning.

I am cunning?

Who isn’t cunning in the world?

Outwardly act innocents. Huh!

Like, you, me.


Alright, come to the point.

Hardship like mine

no one should have in the world.

How do I say? Where do I begun?

I can’t understand.



The qualities my dream boy should have

you have none of them.

Yes, I don’t know why…

my heart has started to love you.

Many times I asked from myself.

Are you right guy for me?

But every time just got one answer.

You are my dream boy.

I am well aware.
Both of us are thinking same.

But if you had said this, then…


I would be happier.


I also thought the same earlier.

But couldn’t say it.


I am uneducated.

And also I don’t do any job.

But everybody says
I am very handsome boy to look at.

However you see,
I don’t match you.

This very quality in you
I like the most.

If you go to see,
you have more qualities than me.

That’s why…

I don’t match you.



What a rascal I am,
I don’t know myself.

But still I like you very much.

Ponder over it properly.

Once I decide,
I never relent to anyone.

Close your eyes.

For what?

Just close your eyes.

I… [Echo]

Love [Echo]







[Running footsteps]



[Firing continues]


Hey! [Grunts]





[Screams in pain]

Uh… aww!







Uh…ah… ow!

Find out if Tarun is actually dead.

Make the call?

[Mobile ringing]

[Mobile ringing]

[Mobile ringing]

-Boss, it’s ringing. He’s not answring.
-Give me.



Hey, uh.

Why isn’t he picking the phone?

[Mobile ringing]

[Mobile ringing]

Come on, take the call/


[Sprinting footfalls]

[Gunshot] Oww!

You must be thinking
I am not a goon.


Aaah… uh…uh…

[Rapid gunshots]


Will you still say you love me?

But I really like you a lot.


Think once again and tell me.

My beloved abandoned me…


-She left me alone…
-Get up!

[Assistant crying]

Why is your assistant crying?

-What happened, Master?
-Have you ever seen me crying?

That’s why I have asked him
to cry in place of me.

My love is trapped
between a goon and police.


Um.. um…
[Assistant crying]

My name was Body Soda.

By making me a watchman,

he is playing with my love object.

Mad Inspector and that goon.

More black, basketball in my life.

That’s why I am crying
through my assistant

Come assistant come.

And you go, go.

[Crying bitterly]

Changi Mangi…

Come to me…

Shruti. It’s time for your classes.

Don’t you have to go?

Female newsreader:
‘Namaste! Head line’s today.’

‘In a tourist place of the city,
two gangs had exchange of fire

in which 12 dangerous
goons have been killed.’

‘Police Commissioner,
Mohammed Moiddin Khan

is investigating this case.’

‘The talks which took place
with our reporters, a part of it

we will show you in a while.’

‘Don’t go away, we will return soon.’

-It must be him. Talk to him.


-Answer my question quickly.

Narsimha’s men, have you…

I have killed.


He is mental, he’s mad.


They started it.

Do you know what its reaction is?


Narsimha killed Guru.

You are the next target.

Even mistakenly you fall in the
trap of police, they will kill you.

‘First you get out of there.’

Ask everyone to alert.

[Market place noises]

[Truck engine revving]


Ugh, ahhh!


[Grunts and groans continues]



No, no, no….

[Moans and grunts]

Oh, no!

No, no!

No, no, no, no!


No, no [Crying]



[Rain puttering]


Can’t you chanvge?

Why you do all this?

Once again you are
doing the same things.

I felt you will change for me.

Tell me what do I do?

Should I love you.


Forget you?


Forget me.

Don’t lie. Tell the truth.

There isn’t a moment
when I don’t remember you.

How can I forget you?


Why do you kill like this?

Why do you repeat the
same mistakes again?

Shruti, you are unable to
understand one thing.

I do keep on committing
lots of mistakes.

Even this mistake is not new to me.

I have always been doing it.

But what you are doing is wrong.

Why do you love me?

This is wrong.

I am not making any mistake.

No one has cried for me till now.

Then why are you crying for me.

I won’t cry.


I will not cry.

Who you are?

Why should I cry for you?

After all what’s the relation
between you and me. Tell me.

Nothing, isn’t it?

Then I won’r cry.

Oh, God! I can’t control

Oh, is there anyone to see.

[Cycle bell ring]

Why are you ringing bell?
-Why were you standing there?

Oh, but was standing on the side.

He’s gone mad.

Now I will do it… uh…

Oh, who is here now?

Mom, you get off.


[Kick staring bike]

Uh… I can’t control
and he’s not leaving here.

Bro, why don’t you understand?

When it is not starting,
why don’t you leave it here and go?

-Sir, will you help me?
-Yes, tell me.

Sir, please give a push.

Oh, God. Now I will relieve myself.

Ohh! Ah….

-Sir, thanks a lot.
-Want to killed me! Go now!

God, nobody should come now.


Standing at a public place
spreading filth like animals.

Aren’t you ashamed?

I can’t control.
It come out anytime.

So what?

Hey, come here.

-Come here.
-Uh… what will he do?

Weren’t you with the police guy
that day?

-Yeah,, no, no. I just had come.
-Then who you are?

Uh… Monkey.

What a name Monkey!

-Come, hop on the bike.

-I will drop you at a safe place. Come.
-Arre, I am safe. You go from here.

He took out the hanky,
as if he’s pulling out a gun.

-Oh, I can’t hold it. Pull over.
-Not at all.

-Okay, then stop on the side here.
-I won’t stop.

Oh, man, I will die. Stop now.


Ohh… aah!

What was that sound?

Did the tyre burst?

No tyre burst. Tank leaked.

Petrol tank!

Not petrol tank,

-it’s urine tank.


Hey… hey…

Look at your face.

You are such a grown up donkey

but peeing sitting on the bike!

You blame me? Blame me?

I had told you I had to go and forcibly
you brought me on the bike here.


Look at his pose in falling state!

Quietly get the bike washed
and send it to me.

Otherwise you’ll have pig tail
but no head.


[Chopper sound]

Boss, Ali Bhai is coming.


Huh! Hah.

What coming?

He is here.

Hey, why are you so scared?

You were to shoot me.





Sir, Narsimha is killed.

Information is,
Ali Bhai killed him.

[Phone ringing]


Yes, dad is here. Hold on.

Dear, you inside.

Yes, hello?



[Phone ringing]

[Phone ringing]



Mwah. mawh…

Mwah, mwah, mwah mwah.



Hey, who the hell are you?

Who you are?

Hey, I am Inspector Govind speaking.

Uh, yes, sir. I am your watchman here.

What are you doing there?

Had come to collet rent, sir.
I am having coffee.

Don’t drink coffee,
pour it on your head.

Okay? Poured, sir.

Give the phone to Laxmi.

Laxmi, your phone?


Yeah, Laxmi.

Today is good day.

Make preparation for first night.

I am coming with fruits and sweets.

Please don’t ruin my daughter’s life.

Please spare us.

We want to live with respect.


Want to live respectable life?

[Bike engine sounds]

Come on. Come in.

Hey, who you are?
-[Slaps] Hey!

Oh! Uh…ah.

Bring them along.

-Please leave us. What are you…
-Hey, come with us…

[Screams and shouts]


Oww…. ooh!

Please open the door!

Please leave my daughter!

Take her.

Someone please help!

[Slaps] Hey!

Uncle, please help my sister.


Uncle please.

Go away!

Uncle, at least you save her. Please.

[Kid crying]

Damn you!

Uh… aahh!


-Let my daughter go. [Cries]

Uh… eehh…


You act too smart, yeah?





Shruti… [Crying]

[Bike engine sound]

[Sprinting sound]


You are…

too late.

Can you identify those who came?

I can identify them.


-This man?

Hey, sit down!

This one?

-Not him too.
-Look, him?

-Was he there?

Officer: Yes, fine.

-Hey, constable.
-Yes, sir.

-You go to Bhai’s shop and
get 4 kgs of chicken. -Ok, sir.

-And also bring the money.
-Sure, sir.


Hey, you. Show me that fish.

Give me the same one.

Cut that fish and keep.

I will send constable.

And listen, keep same
another parcel ready.

My drive will come and take it.



[Water splash]

[Grunts and groans continues]

Uh… hahh…


Who… who was…

Who was it? Who is he?

Uh, if I come to know,
I will encounter him.


I doubt you so I beat you up.

Hey, who are you?

If it is confirmed that it’s you,
then you are gonner.

Hey… who was he?
Tell me who?.

Tell me who he was?

Yes, Basu.

Yes, yes.

I coming soon.

Call Tarun.

Man: Call Tarun.


So it is you that doing
wonders in every job.

I have heard a lot about you.

They praises you a lot.

But in appearance, you…

You look like an ordinary kid.

When I saw you,
you look like an ordinary uncle.


You don’t know about me.

Know me better.

I like three things.


To kill someone.


To kill someone.

And third.

Just to kill someone.

I am the Xerox of Death’s Angel.


What will you have, Rum, Whiskey

I don’t want.

Don’t be shy.
Tell me what will you drink?

If you ask me to, I won’t drink.

But if I feel like,
I will drink on my own.


What you said about him is right.


If feel pain, bear it. Don’t yell.

Got that?

Are you always like this?

Since childhood i am the same.


Guru, is finished.

Now you’ll take his place.


Have to kill a Central Minister.

On November 14th..
It is Children’s Day.

He is attending a school.

At that time blow him with the bomb.

Then children?

What children?

What if school children die?

Let them. That’s my concept.

I will kill the Minister.

But I won’t kill children at all.

Why not?

No harm should come to
women and children.

This is my concept.

If not you Lalu will kill them.

I won’t let him go at all.


Think and tell me.

Once I decide

I don’t even listen to myself.

-Hey, all of you say in your place!

Nobody will move.

Mohammed Maiddin Khan.

Arresting me is the biggest mistake
or your life.

Not the biggest mistake but target.

-Oh, want something big?

Talking about business!

Giving you a chance.

Think and decide.

If take a wrong decision,
this will be last in your life.

You offer five times Namaz a day
and I kill five people every day.


I am of somewhat different type.

Whoever talks of morals and justice,
I include him in my business.

Will you join?


Just seeing few corrupt officers
you think our department is like this?

Seeing a correct officer,

your pants will wet.
You will wet your pants.


Where it is wet? Where?

Pants… it’s not wet yet.


Yeah! Listen to me.

You still do not know
what real beating is.


You are just this city’s Commissioner
and I am international Don.


Bigger officer than you salute me.

And you will also salute me.

The hands that salute National Flag,

will never salute a traitor.


But you will salute me.

I will force you.

You will force me?

Give him to food and water
but don’t allow him to sleep.

If he shuts his eyes, beat him
so bad that he wets his pants.

I will not sleep!

Even if I die,
I will keep both eyes open.



I won’t sleep.

Ah… eh.


Do you have piles?

Why are you so tensed?

-And you! Why don drive so fast?
-You come with me.

Damn you, why are you haughty!
Will you chop me?

-Seems like he’s chaff in his brain.

If I hit you under the ears…

You, you, you.

Dear, dear… whose doggy are you?

Why are you running away?

You too have piles or what?


Minister: You arrested Ali Bhai?

Ali Bhai?

How can I arrest him?

He’s not even listed in Interpol.

Hey you…

Arresting him is my goal, sir.

When I arrest him, I will inform you.

Commissioner did not arrest him.


Whatever happens he should not
contact anyone outside. Got that?

We have arrested him
should not leak out.

Outgoing is stopped, sir.
Incoming is free.

What are you saying?

Hasn’t commissioner arrested Ali Bhai?

I can’t understand it too.

Commissioner will destroy him.

[Dialling beeps]

[Mobile ringing]


Where are you?

Indra Nagar Post office.


You are here.

Seems she’s seen me.

Has she?

Don’t lie. You are right here.

I feel that you can see me.

I don’t feel so.

You’re lying again, aren’t you?

You are near by, right?

‘If my love is true then I am right.’

I told you I am in Post Office.

Why are you deceiving me?

You are here, aren’t you?

My love is true.


Why are you ruining your life smoking?

‘How did she come here!’

Is this that Post Office?

Yeah, I’ll go there in a while.

You’ll go to Post Office, yeah?

Why, man. Can’t I go to Post Office?

Anyone can go there.

Why did you say you are not here>

If you had heart,
perhaps you could understand.

If you love someone then you’ll know.

Why? Do you love someone?

Till now I was, but now don’t.

Yeah, I just said a small lie
and you felt bad.

Who knew you’ll give this shock.

That is why I hate you.

I hate you completely.

Now you are angry, we’ll talk later. Go.

Go away.

That’s why I hate you completely.

Why, is your love is same?


She’s bothering type, man.

All the girls are like that.

Forget it. Everything is waste.

You too are a waste.

It was me who forgot.

Ask her to go, man.

Like the TV Ads,
she’s appearing repeatedly.

Ask her to go.

She is gone.

Uh…ooh, ba-ba-ba-haa.

Oh, I am not sleeping.

I will not fall asleep.

I said, I won’t sleep.

See, I am vide awake.

How long?

Tell me what the plan is.

Are you telling or not! Tell me.

Hey, hey, hey, don’t hold my hair
they will be spoiled.

Hey! You may be a tiger for
the world.

But you are a rat for me.

I will crush you.

Then go ahead.

So many are there,
crush and throw me.

You can’t do it.

At the most what can you do? Yeah?

Will produce me in the court?

What I’ll say there, you know?

I will say, Amitabh Bachchan
is my best friend.

I have pictures clicked with him
and videos too.

Superstar Amitabh Bachchan and me
are business partners, I’ll say that.

I also have the picture
when we hugged each other.

Of course it is different that
we two have no relation at all.

But to prove it otherwise
your department will take ten years.

Yeah, I am rat.

But I can hollow a mountain like you.


Thinking what?

Shall we talk heart to heart?

If I get hold of the God
who brought you in the world,

I will also put him behind bars.

Then do it.
I will make a deal with him too.

[Train horn]

‘I will make it full and final today.’

Give up.

Give up all these things.

Stop being with these
loafer friends of yours.

You can’t do just this much for me?

Give up.

You are asking me to giv up,
is it smoking that I give up?

They are my friends.

Okay, tell me.

What have you done for me?

What have you done, tell me?

Whenever you meet
you just give a smile.

If you meet in the train,
you do eeee… and show teeth.

Or then simply weep and go quietly.

Apart from this what else you do?

Making me listen!

Poor young guy is roaming
here and there about work.

He too doesn’t have anyone.

Whether ate or not?

Want anything?

Have you ever asked?

Have you even ever offered me
a little Upma to eat?

No, you didn’t.

Entire family is just running
after the career.

But have you ever asked
whether I ate or not?


If you can’t commit at tiffin level,
how will you commit in life?

Here, eat.

Eat me along with it too.



Oh, bro, I am awake, I will not sleep.

Grrrrrr… uh.


I will not sleep. I will not sleep.

Ah… um…

I will not sleep.

Man, ask that commissioner,
to agree to what I say.


Arre, what you guys want, tell me.

I will give everything.

Let me sleep a wink.

Ugh… uh!

Hey, why are you shooting?
I am not sleeping.

I will not sleep…

[Dialling beeps]


-Ali Bhai is in police custody.
-What ae you saying.

She’s commissioner’s daughter.
Abduct her.

-Hey, hey! Get in!

Get in! Come on.

-Leave me!

Sit quietly! Don’t yell.

Sir, a currier for you.

[Phone rigging]

Open it.

Hey, commissioner!

That packet has a VCD too.

Watch it. I will wait.

See what’s in it?

You rascals!


Uh… hey, you!


[Shoots gun]

Hey! I will not spare you!

You stop barking!

First release Ali Bhai.

Or else…

Mobile, theatre, TV, at everyplace,

your daughter’s video will run.


Be careful, man.

-Let him be.

Make life hard for that commissioner.

His daughter’s video should
go viral in India.

In entire India.

Go and make it viral.

Listen carefully.

You ask your husband to keep quite,
got that?


If he tried to enquire too much…

You will find your daughter’s
dead body.

♪ Ah, ah, uh-ah,
my entire body is on fire ♪

♪ Ah, ah, uh-ah,
is if the ♪

[Hard slap.


Are you a girl! Yeah?

Being a girl, you dishonoured a girl?



What are you up to?

What are you doing, huh?

Playing with an innocent girl?


Do you know how sad
her family members are?

If someone does this to your
mother and sister, how will you feel!

Damn you! Hah…

Hey, hey…

-Hey, you guys stop!
-Damn you…

Get aside!
-Hey, let him go! -Hey!

Separate you guys.



Oh, no!



I want to kill him!

Calm down!




Hey, pal. Look there.


See there.

They are the same guys
who came home and troubled us.

You sit quiet.

[Dialling beeps]

Hey, shift a little, kid.

Arre, hey! Where you are going?



-Oh, wow! Uh…
-Yuk! Don’t touch.

Hey, don’t touch my sister.

‘Oh, the kids speaks!’

Aren’t you the same guys who came
the other day and harassed my sister?

‘Yes, so?’

-Yeah, yeah, yah. [Slaps]

-Hey, don’t create ruckus in the
local train. -So what will you?


Do I give you a punch?

In a while Nunbukkam station
will come, then I will show you.

‘Yeah, let it come. Let it.’

Hey, hey!


Hey, go.

You mouse! Get lost!


Hey, station is here, now what?


Now, speak up! You hero!


-Acting too smart, huh?

Shut up!


Who the hell you are?

Will you hit me?

Hit me?

Guy, look. He’s here to beat me.

Are you a goon of this area?

Have you beat me up?

[Window pane shatters]



[Exchange punches]



Hey, you! Hey…

[Screams] [Falling pipes]

Oh, no!

[Twang] Ooh!


Oh… uh…

More than them,
I get scared seeing you.

Whatever you are doing is right

or wrong, I don’t know.


I love you.

[Sobs] Ah…uh.


When you are with me
and don’t feel scared at all.



Leave! Leave me!

Let me go. Leave me

Leave me…

Help! Somebody help…

Hey, whose voice is this?

Commissioner’s daughter’s.

She is here.

Somebody please help…

Your father had put me in jail.

Now you will compensate for it.

Hey, hey! Take her away, man.

Hey, hey, hey.

Her cries should be heard.

Her cries should come in my ears.

You will die.

My dad will not let you alive.

My dad has planted a policeman
in your gang.

He surely will finish you guys.

[Sobs, struggle]

Who is he?

Who is he?

Tell me who he is?

Tell me!

Ah… Sha… Sha…

-Sh, sh, sh… Shantanu?

Shantanu Bahel…

Shananu Bahel… Who is he?

Who is he?

Tell me who he is?

Retired police….

Retired police officer?

Where is he?

Retired police officer!


-Yeah, speak.
-His name is Shantanu.

Yea, I know. But who he is?

He retired as Circle Inspector.

-And his son is who is undercover.

Tell me details!

No other detail is available, sir.

Nobody in departments knows.

We just have a photo of him.

Fax it. Fax it.

Fax it, quickly Fax it to me.

Namaste, Shantanu sir.

I am Ali Bhai.

Everybody is eager to meet me.

But I was eager to meet you.

What are you thinking?

I will narrate a story.

Satyamurti… There was boy
named Satyamurti.

His father Shantanu Bahel.

After retiring he took off his uniform,

washed it, ironed it and made
his son wear it and sent him.

That boy in uniform,
while investigating

got entangled with a man
called Ali Bhai.


Will Ali Bhai’s men let him be?

Not at all.

They will beat him badly
and bring him before his father.

Now Ali Bhai is a bad boy, isn’t he?

So he will kill the son
in front of the father.

Hey, listen. I am not going
to be afraid of dying.



Yes, I am. So what will you?


Ali Bhai.

I beg you don’t do anything to him.

Don’t beg before him!

You shut up!

Ali Bhai,

I bow at your feet, please let him go.

No, dad! What are you doing?

Don’t bow at him!

Bow at my feet.

No, dad!

Bow at my feet.

I said, bow at my feet!

Don’t do it, dad! No…

[Gunshot[ Ow… oh… ow!



Son! Son!


[Crying bitterly]

[Crying bitterly]

Listen, son….

Listen, son… [Crying]

[Crying bitterly]

My son…

Son, Shravan…

[Snaps fingers]

So he is not your son Satyamurti?

Yes. [Sighs]

Now quietly tell the truth.

If he is Shravan,

then who is Satyamurti?

He is not your son, is he?


He is not my son.

This boy…

I have brought him up.

But you killed him, you sinner!

Who is he?

Who’s your son?

Who is your son?

Tell me who he is he?

Satyamurti, I P S!

Indian Police Service,
Belt Number 67!

[Helicopter hovering]

Batch number 3 2 5 6 7!

Trained at Dehradun!

Topper of the Batch!

Satyamurti, I P S,
son of Shantanu Bahel!

‘I take oath on God that,

I shall always be loyal
to the Indian Constitution.’

I am proud that he is my son.

Did you see?
How nice it feels so say it!

What a father would need
apart from this happiness?

Only a policeman can understand
the importance of this happiness.

But your kind of criminal
can never understand it.

Am I right?


Where is he now?

He is under cover.

24 hours. 350 days on duty!

Ow…. ooh-ah!

Tell me what he is doing at this time?



He treating.

He treating the end the virus like you
who try to destroy this country.

Court, sections, inquiry.
Escaping form all these,

he is running an operation
to finish the criminals like you.

And this operation of my son is for the
peace and happiness of people.

Due to my honesty, criminal like you
killed his mother.

No danger should come to me,
that’s why stays far from me.

But I am here, no?


You have not come here.

You have been forced to come.

Your man Guru was killed
by son Satyamurti.

Ooh… ow!

To handle your business
you have come to India from Dubai.

Master plan.




Heh, heh.


[Both laughing]

[Both laughing]

If you remain alive, I won’t.

Now tell me nicely.

Who is your son?


If I tell you will who is my
son, you will still kill him.

And if don’t, you won’t let me go.

But you sure will find out
who he is.

Because you….

My son shall kill.

You will not die without seeing him.

With these very eyes
you will see him.


Getting afraid?

Everyone has a sixth sense.

It appears, you’ve realised
that your game is over.

Am I right?


You will kill me and go,

but, from that very moment,

your countdown will begin.

He will spare no one.




He will finish every one of you.


November 12th.

Today it is my death day.

I know,

November 13th

is your day of death.

Nice meeting you, Shantanu Bahel.



Your son will come to see your body,
won’t he?

Of course he will come.

-Ow! Ooh….



[Siren hooting] [Car door opening]

[Door shutting]

I had come to kill him.

But why is so many cops here?

Don’t ask anything now.

Who he is, you know?

I know nothing.

[Tyre screeching]

Oh, crap!





‘Son, I have taught you to live.’

‘But living for the country
is real living.’

‘Calling you my son…

I feel proud calling you police.’

‘Uprooting evils from this country
is your aim.’

‘And this is your duty.’

‘You are the one man army.’

‘Serve the people. Die for the country.’

‘Live like a leader.’

Jai Hind!

‘Jai Hind!’

[Gun salutes] Jai Hind!

[Last Post bugle]

[Last Post bugle]

Brother. He is here.

As he leaves I’ll inform.

This traitor Ali,

be hung in the middle of the street

and should be killed in agony.


He’s an IPS Officer, without knowing it,
I ordered to place bomb in the school.

He won’t do it on my say so.

He will think that,
but I will certainly do it.

If not me, somebody else will do it.

November 14th.

He has planned for that day.

November 14th is my target.

What I thought, should be accomplished.

He shouldn’t be allowed for it.

He knows about this place
so change the place.

It is my helplessness that
I can’t take action on him.

My daughter is in his clutches.

I am going there, sir.


Don’t leave me and go.

If anyone dies,
it will be just a police officer.

But he shall kill 30-40 criminal
and then die.

For 24 hours more live
thinking I am a criminal.

Take care of Shruti till I return, sir.

Did you summon me, sir?

Yes you. Come here.


Start the jeep.

Yes, sir.

[Jeep doors opening shutting]


Just for today will you do duty right?

What are you saying, sir?


Where is he?

Who, sir?


You are in uniform, so at least today
do your duty properly.

[Mobile ringing]

[Mobile ringing]

[Mobile ringing]

Ali Bhai.

Ask, where he is.

Ask him, where he is
or I’ll blast your head!

-Uh, yeah….

[Mobile ringing]


‘Hey, Govind.’

Yes, Bhai?

‘Has he left?’


He is still here.

I will call as he leaves.

You go to the safe place.

You are in danger here in city.

Hey, I know. I am safe here.


Where are you, Bhai?

I am at Binny Mills.

Uh, okay, brother.

I will call you later.

Start the jeep. Start it hurry!
Came on!

[Engine revving]

[Tyre screeching] [Door opens]

Ali Bhai.

Yes, tell me.

He is here.

In Binny Mills.

Who told him?

I did.

You fool, why did you tell him?

I had no other option, Bhai.

When you called,
he was sitting beside me.

Had a gun at my head.

Where he is now, tell me that.


He has already entered
the Binny Mills.

[Whoosh] [Scream]

Arre, hey! He has already come.
Go and look for him!

[Moning loudly]




How much will you pay, if I kill him?

Have you seen a million?


I will give you five million.
Kill him!


[Shattering sound]

[Bullet ricochet] [Gunshots]

[Bullet ricochet]




[Exchange of gunfire]

[Bullet ricochet]


Ugh, ahh!


[Door screeching]

[Gunfire continue]


[Grunts and groans]

[Rapid fire]


[Glass shattering]


[Windshield shattering]

[Car crashes, shield shattering]




Open it.

Hey, open it. Hurry!

Break it!

Hurry, hurry, hurry!

Shoot him! Put bullet in him!

-Shoot him!



[Door clanking shut]


[Empty gun clicks]

Arre, kill him!

[Empty clicks]



Damn you!


Hey! Hey, you!

[Glass shattering]

Uh… [Thud]


‘Seeing a correct officer,

you will wet your pants.’

You will pee in your pants!’

Ooh… uh…

Abah… uh…

Hey, you killed all my men!

You thought them to be animals or what?
They were just criminals.

They were criminals.
How will I find them now?

Hey, listen. I can find thousands of
officers like you

but how will I find them now?

Since childhood I fed them
brought them up… Huh.




I will not let you be alive!

You! Ugh…

[Screams] [Glass shattering]

Ah-uh… Oh God! Hold on, man.
How much will you beat me up?

It is paining a lot.

I am bleeding too.


What do you want, man?


How much money do you want?

Tell me.

I will give it to you. Be with me.

I will…
I will make you flush with money.

[Sniffs] Ah… uh…

What will the department give you?

Just an uniform and if you die,
50,000 compensation to your family.

And with a black ribbon on them,

they will go around till they bury you.
That’s it, isn’t it?

Hey, listen.

You be with me.


I will give you everything.

Show you the heaven.

I will show you the heaven… Ow!


Finished business talks?

No, isn’t it?


A thorn is removed with a thorn.

[Dialling beeps]

sir, It’s me speaking.

Your daughter is safe.

And Ali Bhai is killed.

But the bad luck is this…

Inspector Govind is also killed, sir.

Uh…ah… ahh…


What… what are you saying?


Once I make a commitment,
I don’t even listen to myself.


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