Oru Nalla Naal Parthu Solren

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‘This small sphere of cosmic space…’

‘…is what we refer to
as the Multiverse.’

‘When you venture
into this multiverse…’

‘…you will encounter
millions of universes.’

‘If you enter one
particular universe…’

‘…you will come across
millions of intertwined galaxies…’

‘…that are collectively known as
the “Cosmic Web”.’

‘Upon entering this confederation
of galaxies and crossing several of them…’

‘…next to the galaxy
of Andromeda…’

‘…therein lies the galaxy known
as the Milky Way.’

‘When you step in to the Milky Way,
there are millions of stars…’

‘…that shine bright
alongside one another.’

‘150 million miles away
from one such family of stars…’

‘…known as the sun,
there resides planet known as Earth.’

‘If you step in to Earth, the land surface
which occupies 25% of the planet…’

‘…is split into seven continents.’

‘One of those continents,
is known as Asia.’

‘Within Asia, there exists
forty eight countries.’

‘One among them, is India.’

‘India has twenty nine states.’

‘One such state, is Andhra Pradesh.’

‘Within Andhra Pradesh,
there are thirteen districts.’

‘One among them, is Kurnool.’

‘Within Kurnool, in the forests
of Nallamala…’

‘…is a non-descript village.’

‘Here is where our story takes place.

‘In our town,
there are about 200 homes.’

‘This police station was established
to serve these 200 homes.’

‘In this town,
when a man turns seventeen…’

‘…as per the town’s law, he
must sign at this station every day.’

‘Only upon psychically consulting
with the Lord of Death, Yama…’

‘…will we carry out any task.’

A light from my head,
has reached into the skies…

‘She is my mother.’

‘Her name is Yamarosha.’

‘To find out who can take charge
of work, she consults Lord Yama.’

‘Very sincere.’

Everyone take it!

Be excited!

Be very excited!


You must take two people with you.

Who will it be?

Purushotaman and Narasimhan.

‘We have some unique rituals.’

‘Before they leave for work,
we take the nuptial threads…’

‘…from our wives
and wear it around our necks.’

‘This ritual is to ensure there’s
no trouble in our place of work…’

‘…and to remind us that our families
and our townsfolk rely on us.’

‘And what we refer to as “work”…’

‘…is robbery.’

‘Without engaging in violence’

‘Without abusing women and children’

‘Without causing harm to any life’

‘Without engaging in politics’

‘Our pledge dictates us
to be noble and hardworking thieves.’

‘The deity of our clan,
is Lord Yama.’

Hail Lord of Death!

‘Despite us often going to steal,
how are our names signed everyday?’

‘When my comrades take
the nuptial threads of their wives…’

‘…why do I take the one
from a statue’s neck?’

‘This is a secret
privy only to these townsfolk.’

‘That secret is…’

‘I’ll tell you on an auspicious day.’

“Feast your eyes on the empire
of this vulture and his accomplices.”

“Who among here would dare try
restrain us in the dead of the night?”

Plenty here for our clan.

Be silent

‘Should opposition cross our path…’

“…spare them, we will not.”

“No matter how they strike us,
never will we strike back.”

“So what if we win?”

“So what if we lose?”

“No matter the obstacles, we will not
rest until the mission is complete!”

“A black shirted man.
Best suited for the work in hand.”

“A black shirted man.
Best suited for the work in hand.”

“Taken on many personas, we have.”

“Even the mirror shows different faces
when we step before it.”

“No matter where we go,
speak our mother tongue, we will not.”

We are unique
Our style is different

What is your style?

You won’t understand

Are Mohanlal and Manju Warrier well?

He’s crazy.

I worked hard to earn this.
Work diligently!

Turn left…

…go straight and turn right.

Thank you.

“Hunting alone, is not enough
for this eagle.”

“The speed of flight
allows him not to stop.”

“When it’s time for the feast,
he’ll round it up, and gobble it all!”

“Frolic with women, we do not.”

“If they slyly gaze our way…”

“…misbehave with them, we will not.”

“No matter what,
stick to our lane, we will.”

“Work is worship.
We will never break our pledge.”

“Feast your eyes on the empire
of this vulture and his accomplices.”

“Who among here would dare try
restrain us in the dead of the night?”

“Feast your eyes on the empire
of this vulture and his accomplices.”

“Who among here would dare try
restrain us in the dead of the night?”



Bro, our rules forbid us from…

…getting involved with women.

That’s not just any woman.
She is my wife!


– What’s your name?
– Maya.

– Where are you from?
– Madurai.

– Where do you stay?
– Hostel.

Call me tonight at nine.
On this number!

Else I’ll come back tomorrow
and stare at you just like this!



9 ‘o’ clock

‘If you are really a man…’

‘…try and abduct my girl
without my knowledge.’

If her mother Nagarani
gets wind of it…

…we won’t be able
to abduct her girl.

What’s the time?

Sowmya, it is 8.50 PM!

So what?

He has asked me to call him by nine.


The one who was staring
right at my face. Our senior!

Okay, call him!

If I call him from my mobile,
he will know my number and bother us.

What do we do?

Let’s go to auntie’s shop
and call him from the landline.

Get off me!

It’s nine.
Go and sleep!


Find her room number from the
register book in the office room.

Go there and abduct her.
Without making a sound.

– How?
– Without making a sound!

Per our policy,
we’ll go by the front gate.

While you wait at the back.



It’s my wife.
So behave appropriately.

Okay, bro!

Even our pinky finger won’t touch her.

How do you plan on doing that?

I will carry her along with the cot.

– Take him away!
– Let’s go!


I’m in the washroom,
I’ll call you later.

Stay safe.

She says she is in the loo
and you want her to stay safe!

What are you doing with
her in the toilet?

I’ll call you later.


Take your hand off me.

Get going.

Come along!

Go, I’ll follow

Madurai, Maya

– Are you here for a smoke?
– No!

– Really?
– No


Don’t have the habit?

What are you doing here?

Came here to call you.

Your mobile is right there.
Could have used that!

You didn’t want me to find
your number. That’s why you are here.

How’s the plan?

How did you know?


Is it?

Believe anything you hear?

Just like all the other girls!


What did you say?

Are all girls foolish?

What’s your name?

Why did you brand
all girls as foolish?

Do you know everything about girls?

All girls are indeed foolish!

Why are you getting worked up?

Girls aren’t foolish!

You are a fool!
Boys are foolish!

Ne, let’s go

– Am I a fool?
– Indeed!

Here are two girls
standing all alone at night.

And you want to debate
about who is foolish?

If I were you,
know what I would have done?

What would you have done?

I would have offered ice-creams, beer,
a trip to the pub, time on the dance floor.

A long bike ride.

Long bike ride?
Do I look like a driver to you?

Go hug your teddy bear and sleep!

That I know!

But first,
check if you are really a man.

Real men never say no to a girl!

Remove it

Don’t roam around wearing
these at night. It’s ridiculous!

Are those chips?

Take care

– What’s your name?
– Sowmiya


We couldn’t find the name
‘Abhayalakshmi’ in the register book.

Did you search properly?

Bro, I knew you wouldn’t believe us!
That’s why I brought these along.

You could have searched
the rooms instead!

– That…
– He did say that.

But I didn’t want to,
without your consent.

You don’t think!
But why spoil the ones who do?

How can we do it
without your approval?

Why would you need your permission?

Bro, how do I…?

Move it!

Here is a car!

– Can it drive on its own?
– No!

– Only if we key it in, it will.
Right? – Yes!

You are the key.
We are the car.

You okay it and we do it.

You are the key and we are the car!
Am I right?

He is praising me!

Take it, bro!


Is he angry?

– Get in!
– Okay

– Bro!
– Talk to him!

Thuppu is calling!

He wants us to come to Prabha wines.

He’s got some info for us.

– Shall we go?
– Purushotama!

Remain seated!

You got snubbed and you are asking me
not to get worked up?

Aren’t you ashamed?

She tried to shame me.

But I didn’t get ashamed.

A human being should have
at least a pinch of self-worth.

– Don’t you have it at all?
– I do!

But I don’t use it unnecessarily.

It is not good for life.

But dude,
she is too cute!

She asked me if I was man enough!



She told you that
you aren’t man enough?


You aren’t man enough?

A girl has insulted my friend
and here you are enjoying a drink!

I am wearing men’s underwear
since my childhood days

My sarala has also gone
What is this, bro?

Ignore that guy!

She said my friend isn’t man enough!

Times are bad

You filthy cow!

Trying to steal my omelette?
Shameless pig!

Aren’t you ashamed?

Alert! Fellow bar patrons!
We have an omelette thief amidst us!


He checked it, thats all

– Please don’t create a scene.
– Really?

Okay doctor!

An omelette thief gang is here!

Omelette thieves here!
Stay alert! Keep it safe.

What’s the problem?

These people stole
our hard earned omelette.

I was hungry!

Why did you beat him, you fool?

Didn’t you say that he
stole our omelette?

That’s why I hit him.

Are you high or what?
He is the one who stole it!

Then…who is he?

Why are you asking me? I have no clue.
You beat him up!

So you ask!

I beat him for up for your sake.
You deal with him!

Dear Gentleman

Is this wrong to steal the omelette?

Motive is the same

So I am sorry

He feels sorry

You also feel sorry

Why did you beat me?

Why did you touch my nuptial thread?

Is this your nuptial thread?

Dude, help me!
It hurts!

Why are you beating my friend up?

It hurts!

– Bash him up and save me!
– I can’t bash him!

It hurts! Let go of me.
You can have him!

Talk your way out.

What can I do?
You got to save yourself.

Damn you!
Bro, let me go!

Bro, you are very strong!

What’s the deal?
If I touch it, it sets you off.

Nuptial thread, you say?

I didn’t touch it.

If I touch it, you can get angry.
Fair enough?

Sounds fair!

Just looking.

If I touch, you will get angry.
I’m just looking. So stay cool.

Nuptial thread of man!

If I touch…

I didn’t do anything.

Didn’t touch.

What will you do now?

All your fault!

Is he chasing us?

Fun, right?

What have you done?

Night jogging!

He is here!

Let’s run a bit slower!

Slow down a bit, man!
I’m out of breath!

”Plan was classy
Things became messy”



Stay right there.
We’ll come.

Saw how I got away?

Dude, he will definitely bash us!
Let’s run away!

As per our policy
we aren’t supposed to pick fights.

Can’t you be careful?
How do I explain it to your wife?

Who are you to explain it to my wife?

Who will explain it to my wife?

Two good-for-nothings
joined for nothing

– I can’t go any further.
– Throw the damn thing away!

This one?

Dude, stop that vehicle
and ask for help!

Help us!

Ask them to turn off the lights.

What are you guys doing at this hour?

– All for your safety.
– If that’s the case, thanks!


Why are you chasing them?
Our rules forbid us from doing so.

He ran away with my nuptial thread.

So what?
Our rules are more important!

Here you are fighting for a thread!

It’s not just a thread.
It is a 14 year penance.

A pledge to Lord Yama!

Here I am meeting my wife after years
and you are talking about rules!

I love Lord Yama and Yamasingapuram
more than you ever will.

Talking about rules to me!


– Good news!
– Don’t touch me!

Thuppu is waiting for
us at the wine shop.

He will tip us about the big catch!

Shall we go?

Bro, let’s go!

I’m not lying.
Call him if you want to.

Keep this.

Listen up!
Abducting her is our only task now.

No bloody other business!
Get it?

Is that clear?

Why are you asking us not to do
our business?

Tell him…

…that a dog which got caught trying
to steal an omelette has no say.

You omelette-stealing-dog!

I got slapped because of you.
You bloody dog!

Can’t even steal an omelette.
You filthy dog!

You brought shame upon
on our community!

Let’s go!

I need to get going, sir.

Shut up.

Couldn’t you keep your mouth shut?

Needlessly messing with that big guy.

He looked scary to begin with!

If he punched you once,
you’d be toast.

Stop your writing


We’ve sobered up.
So we’ll get going, alright?

We’ll text you once we’re home safe.
Let’s go, bro.

You guys are still wasted.
Once you’re clear, I’ll let you go.


Point taken.

Why am I detained here?

Why are you holding me here?

Why the hell am I detained here?

Am I a suspect?

Am I a bloody suspect?

Do I look like a pimp?

Or do I look like a hooker?

You want to interrogate me?

Come on.
Go right ahead!

– Hey…
– Start interrogating!

– Pull up your pants!
– Interrogate me!

Pull up your pants!

Do you know who I am?

Do you know who the hell I am?

Do you know who I am?

– Do you?
-I don’t know…

I won a Scouts Award
from the President.

Back in fifth grade, I was awarded
by the President of this country!

I’ve seen that award.
I swear it exists.

The President.

The President.

You’re a cop, right?

Go ahead.
Recite the Scouts Anthem!

Recite it!

India is my country

All Indians are my
brothers and sisters

Say it!

Come on, man!

What the hell are you glaring at?
Say it!

Oh for goodness sake, just say it!

It’s paining sir

What’s this toy on your underwear?

It’s Spider-Man, sir!

He who protects the innocent
from evildoers.

What is the work here for evildoers?

Save me, buddy!

The President

It’s getting worse, man!

Save me, man!


The President

It hurts, sir!
It really hurts!

The President

It’s okay if you can’t save me.

But please stop saying that damn word!


I am the champion
All the best

Calm down.

Calm the hell down!

– Is your name ‘Ilaiyaraaja’?
– No!

– Is your name, ‘A.R. Rahman’?
– No!

Then shut up and get going.
Beat it!

Just a minute, bro.

– Please stay here, while we…
– Hey!

I know how to do the job, okay?

– Get in my way and I’ll kill…
– Wow!

One hell of a disguise, bro!
How’d you do it?

Bother me with this again,
I’ll kill you.

Who are you, bro?

– The chieftain of Yamasingapuram!
– Yes!

You’re our lord!

The god of our clan!

The next guiding light of our race!

Why are you saying this now?

It’s just that there are
a lot of people here.

Many of them, kids.

If you did something
and the kids beat you up…

…and the cops arrest
and beat you, too.

The image of you hanging in shame.
My God!

Stop it right there!

When it comes to your life,
I’d give mine to save yours!

If you have to die for me to live,
I’d rather hang by the neck!

As per our principles,
let’s not do this during the day.

Honorably abduct her at night!


He who creates must have patience!

You can’t see straight during the day.
How do I manage with you after dark?

The hand gets stuck in the cookie jar
if you rush!

– Won’t back down, huh?
– Stop arguing like kids!

Who do you think he is?

It’s trouble only if we all go
to grab her, yes?

We’ll try it individually.

Whoever gets her,
will bring her over to you.

As you wish,
we won’t lay a finger on her.

You have her photo in
your pocket,right? Give it.

I know it’s there.
Please give it.

Don’t be shy.
Just hand it over.

This girl?
From the college?

– The same one, right?
– Yes.

I remember!

Which side are you going?

– Which side are you going?
– Well, I…

– I’m going that side!
– If you see me there, just kick my butt!

Hail Lord of Death!

Which side are you going, bro?

You get going.



I’m here for you, okay?
Do not worry!

Do not lose confidence.
We have never harmed anyone.

Good things happen to good people.
Believe me!

Bro, Hail Lord of Death!

Get the hell going!

– Do you know?
– Know what?

Harish’s been ogling at me.

Shake it hard!

Like this?

Put some spunk into it!

Not a chance!

– Want me to prove it to you?
– Go ahead!

I’ll definitely prove it.
What’s the bet?

– First prove it.
– Come along.

– Get up and come along!
– Give me a minute!

Goob boy

See you later, okay?

– Come. Move faster!
– I am!

– What now?
– Just watch.

– Watch what?
– Harish!


Come over here. Fast!

– Me?
– Okay

– What’s up?
– Will you dedicate a song to me?

– Dedicate a song to you?
– Yes.

No way!

Until yesterday,
he had his eyes on me.

I don’t know what’s wrong today.

I hurt you, didn’t I?

– No.
– That’s not right.

I did hurt you.
Say it.

Yes, you did.

Had you asked me this last night,
or even last evening…

…I would’ve done this for you.

B-ut something happened last night.
– Something?

A dream.

In that dream,
there was a girl.

She was wearing a black dress.

She wore a red shawl.

She was in a forest.

Atop a hill.

Surrounded by tribal folk.

Among those people,
was a very scary guy.

That girl and this guy
were about to wed.

In that wedding,
I was there, too.

Stop it!

I told them to stop!

Every one of those tribals
turned right to me.

One by one, they came to strike me.

I moved forward, too.

I mopped the floor with them!

I took her hand…

…and asked her
if she wished to come with me now.

Then she asked me

You’ll never let me go, will you?

I said “I’d hold on to you
even in my dreams”, in my dream.

What “oh”?
Listen to what I’m getting at.

What are you trying to say?

I didn’t come to tell you this.

I came to tell you.

Tell me what?


I’ll tell you on an auspicious day.

He’s going to sing a song
of the 90s for you!

Come on start


Your moustache!

It’s awesome!

Sir, how many days its took
to grow the moustache just like this?

10 days

Just 10 days?

Its very nice, sir

Sir, actually want an exact model
like this for painting

Can you be my model, sir?

Sir, can you be my model?

Your number, please






Thank you so much sir

I’ll call you sir
Please answer my call

Okay sir, thank you so much
Bye sir

What is your name?


Okay, thank you



Get over here!

Do you recognize me?

Economics professor.
I recognize you.

Get over here!

Think you’re a hunk
from an eighties flick, huh?

– Not at all.
– Run along.

Get over here!
– Yes?

– Beat it!
– Okay.

– How’s my disguise
– Awesome.

An unbelievable silent performance
by the Mime Boys!

Next up on stage, are Harish
and Satish from Visual Communications.

They look a tad ridiculous,
but cool. Let’s see what they do.

Come on in Harish and Satish!

Boys and girls
Cheer up

No one’s applauding, man!

– Look at him, bro.
– That bonehead?

– Ready, buddy?
– Yes, I am.

– You ready, bro?
– Totally.

– All ready to rock?
– Yes!

– Ready to kill this joint?
– You mad fool!

Stop pissing me off like this!
Start it up!


You ready, pal?

I’ll whack this guitar on your head!

“I get knocked down.”

“But I get up again.”

“You never gonna keep me down.”

Come again?

Sing in Tamil, you blockhead!

Bloody mongrels!
Sing a song in Tamil!

They’re chewing us out, bro!
Shall we sing in Tamil?

That’s enough!
Stop it!

“Oh, you hummingbird!”

“Why did you pull me to you…”

“…by showering flowers
through your eyes?”

“A peculiar swing of rain…”

“…rocks me back and forth.”

“In the midst of all this warmth…”

“…the moon gives me shade.”

“Oh, you hummingbird!”

“The queen of boredom
in all the world!”

“She who seeks the heart.”

“Relentlessly pursued, he did.”

“But his nature, I love.”

“What do I hate?
What do I like?”

“Tell me once and for all,
she asked him.”

I’ll tell you on an auspicious day.

“Oh, you humming bird!”

“I, the devil, came down here!”

“After seeing someone around you,
stand burnt at your feet, I am!”

“Burn like intoxicating
alcohol, I have.”

“Your demonic face, killed me.”

“I am a soldier!”

“Swing my sword to
victory, I will!”

“Oh, you humming bird!”

“I am a soldier!”

“Swing my sword to victory, I will!”

Hey ride carefully

“Oh, you humming bird!”

– Hold that
– Go on, bike!

The bike fell on my hand.
Get it off!

Get away from me!

Did you fall off somewhere?
Are you hurt?

Not too bad.
Over here.

Won’t you be careful?
Look how bad the bruise is!

It’s not so bad…
– Hey lady!

I have bruises that
need an ambulance!

Those just look like heat boils.
Why are you coddling him for that?

What’s it to you?
I’m talking to him!

– Shut up and get lost!
– “Get lost”? Damn hog!

Call me a hog again,
I’ll whip your ass!

– Let go of me!
– You’ll whip my ass?

– You mess with me…
– Calm down!

Once this heals,
I’ll stomp you!

Don’t you know how
to talk to women…

This is your fault!
I’ll break your teeth!

There are no words
to describe your beauty.

Get out of here!

Get over here!

– What is it, boss?
– Give me a back rub!

Massage me

Bro, it is a full moon today.

Today is the last day.

We have been away
for three full moons.

We have to return to
our village tonight.

That means we got to abduct
Abhayalakshmi before that.

Some dogs are drooling behind her.

I have lost all hope.

I haven’t lost hope!
Stay confident!

I haven’t lost hope either!

My fourteen year penance.

A pledge on Lord Yama!

Lord Yama will be by my side.

Lord Yama will send help
through somebody.

I’m here for you, too!

Spit on his face!


I have no change.
Go away.


– Thank you
– What?

Bro, I need some help!

My friend got angry
and went inside the restroom.

Here is what you do.
Abduct and load her in your car.

Don’t be scared.

I’m telling you all this because…

…you are a godsend!

Here is the deal.

Here is what you do.
She is inside the loo.

When she steps out, abduct her.

I will go there and say ‘Stop it!’.

And you drive the car…

…and halt it just
an inch away from me.

You both should run helter skelter.

You should push the girl out
and reverse the car and drive away.

Act like you are scared.

That’s all.
Easy peasy!

Ok bro’s
Thank you bro’s


– Come here!
– Yes

Do you know who I am?

Black shirt. Beads.
You are a pilgrim.

Bless me.
Thank you pilgrim

How are you going to stop me?

That’s how I will pose.

Go and do your pose!

Thank you

– Okay?
– Get lost!

Of all the people,
Lord Yama chose him!

Hey dude!

Are you hurt?

What happened?
Why did they bash you up?

Sowmya is going with them.

You loser!
They have abducted Sowmya.

Abducted her?

Dude, this is a huge issue.

They have abducted my girl.

Let’s go to the police station
and lodge a complaint.

Give me a minute.
I have to use the loo.

Dude, finish up before you calm down.
We’ve got to have them arrested!

Dude, this is a big issue.

My girl has been abducted.
We’ve to go to the cops.

Make it quick!

Dude, this is a big issue.

My girl has been abducted.
We’ve got to go the cops.

Why is he repeating himself?

– Dude, this is a big issue.
– Hey…

My girl has been abducted.

We’ve to go the cops.

I’m talking about a big issue here.
What the hell are you gaping at?

Hurry up!

If I see you both here,
that will be the end of it. Get lost!

Why chase us away?
This is a democracy!

You’re a public servant.
We are public.

You work for us.

We don’t have to be scared of you.


– Mr. Rajadurai!
– What?

Why are you hitting me?

– Ask him to get away.
– Let’s go.

– Why did you beat him?
– I’m lenient because you are students.

Else I will book
you on drug charges.

Sir, when have you ever been
lenient to students?

– Trying to create politics?
– Can you help us find the girl or not?

Who are you to file a complaint?
Ask her parents to file it.

Will you accept if they
file a complaint? Is that right?

– Get lost!
– Okay

What are you doing?

– Go! Get lost!
– Don’t beat me. I’ll go.

Get out of the way!

– What?
– Open the door.

Open it!

Are you Sowmya’s mother?

Sowmya has been abducted.
Let’s go to the cops.


Who are you?

I’m Harish. He is Satish.
We are Sowmya’s college mates.

This is not the time for introduction.
She has been abducted. Let’s get going.

Let go of my hand.

– Are you both friends of hers?

Come on in.

Do you want to have coffee or tea?

I’ll have a cup of coffee.
Please get me some water too.

– Dude, what’s all this?
– She offered!

– Normal water or cold water?
– Why not offer beer and breezers?

Your daughter has been abducted.
And here you are offering drinks.

Your daughter has been abducted.

My daughter hasn’t been abducted.
She is safe at her grandma’s place.

What? They bashed me up and
abducted her. Do you think I’m lying?

I don’t know how
to make you understand.


– Sowmya.
-Yeah, mom.

– Where are you now?
– At grandma’s place.

Two people are here
claiming that you have been abducted.


Your college mates
Harish and Satish.

Those two are fools.

Don’t listen to them.

I’m safe at grandma’s place.

I’ll call you later.

Ok dear

Is that clear?
Do you still want the coffee?

What kind of a woman is she?
Didn’t even offer us coffee.

What are you thinking about?

Her mom herself assured us that
Sowmya is safe at grandma’s place.

What business do we have here?
Let’s go home.

How do we believe
that it was Sowmya who spoke?

Can’t you recognize Sowmya’s voice?

But why did she have
to leave in a hurry?

Why did they beat me?

I wanted to bash you up.

I couldn’t.
They did.

Be logical about this!
Let’s head back home.

Let’s go!

– Shall we go home?
– I’ve been saying that all along.

Just come!
Let’s go.

Shall we go home?

Let’s get going.

Son, you are right!

Sowmya has indeed been abducted.

Sowmya’s mom is watching you both.
Don’t look that side.

Are you both fools?
I asked you not to look over there.

Listen up carefully.

Sowmya has been abducted by Yaman.

Purushotoman and
Narasimhan are his aides.

They have taken
her to Yamasingapuram.

It is a village in Andhra.

There is no use lodging
a complaint here.

Head there and you will find her.

That’s all the information
I have for now. I shall take leave.

Who are you, sir?

I’m Sowmya’s dad.


Forget the girl!
Let them have her.

– Why?
– Some family, this is!

Mom is busy offering
us tea and coffee.

Dad is giving us a tip.

You don’t deserve such a tipsy family.

We are better off back home.

Does the family matter to us?
The girl does!

Let’s go to Yamasingapuram.


The name sounds like a death knell.
Planning my cremation?

All your plans have been sloppy.

Forget the girl.

I’m saying it for your good.
Let’s go.

Dude, let me tell you something.

Harish may be a rogue, a slimeball,
a miscreant and a wastrel.

But one thing he is not,
is a deserter.

Let me tell you something.

Promise me that you will never bore
me to death with your punch dialogues.

I will go anywhere with you.

– Promise!
– Pinch and promise.

– What was the name again?
– Yamasingapuram.


Let’s go to Yamasingapuram

Have we settled the bill for tea?

I said let’s go to Yamasingapuram


My daughter-in-law
Abhayalakshmi has arrived!

Yamasingapuram is here.
Those who want to get down, please do.

Hey dude
It’s cow man


What’s the name of this country?

Not a country.
A village.

What’s the name of the village?


Look over there.

They have written it
in all the languages.

I like the board.
Let’s take a selfie, shall we?


Go ahead.

Yama, it is Saturday.

No uneven sacrifices.

Make it even!

Hey keep quiet

‘To be continue in Yemasingapuram’

My wallet’s missing!

Check properly!
Did you look in the bag?

Did you find it, bro?

My wallet!

Thank you buddy!

Will give you some change, okay?

What is it?

Bro, I had some money in here.

I took the money that was
stashed in here, Babu!

– I’m not Babu. I’m Satish.
– That’s not it, man.

He took the money for himself.

Why did you take my money?

There is such a thing called justice!

What is stolen, belongs to the thief!

The Aadhar card, ration card,
and PANcard are intact!

Out of pity, I gave them back!

Keep it carefully, Babu!

Who the hell is this guy, man?

He’s saying that he took the cash
as a fee for stealing the wallet.

Thought you’d suffer without the
PAN card and all, so he returned it.

Don’t piss me off, man!

I don’t have money for tea.
Get it back from him!

Don’t let your problem
stop you from paying!

I haven’t even drunk tea yet!

Be fair!

Your fault you didn’t
drink the tea!

Pay or you won’t
get to go home, Babu!

I’m not Babu. I’m Satish!

Why so angry, Babu?

Hey, I am not Babu

What bloody place is this?


Go ahead and eat, sir!
I insist!

What did you say?

The cops and the suspects
seem to be in a relationship!

At this rate, they might even
start making out!

What place is this?

Yamasingapuram, buddy.

Did I say it was Gopalapuram?

Why are you hyping
up that name so hard?

Come, let’s go home!

Why ramble on about going home?

And here I am, aching
to get Sowmya back!

What about me?
Wallet’s gone! Phone’s gone!

And God knows what else!

I still want to go!
What’s your problem?

Is your phone and Sowmya
the same?

My phone costs 10,000 rupees!
How much does Sowmya cost?

– Don’t talk so lewdly!
– I sure as hell will! What’ll you do?

Shirt’s getting creased.
Hands off!


– I won’t! What’ll you do?
– Hands off!

– I won’t! You’ll do what?
– Hands off!

Get your hands off his shirt!

I won’t, you freak!

Go ahead.

She’s my classmate.
Her name is Sowmya.

Folks from this town
abducted her.

Impossible, my boy.

They don’t abduct people in this town.
Your information is wrong.

No, sir. It was a guy from this town.
Her father gave me a name, too: Yaman.

– What was that name you just said?
– Yaman.

His partners.
Purushotaman and Narasimhan.

– Bring over that register.
– Yes, sir.

– When did they abduct her?
– The sixteenth. At about 4 PM.

They’ve signed on the sixteenth.

Are they here?
-Yes, they are outside.

Did they sign these names?
-Indeed, they did.

Bring them here.
-Yes, sir.

Make it fast.

Listen to me, my boy.

You say they abducted the girl.

You say his name is Yaman.

He’s on his way here,
See if he’s the guy.

No, sir.
They’re not the culprits!

They’re different.
It’s not them!

His name is Yaman!

That’s Purushotaman
and Narasimhan.

No, sir.
Yaman looks much different.

He has a scary moustache.
These guys aren’t them.

Maybe there are other people
in this town with the same names?

In this town, no one can have a name
that was given to someone, until they die!

That’s a fact!

Move along!

If you need anything else, tell me sir.
-Tell us, sir!

Whatever it may be, tell us!

I sure will.

How can they threaten you like this?

This isn’t threatening, man!
It’s a humble request!

Listen up, kids.
You seem like good, studious boys.

Come closer.

The boys of this town
are real gems.

They steal, yes.

But they don’t abduct women,
or commit murder.

There is no threat
to your life here.

You can trust me on that.

But there’s one thing.

They steal kidneys and sell it!

If you question them?

“We only stole one kidney. They
can live with the other, they say!”

That’s why I’m telling you this.

With every passing minute
you spend in this town…

…your kidneys are in danger.

It’s my duty to give you the facts.

I have fulfilled it.

Chow down.

Who are you people?
Why did you bring me here?

What do you want from me?

Is it that argument which
is feeding you? Bring that here.

I asked you a question!
Answer me!

(Song from ‘Magadheera’)

That’s enough!

I have some work to do.
Run along, kids.

Get going!

Who are you people?
Why did you abduct me?

I need to go home.
Please let me leave!

Don’t want it?

Take it!

My dear,
I will do anything you ask for…

…and get you anything you desire!
Name it!

You have driven me crazy!
What shall I do for you? Tell me!

Who the hell are you people?
Why did you abduct me?

I need to go home!
Please let me leave!

‘Really angry are you, my princess?’

‘Show this lily some pity!’

‘Try to understand me!’

‘Am I in your heart?
Tell me, if I’m not!’

Tell me.
-Who are you people?

Why did you abduct me?

I need to go home.
Please let me leave.

You want to go home?

Want to know why we abducted you?

Want to know who we are?

Want to know who I am?

I’ll tell you on an auspicious day!

– Godhavari
– Yes dear

– Take care of my princess!
– Sure

Why is he talking like some lunatic?

Talk bad about him,
you’re finished!

I’m already really angry at you.

Shoot your mouth off, I’ll kill you.
Watch it!

Why are you manhandling me?

Think there’s no one
to stand up for me?

He’ll come looking for me!

With all the vigor in the world.
If you have the guts, try dealing with him!


Cops think they’re
real big shots, huh?

Threatening us about kidney thieves!

Never mind what he said!
I’ll telling you this right now!

Let’s go back home.

I’m scared, too!

I am your safekeeper!

Think they’ll steal your kidney
when I’m around?

I meant they’d steal your kidney!

They’re always stealing your stuff!

I’ve made my decision.
-about What?

The booze is excellent.

We’ll buy four more bottles,
pack it up, take the next bus…

…and leave before you sober up
and change your mind!

Move! Go inside

I said move!
-Who are you?

Keep walking!
And take this bag!

You’re going to steal it anyway.
So take it!

Hey dumbass!

Is Sunny Leone dancing on my face?
Look over there!

Look at that sorcerer
pulling the train back and back!

Watch that instead
of watching my face!

Realized I stomped your feet, yes?
Seek my blessings. Do it!

Stop yelling!

Keep your voice down.
Get out of here!

You sit down here, buddy.
-Thanks, bro.

Why did you create such problems?

No problem. There was a problem,
but I got rid of him! You’re safe.

Screwing around here?
Go sit down!

You’re a Tamilian?

Is this bus going to Chennai?

Stop being a nuisance
and sit down!

Think you’re a cop
just cause of the khaki uniform?

Making fun of me, eh?

I will…

You lunatic!

Why did you hit him?
-You told me too!

Cops being haughty and all.

Wherever we go, they mess with us.

That’s why I hit him.
-You fool!

He’s a khaki dress wearing bus
conductor! Look at his bag of coins!

And you hit him!
Sit back down!

I didn’t mean to…

Please tell him…
-Shut up!

What “sorry”?

Don’t beat me

Why hit me?
Hit the sleeping guy!

It is easier to beat you up!

Stop it! Stop it!

Why are you all hitting him?

He’s being a nuisance!

Are you a man or an animal?

Ask him, sir!

Come and save me, sir!

They’re all ganging up
and beating me hard! Poor me!

Are you from Tamil Nadu?

Which city?

What’s your problem?
-Nothing. This guy’s my friend.

He mistook the conductor for a cop
and slapped him!

For that, they’re all hitting me!
Real hard!

Take this.
-A tea for me, too!

So cops are very inferior to you, huh?

Don’t hit me!
Please listen to me! Stop!

What’s your problem?

I’ve been getting hit for two days.
My body can’t take more!

Please help me!

Will you buy me booze?

I have plenty of it in my bag!

Everybody calm down
and back off!

I’ll handle them at the
police station. Step aside!

Get up!

Who is this new conductor?
-Keep quiet, buddy!

They kidnapped your classmate?

I’ve only heard of thefts committed
by the townsfolk.

Never once for female abduction!

They told us that at the precinct.
Finish boozing and go home.

We’ll go home, too.
-Oh, stop it!

Anything may have happened
with that girl!

You’ve come this far, right?
See it through!

Give me that girl’s phone number.

What do you need that for?

Come here.

This is a new app
set up by the department.

Key in the girl’s number in here, we
can easily find what region she’s in.

If she’s in this zone,
we can find her.

Give me the number.

Do you see a yellow-ish light
from that mountain peak?

That region is where that girl is.

That’s what the phone says.

Only if you start now, can you
reach there by dawn. What do you say?

Praise be to you! Thanks to your arrival,
my husband has peacefully ascended to hell!

May your death be painless!

May your death be painless!

“Roll the dice, your majesty,
after counting the bones!”

“Bring forth the skull
to pour in our sacred offering!”

“Roll the dice, your majesty,
after counting the bones!”

“Bring forth the skull
to pour in our sacred offering!”

“O handsome rogue!
O fraudulent saint!”

“O demonic peak!
O light of darkness!”

“From a goat to an aeroplane,
we’ll steal anything!”

“We’ll rob your whole house
faster than you can change shirts!”

“We’ll rob the bank as soon as
we’re done playing Inky Pinky Ponky!”

“We’ll swindle Vijay Mallaiya’s wealth
and give it to the people!”

“Roll the dice, your majesty,
after counting the bones!”

“Bring forth the skull
to pour in our sacred offering!”

“Corporates, we are not,
who give plenty of offers for souls!”

“Schools and colleges, we are not,
who steal under another name!”

“White clad folk, we are not,
who steal votes!”

“Poke holes in the law and steal food,
we do not!”

“Bad good people, we are!
Corrupted good bad people, we are!”

“At the end of it, we are
clean, principled and honest thieves!”

“Hulks, we are,
but our hearts are pure as milk!”

“Party, this is.
This is the Thievery Progress Party!”

“A thief for life. A thief with regiment.
A thief for truth. A thief of liberation.”

“An industrious thief. An associate thief.
A thief today. A thief forever!”

“Any day of the week,
come and steal per our beliefs!

“Come, participate, offer your prayers
and celebrate!”

“Stole grandma’s dumplings
on the full moon, did the fox!”

“But steal the fox’s bounty,
our leader did!”

“Count the bones…”

“Pour in the sacred offering…”

“Pay attention to the man
who can steal air and ducks!”

“We always finish the mission we set
out to, which makes us Superstars!”


What’s going on here, dad?

I’ll tell you when it’s time.

Why are they having
such a long conversation?

Don’t worry about it.
I’ll fill you in when it’s time.

Okay? Don’t worry about a thing.

What is it, mom?

Tomorrow is your
engagement with Yaman.

What? -They’ll fix the
wedding date after that.

What is this? What are you saying?
-Be prepared.

What’s going on here, dad?

I’ll tell you when it’s time.

Why should I marry that man?
-I said that I’ll tell you in time!

I’ll handle it.
I’ll tell you in good time. Go on.

There’s an entire town here!
-An entire town?


It looks really dangerous.

The two of you stay here.

I’ll see what’s going on in there.
-Got it.

Whatever you do, stay here!

Don’t go to that side of the forest.
Lot of bears over there.

Get caught, they’ll rape you.

-It can rape men?

What did you think?
Bears love men!

Take this guy. His face and hair
is almost like that of a bear.

They’d screw him nicely
for a week!

Don’t get caught.

They’ll rape you.

Let’s go wait over there, buddy.

No, let’s wait here.

Don’t go over there!

Dude, he is the one
who abducted Sowmya.

Are you sure it’s him?

I’m sure as hell!

They look terrifying
with the horns on their heads.

What the hell do we do?

That constable is nowhere to be seen!

Come along. I have an idea.

When did you get this?
-Yesterday’s loot!

They’ll declare it invalid.
Give it to the folks down the hill.

Folks with 2000 notes, follow.
-Folks with gold, in front!

Does it look okay?
Is anything odd?

You forgot the goggles!

Please be seated!

Hail Lord of Death!

Get the bride before the
inauspicious time runs out!

Hey, look its Sowmya!

The one with horns on her head!

As a testimony to the groom’s bravery,
here is the loot!

Declare your wealth!

Let her parents be aware too!

What is there to say?
There is diamond from Golkonda.

Pure gold from Kolar!

My brother has looted
all these for his wife to be!

India’s greatest thug,
wealth of people, brave heart…

Not just that!

The missing Malaysian flight?
My brother stole it!

What a fibster!

Has planned to steal two flights
to take his bride on a honeymoon!

Mrs. Yaman!
All for you!

You may continue!

I’ll talk smooth
and help you win your bride!

I didn’t ask you for any explanation!

Now you are talking sense!

Our Yamasingapuram’s Yaman!

Would anyone not
want him as a groom?


Would anyone not want this great thug
as their groom?

Hey you! What’s your name again?

Yeah, whatever!
Do you agree?

I, Rajendran, agree!

What about you?

Yes, I do.

How about you dear?

We don’t need your approval!

Close your eyes.

A flood of light traverses
through my head and reaches Lord Yama.

It has become one with Lord Yama!

Stay excited!

Meanwhile I will consult Yama and
relay the time for the wedding soon.

Hail Lord of Death!

Come, let’s escape

You dunce!
What the hell are you doing?

Receiving blessings from the lord!
-By snoring?

How did they get here?
-No idea. Our plan was working well.

Can’t you do one job properly?
-I will.

– Hi
– Hi

How are you?

How about you?

When did you get here?

– How did they get past uncle?
– I will check it, Bro

When did you get here?

Sis, he wants to
know when you got here?

You were the ones who abducted me
two days ago.

Apparently, two days ago!

When did you guys get here?

Just now!

Sis, they got here just now!

What the hell is happening here?

We got to play along
with our enemies! Just wait!

Did you call them here?
What are you doing?

I have no clue how I got here!

How can I?

Why are you fooling around?

We got to just play along!

I have an amazing plan.

Look at her closely!

She doesn’t look great!

You traitor!
Running away without me!

The ceremony must go on.

I need five men to go get them!

Others remain seated!


Wait up!

Why did you ditch me?
-Now you are here! Let’s go!

Just miss

If I die, my ghost will hunt you down!

Think my ghost will wait until then?

My ghost will kill you
before that!

You blabbering or just faking it?

Ask the one chasing you!

What’s all this, dad?
-I’ll tell you when the time comes.

Close your eyes
and pray to Lord Yama!

Hail Lord of Death!

Go and search her

Hurry up!
They are behind us!

Get to them before the village folks
capture them and kill them!

Bro, can I ask you something?
-Go ahead!

He is here to see his lover!
Why kill him?

My brilliant friend!

Kuppan abducted Kothai and
kept her safe! We call him a villain!

Suppan saved her and burnt her!
We call him a hero!

Who is the hero and the villain?

Kuppan is the hero!

How can Suppan be the villain?
He is the hero!

Kuppan is the villain!
-Suppan is!

I’m both Kuppan and Suppan!
I abducted my wife!

I’ll kill anyone who crosses my path!

According to our rules…
-Our rules allow us to kill in our region.

Get going!

Oh you!
You come and stand next to me!


For my security!

Super bro

Why did you walk away?
Your mom is pissed off!

Let’s go before it
becomes a big issue!

What’s happening here, dad?

How did Harish and Satish get here?

Who is Yaman?

Why do you want us to get married?

Please explain the situation.

I’ll tell you when the time comes.
Now let’s go.

You bloody fool!
Bald hag!

The two boys who came to save me
are on the run!

I’m getting engaged to a stranger!

Here you are trying
to evade my question.

You better tell me!

Else I’ll smash your head!

It’s time to tell you the truth!

I’ll tell you, my dear!

Tell me!

Your mom and I fell in love
and got married, 25 years ago.

She never told me about
her caste or religion.

I never asked.

After eight years of marriage.
You were ten years old.

Ten years of marriage.
You were eight years old.

Your mom wanted to meet
her mother and brother.

I thought it was normal.

I wanted to meet my in-laws, too.

And I brought them here.

Only when I got here,
did I find a whole new world!

No electricity!
No phones!

The rest of the world isn’t aware
of this town’s existence.

They worship Yama!
Lord of death!

Theft is their family business!

Two towns exist with the same name.
One above the hill and one below.

The ones who reside above
steal gold and convert it to bars…

In turn, they provide these people
with food and all other necessities.

The ones above steal.

The ones below, go to the police
station to sign on their behalf.

In case of problems,
they just shift their base.

The ones above and below
work in tandem.

This is kept a secret
by both the villages.

Did I ask you about this
town’s history and geography?

Why are you trying to get me married?
Tell me that!

I will tell you!

I was terrified by all of this.

They took me to Lord Yama’s court.
-Lord Yama’s court?

We cannot accept outsiders!

I will not ignore the rules
even for my daughter.

Tell her I’m busy!

He is at work!


He knows the secret about our town!

Kill him and offer his head
to Lord Yama!

What is your name?

Mother, I pity him!

He is my sister’s husband!

Let’s not behead him!

But to ensure
he doesn’t let out the secret…

and chop his tongue?


You think he is an illiterate?

He is educated.
An auditor, too!

What if he writes
about this town’s secret?

How intelligent is my sister?

Let’s do something!

We’ll gouge his eyes out,
chop his tongue and hands off!

Does that work?

No! We have to behead him!
That’s the right thing to do.

Let’s be humane and just gouge his
eyes out chop his tongue and hands!

Let him live!

Good grief!
-Queen Mother!

Why are you both discussing this?

Let’s ask Lord Yama himself!

And decide which one to chop?
Head or tongue!

Don’t cry now!

You are alive!
Didn’t die, right?

What happened next?

The townsfolk got together
and spoke.

They consulted Lord Yama…

Finally they took the decision

Lord Yama has given me two options.

Option A

Behead Rajendran!

Option B

Get Rajendran’s daughter
married to my son.

The choice is yours!
A or B?

Marriage or death carriage?

The choice is yours

You sinner!

Did you guys get me married
when I was a kid?

No dear.
Only the engagement took place.

But we couldn’t go through with it.

Your mom made us escape
by showing us the forest route.

We fled.



How dare you make my wife to be
flee our town?

I will find them
and behead your husband.

I swear I will tie this nuptial thread
and wed her!

If you are man enough…

..try abducting my daughter
without my knowledge

I will get you both married!

I swear on Lord Yama!

An oath upon lord Yama?
Hear me out!

Once you leave this town,
I will abduct my wife…

I will marry her with your blessings

I swear on Yama!

He won’t look at any other girl
until then!

He will not think of anyone but her
and lead a celibate life until then!

He will lead a life of abstinence!

I swear on Yama!

I swear on Yama!

He will not frolic around with
any other woman!

He will not think of anyone but her
and lead a celibate life until then!

He will lead a life of abstinence!

I swear on Yama!

I swear on Yama!


An oath upon Lord Yama?

How regressive is that?

The world is heading
into newer horizons…

Is mom trying to get me married
for a mere oath?

Don’t belittle the oath, my dear!

These folks will give up their life

oath to Yama!

Your mom is one of them!
Would she go back on her oath?

Do you know the forest route?

I will find those two
and bring them.

Show us the route.

We will flee.

I don’t know the route. They
have shifted their base many times.

I don’t even know where we are.

Don’t you worry!

I will help you escape.

If you see them both,
bring her over to the bride’s hut.

I will show you the route to escape.

Why do you want to help us?

Uncle, why is she such a fool?

She is asking me why I’m trying
to help her.

You got to teach her a few things.

Only you can save your daughter.
Don’t forget. Be there at 7PM.

Dude, they are right behind!

They have rounded us up.

I have a knife!

Don’t you mess with me!
I will slash you all!

Hold it please.

I don’t have the knife, he has.
I’ll surrender.

Falling at his feet? Have you no shame?
-Want to get shot?

Please forgive me.
I won’t bother you again.

Who are you guys?
I’m scared.

I bombed the place
to save you guys.

There is a tree behind the boulder.
It has a small cave. Hide in there.

I will be there in 30 minutes.

Bro, you are a godsend!

Take it

Thank bro

Aren’t you one of those
omelette thieves?

Why do you want to save me?
What’s the logic?

One mustn’t die instantly.
There is a time for it too!

Auspicious time will be up in
30 minutes. I’ll be there to kill you.

Are you telling me
that you will kill me?

Omelette thief?

Aren’t you the one who
made me run around for an omelette?

Get going!
I will be right behind.

Get lost!

I curse you!
You will not lead a happy life!

You won’t die an easy death.

Where is the cave?

Hey you!

Our village is five kilometers from here.
-What? Five kilometers?

Hey, listen up!

You will find a statue of Lord Yama
at the town center.

Next to it is the groom’s hut with
a yellow flag bearing a black buffalo.

The bride’s hut has a black flag
bearing a yellow buffalo.

Be at the bride’s hut at 7 PM!

I will tell you the escape route.

Your name?

Thank you Godhavari

I am Harish

They are hunting down to kill.
-Kill who?

Kill you!
-Oh yeah!

Hey, didn’t you come running
from that direction?

Five kilometers is too far.
Can I get a share auto?

Only wild buffaloes.
-Cancel the request!

Queen Mother,
tell us where they are headed!

Hail Lord of Death!

They are running all around!

I found Abhayalakshmi.

No worries! Her dad has
taken her to the bride’s hut.

My golden parrot!

I just need you by my side.
Be with her and keep an eye on her.


Godavari, don’t let your
pinky finger befall her!

Ignore him and get going!

Right, bro?
-Shut up and stay here! I will feel safer.

Want a guava?

How is it that some old lady
sold you guavas here?

These guys are chasing and hitting me!

Why are you yelling so loudly?

They’re bloody hunting me, man!

Cool down, buddy.
Only then can you focus.

Only if you focus, can you think.
Then, you can achieve.

Stop saying those things.
It’s churning my stomach!

It’s 6 PM now.
We’ll walk for five kilometres.

There’s no share auto.
Start now, we’ll reach by 7. Let’s go!

Where are we going?
-The Yama statue in the town square!

Why are we going there?

Ahead of the statue, is a black flag
with a yellow bull. The groom’s house.

Next to it, a yellow flag
with a black bull. The bride’s house.

We’re going there!

Why the hell are we going there?

Godavari asked us to come!

Who the hell is Godavari?

-What is it, dear?

Why are only men here? I’m
very uncomfortable. Make them leave!

Per this town’s practices,
men conduct rituals for women.

And women conduct rituals for men.
It’s their tradition.

Why are you blabbing about those
as if you were one of them?

Before I get angry, find out what
happened with those two and tell me.

What is this?
Scolding me in front of everyone?

What then? Should I pamper you
like they are with your wife?

Go find Godavari!

Look over there, buddy.

A black bull on a yellow flag.

Surrounded by women.

Look here.

A yellow bull on a black flag.

Black is the color of masculinity.
It is surrounded by men.

This is the groom’s house.

That is the bride’s house.

No one doubts your General Knowledge.
Tell me what Gomathi said.

It’s Godavari!
-Sure, remember that!

Tell me what she said!

Let’s go.

What did Gomathi say?
-“Shut up and come”. That’s what!

Get over here!

Sowmya’ll have to exit the tent
this way. Got it?

I’ll quickly grab her and get away.
You hide in that tent.

That one? Alright.

I’ll be there.

Sowmya! I found you!

Shall we go home?

Sorry, bro! I mistook you for Sowmya
and hugged you.

If I knew it was you,
I swear I wouldn’t have done it!

Is this how you usually hug her?
-No, bro!I…

Beat the hell out of him! Don’t spare
him! He hit you once! Return the blow!

Whoop his butt!
-He did an even worse thing!

What did he do?
-He mistook me for her and hugged me!

What? How dare you?

You dare hug my bro?
I won’t spare you!

How could you do this?
Beat him up, bro!

Hold him tight!

How dare you hug like that?

If I knew it was you,
I swear I wouldn’t have done it.

I’m not that kind of guy.
How would I…

You’re like a brother to me!
-Who is whose brother?

That’s right! Run!
He ran away in fear of us!

Okay, let’s go hunt him.

Hey! What happened?
-Why’d you leave me alone for so long?

What’s wrong?
-Random dogs are hitting me!

What dogs?

You’re so pissed that these two dogs
hit you.

Do you know how many hit me?

Tie them up!
-Who are you calling a dog?

Why are you hitting us?
-Just a minute, man!

Fourteen years ago, after my sister
confirmed my betrothal to her child…

…she ran away from us…

…and I swore if I did marry,
I would only wed her child!

Till then, I wouldn’t touch
another woman and remain a bachelor.

I swore that to my mother.

So many women treated me lower than dirt
and tried seducing me in many ways!

Yet, I stood my ground
and stayed bound to my pledge…

…and remained a bachelor!
I held everything inside!

When I saw many kids younger than me
getting married and seeking my blessings…

…I blessed them with a smile,
without showing any bitterness in my eyes!

Even when I tripped
while striding along…

…I hid my pain and my tears
away from everybody in this town!

When the town was happy…

…and when the newlyweds
went for their wedding night…

…they’d take my water,
as I slept with thirst!

After bearing that for fourteen years
until it was finally time to marry her?

Gaudy kids like you from nowhere would
try and make away with that girl!

You expect me to bless you with a smile
and bid you goodbye with a flying kiss?

So this is the fourteen year pledge
you’ve been speaking about for so long?

You don’t understand, bro.

Fourteen years, bro?

Is she the only girl?

Absolutely nothing happened in-between?

It’s so depressing!
Let’s hug it out!

Just come along to Chennai with us!

Go kiss him in the lips
while you’re at it! Back off!

Some excuse of a story this is!

If not her, find another girl!
You’re not getting younger!

Get him, Narasimha!

You think this pledge is a joke?

We give up gold.
We give up diamonds.

Hell, we can even give
our lives for him.

But never will we break
our vow made in Lord Yama’s name!

This won’t work, man.

They may look decent,
but they’re damn crazy!

Who are you calling crazy, monkey boy?
-I meant him.

How did you get here?
-His directions.

This genius found the way, eh?

Call my uncle!


How do they treat you like humans?

It hurts, bro!
-Finger on the lips!

Does it really hurt?
-Look what your brain did!

Who is that guy?
-He’s the cop that brought us here!

Don’t blabber. He’s got a black shirt.
-You can’t identify him without it?

Haven’t killed them yet, have you?

If I told you that if you downloaded
this app, you will have a baby…

…would you blindly buy into it,
and lazily sit idle like this?

Do you have no common sense?

Did you think you came here
on your own accord?

We planned this
and made you come here!

Nobody knows this kind of town

Because we keep switching locations.

Our pledge deems us to not kill
outside our territory.

That’s why we brought you here!

Wasn’t this our plan, bro?

Anything changed?

No, just be more detailed about it!
Go on! -Okay.

Nobody knows this
kind of town exists!

You bloody moron!

Listen to me.
I have a lot of rituals to finish.

I can’t kill you.
My uncle will do it in my place.

Feel free to use the gun
and the knife. -No!

When dying,
see to it you don’t disturb anyone.

If they yell, cut their tongues.
Help him!

Help me, buddy!
Do something!

That’s one big knife!
They’ll chop me! Help!

Please save me!

Grab him!

Hack him up!

It’s been ages since he ran away!

Don’t you have any sense, uncle?

But I’m not your uncle…
-You old hag! Get going!


We’re just kids! Let us go!

Get them!

Where did they go?


Save me, buddy

What are you doing, dad?
Are they here?

They’re not here on their own.
They are being carried.


Oh no!
What happened?

Shall I tell you?
-Go ahead.

I gave a lunatic
a good idea.

That fool came up with his own idea
and bungled up. That’s what happened.

What do we do now?
-What can we do?

They’ll assemble a crowd
for Lord Yama.

Whatever they decide,
we have to abide by.

A crowd for Lord Yama?

For the sin of going along with you,
look how they’re making me hang!

Don’t worry.
Somehow, I’ll save you.

Let my mouth heal.
I’ll spit right in your face!

I left these guys to you in the morning.
What did you guys do for so long?

If you had done your job,
this session could’ve been avoided.

I’m trying to escape this myself!
Since you’re family, I’m patient.

If I wasn’t?
-I’d trample all over you!

Release them first!

Thanks aunty!

Thanks, bro

Who are you two?
What are you doing here?

My name is Harish.
I came looking for Sowmya.

He’s bluffing, aunty!

He ran away in fear back
in the town below. I ran with him!

But these guys maneuvered us…
-Don’t lie, Satish!

I know about Harish.
-Shut up! This is all your fault!

Does it hurt?

Hey monkey boy!

Insult my wife again…

Who is your wife?

I told you not to insult him!
-What’ll you do?

Try doing it!
-You marry him!

One more word and
I’ll break your face!

Stay calm!

Everyone stay calm!

Go ahead!

Where I left…?

Leave me

He tried running away from the town
below. So did I. But these guys…

These guys made us come here.

I saw them down there.
Don’t know why they’re here.

I don’t know why they brought us here.

I don’t know why they tore my shirt.

I don’t know why they hung me up.

I don’t know why they
stuck this arrow in me.

They even have a guy
to plunge it further up my butt!

I don’t know why!

If we did anything wrong,
please forgive us!

I won’t breathe a word about you, your
odd culture, or this town to anyone!

I swear upon my mother!


Get over here!

Did you bring them here?

No, ma’am…
-It’s not uncle’s fault.

These two were enquiring about the
three of us with the police down town.

Per our principles, we can’t kill
anyone outside town.

With no other choice,
we made them come here.

Don’t lie!

This is all your fault!
Keep your mouth shut…

Does it hurt?
-Please, madam…

If you were to please stay quiet,
they’ll forgive us and I can go home.

Yours obediently,
J. Satish.

Don’t be afraid, Harish.
Tell the truth.

They brought you here?
You didn’t come on your own?

I’ve never been afraid
to speak the truth.

Listen up, everybody!

We did get scared
and tried to run away!

See this ‘uncle’ person?

He made us come here
We swear we didn’t come on our own.

Do you understand?

I’ve been acquainted with this girl
only for fifteen days.

That’s it.

Nothing serious beyond that.

I’m not willing to die
for those two weeks.

What earth shattering thing
has happened anyway?

The girl’s getting married
to her own maternal uncle.

Who set this up?
Her mother and father.

Who’s officiating it? Her grandmother!
With pomp and splendor!

This is your family issue.
Who am I to intrude?

Third person

I’m the fourth person.
-Let us go.

We swear we won’t tell anyone
about this town.

Swear on your mother, man!

I swear upon my mother,
I won’t tell anyone about this town!

What was that?
Only acquainted for fifteen days?

Maybe two or three more days.
But approximately, fifteen days.

Nothing besides that.

Aren’t you ashamed
to try escaping in fear like this?

Speak practically.

They are all your relatives.

They’ll always do what is best
for you.

We may know each other
for fifteen days.

But for him, you’re a penance
that lasted fourteen years!

I was so depressed
upon hearing his story.

Fourteen years!
Right, bro?

You’re the only girl!
Right, bro?

Nothing happened within that time.
Right, bro?

Right, now wrap it up quick!

Okay, bro

Just marry him.
It’s only fair.

He’s even pretty badass.
Alright, bro?

Heard what he said?

He says all of you only do
what’s best for me.

You’re my uncle.
You made a vow to only marry me.

So you’re looking to fulfill that.

You just want to see me
marry your son. That’s it, right?

And you? Your clan and promise
are important. Hence, this wedding.

You? Some father you are!
Scared of your wife and for your life!

I don’t know what to say to you!

And he only knows me
for fifteen days!

What a selfish world this is!

But I’m not selfish.

I’ll marry him.

I’ll stay here after the wedding.

But please do just one thing for me.

Let them go
without hurting them further.

For me, uncle.



If I let you go, will you tell anyone
about us?

We won’t!

What are you doing?

How can we let anyone go,
who knows our secrets?

We’ll move to another place, mom.

She’s agreed to the wedding.

Our oath isn’t bigger
than killing the two of them.

Listen up!
I’ll forgive you both and let you go!

Even think about telling anyone
about us, I’ll find you and kill you.

I’m a man of my word.
Got it?

-Yes, mom?

Make preparations for us to move
as soon as the wedding’s done.

Will do.

Don’t think I did this for you.

Those fifteen days you mentioned?
I did it only for that.

I know how to take care of myself.

Don’t try doing anything clever.
Get home.

Got it.

Let’s go.

Uncle, we’re getting married
at dawn.

Have a good night’s sleep.

Thanks for forgiving them
for me.

Anything for you, princess.

What are you doing?
-I’m going to escape!

Escaping this way?
The route’s that way!

What’s with the jewelry
and the bag?

I have absolutely no money.
Taking it for expenses on the way.

Taken money, too.
Brilliant, aren’t I?


What? It’s my grandma’s, right?
I have a share, yes?

You do have a share.
But you’re going through a forest.

Filled with bears and leopards. Would
they let you go if you give money?

Take this.

Shall we go?

Leave when I tell you to.

Wonder what Harish is doing
right now…

Didn’t he run off
saying he knew you only for two weeks?

Why think about him now?

For those two weeks,
didn’t he come looking for me?

You don’t know about him.

He’ll come for me,
no matter how much I diss him.

But because he shouldn’t
do anything like that…

…I told him to not try anything
clever and asked him to go home.

He would’ve gotten the message.

Sowmya told me to not try anything
clever and to just go home, right?

What does that mean?

I don’t know.
You tell me!

In code, she told me to come save her!

Won’t you ever stop?
What code are you talking about?

You won’t understand it.
It is a complicated Morse Code.

Only Sowmya and I get it.

I’ll go and save her.
You reach home safe. Okay?

Why didn’t you save her
then and there?

You came all the way down
and now have to climb up and do it!

Are you a fool?
-Shall I tell you something?

Lose the grip and say it.
It hurts!

Shall I tell you something?
-Go ahead.

I might be a rogue, a wastrel,
a hooligan and a spendthrift.

But I won’t let down a girl who trusted me.
Nor I will abandon a friend who trusted me.

I came down here, to save you.

Is this enough,
or do I need more?

It’s speeches like this
which made me this sad mess!

Let’s just go home!

You go home, buddy.
I’ll go save her.

Don’t go alone, you idiot! We’ll
settle this in our town panchayat!

They’ll be married before that!

You go there, her life will be ruined.
Let’s just go home!

Wait, wait, wait…
-Yes, I can hear you!

Before you leave,
remove this damn thing. It hurts!

Still haven’t pulled it out?

It looks good. Keep it!

Trolling me, huh?

I swear I’ll never go anywhere
with you again! Wanna bet?


Behind the statue,
is the way to the forest.

Pray to Lord Yama.
Your wishes will come true.

God, help me escape from this place.

The wedding shouldn’t take place.

My Goldilocks, you have been blessed
by Lord Yama.

Godavari, bring my Goldilocks!

Remove my helmet!

We are getting married in the morning.
What’s the hurry?

Are you so fond of me, my Goldilocks?

Isn’t it obvious, bro?

She was trying to escape.


Is that so, my dear Goldilocks?

Gun for the safety
and money for the future?

Isn’t she a good thief?

My sister’s daughter!
No doubt!

It runs in her blood.

Our women folk are allowed to steal
only our hearts, not goods!

– What say you, Purushotoma?
– Indeed!

Are you acting like you are helping
or really helping her?

Hey, question…

The bride might get tired.
Take her to the room.

I’m not interested in the wedding.
Why are you forcing me?

Your question is legitimate!

You do have the rights.

But I’m not in the mood to answer.

You have forgotten two things.

This is Yamasingapuram
and I’m Yaman.

Take her.

I have never seen
you commit a mistake.

But now you are.

And you know that, too.

I asked you to take her.

She is in love with someone
and her heart belongs to him.

It is not fair to marry
someone else’s woman.


She and him?

Oh, my golden parrot!

When did my parrot learn to talk?

A pledge to Lord Yama.

We got engaged fourteen years ago.

My wife.

Wedding is just a formality.


Why are you calling me your wife?
I was just a kid back then.

It was without my consent.
Don’t you have any sense?

Don’t disrespect him.

I will not repeat myself again.


Be it a pledge to Yama…

…or the lord himself, a girl
shouldn’t be forced into a marriage.

You shouldn’t do that.

I said I’m not in the mood to answer.

Doesn’t matter if it is
fourteen years of fifteen days.

She likes him.

You aren’t doing this for the pledge.
You are doing it out of jealousy.

What’s the talk about years and days?

Over the past two weeks,
he fell for her looks!

Even if she were ugly,
I would have wed her.

There is a lot of difference.

Take her.


I said ‘leave’!

Let’s go.

Bro, think I found something.

Godavari is interested in you.

Is it the time to talk about this?

Had I said it later,
would it have been okay?

You didn’t realize my worth,
while I was with you.

Take care.

I’ll take leave


Don’t ever come back.

What about you?
Have something to say?

We don’t raise our hands on our women.
It’s a sin.

What are you doing?

Don’t just stand around.
Get the work done quickly.

Loser, call uncle.

Where did he disappear?

What are you looking at?
Get going.


Pray to Lord Yama.
He will come to your rescue.

You said the same thing yesterday.

Go dear


Uncle, I have a plan.

All your plans have been sloppy.

So? Should I stop making plans?

Last night, I came up with another.

– What is it?
– Come close


– Grandma, please!
– We will talk after the wedding.

Holy cow!
Are you kidding?

Are you trying to
get me killed or what?

I have never done this in my life.

You can do this!

I can’t even climb up a ladder!

Think of your daughter!

No, I’m scared.
Let’s not do this!

Go uncle

Hey Mr. ‘Principle’!
What are you doing here?

I’m sweating it out in the kitchen.

You could help me a bit.

Get lost

Have you no respect for elders?

Get lost!

I am your uncle

Want to get beaten up?

Get lost!

Hello, Godavari


Think well

Please pass on the nuptial thread.

Uncle, no!
Mom, ask him not to do this!

– Grandma, I was just a kid!
– Hurry up, that’s what she wants!

Why should I bear the brunt
for your pledge to Yama?

Uncle, don’t do this.

What if I run away after the wedding?
What will you do?

I will break your leg!

What are you yapping about?

Do you know who he is?

You are lucky to
find a groom like him.

He’s had you in his heart
before he even saw you!

You will never realize his worth.

Go ahead!

I will see how she runs.

Go ahead, Yama!

Tie it properly.

Stop it!

Look up!

I’m sitting atop your Lord Yama!

Look up!

If you wed my daughter…

…I will break your idol down.

What are you doing there, dad?

Dear, no matter how much you scold…

…only a dad can save his daughter.

That’s the plan!

Uncle, stop blabbering
and get down.

No, I won’t!

– Climb down!
– No!

– What’s his name?
– Rajendran!

Please come down!

No! I won’t!

Uncle, please come down!

Come down

I won’t come down!

– Don’t do this!
– I won’t come down!

Uncle, the wedding would be called off
if you break the idol.

Dad, come down!

Will you marry me?

No! I won’t!

Wasn’t asking you, dear!

Trying to save their lives,
helping her escape…

…inciting her dad to climb
up the idol were all your plans.


Stop it!

This is Yamasingapuram!
And I’m Yaman!

– Will you marry me?
– I concur!

I don’t need your approval, dear!

Yama, what are you doing?

She was a kid then.

How can we hold her responsible
for our pledges?

You’re saying the same thing!

That means there
is nothing else to say!

– What say you?
– Yes!

Now tell me.
Will you marry me?

If you wed my daughter,
I will break the idol!

Sis, ask him to shut up.
Else I will bash him!

Keep quiet!

I won’t!

Tell me.
Will you marry me?

Lord Yama will kill you
if you breach the oath!

Mother, instead of marrying a girl
who doesn’t like me…

…I’ll be happier with a girl
who loves me!

Don’t worry!
Lord will be my side!


Now you are talking sense!

Don’t disrespect him!

Won’t you ever change your dialogue?

Hands off

I’m talking to my uncle!
Hands off!

Ask her!

Stop it!

Kill him!

– Will he bash them?
– Just wait and watch!

The President!

The President!

The President!

Sowmya, I’m here!

Take your hand off me!

Sorry, bro

Too late!
Go have a kid!

Now I’m here

You said you would bash them up!
Now you are getting bashed up?

That was a dream!
This is the reality!

I told you I know to take care of myself
and asked you not to try anything clever.

I thought it was a code word
for help!

– Why are you chitchatting with them?
– Mother, let go of him!

Didn’t I pardon you already?
Why are you here now?

Bro, I wanted to
tell Sowmya something!

You come back
in spite of getting bashed up.

You are truly a hero!

No formalities!
But thank you!

Don’t touch him!


Let go of him!

He isn’t important!
I like Godavari and I’ll marry her.





Hands off

Not like that

You’re my bro,
which makes her my ‘bree’!

My brother.
My sister-in-law!

Can you keep quiet for a while!

Will you marry me?


What’s your problem now?

You’re proposing for the first time.
Be more passionate!


That’s dramatic!
Make it a bit romantic!


Take a look!

Move aside

With the wind, water, air, my mom
and lord Yama as witness…

…I, Yaman, take thee Godavari,
as my wife!

You have driven me crazy!

Yes, my Goldilocks!

You are the answer to my
fourteen year penance!

Will you marry me?

Don’t spoil the mood!

Sorry, bro

Got carried away!

Please continue!

Ms. Godavari, will you marry me?

Say yes!

I will!


I’ll come back

Mother, I need your permission now!

I can’t say anything now!
I need to ask Lord Yama!

I need your permission!
Say yes and I will wed her!

It’s the climax!
Keep your reactions down!

Okay! Wed her before the
inauspicious time is up!

Oh God! Bro…!

Stop him

– Bro, don’t do it!
– Come here

Bro, don’t do it
Leave me

You made a mistake, brother!

I wasn’t by your side
and look what has happened!

I will never leave your side!
Godavari, give me the nuptial thread!

Hey! Come here!

What is it?

You haven’t told her yet?
What is it?


I will tell you on an auspicious day!


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