Bengal Tiger

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“Tiger, Bengal Tiger.”

“Tiger, Bengal Tiger.”

“Tiger.. Tiger..”

[English Rap song]

“Tiger.. Tiger..”

[English Rap song]

[English Rap song]

Hey, hey who are you?

Hey, hey who are you?

Hey Akash.

Your fiends were abducted because
they did not pay the betting debts.

No one knows who has taken
them or where they were taken.

I know that all that.

Why are whistling,
was the coating you got not enough?

When the hero enters one has to whistle.

Forget about our coating,
you are about to get batting.

Hello, CK & co, I am ready.

Hey who are you?

Friends call me Maharaj,
public calls me Mass.. home they call me Akash,
as for you can call me what you like.

This area is mine.

No matter whose area,
I will hold you beat you.

There are no fans to
cheer for your dialogues.

Once I start beating,
your people will also become fans.

That is what happened recently.

Are you so much of a man?

Manhood comes from birth, it does
not change with situation or location.

Hey guys, come lets go.

Where will they go?

Let them pay the 2 lakhs of
betting money and then they can go.

Hello CK, there is surprise for you,
it not them..

..but me who has placed those bets.

That way I can meet you, CK.

In all the villages around here,
every guy.. getting caught
up in cricket betting.

Some stealing from home,
some are using their college..

..fees and others are
stealing and losing everything.

When I ask who is behind
this betting no one knows.

I wanted to know, that is why this game.

I don’t like this game,
put him in my account.

What is this brother?

Beat him.

– Should I tell you.
– Yes.

Finish him.

Go and get him.

This side.

Come.. Come..

Here.. Here..

This is cheating.

What is this brother?

You do exercise, you make us cry and
laugh, actually what is your character?

Hey you sack of grass,
I myself don’t know..

..what is my character,
I am like climate.

I can be cool , I can be
hot at times I can make you shiver.

– Hey wait.
– Oh mother.

Will you kill him?

Leave him,
from today I will stop the betting.

See you later.

“Come, come everybody.”

“He is powerful,
never care, he is my tiger.”

“He is khallas mass maharaj.”

“He is tiger, my strong tiger.”

“There is a separate
language to that body.”

“There is a mass mileage in his image.”

“There is a separate
language to that body.”

“There is a mass mileage in his image.”

“There is a power punch in his paws.”

“He is mischievous, he is mental.”

“Titles like good guy
or bad guy don’t stick to him.”

“Tiger, Bengal Tiger.”

“Tiger, Bengal Tiger.”

“He is the mass. He is the class
He is a very very naughty tiger.”

“Yeah yeah he is the… Trigger trigger.”

“In goodness he is like Buddha.”

“He is mass and has anger.”

“He is not the same each day.
He is a unique character.”

“He does not stay in boundary.
He does not surrender to anyone.”

“He plays silently,
that is his signature.”

“When we think of him, he is there.
When we talk of him, he acts.”

“He takes account of wrong doings.”

“He skins the wrongdoers.”

“He is jaguar, he is a jammer.”

“There is no grammar to his language.”

“Tiger, Bengal Tiger.”

“Tiger, Bengal Tiger.”

“[Forign Language]”

“[Foreign language]”

“He rushes ahead in temper.
He clashes head on.”

“He does not use his muscles,
but uses his brain to beat.”

“He is a dictionary of mind games,
He is skilled in waiting.”

“He is a hero who
can take life on Wi-fi.”

“He uses clever ideas.”

“He can undo all the clever plans.”

“Anywhere and at anytime,
he will raise h is flag.”

“If we say come on he can raise hell.”

“He can remove all obstacles.”

“Tiger, Bengal Tiger.”

“Tiger, Bengal Tiger.”

This fellow eats too much rice.

This old lady is too
concerned about what I eat.

Sister-in-law can
you give me an omelette?

Do it yourself.

Little sister-in-law
can you give me some juice.

Make it yourself.

Give me at least some drinking water.

Go and get it yourself.

They are asking me to do it myself,
this sounds odd.

Is this a combined strike?


Mother everyone seems
to be a little off today.

– Why are you getting
involved in fights? – Why?

When you go into the
village we feel worried.

You may be worried mother-in-law..

..but we are feeling insulted,
because of his antics..

..we are unable to lift out heads.

How can you eat?

Do you have any sense?
any responsibility?

Sister-in-law, from 10 years
you are giving the same scolding..

..please do something new.

What is this mother?

Don’t you have any shame?
Being scolded all the time?

Look at your brothers,
how they work hard in Rajamundry.

If he goes for job who
will take care of things here?

What does he do here in the house?

We have to do everything for him.

we cant bear this anymore..

..either he stays
or we stay in this house.

If all in the house have to be happy..

– You must get married.
– Marriage?

No one give me a marriage card,
who will give a girl to marry?

Why not? In my village I have seen
a girl, she looks just like a film star.

Sister-in-law, there is a girl
in your village like a film star?

– Yes.
– Is the match is fixed?

– Yes. -Are we going for
the marriage talks then?

No we are not going.

You don’t have to feel shy, don’t
do over action, but look at the girl.

She is very traditional, sister-in-law.

I thought she is average like you,
but she is blockbuster.

Do you want to talk to the girl?

No need, our fellow
already made up his mind.

But I want to talk to him.

What is this, photo gallery?

Our family photos.

Ii know very well what
you want to talk to me.

You have a bad omen in your stars,
but don’t worry, I will help you.

What life you can you give me?

I don’t have any bad omen ,
I created it.

What, what?

This is like an interview,
you are no 10.

No 10?

Have you ever come in newspaper?

Newspaper? No, no.

Or have you ever appeared on TV?


If I want to marry you do
I have to appear in paper or TV?

If you want to marry me, yes.

I am so beautiful,
I have so much property..

..the fellow i marry
should be a famous person.

He should be a celebrity.

Locally I am also famous.

I don’t want local famous,
I want world famous.

After marriage when
I go out with my husband..

..people should clam our
for his autographs and selfies.

I don’t want a fellow who
works all month until 31st..

..then get his salary on 1st
and spend carefully the whole month..

..and save something for moped.

I’m sorry.
You look for someone else.

You are crazy, you wait.

Aunty, Uncle.

Come here. Come.

If you tell then what happened here..

..then I will write
a note that you commented..

..on my bad omen and commit suicide.

They will lock you up
under domestic violence law.

As per my knowledge domestic
violence law applies after marriage.

When a woman puts a case
they won’t consider whether..

..married or not but will put up a case.

Oh my god, what a girl.

They said no in the house,
village disowned us..

..and even a girl so I don’t want you,
after all this why live?

Are you guys trying to
console me or instigate me?

After what happened to
you our heart has melted.

That is why we has arranged
this sitting on a lake.

It was not an ordinary snub,
that snooty girl.

She rejected me because
I am not famous..

I have to get famous,
urgently I have to become famous.

Hey you, I told you
not to change the brand.. see brother-in-law
is talking non-sense.

I am not talking nonsense,
I talking after getting fixed.

If you want something to remain on the
pages of google we have to do something.

It is not we watching other guys on the
TV or in the news we have to become new.

What background do
you have to become famous?

I will work hard and become famous.

These days if you work hard
you will go up but not come up.

Then we will use this, this
is the only thing that grows with use.

Oh my, something is wrong with this guy.
I will go home now.

Hey sit down.

Hey getting famous is not
as easy as finishing a full bottle.

Why not?

Did you see that, such a small
bottle disturbed such a big lake?

I am six feet tall, will
I not be able to disturb this state?

What? Did uncle get up already?

He even finished his bath?

Even Pooja?

What is it man,
you are worshipping them?

If we want something we worship them.

If we want to become something these.

What you want to become so urgently?


I have survived the tsunami of diviseema,
don’t give me any more shocks.

I will not allow you to
die until I become a celebrity.

Anytime media will come to our house,
so be ready.

Looks like this fellow has gone crazy.

I am not crazy you just watch.

“Hey deity of drink, come lets drink”

“It is okay if there
is nothing to munch”

“the drink is great,
so come let us enjoy the drink”

Hey, did you see,
broter-in-law is coming and I got life.

You are a good omen,
come brother-in-law.

– How is the hand?
– It is good with this card.

How come you are playing jungle
rummy while these.. .are playing cards?

That is mass game, this is mind game.

Yes there is no need for money.

Yesterday you said that you want to be
in paper and TV .how come you are here?

We say many things when we drink,
but will we remember?

We don’t remember the brand we
drink how can we remember what we said?

Give me your cards,
not good, mix and deal again.

– Oh no. – You are acting like a child,
with one more card I could have won.

Deal again.

1, 2, 3, 4, 5. .6

Vote for ‘Praja Seva Party.’
Vote for ‘Praja Seva Party,

– What is this commotion?
– Elections are coming near.

Minister has arranged a
meeting in our ground, if we..

..go we will get
free biryani and bottle.

Hey Shanker, bottle will be expensive..

– ..but get four single beers we will
enjoy it with biriyani. – Great.

Come let us go.

If a nation is backward
it is farmer who is responsible.

If a nation were to progress
farmer is responsible.

Cheers everyone.

In the word farming
there is arm that helps

In the word agriculture
there is a culture.

It is the farmer who gives a helping
hand and culture to this world.

I have come to help such
farmers and to wipe their tears.

Cheers again.

In the leadership of our leader,
Ashok Gajapathi.

– Hey you are stamping my feet.
– Hey stop your whining.

See, when a common man
speaks up about stamping..

..the feet no one listens,
but look at how they are cheering..

– ..when a celebrity speaks lies.
– That s true.

Rajesh, pass me a stone.

– Why brother-in-law?
– I will tell, give me first.

– Hey, I need a stone not a pebble.
– Will this do?

You are super.
Now see what happens.

– We have to save the lives of the farmers.
– Samaba.

Hey, who is that fellow.

Oh no he has hit the minister.

Hey, catch that fellow.

Catch him.
Arrest him.

Come, come, hold me correctly.

Take my pictures.
It should be clear like that.

Hey Rajesh and Shanker
come for group photo.

– Oh no.
– Don’t worry sir, it is a small wound.

Doctor is my brain and
everything is okay is it?

Absolutely no problem.

There will be no problem
like memory loss, coma, etc.

Don’t worry sir, complete this course,
it will be enough.

Who is that fellow?
Our party or opposition party?

He does not belong to any side.

Which party worker is her?

He does not belong to any party sir.

Did he took contract to finish me?

– He did not. He is..
– What tell me?

– He wants to be..
– Tell me what is it?

He did it so that his name
will come on the newspaper.

He hurt me so that his
name can come in the paper?

Will he throw a stone at
a minister so that his name..

..will appear in the new papers?

– Take out the vehicles
I will take his head. – Come.

Long live! Long live!

Where, where, where is that fellow.

He is the one, sir.

Finish him sir,
I will it in my encounter account.


It you hit me anywhere in the body,
I may live..

..but if you hit here it is confirmed,
go ahead and fire.

– Finish him sir.
– Come on!

Hey, are you not afraid?

I don’t know what it is.

Hey open he cell, come out.

Sit down sir.


Simhachalam, your punch was good.

– Tell me sir.
– What is this? Why did you hit me?

My lord! Single agenda, I wanted
my to be in newspaper an to be famous.

You want to kill a minister
so that you can be famous?

It I want to kill you
why will throw a stone?

I could have used a bomb that size.

– Hey.
– Simhachalam, relax.

Sir, If I hit an ordinary man,
will media be interested?

As a minister if I want I can…

You can’t do anything, even
if a fly sits on me, people will.. up against you like bees.

– Will you do anything to be famous?
– Yes.

Will you kill the CI?

Simhachalam Catch.

There is a Question
Mark in my Question

– That’s why only I stabbed on the Ground.
– Do you know Firing?

I tried it first time.
It is a good experience.

Is it first time?

It’s giving me happiness.

You are like me who
wanted to be like this.

Do you work under me?

No. I work with you.

Brother, he broken your head.

Why are you saying
that you work with him?

– No. He hit me with cleverness.
– Brother, think once again.

His Brain is not like your brain, but
of Minister’s to think that many times.

Sir, Salary.

How much?

Monthly One Lakh Rupees
including Friends, and parties.

I’m getting only Twenty
Five Thousands only since I’m ..

..working here for the last ten years.

– Don’t you have shame?
– For what?

Salary is provided for Talent,
not for experience.


What is that they are coming together
since, we thought that they will quarrel?

Brother-in-Law, you become famous than
Aishwarya Roy with a single stone.

Let me see.

Akash’s Hitting, Minister’s shout.

It is Super. Do one thing.

By collecting all the
cuttings of these, make posters

..and stick on the
walls with a big size..

..especially outside of my house,
stick more.

We will do it Viral in the Whats
App and Facebook within one hour.

– Super. – We will do it.
We will be on the work hereafter.

What is this?

Brother, if it will be a News,
it should have little Nuisance.

Why all these dear?

Now only it has started.
See it further how it will be. Come.

– Cheers!
– Cheers.

Brother, lately all
are good news happening.

Brother what is this you look
very dull after you called me for..

..the Alcohol Party saying
that the match of your daughter.. fixed with the
son of Central Minister?

Samboo, I am too happy
about the relation.

But, I’m afraid of my daughter
who is coming from Canada.

Is it a word delivered from the
mouth of a Home Minister for a State?

Samboo, you know that we have quarrel
with Gandreddy family in our constituency.

I’m worrying that if
he .attacks in such a time

and these quarrel has reached to the
Subaareddy’s site, the relation may spoil.

The work of Security
is in your hands only.

Send Hundred member
Force to bring the Girl.

It is not good to show Power
to my daughter when she is..

..coming to India after Ten Years.
Instead, we have to show her love.

That too,
if I do like that with the Force.. will appear like that myself boasting
of my daughter’s arrival to India.

Then, we will do one thing. I have
told you about Akash let’s send him.

– One person?
– Yes. One only.

Not even four days
of his arrival to me.

He has collected all the
Pending Debts in the Old City.

I think it will be
a risk sending One Man?

For protecting lives is required
courage instead of Crowd..

..he has unlimited courage.

That too, no one gets any doubt,
if it is a new person.

Ok, then.

Tell me dear.

Brother-in-Law, where did you go
as I didn’t see you after my wake up?

I came to Airport.

Did you go to Airport?

Are you going to aboard
the flight without telling me?

How can I leave you?

I came here to receive my would
be lover and your would be sister.

Who is my sister?

Our Home Minister’s daughter.

Is it Home Minister’s daughter?

Rajesh, he says it is
Home Minister’s daughter.

– What? – If you go with Home Minister’s
daughter they will encounter you.

We will be remained in the History
if we die in the name.. ..of Love.

The Girl is looking like Iphone6+
which has downloaded with all the Apps.

Will she fall down giving
a flower as if a villager person..

..since she is in such range?

I make her to fall down
by throwing a flower on the floor.

How is it you make her
fall down by throwing a flower?

You disconnect the phone.
I’ll call you again.

Brother-in-Law, Dear.

She has to step onto the flower.

Come on.

Mr. what is this? Remove your hand.

Remove your leg first.

Think that what it will happen
to the Rose when Fifty Kilos

of Rose presses it which
has only Five Grams weight.

Who are you?
Are you trying to impress me?

I’m introducing myself to you.
Welcome to India. I’m Akash.

Oh. Dad told me.

– By the way I’m…
– You are Shraddha. Predestine.

There is no opinion on love,

No doubt on the matches
the parents are going to look for.

You like Mrs.
Savitri and mad about Salman khan.

It’s Amazing. You have total profile.

Yes, from my childhood,
I follow my father.

– Akash.
– Don’t fear.

They came here to welcome you.

I’ll convey thanks
to them and come. Ok.

Parcel to Nagappa after
cutting her into pieces.

[English rap song]

– What’s that?
– Nothing.

– Whose marriage?
– My friend’s.

– Is it?
– Yes.

You have to touch me
before you touch that family.

But, the Gun or Knife which
will kill me is not made so far..

Make an order. Make an order.

That’s why I told him
not to send a single person.

He said it is crowd and Courage.

What our sir said is correct.

Because I went alone your
daughter reached home safe.

If you send Hundred people
if they leave your daughter

in a confusion with a view
that the other person will save her.

Your daughter’s situation will be like
a person who is died in a stampede.

How did he knew it when
I planned it meticulously?

I only informed sir.

Did you inform him?
Do you want to kill my daughter?

I want to kill the
courage of Gangreddy.

We shall not be fear
thinking of his Attacks.

I want to create a fear
in him to attack on us.

That’s why only I made
them to come intentionally.

I send them with
a shake hand to death..

Make a call to my sir if
you think that it is a wrong.

Both have a celebration with an
Alcohol if you think that it is correct.

Excuse me sir. Mr. CM is on line.

Sir, Ok sir.

I’ll call the DGP once.
I’ll look into that sir..

The Girl came sir. We will come
to you for dinner sir on this Sunday.

Ok sir.

– Listen.
– Sir.

Call the DGP to the Chamber. We have to
see the Transfer of SP Mahesh Chandra..

What is that you are eating Egg and
Bread even after coming to the house?

Why don’t you eat Puri or Pongal?

She says that it is a Crash Diet.

Mine’s is a Crash Diet. But what
is that Uncle is in complete Diet?

It is not Dieting. It is Fighting.

If my Brother doesn’t talk to me..

I don’t even touch the
Meal even after your arrival

.. to India after these many years.

It will not happen in this Birth.

What is that Dad like Children?

Are you still not talking to Uncle?

I’ll talk to him
if he stop his Madness.

It is not Mad brother.
Passion, I like it. It is my life.

The fatness doesn’t
exist in me if you cut me.

But for ART only I’m the Hero
who came to crush the Tollywood.

Have you seen our situation?

Exactly. The Audience will
also get shocked tomorrow..

..they will tear the
Screen after seeing my acting.

Yes Brother-in-Law.

He has a nice talent though
he feel some shy before you.

That’s why only she fell
into love with him in the festival?

Yes Uncle. Dad appears Awesome
when he wears Superman dress.

Please give him one Break.

See dear. He spoiled all the family
when I asked him to become an MLA.

I don’t want to spoil my family.

I want to make my family to stand.

It is beneficial for you
if I become a hero, recently when..

..a power star was standing
there the candidate got many votes.

I will become a superstar
and stand beside brother.

From now onwards every politician should
have a film star beside him like me.

See dear, if this fellow says another
word I will send him to Pottur.

What will you do there?
Will you sell pan there.

– Touchup.
– Yes.

Shift my breakfast to caravan.


They will not change and
their attitude also will not change.

They don’t understand,
tomorrow when I become a super star.. seeing me people give the votes.

Dad where is Akash?


He is not our staff,
he works under Sambu uncle.

What? Why he is not working for us.

Now I understand why
you are not becoming CM, dad.

You left the cream and
kept the scrap with you.

What? Why did you say that?

Then what? Dad.

The people who are working under
us should be more sharper than us.

We have 100 members
of that kind of batch.

Kauravas are also 100 dad.

We don’t want those who
stand behind us holding the guns..

..we want ones with
guts who stand in front.

After that its up to you.

Yes. now my business
and everything is good.

That’s not because of me,
Its because of Akash.

Yes. Now he is not my hand but brand.

– Hello.
– Who is that?

Who is it?

Its me, Home Minister Naagappa.

Sir, Sir Sir Good Morning.

– Where are you?
– I am taking sir to assembly.

Is that so,
then I will call you later.

No problem, sir is on a call. Tell me.

Can you work for me.

What sir? Are you joking?

That’s not joke. I’ m serious.

Sir sir.

Are you coming to work for me?

Actually my sir is giving me 2 lakhs,
so how can I come?

I will give you double that amount.

When should I join sir?

Its ok if you come now.

On the way sir.

– Bye sir.
– What? what happened?

I got an exciting offer so im moving.

Hey man, are you going
to leave me on this road?

I don’t even know driving.

– Auto..
– I wont go in auto.

Auto is for me not you.

Hey you, you.

That idiot left me on the road.

He got promotion, that’s the reason.

If he gets promotion?
will he leave the person who helped?

He ate my food.

Doesn’t he know the meaning of
the words like loyalty justice, etc.

When you talk like
that its making me laugh.


Then what?

Even after warning you,
you brought him who..

..broke your head and
put upon on your head.

And praising him,
saying he is the image of you.

That’s the reason he cheated you.

I will complain about him to CM.
I won’t leave him

Keshavaram boy is
OSD to Home Minister.

What is this?
Aakash is moving faster than mercury.

Instead of crying about him,
lets feel happy that our..

..village’s name is becoming famous.

Why should we feel happy.
Today its only on paper..

Tomorrow it will come on to our lives

Hey super combination.

Designer wear.

Our Mr.Shastri is coming.

Shastri, celebrity Shastri.

Who is this nano fellow?

He is celebrity Shastry
who is very famous.

He is like our family
priest for CM and me.

– Oh is he a priest?
– Yes.

He is looking like a Chinese thief.

Yes that is his cutout.

– Good morning Mr.Shastri.
– Bless you my boy.

Become a super star soon.

You are blessing me since 10 years,
but it is not happening.

Its time now,
be ready with touch-up for the break.

Who is this fellow?

Looking like a waste boy.

– New admission sir.
– Aakash.

Im Arjun. Still virgin.

Lack of opportunity.

Are you giving me punch.

– You will rot fool.
– What are you saying ?

I am blessing you that
you should become mass hero.

Bless him, bless him.

– Hello shastry.
– Hello, minister.

Where are bridegroom and his family?

They came, as you know very
well that I don’t believe in clock..

..but I will believe
in auspicious time.

As the time is bad, I told them
to wait on the turning of the road.

Yes ,one has to believe something..

..this man will not go
to toilet unless it is good time.

I will lead my life with astrology,
so it a must.

It is okay.

Early in the morning
what is this get-up.

What will the marriage party think?

Brother don’t insult an
artist in front of the audience.

You, an artist?
Look at the dress and the umbrella.

Please control brother

Why ? why I have to control.

If you talk about acting
I will throw you out side.

After spending 40 corers
you won with 4 votes.

You cannot take the oath
properly ,you are illiterate..

..what do you know about acting.

What are you saying?

– He is your brother.
– You better stay in kitchen.

Don’t touch me, don’t disturb me.

What Mr.Siddappa what are you saying?

With out marriage you completed
half century who are you to tell me.

If I am not married don’t
I have the right to speak?

What is this dear,
are you out of your mind?

I am not mad, I will make you all mad.

Is this the way to kick the wife?

What dad? why you beat mother.

I will kick you too.

– Uncle please help me.
– Oh God!

Hey catch him.

Dad why did you kick brother?

I will send even you to him.

Why have kicked them like basket ball?

Hey you!

Brother, how is my acting?


Is this acting?

Did you see brother, If you
are so shocked, when I will act..

..with make-up what will be the
position of the people of two states?

Think about it brother.

You hurt my artist in me,
So I acted like that.

Sorry sister-in-law,
you are like mother but I abused you.

It is okay at least
you did not kick me.

I don’t know why you want to stop me.

Why I should not become a hero,
I don’t understand.

I am getting angry brother.

I am fighting with the
enemy which is not seen.

Since 10 years this
frustration is inside me.

If it is possible forgive
me or else punish me..

..but you try to recognize
the artist inside me.

Wow Mr. Sidhappa, it is
the quality of an artist to know..

..where to bend and
know where to rise high.

Please give me one shake hand sir.
I became your fan.

See my dear brother,
if I am acting in a simple scene..

..people are becoming fans of me,
but you don’t like it.

Please give me one break brother.

Only one break.

Please brother-in -law agree to this..

..every time we may
not fall in the safe place.

Okay, okay,
g ahead and pursue your art.

Mr. Siddappa,
it is good omen, your time has come.

It is also time for marriage
party to come, go get ready.

Come Mr. Subba Reddy, sit down.

Please , wait , wait.
Bride must sit on the east side.

Uncle and aunt should
sit on west side..

..mother and father
should sit beside the boy.

Then where should the girl sit?

– She has to sit in front of boy.
– Then where will you sit?

He will sit down.
Its comedy sir.. comedy.

Don’t make jokes now.

You are standing towards north.. should not stand there,
move away from there.

Mr.Shasthri I don’t believe
in properties and superstitions.

– Then?
– I believe in friends.

Its joke again.

Bride is very beautiful.

Are my bangles good?


Are we made for each other?

Mad for each other.

What is he doing standing at my back?

Blessed. Everything is good.

After seeing the bride,
bridegroom has stopped talking.

And the bride is not lifting her head.
So this match is fixed.

I will fix the date
and you please fix your rate

Priest, please pray for us.
Worship god for us.

What my boy? Why are you so happy?

Yes we are very happy, because
my brother in law has got a match.

Finished the engagement yesterday.

Be blessed.
Tell me his name and his stars name.

His star name is Paidipalam.. Aakash Narayana
and her name is Shradda.

Shastri, celebrity Shastri.

Hey, what are you talking?
Did you get engaged with Shradda?

It has been with the other boy, right?

All are thinking like that,
but it is with me and Shradda.

Hey idiot. What are you talking?

Mr.Shastri, what happened to you?
Didn’t you observe?

In that one hour she was
watching me for 59 minutes.

Now tell me whose
match was being fixed?

– Yes, a its for you.
– That is what im telling you.

Why is he not understanding.

He wont listen to us.

Hey fool, will you betray
the people you work for?

How can betray others
when I work here?

This is my work and
I fixed their match.

But I am fixed to marry her.

Even if you are fixed,
if the marriage is fixed by me then..

..even god cant stop that marriage.

That s your belief,
but we wont stop our efforts.

Why are you testing his patience?

What if he goes and
tells the minister directly.

What? will you tell?

Hey, I wont complaint about anyone,
its not my way

I became famous by my work,
not by complaining.

I wont do that kind of stupid thing.

Mr. Shastri you must be like this,
you must never change.

My marriage should also
done by your hands. Ok?

Very cunning boy, but there
are still others in that house..

..who are more cunning than you.

You cant escape.

What is this? In every story,
you are showing the hero as a orphan.

Wont he have any family?

Please change your self.

– Please change the script.
– I will change sir.

Take the Telugu movies
to the a level like Rajamouli.

– Yes sir I will take it.
– I didn’t tell you to take the script.

I told you to take range
of Telugu to the high levels. Go.

– Foolish fellow.
– Hey future star.

What? Are you talking about scripts?

Yeah. But I am not even
impressed by a single script.

No script is making me excited.

And I have a caravan and 2 assistants,
only for build up.

But I am not even getting
one script which suits my image.

Why are you still depending
on fiction stories?

Search for real life stories,
Mary Kom.

May be getting the real stories
on the spot seems difficult.

Sir, observe humans and society..

..then you will get
some amazing stories.

Hey, will you keep those
goggles once again for me?

Oh! do you want me to repeat?

– Yes.
– Okay.

Hey brother. Why should I
search somewhere for the stories?

Why shouldn’t I make
your real life story as movie?

What is there in my story sir?

There is heroism in your story.

You came from a village and became
a important member of this house.

You are not catching my point brother.
You are energetic.

If they drink your energy
RedBull will be closed.

Its very nice to listen.
Your observation is awesome.

– What is the meaning of awesome?
– Awesome means awesome.

Even he didn’t understand.

Brother everything is good but,
there is one flaw in your story.

What is that?

There is lots of heroism
but where is the romance.

If there is no romance
how can the movie be interesting?

Let us add it then.

We will ask a great director
to compose the songs.

– Will he accept to compose.
– You have great background..

..lets get recommendation.

– That is right.
– Mummy!

No water in the washroom.

Superb idea.

I will give the love
angle to your story.

Do you know Shradda,
the bride of this house.

– How about you trying win her love?
– No sir, are you out of your mind?

Come, come here boy.

I know that you are very trustworthy.

But this is just for the story.
Just imagine.

Oh my god. If you are giving
such ideas for your future movie.. are really the
future super star Siddappa.

tell them to switch on the motor.

She does not know timing.


– We got a good love scene to our story.
– How?

Routine shake. Current shock.


Hello, come back. Where are you going?

– To repair the motor.
– Idiot, use your brain.

She is there in the washroom
and motor is in repair.

Oh my god.

I saw it in many movies.

I will go there with a bucket of
water and come back with love scene.

Brother one thing.
Don’t forget that she is my daughter.

You are gold.

Ms.Shradda, motor is under repair.

I brought a bucket of water take it.

Bring it here.

I think I should not come inside.

I cant come outside.

Ok then.
I will come by closing my eyes.

If you close your eyes
the water may fall down.

But if I come without
closing my eyes I may see you.

If you give quickly you can go.

Without closing your
eyes and without seeing me..

..keep the bucket inside and go.

– Mr.Siddappa , good morning.
– Good Morning.

Why are you too late Mr.Shastri?

I did pooja with
these engagement rings.

Please come. All are waiting for you.

You are looking very colorful.
What is the matter?

– I got a good story.
– What is that?

It’s a real story.

That means it a great life
story like Annamayya and Ramadasu?

No, its like Pokiri, Raccha and
Deshamuduru. An entertaining story.

Wow, Who has inspired you to do this?

Its none other than
our Aakash Narayana

Oh my god,
that fellow, What is the story?

Actually, you fixed a marriage
in this house am I correct?

– Yes.
– A worker has come to this home.


All are thinking that,
he is a security guard.

– Yes.
– But, he came here to woo that girl.

What is this a story?

I think you felt it as novelty,
but it’s a real story.

Yes sir, this is a real story.

I am also telling the same.

You are super sir.
Some are very cunning.

That fellow is more than that.

This dialogue is very good.
I will use it in my movie.

Already he is using you.

Hey, looking cool.

– Aakash narayana..
– Mr.Shastri..

Why are you here?
Didn’t you go to assembly with sir?

Why should I go there while
we are selecting sarees here.

Don’t you think that is a bit odd.

What do you think.


Yes I am coming, mam.

Did you bring the rings?

Yes. These are the engagement rings.

You select the pre-wedding saree.

Yes I will select.

Kalamandir is the symbol of south.

Blue is good for the day of Wednesday

No. you must select
the opposite color.

Scene, scene.

You naughty fellow.

[Sanskrit shlok]

Sandal, good for function,
Its a perfect match.

Not good at all.

Are you going to thirunal?

Oh smart.

I understood,
you are talking to me indirectly.

What do you know? What do you know?

What do you know
about saree selection?

Are you asking me?

Tell me what you know about sarees?

Yeddanapudi cheerasingaram novel.
Did you read that?

Is there some novel like that?

– That means you didn’t read.
– No.

Then there is such a book.
It is confirmed.

What is there in that?
What is there in that?

– Asking me?
– Yes.

You don’t mind mam. Shradda please.

Its not enough to give lots
of money and buy many sarees.

You have o think of weather,
season, figure and what..

.. to wear according to the
function is written in that book.

Oh we don’t know all those things.
Show us how to wear a saree.

What is this?

If we want to tie
first we should untie.

If you want to remove,
you must first tell me.

I have been covering my body since
50 years. You have shown to everyone.

Tie to someone there.

Then tie it to that boy.

Are you crazy? Saree is for ladies.

Then tie it to Shradda.


What will happen sister-in-law? Even in
big malls men tie the saree to women.

At least she will
learn to wear the saree.

– Let us use this in our movie.
– Ok, ok.

Already he is using you in the live.

Karan with your permission.

Take it easy boss. Carry on.

So my dear lovely ladies
change your position.

Ok. Tell me where we are going?

Are we going to marriage,
reception, birthday, or engagement?

What is happening, what is happening?

Mr. Shastri, please control yourself.

– There is a lot in that.
– What is there?

Example, If Shradda went
to a birthday party with the best..

..saree and the best jewelry
and enjoys there what will..

..people think of her?

That her husband is very caring.

– Tell me aunt am I correct?
– You are awesome my boy.

Mr. Shastri did you listen?

If she goes to some function
in her mother-in-law’s home..

..then she can go with saree single
bangle there will be no problem..

..but If she gets ready with
very heavy jewelry she will think..

..oh my god she is spending
all my son’s income like this.

If it is in her own home?

Im coming to that Mr.Shastri,
please wait.

Look here Mr.Shastri, Shradda.

You must not roll the saree like samosa
and don’t throw the end of the saree.

Bring it slowly over the
hills and like a layer of dew.

Bring it in totally and fold
it and put it over the shoulder.

Are you seeing.

Mr.shasthri are you seeing,
we have to tuck it in neatly.

After sometime.

Are you seeing.

What is this fellow doing?

Super scene, we will use it.

– Kill it.
– Sure.

“Party all night. Party all night.”

“Party all night.
We do party all night.”

“Hey people of world enjoy yourselves.
Party all night”

“If you have strength,
get it to stop..”

You have everything best bro.

Best clothes, branded clothes
and a beautiful fiance. Thank you.

“Keep beating everyone up,
Keep going..”

“Party all night..”

Your dad, uncle you have
called us 3 times in one hour.

If Aakash had come with
you there would be no tension.

Not only Aakash,
but believe in your son-in-law.

Because rest of the life
I have to take care of her.

– Okay son, take care.
– Okay uncle.

Your dad does not
know about how I care.

Come on.
– Cheers.

What a hot girl.

Let me check.

– I will be back.
– Okay.

“Party all night.
We do party all night.”

“Aunty will call the police..
Aunty will call the police..”

Idiot can’t you see?

Take it easy baby. If you
like my touch, be in touch with me.

If you like this touch,
then you will not touch another girl

Sorry bro, he is overloaded, please.

– Take him out.
– Come lets go.

I am telling you come lets go.

Are you okay?

“Party all night.
We do party all night.”

“Party all night.
We do party all night.”

Oh my god, it is 4 in the morning.

Are you not satisfied
with what I gave on the floor.

Hey its not great if you
beat me when all are there..

If you come when 100 are against you,
then you are a man.

[English rap song]

[English rap song]

You all came here just
because he beat your friend.

But, for me to beat
he need not to be my friend.

If you want to beat
him just come to me first.

I am ready to die for him.

Are you ready to die for your friend?

Don’t talk nonsense.
Come on let us kill them.

You are playing with
university students, mind it.

If not today tomorrow
we will see about you.

Why to postpone for tomorrow?
Let us die today come on.

You people wont fear to come,
then why you fear to go?

A friend is not meant
only to drink with.. you know what your
friend did inside? I know.

If you like me touching you,
then be in touch with me.

If my family member faces the
same situation, we don’t do anything.

Those who think like
this can come and beat me.

When we learned that he beat you,
we came from hostel..

..without knowing the reason,
its our mistake.

Sorry boss. Let us go.

If we want to look after someone who
trust us, its not enough to beat others..

..its to protect them.

Welcome to India.

I sent back the death.

Giving security doesn’t mean
beating others, its to protect them

“Lets go and drive in the air.
Go with me in the path of love”

“Lets go to Swiss
or Spain to wine or dine”

“Lets leave everything
and enjoy our love”

“Like cocaine of Columbia
and waves of Arabian sea.”

“Like Galelio’s telescope
and like fish of Mississippi”

“There is no girl like you in Asia.”

“There is no best couple
like us in this Andhra.”

“There is no girl like you in Asia.”

“There is no best couple
like us in this Andhra.”

“You are my whatsapp DP,
I am your dollar rupee.”

“Lets buy the Miami
beach for our dating”

“Lets talk with the
air,and race with time”

“Let us tell the nature
about our future.”

“Oh my god what great looks she has”

“Her father deserves a boor party,
what a shape”

“She is like a super
drink and solid snack”

“Even a IPL match will stop for you”

“BPL bunk will explode
when you step in”

“Even a IPL match will stop for you”

“BPL bunk will explode
when you step in”

[English rap song]

[English rap song]

[English rap song]

“Lets do scuba diving
and trekking in Cuba”

“Let go round the world as a couple.”

“Lets teach adventure some adventure.”

“Oh my she is a beautiful app”

“She is flavourful and like
will be super if she at my side”

“My heart is bursting
with thousand thought”

“She is causing a storm in me”

“There is no girl like you in Asia.”

“There is no best couple
like us in this Andhra.”

“There is no girl like you in Asia.”

“There is no best couple
like us in this Andhra.”

Why you have to work so hard dad.

– We have to beat bunny in dance.
– Yes yes.

– Raise the volume, you go ahead dad.
– Raise the volume.

Raise the volume.

– I m done.
– Hey I have won.

Take the juice.

Why dear, everytime you
win but now you lost 2 games.

Karan is not right for me dad.

What happened dear?

I am saying no there
must be some reasons, dad.

Okay shall I look for a
match with another minister’s son?

Why are yo looking
for minister’s sons or IAS?

When you marry a achiever
your life will comfortable.

Your are wrong, Sachin’
son will not be big like sachin.

Find one who has capacity to grow up,
then you will win.

Our daughter is correct.

NTR made Chandrababu
as his family member..

..because of knowing
that he will grow.

Alluramalingaiah made Chirangeevi
as a member of his family.

If we find the correct
one we will be satisfied.

Is there any person like that?

He is present in our home dad. Aakash.

He is a worker in our house.

As a worker he is very loyal.

If he is our family member
how much more he will care for us.

Since childhood you are my hero. He
is also a self-made person like you.

Where is his village and
where is the Home Minister.

He didn’t even take
3 months to come here.

Please imagine how far
he will go within 10 years.

This is the problem with educated
ones, they confuse the people easily.

Ok , give me some time
till your birthday comes.

Are you mad? I told you
already that your marriage..

..will not be with Shradda
even after telling why are.. calling me and
repeating the same story?

Mr. Shastri on the birthday
of Shradda definitely our..

..marriage announcement will be made.

Oh God!

We planed bachelor party in Bangkok.

So when we are going
to catch the flight.

Very soon.


Hey, I am the one who
can fix timing of the marriage.

But it our rother-in-law
who has ingited the spark.

I can command even the planets.

Aakash can command only humans.

You are insulting me.
You will perish, perish, perish.

– Move, make way.
– Let’s go.

– Hello, sir.
– Hello.

All are waiting sir.

You don’t know but by
seeing all this I am afraid.

Don’t worry.
See what is going to happen.

Welcome to respected
CM and all my dear friends.

There is a reason behind
this invitation to birthday party.

We will give tips to our servants,
unwanted things to them..

..if they are talented
we will give jobs.

We can’t give more than
that because of our status.

But today, I am making a
decision that will create history..

Mr. Aakash Narayan is
working for me as security..

..I have decided to
marry my daughter with him.

What is the twist?

Take it.

Congrats. Take this.

Please forgive me Mr. Subba Reddy.

Now my future son-in-law
Aakash will say few words.

I don’t know how to talk
in front of you big people.

Oh I forgot. Hello everyone.

I never expected this even
in my dreams. As a middle class.. I never expected
this to happen to me.

Home minister wants to make me as his
son-in-law. Really I am very lucky.


I am sorry, Please forgive me.

– What?
– I can’t do this marriage.

Because I already have a girl friend.

Hey, if you are thinking
that I am trying attach a girl..

..whose marriage is already fixed..

..tell me but don’t tell me lies..

..that you have a girl
friend and that you love her.

Don’t misunderstand me sir,
this not a lie, its true sir.

Do you know to whom
you are talking to?

He has enough money
to buy ans sell Hyderabad.

This is a match with a home minister.

From small hut you will
land be in ministers colony.

But I love an angle-like
girl not property .

Is he our friend Aakash?

Hey who is that girl? If you
really love her you can marry her.

Sorry its one side love.

If you tell me the name of the girl,
we will do your marriage

I can’t tell,
you will kill me, If I tell her name.

What is this man, who will
kill you here in presence of CM

Tell the name of the girl.

I will do your marriage,

In front of media, DCP gave me the
courage and our CM gave me promise.

So I will tell her name.

I love miss Mera
the only daughter of CM.

Oh my, CM’s daughter?

I can’t see this sin. I will go away.

– Is there current inside?
– Yes

Then I will kill myself.

Hey, Mr. Shastri..

Oh my God!

Mr. Shastri,
why didn’t this shock not attract you?

This shock is nothing before
the shock he has given to me.

Brother, shall this publish
into the News paper tomorrow?

Sir, this will publish as
Head Lines in all the news papers.

He didn’t make Century in the Cricket.

He didn’t get the Tennis title.

He is neither a Business
Tycoon nor an Icon for youth.

But, he become a famous
personality in the state.

He is the Hot Topic wherever you
see whether it is at Twitter, FB, FM.

Watch NTV exclusively today about
such a sensational Akash Narayana.

[English rap song]

[English rap song]

What is this waiting?
Media shouldn’t be wait.

Sir, they are not opening the doors.

Are we new son-in-laws come
to a festival for open the doors?

We should enter ourselves
by pushing doors.

[English rap song]

What is that once again you came?

We already told you
that we have nothing to say.

We are telling that
we have lot to ask you.

Why should we tell you? Who are you?

Paul, Amlapaul.

– What type of name it is?
– Yes.

It is Amalapuram Paul.

Everyone cut their names.
But I cut my village name.

By the way, it is your fortune
that I step in your house.

It is also your fortune
to go out from here.

Tell me now.

Have you ever anticipated
that your fellow..

..will become such a famous figure?

Shall we anticipate
the natural calamities?


What is the relation
to you with Akash?

He will be a headache.

I’m not asking about the
diseases like headache, stomachache.

I’m asking about the
relation between you.

He is a brother-in-law.

Do all of your house
are same like this?

Okay! Okay, Okay.

Does your brother-in-law
marry to the daughter..

..of Home Minister or Chief Minister?

I don’t know about
the marriage with whom?

But, the marriage will
be definitely happen.

It seems, the entire
family have lost their fuses..

..with the shock he has given?

It is not use for us to stay here.

We can’t be create sensation from
this place, except in a narrow place.

Come on, shift from here.

The villagers are telling that
Akash Narayana used to spit here..

..write here, play here, smoke here.

Sir, to which channel
shall I send the footage?

Send it to the channel
who give us higher amount.

They require TRP,
since we require MRP. Okay?

Yes, as an opponent
leader I’m speaking..

..that we don’t accept if
the CM doesn’t abide by his words.

What is your demand to the CM?

Not that promises of providing
free power and cancellation of loans.

We will congratulate the CM..

..when he gives his daughter
abiding by his words.

He is not at all my sister’s son.. give him my daughter
as soon as he asks.

Are you not abiding your words
which you told in front of media?

Our Party doesn’t have a habit..

..of cherish the services
we have done earlier..

..and escape from
the word we have given.

That means, you perform
marriage by giving your daughter?

I’m not opponent
to the love and lovers.

Let me know what
my daughter’s intension.

I called you here to know that only.

For what madam?

Don’t talk such innocent.

I’m talking about
the love in between us.

What is that you are
talking about the love madam?

We have only the relation
of employer and employee.

Why did you save me
if you doesn’t have love?

Because, it is my duty to save you.

Then why did you adorn me
with the saree in front of everyone?

Because, it is my nature to help.

Why did you become closer to me..

..if you doesn’t have
anything in your heart?

It is not closer to you madam.

I’m close to you.

What is the difference?

It is like the difference
between the affection and protection.

All are come after you only
when it comes to talking and escaping.

That too Meera and myself
are friends since eighth standard.

Neither Meera nor you told
about your love story ever.

We can disclose it by jumping happily
if it is a successful love story.

But, mine’s is a one side love.

She doesn’t know that.

It is so good.
You don’t know about my love.

She doesn’t know about your love.

She lives in Europe since
you live in the village.

How it happened both of you to met?

We met in the Pushkara
clebrations madam.

Our entirely family went
to Pushkara celebrations..

..under an impression
that I will be set right..

..when I sink in the waters
of Godavari in that celebrations.

It was crowded heavily.

On the other side the Convoy of CM who
came to start the Pushkara Celebrations.

All are in a hurry.

I sunk in the water wearing
the cloth given by my Granny.

When I got up at my
third Sink from the water..

..I found a beautiful
girl in front of me.

I felt that my nerves were
singing the tunes all of a sudden.

They said that it was CM’s
daughter when I asked about that girl.

People say that Good will happens when
we sink in the Pushkara Celebrations.

But, to me Meera came into my life.

I say ‘Hello’ to
get acquainted with her.

The Police while
grabbing me said ‘Go’.

As I couldn’t forget here, I used to
see her going CM camp office daily.. a visitor travelling
in the Godavari express.

Meera used to pour
water to the plants..

..and put Pedigree to
the pups daily in the garden.

All of a sudden,
one day, I’m unable to found her.

They said she went to Europe for higher
studies when I enquired about her.

I was landed in the Victoria
college after a journey in a flight.. making a debt of one lakh rupees.

“I salute your legs.
I look after you without any fear.”

“Don’t make me shame like this.”

“Don’t scold me like that
and don’t let me go from here.”

“You are a bunch of
flowers in your smiling.”

“You are a hunting knife in looks.”

“You are Ambika perfume stick.”

“You are an alcohol drowsy.”

“You are a sweet corn.”

“You are my Jolie.”

“Gonna love Angelina Jollie.”

“Yeah! You are my Jollie.”

“Gonna love Angelina Jollie.”

“I salute your legs.
I look after you without any fear.”

“Don’t make me shame like this.”

“Don’t scold me like that
and don’t let me go from here.”

“You are the sister of cadbury.”

“You are the sister of cadbury.”

“Like the sugar got life.”

“Like adorning saree
to a drop of honey.”

“Like the sugar got life.”

“Like adorning saree
to a drop of honey.”

“Like the Rainbow has
obtained the sufficient age.”

“You look very nice like paintings.”

“You started scolding
me saying a dead person..”

“..when I follow you as I like you.”

“Say ‘Okay’. Let us open
the Champagne unto the brimming.”

“You are my Jollie.”

“Gonna love Angelina Jollie.”

“I salute your legs.”

“I look after you without any fear.”

“Don’t make me shame like this.”

“Don’t scold me like that
and don’t let me go from here.”

“The Membership was
not available in the UNO.”

“Hold me, surrounded
me like a sinus and virus.”

“Killing me in the
Minus Degree Centigrade.”

“Wrapping me,
Hold me, Killing me, Killing me.”

“Seen into the eyes whether
there is a vision or not.”

“Seen after cutting with the
axe whether there is a heart or not.”

“Seen after grabbing with the tongue
whether there is a word or not.”

“What she may do?
What may happens? What may happens?”

“I don’t know English like you know.”

“We don’t have a kiss.”

“I don’t know English like you know.”

“We don’t have a kiss.”

“If you say ‘Yes’,
I step unto Seven Hills.”

“If you say ‘No’,
I’ll die jumping from the Hill.”

“You are a chocolate
who is my coconut.”

“You are a Pizza Hut
who is my favourite.”

“If you come with me with a smile, we
will enjoy the life with an ecstacy.”

“You are my Jolie.”

“Gonna love Angelina Jollie.”

After some time
following her like that..

..I dropped in the
middle with a view..

..that it won’t be suitable my Ranger
bicycle with her Range Rover car.

I come back to my
Indian House on a ship..

..and on a share Auto
as I don’t have money..

..for the return ticket for flight..

..and I don’t have friends to consume
alcohol in my agony. Tell me now.

If I share such one side
love do I get likes except comments?

What are you telling stories?

Because, she is listening.

Did you see me in the
Pushkara Celebrations?

No! No! I saw you in the party at my
first blush the day before yesterday.

Have you met in Europe?

I don’t have idea about it
except I have seen it in the map.

Then, why are you
telling her like that?

Because, I want to cancel the match.

Why? Does she not good?

No. I’m not a good person.

She is a Gold.

I don’t want her life to be spoiled
because of such a bastard like me.

Then, why did you use my name?

I may caught red handed
if I name someone’s name.

I thought that if I name the daughter
of a CM, nobody dared to question it.

If I took it to the heart with a hurt?

There are less persons having
the combination of Beauty and Brain.

That too, you shall not be
considered for such a person like me.

If my father take it as serious?

Madam, basically I have a style.

My action is based on the
reactions of opposite persons.

You are so different.

That’s what the difference
between me and others.

I Love You.

You heard it correct.

Get ready to get into the life.

Miss. Meers! You don’t
have full knowledge about me.

It is not necessary to know each and
everything all at once. I’ll know it.

My goal and Naughty
is different madam.

But, henceforth,
my goal and naughty is you only.

I don’t know about myself that how
I’ll be at what what circumstances.

I’m abhor at persons who
behave same throughout the year.

I’m wild.

You have no idea about me.
Wait for my Dad’s call.

Not that way. This way.

What are you telling? Oh God!

What is this stupidity?

What is that a proposal
from CM’s daughter to you?

What lies you told her to flirt?

I didn’t tell any
lies but the truth only.

She fell down.

Mr. Shastri,
you shouldn’t do like that?

I’ll salute you.
Tell me your future plan?

Mr. Shastri,
we shouldn’t plan the future.

We should enjoy it.

– Enjoy?
– Yes.

What a life? Virgin or Something?

I put aside the woman since
fifty years retaining the virginity.

I made my Spoon revolved.

For what this life?
For what this Thread?

– Mr. Shastri..
– For what these clothes?

– For what this life?
– Why?

From today onwards,
my name doesn’t have the ‘Sha’.

It will have the ‘Woman’ only.

– Woman, where are you?
– Mr. Shastri.

– Woman, where are you?
– Mr. Shastri.

Woman, I am coming.

“Look at my face in the mirror.”

“And I wonder what I see.”

“I’m just a travelling soldier.”

“And I’ll be all I can be.”

“But right now, I just wanna be free.”

“I wanna be all I can be.”

“But right now, I just wanna be free.”

“I wanna be all I can be.”

“Don’t you say I’m a failure.”

“You don’t know, who I can be.”

“If they wanna who I am,
they just have to wait and see.”

“But right now, I just wanna be free.”

“I wanna be all I can be.”

“Look at my face in the mirror.”

“And I wonder what I see.”

“I’m just a travelling soldier.”

“And I’ll be all I can be.”

“But right now, I just wanna be free.”

“I wanna be all I can be.”

Who is that? Are you blind?

– Are you Mr. Siddappa?
– Master, it’s me only.

Why did you become like that
like the farmers lost their lands..

..for the construction of capital.

What can I say Master?

My brother throw
me out from the house..

..because of the shock
he has given to me.

Oh God.

That’s why I am laying
water cans on the day time..

..and cooking the Idly
in the night time at Ameerpet.

What about your family?

My wife is making the parcels..

– ..and the children are making
the Chutneys. – What a fate?

Master, can you try once at my hotel
where the Chutneys very delicious.

What such a fate to you?

I’ve been telling you that
it is a real story Mr. Siddappa.

You didn’t listen to me.

Without listening to me,
you have rocked at saying that..

..this is my favourite
story and Novelty story.

Why didn’t you go your
village rather than such ignominy.

You didn’t get the manners
yet though you become.. a Buffalo which
hits the Goods Train.

With what face I have
to go and how can I go..

..after leaving the village
with an intension to become a Hero?


Tollywood has given a lot to us.

We too have to give back something.

Otherwise we will be fatten up.

That means,
have you adopted the Industry?

Did you think that
I’ll go after doing..

..two comedy scenes,
and two rape scenes?

I have adopted all including him,
you, and brother.

I will not leave to anybody.

I’ll go after show you Bahubali 3
after I acted as a Hero.

Bye Master.

After laying the Canes,
I have to bring home the Idly poweder.

What a Rich Man.

Hey Meera.

– Hi!
– One Minute.


What is that?

You come with the flowers saying
that you will come to swimming pool?

I want to say thanks to you.

Thanks? For what?

Because of you only,
I have acquainted with Akash.

Because of me? It’s strange.

He roam around the Europe
and roam around you for your love.

Crazy Guy. Actually nothing like that.

– He said a story to you.
– Is it a story?

It is a wrong if he
tells stories for your love.

But what is the the wrong with him
when he tells stories for his escape?

That means..whatever he said is..

Beautiful lies.

Did you say okay for such a fellow?

I said okay because he is like that.

Yes, I become known of him.

To become famous,
hitting with a stone.

Leaving the Minister as
soon as he gets the promotion.

Using me for cancel the marriage
with you, he has something.

I fell down with his presence of mind.

Shradha, most of the girls
after attaining certain age.. question always
revolves in their minds.

Whether to marry a handsome guy,
or a rich, or an educated one.

But, I got a clarity
after I met Akash.

I wanted to marry a clever one.

Yes. I too have a clarity.

– Mother!
– Yes.

Does the Karan’s
family called up again?

They are calling every day.
Shall we say Okay to them?

Tell them, ‘No’.

I make my mind to get marry to Akash.

He doesn’t want to marry.

Now, I want to marry him.

Why should I leave him to her?

Dad has to become CM long ago.

But, her father defeated my father.

Now she wants to defeat me.

I don’t leave.
I don’t leave Akash at any cost.

Stop. Stop that stupidity.

Is this your love story with him?

Do you know what type of persons are
coming forward to getting marry you?

I know that Dad.

Whoever coming forward to
marry me are looking my status only.

Did you look at there at the roof?

Whoever wants to marry
me are like that Roof only.

Nothing existed there except Lights,
Fans, Fall Ceiling.

If it is Akash, he is like a sky.

There we can find clouds,
thunders, and many more.

It will be very thrilling.

He is on the platform dear.

You create a good platform for him.

Just for a change.

He doesn’t have a
status to hold your hand.

How did you like him?

The difference between two
persons shall not be based on..

..the complexion,
strength, personality and background.

It will existed here.

I like that difference in Akash.

What sir, why are you beating me?

Shall I beat you or kill you?

If someone hits with the stone, you
should have put him in the prison..

..rather than appoint him in the work.

I appoint him in the work only sir.

He is put him in the house only.

What can a person will do
when the Stars are not supporting?

That too, the girls are sidetracking
when the air of boys coming to them.

He left me on the
midst of the road only.

He left him to the air only.

After all he is a common man boy.

What is this discussion sitting all
three including a CM, Home Minister..

..Agricultural Minister
for such a person?

He will be in the Moosy River over
night if you have concentrated on him.

What is that closing him?

He is not a common man now.

He is the Celebrity.

No one in the state
who doesn’t know about him.

The Media people arrange SMS
contest whether the CM killed him..

..or Home Minister killed
him if anything happens to him.

We have to close him cleverly.

– Subrahmanyam!
– Sir.

Make a call to Shastri.

Hi, I’m Arjun.

– Still Virgin.
– Really?

I came here to change that
expression which you have now.

I want young girl.

Let’s go.

What is your Age?

You shall have asked
the Rate instead of Price.

One minute.

– Hello.
– Where are you Shastri?

Sir, I’m searching
the way of Salvation.

Come to Guest House urgently.

No sir. I can’t come sir.

I have renounced the Priesthood.

Are you mad?

What is the fault with you
in the matter which was happened?

What a mad one?
Has he understood like this?

No sir, the Scriptures
were spoiled me.

Hey, stop the nonsense.

You have to be here
within five minutes.

the Taskforce will be there at you.

– Sir, you finished.
– What is that you are talking?

What I’m talking is fact sir.

The Venus there is
revolving the wheel.

Whatever the stage we are in,
he will throw us in the Saturn planet.

It is like taking Head
bath with Acid if we go with him.

You used to tell me that
I only have such an Astrology.

We thought like that sir.

We thought that there is no star in
the south region like Mr. Rajanikanth.

But, Powerstar Pavan Kalyan come.

He is also like that.

His astrology was
not written by the God.

He himself had written his astrology.

Your manpower is not sufficient
to control his power.

Don’t we can’t do anything
with such a peak position we have.

If we have to harm him.. sorry sir.

We have to win him illegally with
a legal plan if we want to grab him.

– Subrahmanyam!
– Sir!

I want all the details of him..

..right from his Birth to
Present within Twenty Four hours.

Sir, this is his village.

This is his house. This is his family.

He did his Master’s degree
in the subject of Computer Science.

He is such a foolish
that he renounced..

..the Campus Interview for there
was a Cricket Match coming in the TV.

He beat the Minister
to get popularity in the News.

Sir, there only he
beat me with the stone.

His real journey
started from there only.

After that only he
has been becoming famous.

Hey, what are his
family members are doing?

He is his elder brother
Prakash Narayan.

He is his second
brother Vikas Narayan.

One is working in
the Revenue department..

..and the other one is working
as lecturer at Rajahmundry.

These are his sister-in-laws
and their children.

She is Saraswathi Devi, his mother.

He is his father Jaya Narayan.

Stop! Stop!

Zoom it! Zoom it!

Zoom it.

Is he the son of Jaya Narayan?

Yes sir. He is the son
of Jaya Narayan from Atreyapuram.

He has come into my life not for love.

He is not a lover. He is a soldier.

He come to me to suppress
me through suppressing you.

His hunting,
destination and goal is me only.

He came here as a celebrity
as he cannot do as a common man.

I’ll show him.

He planned it and I’ll finish this.

– Subrahmanyam!
– Sir!

Invite him to our Guest
House for marriage talks.


Madam Meera, Mr. CM
gave a shock to me.

Just now only I received
a phone call from Mr. Subrahmanyam.

He invited me to the Guest House..

..tomorrow morning 9:30
to have marriage talks.

What? I just can’t believe this.

Does my Dad accepted it as simple?

We have to celebrate it.

No! No! I just had a Shower.

– Do I come jumping the wall?
– Hey!

Okay. By the way,
why your skin is such a white?

– With which you take bath?
– It’s a secret.

Beauty tips cannot be told.

With which Shampoo
are you use for shower?

Leave it. What do you use?

I’ve been using the Meera
shampoo from your acquaintance.


What happened?

See the Manjeera
water drop on your hair.

It has been slowly tilting
unto your forehead..

..jumping onto your
lips through the nose..

..which is like engraved and tilting..

..towards down from the
beautiful Neck and intrudes..

..into the cleavage all
of a sudden up to the Naval.

“Lights with looks,
basking with body.”

“Don’t kill me.”

“Don’t kill me.”

“Prison with smiling.
Bar House with waist.”

“Don’t kill me.”

“Don’t kill me.”

“Letter which is not near to Pen.”

“The element not
disclosed by the Poem.”

“You are a doll who
is not available to Bapu.”

“You are the rays of moon
who brought Honor to Brahma.”

“It is a great Honor to
every branch and Sub-branch..”

“..which were given a
paper for your good image.”

“It is the Virtue of those
Hands which were made..”

“..the Saree and Blouse which
were hugging to your Nice Body.”

“You are the beauty which
brought vigilant to sleep..”

“..forgetting you means a death.”

“Lights with looks,
basking with body.”

“Don’t kill me.”

“Don’t kill me.”

What a Horoscope you have.

You have a status of Venus.

Stop sir.

Do you know whom are stopping?

I’m the would be
son-in-law to this house.

Here the checking takes place
after becoming the son-in-law also.

Are there any Encounter
Specialists in side?

such persons only stay here.

What a Comedy?

You both are very nice.

Good Morning, sir.

What is your village?

Sir, it is Atreyapuram.

What is your father’s name?

His name is Jaya Narayana sir.

What is his profession?

He is not here.

He passed away.


He used to be our village’s President.

He used to give fish medicine for
the poor for their small diseases..

Many people died in a year
because of his medicinal reaction.

Provoked with the incident,
people have taken away his life.

Does the people only
killed your father?

Why are you worrying
me with the incidents..

..which were took
place in my childhood?

You called me here for marriage talks.

Let us talk about those things.

That means, the people of
your village only killed your father?

Yes sir.

Okay! Okay!

He died in such a way.

Sorry! Actually, the purpose
of calling you here is different.

But, now only I got a clarity.

That’s why only I’m
leaving you without killing.

You should leave India until my
daughter’s marriage will be finished.

What sir? Is it a Warning?

This is an order.

If it is an order, I will not only
leave the capital but also the state.

You heard it correctly. I’m fixed.

Do you know with whom
and what are you talking?

Hundred Bullets will be penetrates..

..into your body if
I give a single signal.

Give me, sir.

Here the CM who is going
to be in power for five years.

Here the CM who is going to
be in the power for hundred years.

Common man. I have a power of vote.

You will be finished
within an hour if I think.

Not an hour. I’m giving
you twenty four hours time..

You can try all your
methods which you have known.

What is your courage?

Do you think that Press and
Media will prevent the incidents..

..whatever happens as
you become a famous celebrity.

I didn’t become famous
with a support but for solo.

– What is this?
– Suicide Note.

I gave it to you with my signature..

..that myself only
responsible for my death.

It is your wish whether
you use manpower or weapons..

..or Intelligence or Technology.

I’m giving twenty four hours time.

You can kill me.

I’ll give my daughter
to you for marriage..

..if I don’t kill you
without any damage to me..

..within twenty four hours.

The great stage of Venus
is doing Salsa dance to me.

Don’t make any promises.

Think once again.

What I have to think?

How can you go away
from this compound?

Generally we hear with
our ears when Media is talking.

But if the Media is within our ears?

Have you come with the Camera?

I’m not a deer to become
lemon rice to the tiger.

We have our own arrangement.

Mr. Intelligent Secretary
Subrahmanyam, take care of my uncle.

Uncle, see you after
twenty four hours.

– Uncle keep it with you.
– What is that?


Sir, generally,
people put flowers in the ears.

But he put the heap.

Kill him.

Stop! Stop!

Who is that at this time? Hello.

Paul! Amlapaul!

Mr. Paul, what is that at this time?

How many times I have
to call you for your Interview?

You should feel it great as I call you

Do you know where will
you be after my Interview?

You are asking Interview
in such situation? I’m very busy.

No one is busy than
me in these two states.

You will become useless
if you deny to my call.

You will be gone if
you have Interview with me.

Am I gone?

You said that I will become famous
if you have an Interview with me.

Isn’t it? Pick me up at Road No. 36.
Let’s have an Interview there only.

We are coming there.
Get ready with a Make-up.

We got him. Assail onto him.

Who is he that taken away
him in a second like a Thunder?

Come. Let’s go.

What a timing sir? What a timing?

Because of that timing only,
my Time is running still.

What is this? You
are locking everything..

..even before the
Interview is finished?

This is my style only.
Before Interview, I lock everything.

I don’t open until
the Interview finished.

How it is if we have
to halt in the middle?

I don’t open though we die.
I told you that it is my style.

Tell me now? How your journey started?

It was started with a stone.

– Who are they?
– They are the fellows of CM’s.

Why they are after you?

I’m after his daughter.
They are after me.

Then, why didn’t you
tell that matter to me?

You said that I will go to some
higher position with your interview.

I like to go to a higher position.

– That’s why I wanted to give the
interview in the Gap. – In the Gap?

Oh my God.

Make it fast. You have to
finish my interview until they come.

Introduce my life to this world sir.

God knows about introducing
the life to the world.

It seems you are going
to introduce my death.

What is that the interview
is in such a time?

Sir, you only told that
there is no middle drop.

I told it anyway. Remove the Lock.

What is that? You are playing
the games in such a tension?

I’m playing the game of Jungle Rummy..

..for I thought the
tension will be diminished.

Oh my God.

– I’ll salute you. Please open the door.
– One Second.

Come on Mr. Paul. Come on! Hurry up.

Come on! Come on! Let’s continue
the interview in the auto.

– Please come. Come! Come!
– Oh my God!

Come! Come!

Dear, I escaped from
the attack at the last jerk.

Do something for drink. I’m thirsty.

One second sir. Take this. Have it.

How can I drink if you give like this?

– Use your brain little.
– Stretch your hand out.

Yes, I put it.

Stop seeing. Have it.

Oh my God.

– Kill him.
– Kill that Short one first.

Let’s go.

Kill him.

Do something.
It seems I am going to die.

Oh my God.

It seems I’m going to die. Save me.

– It is Open air. Have an Interview
openly. – What is that open Interview?

– I’ll not spare you.
– What is that?

Oh my God.

Mr. Paul, please get down. Get down.

What is Getting down?
I’m already got down.


Why are these after us like
the bubble gum stick to the shoe?

– Give me your phone once.
– You have your phone.

– Do you want answer or life?
– I want life only. Take it.

Two Hundred Cabs required
urgently on Ring Road.

Why two hundred cabs required?

What is that hundreds of taxis
are coming instead of one taxi?

In which Vehicle they are in?

I shouldn’t contact him in my life.
You go dear.

What dear?

This is only remained
in the Auto in which travelled.

Pay One Lakh Rupees for the damages.

– What One Lakh?
– Yes.

– Hello.
– Cheque or Cash?

What is Cheque and Cash?

You booked Two Hundred
Taxis just before.

The Bill for it is Two Lakh Rupees.

Two Lakhs?

Hey, Meera Darling.

Akki where are you?

I’ve been trying for
your phone since the morning.

What did Dad say?

What he will say?

After a chat with your Dad,
it went done.

– Does he said Ok?
– Ya.

It’s so thrill.

What is the thrill now?

You will see the thrill before.

– Bye bye.
– Akki.

Ok, Bye.

Not with the Local Rowdies.

Use the Police,
Commandos and whoever you want to use.

But he should not be live.

See there.

Kasipathi Uncle. Still it is?

– Let’s go fast. Let’s go.
– Ok. Let’s do it.

A very Good Morning sir.

What is that you sit
until the depth in the life..

..and you sit at Edge in the Chair?

Respect to the Uncle.


Your Paper weight also a Chair.
It seems Power is a Life to Uncle.

What is that?

You only written and gave it to me.

If you give your daughter
in accordance with your word..

..I have to take her to my
village and get acquainted with all.

Think one minute coming to my place.

How can I give my daughter to you?

You have to think about it before
you write the letter with an arrogance.

I told you about the Great
Stage of Venus and Dancing.

I have a Hill beside
the Kailasgiri Hills at Vizag.

I’ll write it on your name.

Forget Meera.

Why the Hill without the Meera?

I have a Garden of Three Hundred
Acres beside the Shamshabad Airport.

Sir, why the Gardens without Meera?

Ok. Then..

..I’ll give you Five Hundred
Crore Rupees of liquid cash.

It is a Lifetime settlement.

Sir, why Meera?

What you heard is correct.

Five Hundred Crore Rupees of liquid.

The sound you expressed is so nice sir.

The Figure of Meers is not
visible before the Figure you said.

I can quarrel with you for One Day.

But it is not suitable for me every day.

Do it sir. Buy me sir.

What is that you are saying?

Are you really accepting?

What sir you are confusing
me again after I like your Offer?

Sir, it is a worth
of One Signature for us.

Before he changes his mind,
hit with the Bags consisting of money.

Oh my God.

I didn’t see such a
huge money in my dream also.

My Purse is worrying to
carry even Five Thousand Rupees.

Five Hundred Crores.

Oh my God.

Can You provide the
Transport up to my village?

No on doubt it if it is Ambulance.

Now tell me about your Love.

You said that Akash is like a Sky
where Clouds and Thunders are existed.

But the Thunder Bolts
also existed there.

He is like a Thunder Bolt.

What a play yours is?

You left her for me.

You left me for Money.

What about these persons tomorrow?

You used to tell that your’s
is an image of your father..

..Now we understood that
your’s is an image of your Father’s.

You killed us in the name
of Love like your Father killed..

..the People in the name of Love.


If you say an extra word about my
father what do you know about my father?

Do you know who he is?

My father is a God who
always wants to see the..

..happiness in the people
like his own children.

Do you know how my Father has died?

The Atreyapuram village
is welcoming this year also.

like every year, all of you
who is coming for the Fish Medicine.

Our Jaya Narayan
who became famous and..

..disseminated his greatness
until the Capital of India with..

..his great services of
Fish Medicine which cures the..

..diseases which the Doctors can’t cure.

Not only the RMP Doctor,
but also the surrounding people..

..used to trust the words of above.

With his touch the Burning
Sun also become cool.

Good wishes sir.

Your belief only curing the diseases.

Open your mouth dear.

This is not for earnings.
It is meant for service only.

You’ve been curing the diseases
which the Hands of Doctor’s..

..can not cure with the Farmer Hands.

At least for the sake of our
satisfaction, you have to take it.

Bless our Children after
your Child got cured. It’s enough.

The Party High Command came to our home
recognizing the services of my Father.

I don’t know about the Politics sir.

If the people who knows the politics
come they will do only Politics.

If you come to politics,
you will do service.

There are plenty of people are existed
in the District who are doing service.

Such people are like
a Flag in the Festival.

But you are like the Flag of Nation.

But, what the Ashok
Gajapathi might have think..

..who is aspiring the
Ticket since Fifteen Years?

Our Party do not think of persons
who think about the Designations.

Mr. Jaya Narayan live long.
Mr. Jaya Narayan live long.

But, Ashok Gajapathi thought about it.

He came to my Father
with a sweet message

that he will join hands with
my father keeping aside the bitter truth

that he didn’t obtain the
Seat inverting all our expectations.

Sir, what is this you are
distributing Sweets in a Sad time?

Don’t you have worry that
the Seat come to my Fellow?

I don’t say that I don’t have worry.

But I can say that there
is no meaning in worrying.

I’m servicing as a Mandal President.

But, as a Man he is doing
Services We get Salary for work.

But we get Name for service..

Now, the Ticket came to that Name.

I hold this Flag not
to get victory for the Party..

..but for get to victory to the people.

The victory starts from
you if you walk beside me.

The entire village was
happy seeing their friendship.

But, the followers
of Ashok Gajapathi with.. ignominy assailed onto his house.

What is this Brother?

Whoever aspires the Designation, it is
not an Opportunity, but for a Fortune.

How much efforts we have put Brother?

Salary will come for efforts,
not the Chair.

He grabbed it which
we are about to get it.

No one grab the Power.

See that Chair.

When a Granny sits in that
chair it is called a Wheel Chair.

If a Security Person sits before an
Office, it is called the Watchman Chair.

If a CM sits,
it is called the CM’s Chair.

The value doesn’t exists in the Chair.

It exists in the Human.

The Festival atmosphere came
to my house with the flourmills.

The Party Flags came to
our hands instead of the Books.

Why are you playing with the Flags
without studying. You are Children.

Not that Dad. Our Party Flag is nice.

But the Emblem on it is Tiger.

If it is Lion instead of Tiger,
it will be more nice.

Why dear?

Because Lion is King for the Forest
since you are the King for this village.

It is wrong.
No one should think like that as a Lion.

The People will
punish me if I do wrong.

If the Lion did wrong
the Tiger will punish it.

Does the Tiger punish the
Lion when it commit a wrong?

Not all the Tigers will do that.

Only a Bengal Tiger has
such power and Intelligence.

That’s why only it become
our National Animal..

..and the Emblem of our National Party.

That means,
the Bengal Tiger has such power.

Yes.. like you have such.

That day is a Nomination day.

Come outside.

Sir, disaster happened.
See the News once sir.

The Fish Medicine reacted
and splashed out the..

..Poison Clinical Trials
on Innocent people.

Jaya Narayana join hands
with Pharma Company for Money.

Hundreds of Lives mixed into the Air. ?

Some of the people have
paralyzed and some are Brain dead.

Doctors are not yet clarified
that how many are died..

..and how many are going to survive.

It is not good to stay here.

Come with me.

Stop, Stop.

Somewhere it went wrong.
He is not such a person.

Someone stabbed our sir.
Escape from here.

No one is behind this.

Me only.

My father didn’t anticipate that
his death came beside him as a Shadow.

Why are you looking at him?

You trusted on the Honesty
while he sold out it.

The Story is that the
Pharmaceutical company bought..

..the Doctor and the Doctor bought you.

I wanted to kill your
name before killing you.

That’s why all this.

Remember the word
before going to die.

We can quarrel with a Rich
Man and quarrel with a Powerful man..

..and can quarrel with
a person who has background.

But, don’t quarrel with a clever person.

Later, we came to our Granny’s
village with an Ignominy.

I came to know that
the Doctor whom were..

..assumed die is alive
when I went for a marriage looks.

My Family Photographs.

He is..?

He is my Uncle.

I understood that for saving
the Truth the God saved him..

..whose family members
died in an Accident.

He killed your father cleverly.

That cleverness shall be your Weapon.

Mom, sit, sit mother.

Mom, Mom.

What will you say to
my Mother who doesn’t know..

..the truth and lived
with agony these days?

What will you say to
my Brothers who are unable.. tell their father’s name outside?

Dear, you become an
Elder son to this house

..taking all the responsibility though
you are an younger one in the Age.

Then, why did you took the Money?

Tomorrow is my Father’s Death day.

The day on which he lost his respect.

I’m going to do that the
village should respect my father

where the village has showed the
abhorrence on my father with that money.

“It’s like Ringing Bells in the Temple
as soon as wake up in the morning.”

“It’s like ringing the
First Bell in the School Timing”

“It’s like Ringing Bells in the Temple
as soon as wake up in the morning.”

“It’s like ringing the First
Bell in the School Timing..”

“It’s like revolving
the Spinner on the Naval.”

“It’s like slipping the Virgin’s
leg which is not controlled..”

“My Kandi Hill where did you come from?”

“From where did you snatch
your Pot of Palm Juice?”

“..what is in it my dear Green Flag,
from where I came?..”

“I’ll quarrel with
you coming to here..”

“My Kandi Hill where
did you come from?”

“From where did you snatch
your Pot of Palm Juice?”

“..what is in it my dear Green Flag,
from where I came?”

“I’ll quarrel with
you coming to here..”

“Come here, Come here Sinni.
See there unto that..”

“Boy. Give him that
little whatever he asks..”

“Come here, Come here Sinni.
See there unto that..”

“Boy. Give him that
little whatever he asks..”

“Let’s have a taste of Sugarcane
jointly on the banks of river.”

“Let’s have a Fishing
by catching the Pulasa fish..”

“..which is coming towards
the waters of the river.”

“Let us construct the
House on house with the sand.”

“Let’s make a pickle with
the skin by grabbing the amla.”

“Let’s apply the raw Butter Sandalwood.”

“Let’s apply the
Turmeric around our legs.”

“Let’s tie the young
Mango leaves to the doors.”

“Let’s play the Band ourselves.”

“In front of us is Sweet Corn
and the Back is Roof of house.”

“Who will become to my housemate?..”

“My Kandi Hill where did you come from?”

“From where did you snatch
your Pot of Palm Juice?”

“..what is in it my dear Green Flag,
from where I came?”

“Bloomed like a Mary gold flower.
Brighten in the Moon Light.”

“The Moon sung the song.
They sliding with swinging played”

“Shall we lay the
Mat going onto the Moon?”

“Shall we scatter the flowers
bringing here the stars?”

“Shall we cook the kisses
putting the stove in the clouds?”

“Shall we have Shift
after Shift leaving the shy?”

“Shall we wear the Rainbow as Rayban?”

“Shall we cover like a
blanket with the entire night?”

“Shall we get up by
sinking in the Galaxy way?”

“Shall we play again
the the Game of Giligintha?”

“In front of me there is a Milky
Beauty while back is Bulk Beauty.”

“Where shall I do this Night Duty?..”

“My Kandi Hill where
did you come from?”

“From where did you snatch
your Pot of Palm Juice?”

“..what is in it my dear Green Flag,
from where I came?..”

“I’ll quarrel with
you coming to here..”

How is this Dress for
Flag Hosting tomorrow?

Good. Good sir.

Why are you in tension?

I made understood to
the Girl about his Character.

She will return after
beat him with a Shoe.

The beating is not to him Dad.

What are you talking dear?

He is a..

Don’t try to make me believe Dad.

I knew what happened.

I thought that you become
to this stage after doing service..

..have you taken that
many lives for that Chair?

Dad I’m shame about you.

Have you trust his words?
His is a Clever Fox.

Not Dad.

He is Tiger. He is a Bengal Tiger.

That is a National Animal.
He is Creed Animal.

No one knows how he
will assail from which side.

Get ready to face it.


Excuse me sir.

You can’t host the flag sri.


Sir, You have lost the
qualification to host the Flag.

What are you talking? I’m a CM.

Sir, You lost that designation.

The Party High Command dismissed
you from the designation of CM.

Let’s go to the Governor.

What happened Mr. Ramachandra?

– Sorry sir. Your appointment
with Governor cancelled. – What?

The DGP ordered to withdraw
the Z Plus security.. have immediately as per Protocol.

– What are you talking?
– Sir, sir.

We are helpless sir. Thank you.

“Tiger, Bengal Tiger.”

Ashok Gajapathi.

We can quarrel with a Rich person..

..we can quarrel with a powerful man..

..and quarrel with
a person who has Background.

But, we can’t quarrel with a wise man.
This is your dialogue only.

Because of you,
my family come on to the road..

..because of me you come onto the road.

What is happening?

With which money you
assumed to be bought me..

..with the same money I bought you.

What did you do?

You will enjoy by seeing
instead of telling by me.

You are only the Breaking
News in the both States..

Operator Subrahmanyam, play the movie.

The CM Ashok Gajapathi
caught red handedly..

..while accepting the
Bribe of Three Hundred Crores.

The Party High Command suspended
him immediately from his Designation.

The People are razed on Ashok
Gajapati who was the reason..

..for the reaction of Fish
Medicine Fifteen Years ago.

The CBI also going to investigate
on the Two Ministers..

..who have associated with
him in the conspiracy of Bribe.

How did you do all these?

The Party who came to my
house in search of my father then.

That’s why only I came to you with all
the Evidences instead of going to Media.

I will suspend him from
the designation in remembrance..

..of not only your village and family,
but also the History.

I started my journey not
to become a famous person..

..or a Celebrity, but for you only.

You have targeted me
after coming into your life.

But, after targeted you only,
I come to your life.

I come to your Cabinet
before I come to your Cabin.

Can you work with me?

From where you got this Video?

You have used my Father’s Right Hand.

I used your Right hand.

I have given Hundred Crores to him..

..from the Five Hundred Crores
which you have given to me.

In return He gave me
HD Quality Footage as gift.

This Project is not correct.

But it is also not correct
to reject such an amount of money.

That’s why only I’m accepting.

It is inevitable sir.

It was a One Time Settlement
like a person for me.



Now you have to go
to the Chenchalguda Prison.

And I will go to my
village along with my mother.

Remaining Hundred Crores
are for the Families..

..who lost their lives because of you.

I lost my designation.
Now I introduce the Brute in me.

You told me that you sent Shankar.

But no one came That means,
the Villagers didn’t believe me still?

Every Clever person does mistake.

I too did a mistake
leaving him that day.

I’m in such circumstances
because of his mouth.

What should happens to me is happened.

Are you waiting for the people only?

You and your village
is not going to remain today..

..everything is going
to be a Burial Ground.


Mom, Mom, Mom.


Hey Shankar..

When I entered into the village
these people have surround us.

Shankar, Shankar.



Chinna, the loss of Lives
happened so far is enough..

..Now, not even one
life shouldn’t go away.

Kill him.

The Tiger doesn’t eat the corpses.


What happened Master?

What is that the Girl’s Horoscope
shows she has Two Children only.

But the Boy’s Horoscope
shows he has Four Children.

– See there.
– Where?

What is that you have such understanding
though you both are friends.

This is not understanding.

It’s a Revenge.
He played with us before marriage.

Now we will play. Thief.

It’s Modern Age. Four ‘G’ Generation.

“Come here, Come here Sinni.
See there unto that..”

“Boy. Give him that
little whatever he asks..”

“Come here, Come here Sinni.
See there unto that..”

“Boy. Give him that
little whatever he asks..”

“Let’s have a taste of Sugarcane
jointly on the banks of river.”

“Let’s have a Fishing
by catching the Pulasa fish..”

“..which is coming towards
the waters of the river.”

“Let us construct the
House on house with the sand.”

“Let’s make a pickle with
the skin by grabbing the amla.”

“Let’s apply the raw Butter Sandalwood.”

“Let’s apply the
Turmeric around our legs.”

“Let’s tie the young
Mango leaves to the doors.”

“Let’s play the Band ourselves.”

“In front of us is Sweet Corn
and the Back is Roof of house.”

“Who will become to my housemate?”

“My Kandi Hill where
did you come from?”

“From where did you snatch
your Pot of Palm Juice?”

“..what is in it my dear Green Flag,
from where I came?..”

“I’ll quarrel with
you coming to here..”

“Bloomed like a Mary gold flower.
Brighten in the Moon Light.”

“The Moon sung the song.
They sliding with swinging played..”

“..shall we lay the
Mat going onto the Moon?”

“Shall we scatter the flowers
bringing here the stars?”

“Shall we cook the kisses
putting the stove in the clouds?”

“Shall we have Shift
after Shift leaving the shy?”

“Shall we wear the Rainbow as Rayban?”


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