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“Tiger, Bengal Tiger.” “Tiger, Bengal Tiger.” “Tiger.. Tiger..” [English Rap song] “Tiger.. Tiger..” [English Rap song] [English Rap song] Hey, […]

I will kill them. I will chop everyone into pieces. Till the time I am alive, I will keep on […]

That is mine. Leave them. Hey, they have reached. We are booked. Bash them. Cowards! What have we got to […]

MAHARSHI [THE SAINT] ‘Origin’ The trillion dollar company that has foot prints in 70 countries all over the world is […]

Jogendra a swing. Hey a butterfly! Jogendra don’t go. Don’t go. Jogendra please don’t go. Sir, Programs list for today. […]

[train honks] Hold this ball, love. Come on! Hey, Ram! Sorry sir! He can’t hold it. My meds will help […]

I, Bharat Hi.. Hi Bharat. Did they call my name..? Bharat… Please come on the dais One moment please.. And […]

Wake up. It’s you. I will tell you now. What will you tell me? – Stop. Stop. Stop. What are […]

[footfalls] [Mobile ringing] Hello. [Thud] [Windshield shattering] [Screech] [Gunshot] Man: One is to be killed. Man 2: Who? Lalu. Man […]

‘This small sphere of cosmic space…’ ‘…is what we refer to as the Multiverse.’ ‘When you venture into this multiverse…’ […]