Maidan E Jung – Arjun

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I will kill them.

I will chop everyone into pieces.

Till the time I am alive,
I will keep on coming here.

My weapon is full of blood.

I feel like doing something drastic.

It isn’t a big deal
to go to the space.

It is more important to finish people
who mete out injustice.

Even I have this aim now.

Kamla. Please warm
my water for bathing.

Yes, yes. Okay, okay.

There is a great shortage of water
here. God knows what will happen.

Mother, did you fill ink in the pen?
– Yes, yes, I did.

Kamla. Is the breakfast ready?

Yes, yes, I will get it right away.

Kamla. Give me one more
Dosa(Flat bread).

Okay. Fine.

Hey. Move away.

Move aside.
– Hey, move away.

Hey, I wouldn’t move.

Now leave the mirror alone.
Are you going to college or picnic?

Your paper wouldn’t be
good only if you wear makeup.

I know. I know it.

I have worn make-up..

Oh no. Disgusting. I have
made all the preparations for exams.

Wait for some more time. After that,
you can take the mirror with you.

– Hey. Move. Move away.

Move away.

Oh no. Let me get ready first.

Have you seen yourself in the mirror?

Why? What is it that I don’t have?


You should have a moustache.

Yes, you are absolutely right.

You always keep on teasing me..
– Mother.

Wait and watch.
– Hey!

You have become very naughty.

Look, your moustache looks so nice.

You fail in all your subjects, right?

Hey.. – Why do you keep
on behaving badly with me?

Why do you keep on shouting so much..
– I will show you now.

Don’t you understand a simple thing?

You have grown up so much
and yet you are doing this.

God knows when you will reform.

Like parents, like children.

Look at him, father. He always
keeps on teasing his elder sister.

What did you say? Elder sister?

Mother just confirmed
that we are twin siblings.

Yes, young one.

We are twins for sure. But do
you know who came to the world first?

I did. Meaning I am
your elder sister. Got it?

I am older by ten minutes.

So you are younger than me.

What is it, mother? You are too much.

Couldn’t you send me
to the world first?

All you women are the same.

Yes. That is why there
is a saying about ladies first.


I am sure this had happened
at the time of the delivery.

Let it be.. – That is why
she was sent to the world first.

It is okay. Okay. – And look,
I am so much taller than you.

Call me as your elder brother.

Okay? Come on, move.

Perform the veneration quickly.

Oh no. I am late.
– It is time for you to go to college.

Oh my God.

God. With your blessings,
all my papers have been good.

Please be with me during this
last paper and make it go smoothly.

Let me score more than my brother.
That is my prayer to you, Lord.


What is this?

Lord Ganesha.

Papa. Come here.

What is it, dear?

Look at this.
– What?

Hail Lord Ganesha.
– Hail Lord Ganesha.

Hail Lord Ganesha.
– Hail Lord Ganesha.

Hail Lord Ganesha.
– Hail Lord Ganesha.

Lord Ganesh is drinking the milk?

Hail Lord Ganesha.
– Hail Lord Ganesha.

Hail Lord Ganesha.
– Hail Lord Ganesha.

Devotees. Don’t put
the load of old views on me.

Understand the power of human beings.
That is right.

– Hey.

What a wonder!
What a wonder!

The class seems full like
a one day cricket stadium.

Wow. You are paying
so much of attention.

You are paying so much of attention.

Not attention, sir.
We are in a lot of tension, sir.

Please give the paper quickly.

We feel ashamed to teach
fools like you. Sit down.

What happened?
One wicket out. Take her out.

Hey. Did you write something?

Did you write something?

Did you write something?

Did you write something?

If you say so..
– Yes?

Should I write for you?

Why are you looking at me? Write.

You have studied, right?
You can write.


I see.

So you do this?

That is why you get
a rank all the time.

Sorry, younger one,
I am weak only in this subject.

I have written all the others.

– Yes?

Someone is cheating.

Who is it? Where? Is he here?


Hey, what is this?
– It isn’t mine, sir.


Do you think it belongs to this girl?

She is writing properly.
– I don’t know, sir.

I know everything.
Come on. Get out. -Hey.

Get out.

Sir, I don’t know..
– Are you teaching me?

Sir, I don’t know anything..

In order to save yourself, you
are telling me the name of the girl.

Sir. I don’t know..
– Are you trying to cheat?

Thank you, Uday.

“Copy. Let me copy.
Let me do all the things right now.”

“Copy. Let me copy.
Let me do all the things right now.”

“Transferring the papers on the
new files. Let me get the feedback.”

“So that I can wipe all the things
that I see. Come on.”

“Copy. Let me copy.
Let me do all the things right here.”

“Copy. Let me copy. Let me do
all the things right now. Come on.”

Why are you staring
there and thinking?

I am thinking and writing.

Wow. You are a good story teller.


Will you write something or
will you keep thinking of a story?

Time is getting over.
– There is a lot of time left.

Okay, I will write. Give me the pen.

Why should I?
– One writes with a pen, right?

Okay. I didn’t know.

As if he is going to fight a war.

Sir. Additional.


One more. One more. One more.

Here you are.

Give them to me if something is left.

No chance of that.


What is it?


Seven questions. Three hours.

Single hand.

Single pen. So quickly?

Not three hours.
– Yes?

Half an hour.

I see.

Very nice boy.

This is such a high
technology copying set up.

Satellite receiver. Live transfer.

Do whatever I ask you to do. Or else..

What do we need to do, boss?
Tell me. Tell me.

What is the answer sheets of ones
who are happily copying the answers..

..go corrupt? Then?

– Boss.

– What happened?

What happened to them?
– Hey! Oh no, what is wrong?


Come here.

Oh I see. So this is it?

He is a high tech copying thief.

How was your paper?

How was your paper?

It was fine.
– I think even my paper was fine.


I need to talk to you.

These four years have
passed by so quickly, right?

Did they pass by quickly? But I feel
that they seem like ages to me, Uday.

From today, we are going to be apart.

I mean all of us are
going to get separated.

Yes. But we are going to
meet for the farewell party, right?

I wouldn’t be there.
I am going to the village at night.

That is why I wanted
to say something to you.

It is true. It is the last day today.

God knows if we will
be able to meet again or not.

That is why even I want
to say something to you.

But where should I start from?
And I cannot understand what to say.

But since you have started first,
do go ahead and tell me.


Actually the thing is.. – Meena. Make
it quick. The film is going to start.

Come on. Even you come with us.
– Sorry. I cannot come.

– I am going to my village today.

Okay. You can come with me.
– Even I don’t want to come.

You can go ahead.

What is the matter?
Both of you aren’t coming?

You talk rubbish all the time.

What? We are talking rubbish?
We never hide anything.

Are you coming or not?
– Okay, come on.

And you?
– Now I don’t..

Yes, pal.
I have heard that even he is leaving.

Okay. God knows when
are we going to meet again.

Okay, bye.

Hey, go and stand in the line.
– Where is the office?

Greetings, brother.

Make it quick.
– Go now. You may leave.

Greetings, boss.
– Greetings, sir.

How are you? If you would have given
my papers, I would have taken it now.

Madam is taking a look at your file.

It will take some more time.

How much time does she need?

Where is she?

Greetings, madam.


Please sign on our papers.

Madam. Gopal.

Real estate Gopal.

Gopal real estate.
For the plant at Begumpet.

I see. Okay.

I cannot give you the permission
for the seventh floor.

Not just this,
you have extended the balconies..

.. of the fifth and sixth floor.

The engineers’ report also says that
the cement used wasn’t good as well.

So you can forget about the
permission of the seventh floor.

And break down the fifth and
sixth floor and do reconstruction.

Hey. Do you know
who are you talking to?

I will behead you.

Hey, who are you talking to?

You are talking to madam.
Is this the way to talk?

Will you do that again?
Will you speak again?

Will you speak again?
– Brother. Listen to me.

These people are like this, madam.

They don’t know anything
except fighting.

Forgive me. We don’t want to
use weapons for small things, madam.

I need a small signature.
Tell me. How much do you need?

We will do a settlement.

Commissioner. There is someone
called Gopal who in into Real estate.

He is threatening me for a signature.

Really? Why are you getting
worried for a small issue?

It is a matter about a mere signature.

Real estate Gopal.

Please come to Irani
Cafe by 3 for the settlement.

Do come for sure.

Okay, fine, madam.

I will come again.

Hello. Yes. Give me one bun.
– What else?

Greetings, madam.
– Greetings.

Hey, come on. Get up. Sit down.
– Never mind. Let us go that side.

Madam. Will you have tea?

No, I had tea at office.
– Yes.

Yes. Even this is good, madam.

Madam, the point is that the
government pays a paltry salary to you.

How do you manage
your expenses with that?

There are kids’ studies
and their marriage.

How can you do it with this much?

Here you are.

Keep it with yourself.

This is a total amount of 50,000.

He is my son.
He is studying in a college.

He is the one to look
after all the general matters.

Both of you can talk to each other.

I have a lot of work in office today.

– Okay?

Listen. The mutton soup of this hotel
is very nice. Make him taste that.

He will have a lot of fun.


Come here.

There are a lot of things that
will be broken around here. -Yes.

There is an amount of 50,000 in this.

Get the repairs done
if there is some damage.

Take it, brother.

Make minced meat soup out of him.

Tell me. How is the mutton soup?

The soup is very tasty.

“Take me higher!”

Hey, look. Look at Rupa.

“Feel the fire.”

Girls. There is no one to stop us now.

The whole bank is ours.
This whole mall is ours. – Yes. Come on.

So ready to go?
– Yes. Come on. Let us go.


How much is this apple for?
– 10 rupees.

And this one? And this small one?

Is it the same for this?
– Yes. It is the same for it.

– Yes? What is it?

This flower is so nice.

It’s so cute.

Hey, listen.

How is this one?

Nice, right?
– Oh, very nice. It is amazing.

This is so nice.
-So nice. It is really beautiful.

Just listen to me.

Yes? – The one in a green
checkered shirt on the bike..

Where is he? Okay, okay.
– Just turn around and look at him.

Okay. Okay. – Take a look
at him and tell me how he is.

How is he? How is he?

Wow. He looks like a prince.
– Right.

Really? He looks
like a prince right now.

After some time, he will become mad.

Hey, Rupa. Take a look.

Only you are aware
of your pocket money.

If you would have been elder than me,
I would have asked you for it.

But you are younger.
I am the one who has to give, right?

He is innocent.
– Really?

He doesn’t know anything.
– You are too much.

When we come here the next time..

..we will see him
as a mad lover right here.

Hey, Rupa. Take a look.

Oh no. Run, Rupa. Run.
– Run. Run.

Come on, run.

Where’s the coach?


Fast. Fast. Yes. Come. Come.

Come on.


Try for the Olympics the next time.

That girl was quite smart.

Look. She fooled you and vanished.

For how long can she be away?
I will get her sometime or the other.

I will tell her at
that time about what I am.

Meena. Meena.

The people from the marriage
bureaus have sent some pictures.

Of boys working in the bank.

There is a photo for your alliance.
The bio data is written behind.

Take a look.

Yes, yes. This has directors
of the Urban banks as well.

But they seemed like thieves.
Be careful.

Hey, younger brother.
Now you are the one who must help her.

Listen. He looks like a thief.

Standard Chartered Bank.

Oriental bank.

Yes. He looks a little decent, Meena.


Meena. He is okay.
Where is he from? SBI bank?

He is dog. All of them are useless.

Hey, you. Why are you so silent?

You didn’t like anyone?

Do you have an affair
or are you already on a track?


Whose wedding card is this, Meena?

Hey, he is our Uday.

He has invited you alone?

Personal letter?

If you wish, you can read it.

I love you. I love you, Meenakshi.

I wanted to tell you this
after the final examination day.

I am sure you are thinking as to..

..why I have sent you this
letter with the wedding card.

I want to talk to the
elders about the alliance.

If I wouldn’t have been
able to tell you this today..

..I would have regretted
this all my life.

That is why I want
to get married to you.

How can I tell you how
important you are for me?

If I am as important for you,
come here right now.

Or else, if you tell me,
I will come there.

We will elope and get married.

They will never understand us.

And forget others,
even your dear brother wouldn’t agree.

Everyone knows about his temper.

That is why I couldn’t say it.
If you want to come..

..I have sent a return
ticket with this letter.

Let me know about
your answer for this.

The one waiting for you. Uday.


Uday has given such a big shock.

What do you say? Should I run away?

I will kill you.

Or else, what should I do? Tell me.

What should I say? You tell me.

In that case, listen to me.
Even I like Uday a lot.

The ones whose photographs
were shown to me..

..are so called
white collared officers.

Uday is better than them.
He was my classmate for four years.

I know all his habits very well.

Not only with me,
he hasn’t misbehaved with any girl.

There is even a better quality.

Instead of getting into
an affair of love or something..

..he has directly offered
to get married to me.

That is why,
I want to get married to him.

Oh no.

So the matter has reached this point?

It hasn’t reached yet. But it is
going to reach shortly, younger one.


I will sort him out.

I knew it, younger one.
You would do this for me.

Okay, okay.

Where does he stay?


Hey, Tyagi.
– Yes, sir.

Are all the preparations done?

It is done, sir.
– Make it quick.

We have to go for the
Goddess’s veneration. – Okay, madam.

Yes. Okay, make it quick.
– Make it quick.

Make it quick. Madam is on her way.

Keep the marriage trousseau
of our son, Uday..

.. near the feet of the Goddess, priest.
-Yes, yes, priest.

It is the trousseau for our son’s
wedding. And these are the jewels.

Please keep it at
the feet of the Goddess.

Sir. You have always kept..

.. money, clothes and fruits
at the feet of the Goddess.

It is a very good deed on your part.

Hey, no, no, no. It isn’t so, priest.

Everything is God’s grace.
I am giving it back to her.

The great people who had taken
a part in the making of this temple..

..have a lot of grace
bestowed upon them by the Lord.

It is Goddess’s grace
that your son’s alliance..

..has been fixed with
the family of Govind Maharaj.

Hail Goddess. Hail Goddess.
– Yes.

Have you taken the garland?
And where is the vermilion?

This is the offerings for
Goddess and also the vermilion.

Please put it into this.
– Yes.

Both of you have been
born to give the knowledge..

.. as to how one should
spend their married life.

Sir, Govind Rao is coming.
He is coming alone.

Hey, come, come, come on.
Welcome. Welcome. Welcome.

How are the preparations of
the wedding going on? – Greetings.

Have you come to see that? Yes?

I have come to talk to you about
changing the date of the wedding.

How is that possible?

Did your daughter create a problem?

No, no. It isn’t so.

The new commissioner..
– Yes. Who is he?

His name is Dharmveer, right?
– What was his name?

Yes. He has filed an
involvement case on me.

He wants to arrest me
on the date of the wedding.

Did he do that?

Should I talk to him?

He doesn’t listen to anyone.

That is why I am talking
to higher authorities in Delhi.

And here, I am scared that something
untoward will happen at the wedding.

– It wouldn’t be good for us.

What if we keep the
wedding after the case?

Now brother. Be patient.

– Listen. Call up the commissioner.

Yes. Yes. That is right.
– Yes, sir.

Just get my phone.
– Yes, sir.

The CMs of Gujarat and Maharashtra
are coming for this wedding.

And there are a lot of big
personalities who are coming as well.

That is why I wanted
to talk to you about security.

There are a lot of people coming.
– I see.

We have to make special arrangements
for the reception and guests.

I see.

So are you from UP?

– I see.

Are you a Thakur?
– Yes.

I have heard that you
are looking for boys..

.. for the marriage of your daughters.

And you work honestly as well.

How much of dowry did you give?

I will get my daughters married
to young men who don’t take dowry.

People like you are
rare in these bad times.

Okay. Tell me something.

Do you have ancestral property?

I have put in all my efforts
and got an IPS certificate.

That is my property.

– Greetings.

Sit, sit, sit, sit. Sit.

Am I too late?
– No, no. Even I have come just now.

Just ten minutes.
– Eat. Eat. Eat.

Okay. – She makes it very nicely.
Have it and check.

Now actually,
my relative said over the phone that..

Now Govind Rao..
– Excuse me, sir.

If you have called me here for him..

..I will have to leave the food.
– Hey, no, no.

Hey, don’t leave it and go.
Have the food first.

You can arrest him later.

It would be better if you
arrest him after the wedding.

He is a big man.

Sir, in the eyes of law,
there is no big or small.

Law doesn’t spare criminals.

I have proof of all his bad deeds.

Very soon, a lot of other
people are going to be exposed.

Give me that gravy.
– Yes. Yes, yes.

Even you are too much.
– Yes. Okay. Okay.

You have called him for lunch
and are talking about work.

He told me just now that..

..both of his daughters
will be married without dowry.

He has such a nice thought process.

Where should I wash my hands? – Yes,
yes. Come on. Come on. Come with me.

Hey, is someone here?
– Oh no.

The police commissioner has
fallen down because of dizziness.

Hey, please call an ambulance.

Hey, is someone here?
– What happened to the commissioner?

Why are you looking at me like that?

I really like your eyes.

Whenever I don’t like something,
you don’t like it either.

I love your hands.

And whenever I don’t like someone,
these hands finish him off.

And one who is lucky gets
an intelligent wife like you.

And we, the murderers, get such wives.

You are so sweet.

Hey, my Kallo. Kallo. Kallo.

What did you pray for?
– Tell us. Tell us.

Hey, why are you hiding from us?
You asked for your lover, right?

Hey, look, look.
– Oh no. What is this?

Did Meenakshi call up?
– No, she didn’t.

Did you write the proper number?
– Yes. I did write the correct number.

I think she must be coming by train.

Everyone is waiting
for her at the station.

But she hasn’t come yet.
– Hey, you are talking like kids.

You are so scared of your parents.
And she is a girl after all.

Just think about it. – She will come.
I have complete faith.

Then why are you so worried?
Call up and find out.

Why hasn’t she called up yet?
– Hey, no, I cannot call up at her place.

Why? – If her brother picks
up the call, there will be a grave..

What is it, Uday?

You were with me
for four years, right?

For four years.
– Four years.

For these four years,
you were not only Meenakshi’s..

.. but my classmate as well, right?

Yes. – For these four years,
even I was with you, right?

Even I was your friend, right?

You are in love with someone else
and you are cheating someone else?

Come on. We will sit down and talk.

You were instigating
Meenakshi to elope with you?

Son. The minister is coming there.
Come there with us.

What are you doing here? Yes?

Relative has sent a Benz car. Even
our daughter-in-law is very pretty.

Yes. Listen. Come here.
Come here. Come here.- And the dowry?

It is great. They have given us
such a lot of gold and silver.

Go and take a look once.

Is he your friend?

Send him to guest house. Come on.

On one side, you are preparing
for your own wedding.

And on the other side,
you are cheating my sister?

Come on.
We will sit somewhere and talk.

I don’t want to play hide and seek.

If you have the courage,
tell them everything.

What is your aim?

What happened? What happened?
What is he saying?

Who are you?
– Greetings.


– I have come from Ahmedabad.

Yes. – Your son had written
this letter to my sister.


It is not wrong for
you to love my sister.

But she will never ever
agree to elope and all.

Because she has a lot of
respect for me and our family.

And even we respect her feelings.

She loves you.

And we would accept it if
your people accept this alliance.

I don’t have a problem
if you get married to my sister.

All that is fine. Let us
go and sit there and discuss this.

Forgive me. I cannot talk on sly.

I can understand your situation.

I have not come here
to get you insulted.

And even we like having
our respect intact.

I am sure you know very
well what he was going to do.

Uday. There is no pressure on you.
If you want my sister.. can tell your parents right now.

And if you are not angry
about your son’s decision.. is okay or else, never mind.

To know whether your son’s
decision was right or wrong.. must know about us as well.

Mummy. Papa.

– Come on.

I would ask for forgiveness.. give my introduction
under such circumstances.

I am Anand Rao. I am in the
municipal corporation of Hyderabad.

I am on the post of section in charge.

She is my wife. Kamla.

She is on the post of section
officer in the same office.

We have made our house some days back.

We want to give that house to
my daughter. Even my son wants that.

But alas,
our status is not as much as yours.

With God’s grace, we have some wealth.

But where goodwill is concerned..

..we have everything
because of Goddess’s blessings.

I am standing in the temple
of the Goddess and saying..

..that my daughter is very fragile.

Our daughter is as precious
to us as your son is to you.

That is why we cannot let injustice
happen to our daughter. – Yes.

Come on. Let us sit and talk.

Come on.
Come on. Come here. – Come on.

You can talk to my son about
whatever you want to talk about.

Come with me.
– Yes.

Are all the arrangements made?

Brother. You seem like a man with
principles. Listen to your elders.

Let us go there and talk.
Come on. Don’t worry.

Is this a game?

My son is going to get married.

He is the owner of billions.
And the whole world knows about this.

It was his childishness that he chose
your sister to.. – Hey, keep quiet.

Look, brother. Get your sister
married to someone from your status.

Hey, if you want money,
take it from me. I will give it.

There is no currency in
the world that can buy love.

One doesn’t need money to win love.

Love is God’s gift.

Look, listen.
– Wait.

He is saying this because he is young.

Why do you want to fix
your sister’s alliance so far?

Fix it somewhere close to your place.

I will give the money.
– Hey, go and sacrifice the goat.

Sir, sir.
– Yes.

MLA sir has come.
– Yes, yes.

Okay, okay, okay.
I am coming. You can go. Go, go, go.

Look, brother. Listen to me.
You don’t know anything about us.

If we want, we can beg at your feet.

And if we so wish, we can
get your feet chopped off as well.

If my sister and your son
didn’t have a relationship..

..even I know such games very well.

– Yes?

It is not a big deal to be in love.

Getting it accepted is a big deal.

Not just us, even she wouldn’t
want to spend her life with a coward.

The wedding is tomorrow, right?
You have time till then.

Think over it nicely.

And yes, how can you make this
decision without seeing my sister?

Look at her.

The one who you can
see there is my sister.

You might be very rich, sir.

But she is our wealth.

And she is named after
the Goddess too. Meenakshi.

“Meenakshi is a sweet name.”

“She is known as Kamakshi
in Kanchi Nagar.”

“Meenakshi is a sweet name.”

“In Kashi, she is Vishalaskhi.”

“Meenakshi is a sweet name.”

“She is known as Kamakshi
in Kanchi Nagar.”

“Meenakshi is a sweet name.”

“In Kashi, she is Vishalaskhi.”

“You are praised everywhere.”

“You are the supreme Goddess.”

“You are praised everywhere.”

“You are the supreme Goddess.”

“You are the best sister
I could have asked for.”

“You are a princess.”

“You are Meenakshi.
My dear Meenakshi.”

“We dance merrily.
And we venerate with love.”

“I don’t know why my
heart is going haywire.”

“There is happiness all around.
There is love everywhere.”

“Meenakshi is a sweet name.”

“She is known as Kamakshi
in Kanchi Nagar.”

“Meenakshi is a sweet name.”

“In Kashi, she is Vishalaskhi.”

“She is the most beautiful.”

“You are the Goddess
of the entire world.”

“No one is a stranger to you.”

“You have your heaven
like abode here.”

“Everyone is your devotee.
Everyone takes your name.”

“You are the keeper
of all the aggrieved ones.”

“Vishwanath is the Lord.”

“She takes away everyone’s hearts.”

“My darling sister. She is Meenakshi.”

“Take a look at her. She
looks like Goddess Lakshmi herself.”

“She is moving around everywhere.
No one knows.”

“You are secret of my heart beat.”

“She is always dancing merrily.
Her name is famous everywhere. Remember.”

“She is not lesser than anyone.”

“She is as beautiful as the Goddess.”

“She gives happiness
to all the families.”

“She has an endearing quality.”

“Mother, your grace is beautiful.”

“Please look at us with love.”

“Your name is true, mother.”

“Carry on with the legacy
of venerating mother.”

“She is the supreme Goddess.”

“She is the keeper of the aggrieved.
Goddess Meenakshi.”

“She is the witness of
all the feelings of my heart.”

“She is moving around everywhere.
No one knows.”

“You are secret of my heart beat.”

“She is always dancing merrily.
Her name is famous everywhere. Remember.”

“Meenakshi is a sweet name.”

“She is known as Kamakshi
in Kanchi Nagar.”

“Meenakshi is a sweet name.”

“In Kashi, she is Vishalaskhi.”

“I sing your glories. Listen, sister.”

“However you are.
You are my only sister.”

“Meenakshi. My dear Meenakshi.”

“I don’t know why my
heart is going haywire.”

“We dance merrily.
And we venerate with love.”

“There is happiness all around.
There is love everywhere.”

“Meenakshi is a sweet name.”

“She is known as Kamakshi
in Kanchi Nagar.”

“Meenakshi is a sweet name.”

“In Kashi, she is Vishalaskhi.”

Our son wrote a few love
letters to that girl in college..

..and there was a huge commotion.

Keeping their and our honor in mind,
we decided..

..we should get them married.


You have fulfilled all my wishes.

This is my last wish, daddy.

I want Uday.

Only Uday will marry me, father.

I still love him.

I need him.

I will die without Uday, daddy.
– Aishwarya.

It’s so terrible.

Rich boys are ready to marry her.

With your married son..

Brother, it’s our fate.
No. It’s my son’s fate.

It’s his good fortune to marry
a girl who loves him so much. Right?

– Listen, this won’t do.

We will write our son’s destiny.

We will get him out of this trap.
We promise you. Yes.

You must know how to
get rid of such people.

We didn’t know.

That ordinary boy came here and.. them married in front of us.

An ordinary boy comes and
does such a deed in front of me.

He has made me mad with fury.

That’s why I say to make
Aishwarya your daughter-in-law..

..and bring her home
as soon as possible.

I have transferred
all the wealth in her name.

But she has still not seen anything.

Now all the wealth is hers.

Brother, don’t worry at all.

Don’t worry.
Go to America and come back.

Another thing. You told us
about the contract. For that..

I will surely give you.

First let your son marry my daughter.

Then everything will happen.

Otherwise there can
be a big problem for you.

My daughter can have
a change of heart.

And I can also change.

What else could I do?
We don’t need him now.

He has transferred all the
wealth in his daughter’s name.

What else do we need?

We own it now.

Aishwarya. Aishwarya.

Your daddy had a heart attack.

Aishwarya. Aishwarya, come fast.
– Is someone there?

– What happened?

What happened to daddy?
– Call the doctor, dear.

Your father has fainted.
Hurry up! – Get the car. Quick.

Go! Go! Go!
– Hurry up! Hurry up!

What has happened! Brother! Brother!

– Brother!

What happened to you, brother?

What will happen now?

Come fast. Come fast.
We have to take him to the hospital.

Bring the car. Bring the car.

Yes. Come.
– What will happen?

Carefully. Carefully.
– What has happened to brother?

Yes. Come. Come fast.
– He was fine.

What happened suddenly?
– Here. Very good.

Hurry up! Hurry up!
– Open the door.

Yes. Hurry up!
– Carefully. Carefully.

Hurry up! Hurry up!
– Carefully.

Aishwarya, you stay here. Okay?

We are going to the hospital.

Yes. Hurry up!
– Carefully.

Come. Sit. – Come fast.
– Hurry up!

– Hurry up!

Hurry up!
– Don’t be afraid, dear. Okay?

Amazing! Amazing!

With a wife like you,
the whole world is mine.

There are only a few husband
and wife who think alike.

– We are first such couple.

Yes. True.

Just think.
If Mandodari had really helped..

..Ravan would have been number one.

If Lilavati had cooperated,
Hiranyakashyap would have prospered.

You are right.
– You are wonderful.

You are really a devoted wife.
You are so virtuous.

What happened?
Why are you screaming? He is dead.

So what’s the matter?

No. Nothing.

His hand fell on something.
I imagined something else.

The one whom we want
to kill…has no right to live.

Yes. Fine. But when will
you finish off Meenakshi?

Look, haste is not good.
– Yes.

Our son has loved her.
– Yes.

Let him enjoy his love for a while.

After that I will
kill her in such a way..

..that Uday won’t suspect anything.

Her brother shouldn’t
suspect anything.

First let’s get rid of him.
Then the coast is clear.

All the wealth will be ours.

Not just wealth.
– Yes.

All the properties too.

Tell the doctor to write
that he died due to heart attack.

Uday, we are also sad
to separate from our daughter.

We are worried thinking
what your parents..

..who must have high
expectations from you..

..must be going through.

you married the man you loved.

But your victory lies in
persuading all of them, dear.

Park this car on the side.

Park it properly. Yes.
– Okay, sir.

What name did you say?
– Meenakshi.

Come upstairs.

I worshipped Goddess Meenakshi
everyday at the temple.

She sent Meenakshi to our house.

May no one cast an evil eye!
– All that is fine. Listen to me.

No other girl can come to this house.

So Goddess has come in her form.

My child.

What is this, brother?
Stay here for a few more days.

There are so many
things still to see. Yes.

Bring it. Come here. Come here.

Take this.

We will never forget your favor.

Our daughter is lucky
to be your daughter-in-law.

She must have surely done
some good deeds in her past life.

If I have made any mistake,
forgive me, sir.

Look at this. He is calling me sir.

Say uncle.

If I had a daughter, I would
have got her married to you. Yes.

I also have a condition.
– What?

I would have married
her only if your daughter..

..had been plump like you.

You are very naughty.

Listen! Listen! Listen!
– Sir.

Take them to the train safely. Okay.

Yes, sir.
– Okay. Fine. – Bye, uncle.

Yes. – Bye, aunt.
– Okay, son.

Hold on.

Bring it.
– Hurry up.

You have not eaten
anything since morning.

Eat this.
– Yes. Come here.

you want to feed your brother?

Give me. I will feed him.

Here. Here.

Bye, uncle.
– Yes. Bye.

Bye, aunt. I will leave.

Call me once you reach there.
– Yes. I will call.

Daughter-in-law, come inside.

Yes. – Come.
– Come on.

Hey! Listen!

Keep it sharp and blunt.
– Yes, sir.

Sir, come. Hello.
– Yes. Hello.


Sharpen one of the tridents
and take it to Hyderabad.

Sir, do you have
to gift it to someone?

You fool. Have you gone crazy?

I have to behead someone.
– Sir.

Okay, sir.

This sickle is also craving
to kill someone for so long, sir.

Tell me, sir.
Whom do you want to kill?

Minister or commissioner?
– A boy.

Very good.

Everyone starts trembling
on seeing my photo with a sickle.

Don’t underestimate him.
He is a student.

Beware. He has gone
to Hyderabad by train.

Go immediately.

Just see, sir.

I will bring his
head within three days.


– Sorry?

Why are you beating him?

If you don’t say
sorry to him politely..

..he will teach you how
to say sorry in his style.


Poor guy got beaten
without any reason.

Who could he be?
And whose man could he be?

Yes, son. Who could they be?

They fought over a trivial matter.

After all,
who could be behind this fight?

Someone must have
done it deliberately.

Was it their doing?

Because they were upset
with this alliance. – Huh?

I am afraid.
Will they do something to Meenakshi?

Come on, son.
Before something terrible happens..

..let’s board a train.

Hurry up. It shouldn’t be too late.

I will call up Meenakshi.
– Yes.

What? What are you saying?

You sent such a man.


It was Gopal.
– I see. So it’s his doing.

Seems like he has still
not come to his senses.

We were suspecting them needlessly.

You had a doubt.
– Even I have a doubt.

Let’s call up Meenakshi.
Everything will be cleared. – Yes.

– Hello, Meena.

Brother, you guys have reached?

How are you? Are you fine?

What will happen to me? I am fine.

How was the journey?

Okay. Listen. There is good news.

Uday’s California trip
has been confirmed. – Is that so?

– Okay. Tell mother and father too.

– Let me talk.

– Mother.

How are you, dear?
– I am fine. How are you?

Fine. Talk to your papa.

– Yes.

Is everything fine?
– I am fine, papa. I will hang up now.


‘They accepted Meenakshi
as their daughter-in-law.’

‘She got a heavenly house.
So we were happy.’

‘Come on.’

‘I will kill all of you.’

‘By the time I found out the truth..’

‘By the time I found out the truth,
it was too late.’

‘Such a terrible thing happened..’

‘..which shouldn’t have happened.’

‘We made a big mistake
by conducting the marriage.’

‘The grief of losing my
sister under such circumstances..’

‘..made me infuriated.’

‘After that there was no difference..’

‘..between blood
and water in my life.’

‘Life became forlorn.’

He is not an ordinary man, sir.

He is very powerful.

Shame on you.
Is this why I sent you to Hyderabad?

To come back sulking
and show me your face?

You said he will
die on seeing my photo.

What happened now?
– Why are you hiding your face?

Why are you hiding your face?
Give an answer.

Listen, sir. I won’t show you
my face till I don’t kill that boy.

From today he is not only your,
but my enemy too.

I swear on God.
– Let’s see.

Wait and watch, sir.

We thought he will love her
and satisfy himself.

But he has made her pregnant.

When will you kill her?

Her countdown begins from today.

Our son is convinced that
we love her immensely like a Goddess.

Win her trust and then finish her off.

That day her brother’s
words were piercing my heart.

We will finish off both of them
together with a sharp sword.

They don’t know whom
they are confronting.

You are absolutely right.



Your father-in-law
has gone for a bath.

The water has got over in the tank.

Please start the motor, dear.

Okay. Water is over.

There is no water, daughter-in-law.

Brother, the same childhood mischief.

Okay. Tell me, brother.
When did you come?

Just now. – Okay. But how did
you come suddenly without informing?

I came because I wanted to see you.

Is it important that I can
see you only on special occasions?

I have brought mother
and father too. Look.

– Dear, how are you?

Yes. I am fine.

Dear, are you fine?
– Yes. I am fine, papa.


What am I seeing?
Is this a dream or is it real?

All of you came without calling up?

How can we go to our
daughter’s house uninvited?

What are you saying?

Sister, it’s said that
seeing the slippers.. get to know about the guest.

Is that so? How come?

If the slippers are in the front.. will have guests
from the son’s family.

If the slippers are in the kitchen.. will have guests
from the daughter’s family.

I will make a shoe stand
in front of the kitchen.

Uncle, what getup is this? Did aunt..

No. That’s not true.

I had gone to take a bath.

I heard your voice. So I came here.

I will start the motor and come.

Take a bath later.
Guests have come. – Motor.

I forgot to start the motor.
– Listen, Meena.

There is a surprise for you.

Come. Come in.

– Yes.

Come. Come.
– Come. Come.

Look, what I got for you.

Thanks, brother.

All of you sit inside.
I will start the motor and come.

Let it be.
– What’s the matter?

Son-in-law is not to be seen.

He has gone out.
He must be coming. – Okay.

My daughter didn’t trouble you, did she?

Your daughter troubles us a lot.

Mother, eat this. Mother, eat that.

Mother, sit here.

She doesn’t let me do a single thing.

She does everything on her own.

She never got so many
marks even in college.

Here, you got 100 out of 100.

– Yes.

Look, how is the nose ring?

Come here.


There is no difference
between Goddess Meenakshi..

..and our Meenakshi.

She is an embodiment
of Goddess Meenakshi.


He has gone to start the motor.

What happened?

What happened?
– Save him.

What happened to him?

Seems like he has got a current.
Aunt, move.

Don’t touch him.
Don’t touch him. Stop.

Oh God! – Wait.
– Save him.

Sorry, uncle. If I had touched you,
I would have also got a shock.

That’s why I had to kick you.

What’s wrong in that?
His life was saved.

– Yes.

– Come. Come, uncle.

What do you do?

There is short circuit during monsoon.

You should have told me.
Why didn’t you tell me?

What did I know? Come.



What do you do?

Glory to Goddess! Glory to Goddess!

Take the offering.

– Yes.

Stay for two more days.

No, dear. It’s not good to
stay for long at daughter’s place.

Dear, we will come again
to take you during your delivery.

Brother, at least you stay.

You can try for a job here too.

I can’t leave Hyderabad.

I will keep coming to see you.
But what’s the matter?

It’s not your cup of tea.
Jump from above and commit suicide.

Go to the doctor every
month for your checkup, dear.

Now you..

Come on. Go. Go.

Leave. Come on. Come on.

Uncle, he.. – I don’t know.
He has come for special worship.

Don’t know from where he has come.
Listen. Listen.

Are you going? All of us are here.

Do a job here. Stay with us.

Fine? Come. Let’s worship Goddess.

Come. Listen. Listen.

– Hello.

– Hey!

Shut up.

If you came forward,
I will slit her throat.

What? If I came forward,
you will kill her?

Kill her.

Don’t do a drama.

It will be slit.

Her throat will be slit.

Okay. Let me see.

Listen, I don’t want
to die by his hands.

Please. You kill me.

Please. Kill me fast.

Don’t come forward.
Don’t come forward.

You are an ordinary goon.

And this girl is smarter than you.

Kill me. Kill me. Please kill me.

Hey! Stop!

It won’t be solved like that.

If not understanding,
we should have some conditions.

First you tell me.

I want to escape from here.
– Escape.

Hand her to me.
– No. No. He will kill me.

I am safe with you.
Please take me with you.

Listen, don’t listen to her.
Deal is deal.

Hand over the girl to me.

No. No. Look, brother.
You look to be very decent.

If you had a sister and
if she had been in trouble..

..what would you have done?

Tell me, brother. Tell me.

My name is not brother. It’s…

Listen to me.
– Hey!

Don’t leave me. He is coming.

I said leave her.
– Don’t come forward.




Okay. Go with him.

Oh my God! No.

Oh God! – Come on. Come on.

Oh God!

“Thing. Something. Something. Thing.”

“Thing. Something. Something. Thing.”

“Thing. Something. Something. Thing.”

“Thing. Something. Something. Thing.”

“Come. Come. Come into my arms.”

“What are you thinking,
standing so far?”

“Stop making excuses.”

– No. No. No.”

“Come next time.”

“There will be a musical band.”

“I’ll marry you.”

“You just accept my proposal.”

“No, I can’t marry you.”

“No matter how much you request.”

“Come. Come. Come into my arms.”

“What are you thinking,
standing so far?”

“Stop making excuses.”

– No. No. No.”

“Come next time.”

“There will be a musical band.”

“No. No. No.”

“Don’t scream and yell.”

“I am Vishwamitra. You are Menka.”

“You are Sita and Geeta.”

“I am Shyam. You are Radha.”

“Stop following and bothering me.”

“You are claiming to be a lover.
Go stand far.”

“I am not any useless
fellow or a liar.”

“Let me tackle you too.”

“You can’t tackle me.”

‘No matter what you do.”

“I know I can do it.”

“Don’t you dare to challenge me.”

“You can’t harm me. I dare you.”

“Don’t lock horns with me.”

“Come. Come. Come into my arms.”

“What are you thinking,
standing so far?”

“Stop making excuses.”

– No. No. No.”

“Come next time.”

“There will be a musical band.”

“No. No. No.”

“You are gorgeous and mesmerizing.”

“Will you go to Uttar, Kashi
and Varanasi?”

“I want to go to Japan or Dubai.”

“I don’t want to go anywhere else.”

“I’ll go wherever I wish to.”!

“Neither Japan nor Dubai.”

“Let’s go to Hawai.”

“Forget all this. Let’s go to Chennai.”

“You are a crazy lover.”

“I am flame. You are moth.”

“You are destined to burn.”

“Come, damsel.”

“Now my plight is bad.”

“My heart has been stolen.”

“Now there won’t be any distance.”

“Don’t trouble me.”

“No matter how much you try,
you can’t get me.”

“No, no, no. You keep on refusing”

You have refused enough,
now please listen to me.

“No, no, no. You can’t get me.
No matter how much you try.”

Meenakshi, listen.

Don’t you want to take
your brother for sightseeing?

Go and take him to the city.

Show him famous temples of this place.

Go. Go. Take him.

Yes. Go. Go.

Very good. Go. Go.

Go for an outing. Have fun.

Yes, Meena. Take him.

– Okay. I will leave now.

Bye, papa.
– Careful, son. Careful.

Mother, I am going.
– Careful, son.

Shall I leave now?
– Fine.

Don’t forget to call up.
– Yes. Fine.

Meena, don’t forget
to go to the temple.

Listen, daughter-in-law.

Go and worship Goddess.
– Where is the temple?

I know. Come.

While returning from the temple,
go to our farmhouse.

Okay. Give me the key.
– Narayan, where are you?

Did you check the car?

I checked everything last night.
– Okay. Go, son. Very good.

We will arrange for
lunch at the farmhouse..

..and finish off
the brother and sister.

Provided they come for lunch.



This time they won’t come back,
will they?

This time we have
made such arrangement..

..that even Yamraj (Lord of Death)
can’t save them.

Then Govind Rao’s entire
wealth will belong to us.

Not just wealth,
but all his properties too.

You are very good in calculation.

You guys had gone
in Safari car, right?

Why did you come by auto?

We got saved because
we didn’t go by Safari.

Why? What happened?
Is everything fine?

The car’s brake failed.

Brake failed?
– Brake failed?

Nothing happened to
my daughter-in-law, right?

nothing happened to you, right?

Where is the driver? Where is he?

It’s not his fault, uncle.

There was a brake fail.
– Today’s day was very good.

Both of you survived.
Come. Come on.

Goddess saved you.
Let’s go and thank Her.

She is very tense.
She will go to the temple later.

Daughter-in-law, you seem petrified.

Let’s go home.
– It’s okay, mother.

Leave it, aunt. It’s okay. It’s okay.

Okay. The commissioner
was pushed from here, right?

Who pushed him?
– Who pushed him?

Uncle, there was a lot
of sensation in the newspaper.

He wasn’t pushed. He had some ailment.

What was it?
– Ailment?

Yes. Fainting spell. Fainting spell.

Yes. He fainted and fell down.

Forget all these things. Come with me.

I will show you the building’s plan.

It’s very nice, uncle.
– Yes. It’s nice.

But there is a small problem.

This place has worsened.

The engineer has
submitted the plan. But..

Okay. You are going
to be an engineer, right?

Give me some idea.

What do I say?
– Tell us, son.

You give us some new idea.
– Yes.

Think and tell us.

Hey! Did you serve lunch?

Do you see this, daughter-in-law?

All the land you see from
here to there belongs to us.

Your father-in-law is going
to transfer it in your name.


– Mother!


– Help!

Mother! – Oh no!

Mother! Someone save mother!

Brother, be quick!

What happened? What happened to her?


Someone save me.

– Someone save her!

I will die.

Help her! Help her!

– Help!

– Help!

Someone help! Someone help!

Help! Help!

What happened? What happened?

Are you fine? Are you fine?

Come. Come.

Come carefully.

Come. Come.

Are you fine? Are you fine?
– I am alive.

Are you fine?
– I am alive.


We won’t forget your favor.

Yes, son. – If you had not been there,
she wouldn’t have survived.

Why do you say that, uncle?

Aunt, how did you fall in that?

Our luck is bad. Our luck is bad.

Mother, nothing
happened to you, right?

Nothing has happened, dear.

I am a sinner.
Such a tragedy happened with her.

It’s entirely my fault. God saved her.

Come. God saved you.


Why are you taking so many dips?
– For you, Meena.

For your wellbeing.

Let it be.

How did you become
so devotional suddenly?

Tell me.

Keep quiet.

Tell me quickly.
– Leave. I am telling you.

The one who troubled us in
Hyderabad and then disappeared..

..I found her here.

Here? In Madura?

Now watch how I trouble her.

No matter what happens, brother.

See the coincidence.

Both of us like it in Madura.


Uday has made
preparations to go to US.

You also go there before
him and start some business.

Uday will join you.

Only then will our plan work.

Your wish will be fulfilled
and your papa will rest in peace.

Yes, dear.

Now Meenakshi and her
brother can’t escape from us.

When both of you will return,
all the arrangements..

..will have been made.

The coast will be clear.

If you don’t do that, I will
make the arrangement for myself.

Don’t think like that. He is yours.

You can make him do anything. Yes.

Yes. Handle the keys, dear.

Handle it.

Leave me!



Ma’am! Ma’am! Ma’am!

Ma’am! Ma’am, it’s terrible.
– What happened?

– What happened?

How come there is
vermilion on your forehead?

Mother, he was..


– Sir! Sir!

Sir, it’s terrible.
– What happened?

Sir, save me.
Sir, my honor is in danger.

Sir, taking advantage
of the darkness..

..Meenakshi tried to cling to me.

Sir, save me.
– Mother.

– Mother, listen to me.

He was..
– Sir!

Sir! Sir!
– Get up. Tell me. What happened?

Stand up. Stand up.

How do I tell you, sir?

Sir, in the dark..

Meenakshi was forcing
herself on me, sir.

Taking advantage
of the darkness, sir..


– Listen to me.

Uday sir!
Uday sir! Uday sir! – Its wrong.

Kill me, Uday sir!
Uday sir, it’s a terrible sin!

Uday sir! Uday sir, how do I tell you?

Father. – Uday sir,
in the dark Meenakshi..

He is lying.
– ..was forcing herself on me.

Kill me, Uday sir! Uday sir!
– He tried to..

No, Meenakshi. Don’t worry.

Tell me calmly. What happened?

Brother, he tried to..
– What drama is this?

Wait, aunt.

Did Meenakshi go to
the storeroom on her own?

Or did someone send her?

I sent her.
– Why?

I needed mortar pestle
to make medicine.

Aunt, you sent her.
She didn’t go on her own.

And she didn’t know that the
driver is already in the storeroom.



My sister is smitten by you?


Why is your face red?

I…I was running in the dark.
She hit me with a stone from behind.

If she hit you with a stone,
your back should have been hurt.

How did you hurt your face?

And what were you doing in the room?

I had gone to take the car’s toolbox.

Toolbox? It should be in the car.

Why was it in the storeroom?
– It’s in the car.

It’s a spare box.
– It must be there.

Tell me. Is the toolbox there?

No. No.

Come on. Show me.

Come on.

My hands saved uncle
from the current shock.

You know, don’t you?

My hands saved aunt from
falling to her death from the lift.

Oh no!

Oh no!

You are their servant
and you betray them. Scoundrel.

Tell me.

Tell me.

Leave me.
– Did you do it willingly?

Or did someone make you do it?
Tell me.

Wait! Wait!

Sir! Sir!
– Scoundrel, you deceived us.


Uncle. Uncle.
– Oh no!

– Oh no!

Why do you dirty your
hands by killing this sinner?

Forgive me, sir. Forgive me, sir.

Leave me. I made a mistake.

Ma’am! Ma’am! Ma’am, I made a mistake!

Forgive me. Save me. Save me, ma’am.

Save me.

Ma’am! Ma’am!

Get lost!

Uncle, fire him immediately.

Otherwise I will kill him.

Hey! Get lost!

Otherwise I will kill you.

Forgive me, dear.

Take daughter-in-law inside.

‘I have become suspicious.’

‘Who wants to kill me?’

‘Not just me, but these incidents..’

‘..are happening with Meenakshi too.’

‘She is also facing these situations.’

‘If anything happens to her…
there will be bloodshed.’


Are your in-laws happy with you?

What are you saying?
Why are you asking that?

Didn’t you see how they treat me?

This is what I don’t understand.

I also find him to be God like.

But sometimes I get suspicious.

Why is Uday leaving
you and going to America?

Look, junior,
I wonder what goes on in your mind.

You keep thinking
negatively all the time.

Let me be happy here for God’s sake.

My mother-in-law and father-in-law
treat me more like their daughter.

That’s why I never miss
my parents, junior.

To be honest,
both of them are God like.

This isn’t the flower
meant for our Goddess.

But it belongs to your Goddess.
Turn around.

Uday, your flight from
Mumbai will depart at 12, right?

You’ll go the airport and call me, right?
– For sure.

How can I go without calling you?

Here’s your passport.
– Okay.

Uday, you shouldn’t go to America now.

What do you mean by now?

Because I don’t like
Meenakshi living here alone..

..after the incidences
that have happened here.

How long? Just six months.
She’s going to come over.. month for her delivery.

And she can stay there for
a couple of months if she wants.

Right, Meena?
– Correct.

I have to take Meenakshi there
for the delivery next month, right?

So why don’t I take her tomorrow?

Take her if she wants to.

What? You are telling
him to take daughter-in-law?

It’s been just a few
days since she came here.

It’s not a good thing to travel
when you are eight months pregnant.

We’ll send her in the ninth month.
– No, aunt.

I want to take Meenakshi tomorrow.

Junior, what are you saying?

What the elders say is right.

Just hold on. I am talking.

You brother and sister
keep arguing all the time.

Mother is right.
She’ll be there next month.

– Yes, madam.

Bring the luggage down.
– Okay, madam.

Uday, I am telling you once again.

Either you stay back or I’ll take her.

What are you saying?
At this time at that.

This is what I am trying to say.
This is not the right time.

What rubbish.
What shouldn’t have happened..

..has happened accidentally.
There is no point worrying about it.

I am at my wits end. But still
I feel like something’s going on here.

You are talking as if I
am leaving your sister for good.

My parents are here. There
could be no bigger safety than that.

I don’t know.
I don’t find anything safe as of now.

What nonsense.
You are doubting my parents..

..who consider her their daughter.

I do not doubt them.
Such is the situation.

What situation?
– Uday. She is his sister.

That’s why he is feeling so.
– So? Are we strangers?

Junior, have you gone mad? You
are talking rubbish about mom and dad.

Have you lost it?
– Hold on. I am talking.

Listen to me, Uday.
The situation is not right.

Why did the brakes of the car fail?

Why did that lift
incident happen to aunt?

How can you get a shock
on turning on the motor?

Didn’t you see what the
driver did to a pregnant woman?

Do you have an answer to this?

It means you doubt my noble parents.

It’s not that, brother-in-law.
– I am not your brother-in-law. Get lost.

You live in our house.
And you doubt us. Get out. Get out.


I’m sorry if you felt
bad about what I said.

But let me tell you.
Meenakshi is not safe without you.

Junior, why are ruining my life?
Go from here. Go.

They are noble people.
Doubting them is like doubting me.

You don’t know anything.
– Leave.

– Out.

Meenakshi, listen to me.
– Get out.

Meenakshi, what are you doing?
Listen to me. – Out.

– Out, Out.

Listen to me, Meena.
Meena, listen to me. Listen to me.

Get out. Go from here.

Listen to me, Meena.
Meena, listen to me. Listen to me.

Get out. Go from here.

Something’s wrong here. Listen to me.

Get out.
– Meenakshi is not safe here.

Look father, he doesn’t know anything.

He has crossed the line.
I apologize on his behalf. I am sorry.

Don’t apologize. If he ever
comes here or if you go there..’ll see the worse of me.

Uday. Uday, you shouldn’t say so.
He is a little hot headed.

I really liked your choice.
She will always keep you happy.

Let’s go inside. Come on.

What are you people looking at?
Mind your business.

Mind your business. Come on. Come on.

You made me miserable by
talking about love all the time.

Now I also accept your love.
Take me somewhere. – Where?

Let’s elope.
– Why?

My father will kill me
if he hears that I am in love.

You are so scared of your father.
– He is terror.

I don’t like girls who are cowards.

Is my lunch box ready?
Hurry up. I am getting late for work.

You didn’t go to school?
– I am going, papa.

My file. – Can’t you get up and give?
You are just giving directions.

Papa, your glasses.
– Give, dear.

Oh God! I am really late.

Papa, take leave from work today.
I want to talk to you.

So urgent. It’s Sunday tomorrow.
Let’s talk tomorrow.

No. Now. Right now.
– Come on. Tell me.

Tell me.

Have this BP tablet first.
Then I’ll tell you.

Tell me.

I love a boy.


We met in Hyderabad.

He is an engineering student.

He looks really good.

He is brave.
He is not scared of anyone.

I really like him.
I want to marry him only.

Geeta. Geeta. Geeta.

Come on. Let’s go.
No one can stop my love.

The power in pure
love is unparalleled.

From cruel people.
From the enemies of love.

Break all the shackles
put by society and come.

I’m ready to kill or get
killed for your love, Geeta.

These elders can’t understand love,
Geeta. Come on, Geeta. Come.

Pick up this garbage
and throw him in the bin.

I couldn’t be happier that
my son-in-law is so courageous..

..and is of sound character, dear.

I dare you to fight with me.

Why do you come here again and again?

I have told you not
to come to my house.

He would’ve killed me
too if I had not come, master.

What about the task I gave you?
You killed him?

Where is Mani?
– Where is Mani?

He beat up him so bad that I
don’t think Mani will survive, master.

He is not a man.
He is a demon, master.

It was 10 of us. And he was alone.
Look over there, master.

Look, dear, your brother
is shaming us in the market.

We value our honor
more than our lives, dear.

What is all this? Have you gone mad?

Won’t you let me live peacefully?

I am doing all this for you.

I won’t budge till
they send you with me.

Junior, don’t do this in open market.

This is my home. I am very happy.

Don’t dishonor this family.

No, Meena. Now I have no doubt.

They are trying to kill both of us.

Ten of his men came
to kill me just now.

Till now I thought he is after me
after fighting with me in Ahmedabad.

But he came to Ahmedabad to kill me.

He tried to kill me in the temple too.

Don’t stay even for a second more.
They will kill you.

They will kill you, Meena?
– Mend your ways. Go from here.

Wake up. Look into their eyes.
He is a devil.

And your mother-in-law
is a not a woman but a witch.

No one knows what they actually are.

Son, snap out. What rubbish.

This is not you. I am sure
you are possessed by a spirit.

Come in. Get cold water.
– Get cold water.

Don’t worry about your brother.

We’ll have an oblation. He’ll be fine.

Come here.

Son, I am sure you
have some misunderstanding.

Stop. Don’t touch me.
– What are you saying?

Stop this trickery.
You failed the brakes of the car.

You tried to kill in the lift. You
are the one who tried to electrocute.

You made that driver do that.

Nayakar, stop being a coward.

If you have the courage then face me.

Junior, get out of here. Get out.

Father, I am sorry.
It is beyond me to convince him.

Ask the police to
take this mad man away.

Ask them to take him away.

Ask them to take him away.
– Daughter-in-law.

I don’t care, Meenakshi.
You live there courageously.

I’ll be here.
Not even God can move me from here.

I’ll protect till you
till I am alive, Meena.

Call the police.
– No. Madurai will come to know..

..of the murders we have committed.

We might get exposed.

you have to come to save Madurai.

I am there to save Meenakshi.

Kill both brother and sister together.

This is the only chance we have.
Listen, during the festivities..

..kill both of them.
Am I clear? Go from here. Move it.

Roopa told me everything about you.
And I have seen.

There is an obstacle in your path.

You are justified in getting angry.

If you can do so
much for your sister..

..then you’ll move heaven
and earth for your wife.

Son, I pray to God that your
sister’s life will be good again..

..after the festival
of Mother Goddess.

My father is being so sweet.
This has given me great courage.

Tell me.
What can I do for your sister?

“There is no joy.
Her life is full of sorrow.”

“She broke my heart.
This night is in full glory.”

“The fight for justice begins now.
Two hearts meet, Meenakshi.”

“Evil is going to end today.
This is going to be a long night.”

“Sing along. This is Mother’s grace.”

“Sing along. This is Mother’s grace.”

“You need not worry
if Mother is with you.”

“She hates me.
She is angry with me.”

“I pray that they prosper in life.”

“There is no joy.
Her life is full of sorrow.”

“She broke my heart.
This night is in full glory.”

“No one knows what’s
going to happen tonight.”

“She doesn’t know why
she is mad at her brother.”

“No one knows what’s
going to happen tomorrow.”

“She’ll win and they’ll lose.
She’ll see.”

“I hope that her dream comes true.
I hope she wins.”

“No matter what happens.”

“The fight for justice begins now.
Two hearts meet, Meenakshi.”

“Evil will come to an end.
This is going to be a long night.”

“Her beauty is mesmerising.”

“Nothing bad will happen to her.”

“She won’t pay heed
to the language of love.”

“Today every lie will be exposed.”

“Those unfulfilled
promises and struggles.”

“Fate has formed this
relationship for Meenakshi.”

“The fight for justice begins now.
Two hearts meet, Meenakshi.”

“Evil will come to an end.
This is going to be a long night.”

“Sing along. This is Mother’s grace.”

“Sing along. This is Mother’s grace.”

“You need not worry
if Mother is with you.”

“She hates me. She is angry with me.”

“I pray that they prosper in life.”

Beat him. Beat him.

Meena, run away. Meena, run away.

Where are you running away?

Run, Meena.

Hello. – Meena.
– Uday.

What happened, Meena?
– Run, Meena. run.

Meena, run. Meena, run.
– Catch her.


All hail Mother Goddess.
All hail Mother Goddess.

All hail Mother Goddess.
All hail Mother Goddess.

All hail Mother Goddess.
All hail Mother Goddess.

All hail Mother Goddess.
All hail Mother Goddess.




All hail Mother Goddess.
All hail Mother Goddess.




All hail Mother Goddess.
All hail Mother Goddess.


Junior, where are you?

– Keep walking.

All hail Mother Goddess.
All hail Mother Goddess.

All hail Mother Goddess.
All hail Mother Goddess.

All hail Mother Goddess.
– Meenakshi.

All hail Mother Goddess.
All hail Mother Goddess.

All hail Mother Goddess.
All hail Mother Goddess.

All hail Mother Goddess.
All hail Mother Goddess.

All hail Mother Goddess.
All hail Mother Goddess.

Go and search over there.

All hail Mother Goddess.
All hail Mother Goddess.

All hail Mother Goddess.
All hail Mother Goddess.

All hail Mother Goddess.
All hail Mother Goddess.

All hail Mother Goddess.
All hail Mother Goddess.

All hail Mother Goddess.
All hail Mother Goddess.


Meenakshi. – All hail Mother Goddess.
All hail Mother Goddess.

All hail Mother Goddess.
All hail Mother Goddess.

All hail Mother Goddess.
All hail Mother Goddess.

All hail Mother Goddess.
All hail Mother Goddess.




You..Come here.
– Master.

Listen carefully. This is not working.

Station your men
all around the temple.

The procession of Mother
Goddess will be taken out in a bit.

He’ll also tag along.
Follow him as soon as you spot him.

Alright? And if you can’t find him,
it is clear..

..that he is hiding here somewhere.

Look carefully. Close all the doors.
Quick. Go. Go. Go.

Come on, hurry up.

Listen, you stay here.
I’ll search here.

All hail Mother Goddess.
All hail Mother Goddess.

All hail Mother Goddess.
All hail Mother Goddess.

All hail Mother Goddess.
All hail Mother Goddess.

All hail Mother Goddess.
All hail Mother Goddess.

Did you spot him?
– No, master.

Did you spot him?
– No.

It means he is here somewhere.

You guys go there.
And you guys go there.

Come on.
– Find him at any cost.

Yes, find him.
– Come on. Come on.

Search here. Here.

What happened? Who screamed?

Mother. Father. Spare me.

I am pregnant with your grandson.

Both of you are like a curse.

It’s the question of crores. Tell her.

Not many crores.
1100 crores to be exact.

You’ll make us lose 1100 crores.
So you have no right to be alive.

No. – I’ll kill you.
I’ll murder you. – No.


All hail Mother Goddess.
All hail Mother Goddess.

All hail Mother Goddess.
All hail Mother Goddess.

All hail Mother Goddess.
All hail Mother Goddess.

Catch them. Go. Go.

Go over there. From there.

Her condition is not good. We should
take her to hospital immediately.

No. They’ll kill me. Get out of here.

Let’s go to the railway station.
You come there.

Let’s go. Come on.
– Be careful.

All hail Mother Goddess.
All hail Mother Goddess.

All hail Mother Goddess.
All hail Mother Goddess.

All hail Mother Goddess.
All hail Mother Goddess.

All hail Mother Goddess.
All hail Mother Goddess.

All hail Mother Goddess.
All hail Mother Goddess.

Hey..did you spot him?
– No.

There he is. Catch him.
– Come on.

Keep walking.
Keep walking. All hail Mother Goddess.





Come on. Come on. Drive faster.




God, I can’t bear
this injustice anymore.

Why are You punishing
my brother for my sins?

Nothing’s going to
happen to you, Meena.

I’ll save you even
at the cost of my life.

Meena. Meena. Meena.

Hey…tell me.
Where is she? Where is she hiding?

Where is she? Tell me. Hey…

Listen. She is under the bridge.

‘Meenakshi was right.
God keeps an eye on everything.’

‘A person falls in the
pit he digs for others.’

‘Witnessing Nayakar’s
horrible death..’

‘..has taught his wife a lesson too.’

‘She has now lost the hands with
which she committed all those sins.’

‘We are born to the same mother.
At once.’

‘Not one or two.
But we spent 22 years together.’

‘And those guys wanted to kill us?’

‘So won’t your blood boil
if this happened to you.’

‘There must be people like me
in you as well. Isn’t it?’

‘I am hot headed. I agree.’

‘I have still not told you my name.’

‘My name is Arjun.’

‘Arjun is my name.’



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